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Chris Wallace Grills Karen Bass On 2016 Castro Statement: ‘Shouldn’t You Have Known By Then?’

Vice presidential hopeful and Black caucus leader Karen Bass appeared with Chris Wallace and Wallace asked her about her many years of praise for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and her praise of the Church of Scientology.

Bass made 7 or 8 trips to Cuba in the 70’s and upon the death of Fidel, she said “The passing of the Comandante En Jefe is a great loss to the people of Cuba.”

Since Florida is such a key state in the electoral college, Biden cannot afford to pick someone who will anger the very large Cuban population there.

She told Wallace that she made all of those trips in the 70’s when people thought he was not so bad.

That’s when Wallace noted that she made her comments on Fidel’s death just four years ago.

Wallace asked:

“You make it sound as if this was just — when you were young and irresponsible, you were young and irresponsible. You put out that message about Castro’s death six years — four years ago in 2016. Shouldn’t you have known by then that Castro’s death was not a great loss to the Cuban people?”

Bass went on to say that she wouldn’t have praised Castro at the time of his death if she had talked to people who represented Florida in congress first.

Now, excuse me but if you were not bright enough to know that Castro was bad for the Cuban people in 2016, you just aren’t bright enough to be vice president, just a heartbeat from the presidency.

Or in this case, one brain cell.

Fidel Castro has been a scourge in this hemisphere for decades and there is no excuse for not knowing he wasn’t one of the good guys.

No one needed to tell you.

But Democrats have always looked favorably on Cuba because it was a communist country.

From The Daily Caller

“First of all, when I went to Cuba over 40 years ago when I was in my teens and early 20s, I went to help the Cuban people, we were building houses,” Bass responded. “The other reason why I went was to meet and work with Americans from around the country that were involved in a lot of different social issues.”


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