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Chris Hayes And Rep. Cicilline Accuse Lindsey Graham Of ‘Threatening Violence’

What A Joke. Chris Hayes and Rep. David Cicilline tried to make it seems like SC-R Senator Lindsey Graham is leading the battle cry for violence in the streets and all I could do is laugh. First off, have they met Graham? With all due respect for Sen Graham, he’s the kid you picked last to play on your team. He’s not sounding off the horns of battle from the hilltop.

The two were discussing a recent interview that Graham gave expressing his concern about FBI bias and how they seem hellbent on getting Trump. Graham worries that if they go after Trump without addressing the Hillary Clinton server scandal that shook the nation, the people would riot.

Hayes showed a clip of Graham suggesting most Republicans do not believe the FBI has been acting in good faith. “If they try to prosecute President Trump for mishandling classified information after Hillary Clinton set up a server in her basement, there literally will be riots in the street. I worry about our country,” Graham said on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Night in America.”

Cicilline called Grhams concerns”threatening,” and “fascist” rhetoric.

Hayes repeated part of Graham’s quote and suggested it was a threat rather than a statement of fact, “’ Literally riots in the streets.’ Senator Graham threatening violence if the government brings charges against Donald Trump for possession of the documents we knew he had, and were not his.”

Cicilline made a similar condemnation of Lindsey Graham, saying the senator’s observation was a “fascist” statement.

“We see people like Lindsey Graham who are essentially saying ‘either allow this president to get away with wrongdoing or there will be more violence.’ That is a fascist statement. It’s the use of violence for political means,” he said.

Cicilline also took the opportunity to slam Trump.

“This is an ex-president who used fear and division and threats of violence in an attempt to stay in power after the American people rejected a second term and he tried to overthrow an American election,” he said.


I get that Graham has worked hard trying to clean up his image and to be someone his voters want in office, but he’s still not the guy who would pull the ‘tough guy’ routine on anyone. Who are these clowns kidding?

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