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Democrat promises

Chris Wallace Gives 5th Grade Math Lesson To Top Biden Advisor That Spending Trillions of Dollars Does Not ‘Cost Zero Dollars’

SOURCE: Twitter video screenshot @RNCResearch

On Sunday, Fox News host Chris Wallace did some fact checking on a senior adviser to President Joe Biden and director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, over the Biden administration’s foolish claim that the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending bill does not cost any money. This lie is one of the biggest gaslighting attempts the administration has done so far and they’ve done a lot of gaslighting.

For almost two weeks, officials from the Biden administration, and Democratic members of Congress, have been pushing the bald-faced lie about how the non-sustainable spending bill “costs zero dollars.” I spit out a drink when I heard Biden say it.

The Democrats try to get away with this bullschtein lie by saying the spending will be offset by their increasing taxes. Even though that costs money to the people they are stealing it from through increased taxation, the claim has been debunked.

The Committee For a Responsible Federal Budget did some analysis that shows the spending bill would actually add more than $4 trillion to our national debt.

During an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Cedric Richmond, senior adviser to Biden, said to Chris Wallace that “what’s important for people to understand is that this piece of legislation cost zero.”

It was at that point that Richmond realized his fatal mistake. He spread a very provable lie on Wallace’s show and the host did not disappoint nailing him on it.

“Mr. Richmond, I’ve got to— I’ve got to stop you there. It doesn’t cost zero. Whether it’s $3.5 trillion or $2 trillion, or $1.5 trillion, whatever, it costs that amount of money,” Wallace said.

“Now, you can pay for it either by borrowing it or you can pay for it by raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy, but it doesn’t cost zero,” Wallace pointed out.

Richmond repeated the administration’s lie and threw in an attack on former President Donald Trump.

“At the end of the day, it will cost zero because we’re going to pay for it. Now, if you go back and look at the Trump tax cuts, which weren’t paid for, they cost billions and billions,” Richmond said. “But we’re going to pay for everything we spend here. And that is not including the economic benefits and gains that we will get from it.”

Here’s the thing about “paying” for tax cuts. Tax cuts do not have to be paid for. It’s ridiculous to make a claim like that and yet every leftist and Democrat repeats it all the time. If you have a box and you put a dollar in that box, you now have a dollar in savings. If someone comes along selling chocolate bars and you want one and they tell you it costs a dollar, and you take a dollar out of the box and hand it over for the chocolate bar, you have just spent $1. If there never was a dollar in the box and you couldn’t pull it out to buy a chocolate bar did you actually spend anything? The answer is no, you didn’t.

When Democrats say that you have to pay for tax cuts what they’re really telling you is they are going to spend money no matter whether they have it or not and they prefer that you not get to keep more of your own money that you earned so that they can spend it for you.

After Richmond went on regurgitating more Biden White House talking points, Wallace fact-checked him again.

“But again, I just want to press down on this, because … I can understand the argument, a lot of people say that your math is wrong and even that it won’t add zero to the debt,” Wallace said. “You could make the argument if you pay for it that you add zero to the debt, but that doesn’t mean that it costs zero. I mean, the fact that you’re raising people’s taxes is a cost.”

Wallace had to explain to the man that you can’t say a spending bill doesn’t cost anything just because it doesn’t add to the national debt (even though we know this bill will anyway) because when you spend trillions of dollars it costs trillions of dollars whether it is paid for by raising people’s taxes or whatever.

It’s amazing that had to be explained to an adviser to the President of the United States.

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