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Cities call on cops to work overtime to quell unrest, despite ‘defund’ rallying cry

Police officers across America are being demanded to go above and beyond their typical call of duty to handle ongoing protests and unrest, even as political figures are calling for their departments to be defunded or abolished entirely.

In Chicago, officers were reportedly ordered to work 12-hour shifts with no days off until further notice. All the while, critics — including elected officials — want to strip them of funding.

“This police system in Chicago and in the country is beyond repair, and so it’s absolutely within reason for people to say that we should tear this system down and start over,” Democratic state Rep. LaShawn Ford of Chicago told reporters outside police headquarters earlier this month, according to the Chicago Tribune.

In the past weeks, officers have endured long hours and hostile protesters. They have been shot at, items have been thrown at them, vulgarity yelled at them, and their superiors not supporting them.

Many of these police officers have taken an oath to protect and serve. And most of the police officers in America have done that regardless of your race, sexual preference, religious affiliation, or age. They have reported for duty and helped many get through terrible situations in our lives. In America, it has become the most unappreciated and one of the most needed job. 

While City councils like Minneapolis are calling for the complete abolish of police officers some Democrats are slamming on the breaks.

Rep. Karen Bass, leader of the Congressional Black Caucus, also came out against slashing police budgets.

“No, I don’t believe that we should defund police departments,” she said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opted not to weigh in, simply calling it “a local decision.”

If we simply review the chaos we are in now, how would police departments be able to respond if they didn’t have the staff? Would we call for all social workers to the streets to council rioters?

Source: Cities call on cops to work overtime to quell unrest, despite ‘defund’ rallying cry

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