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Cities and Towns Across America Are Preparing For Left-Wing-Marxist Riots on Election Night [VIDEO]

From the east coast to the west coast, businesses in American cities are battening down the hatches, boarding up their windows, and taking defensive measures in advance of watching the returns come election night.  Things will be bad no matter how the election is called, and that’s if it’s called at all, because the Democrats have controlled the mainstream news networks from now calling a winner on election night, because that’s when their massive cheating effort, that started over six months ago, gets put into action.  What do I mean?   For six months the Democrats have used the Chinese virus pandemic as a means to cheat in this election.  What they have done, through media manipulation and bald-faced lying, is to condition so many Americans to be fearful of the Chinese virus that they demand, after having the idea pushed on them by Democrats, of course, mail-in voting and that way Democrats can have tens of thousands of fraudulent ballots cast for Joe Biden.

In Washington, DC, businesses in close proximity to the White House began boarding up during the final week of the election, and rightly so after the mayhem caused by leftist Biden supporters when they attacked innocent businesses and then Trump supporters after the Republican National Convention, and acted as a precursor to other major cities across the nation.

Here’s a video of DC businesses boarding up their windows thanks to the threat of riots and havoc brought to you by angry Biden supporters.


At the other side of the country, Fox LA’s Bill Melugin observed businesses in downtown LA, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica boarding their windows as well.  They’re certainly not afraid of Trump supporters destroying their properties.

Melugin said many of these businesses experienced the impact of the riots earlier this year.

Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA Founder and President summed things up about right.

“Democrats claim Trump won’t agree to a peaceful transition of power. Meanwhile, businesses in cities across America are boarding up their windows in case Democrats lose on November 3rd.”

In San Francisco, the land of the homeless, the city’s tallest building, Salesforce Tower, has windows covered in wood, San Francisco Chronicle’s Jessica Christian tweeted.

“They’re boarding up everything, even Salesforce Tower”

“There is something uniquely heartbreaking about these scattered scenes of boarding-up four days before a presidential election—a feeling that, for people raised with a basic faith in the United States and democracy, seems utterly alien, a world knocked off its axis,” Michael Schaffer with the Washingtonian wrote. “People board up for hurricanes and riots, for acts of God and acts of vandals. It’s fundamentally disorienting to find that citizens of the world’s oldest democracy are reduced to doing so in preparation for a quadrennial ritual dating back to 1788.”

Folks, the Democrat-controlled cities have it much worse than anywhere else, because their elected officials allowed rioters to run rampant all throughout the summer, burning down businesses, attacking police stations, even taking over whole sections of neighborhoods. The people there are terrified of what’s to come no matter who wins.  If trump wins, which is the most likely outcome, the riots that will come and have been prepared by the George Soros is of the world in color revolution style will make what we went through this summer look like a picnic in the park.  But even if Joe Biden wins, the violent radical Marxists will believe that they own the country and that they can do whatever they want with it.   What they want to do is to demoralize Americans so much that they just give up and allow the fundamental changes to be forced on them and our society forever.

“Out my window looking at Union right near CHOP/CHAZ in Seattle, the boards have gone up all over the city”

A leaked document was reported on Thursday from an alliances of leftist groups in the city of Minnesota, where the months-long rioting began after the death of George Floyd while being arrested by Minneapolis police. The document shows detailed plans for massive post-election unrest and chaos when President Donald Trump wins re-election Tuesday night.

In New York City, signs were posted on top of Blick wood covering their windows to let their customers know they are still open.  That feeling is what we will get if Trump loses.  It will be everywhere.

Folks, all of this fear of mayhem, violence, and chaos is do not to Trump supporters or even Donald Trump himself, but thanks to the Democrats, and their Marxist leftist supporters.  Violent Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA get their way by scaring the living hell out of people.  We reported on the coup that Democrats and their Marxist brethren have been planned to start Election Day night.

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