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Chris Cuomo Loses It Over News SCOTUS To Hear Mississippi Abortion Case, Says Pro-Life Is Just To Distract From Solving Problems [VIDEO]

SOURCE: Twitter video screenshot. @NickFondacaro

On Monday night’s episode of CNN‘s “Cuomo Prime Time,” host Chris Cuomo went on a curiously odd and frantic rant blasting the Pro-Life movement and pro-life Americans as racists and haters of science. Why? Because some pro-lifers are challenging the legal precedents behind abortion rights that were “created” by seven men in black robes when they decided the landmark Roe v Wade abortion case.

Abortion is not in the Constitution. You can read the Constitution, hold it up to the light, upside down, and pour lemon juice on it, and you will still not be able to find it in there.

What possibly could have triggered the leftist activist who plays a news anchor on TV is the US Supreme Court’s decision to hear a Mississippi case in the fall that may result in a significant reduction of abortion rights. Cuomo unleashed his rage on his show with weird arguments that conservatives who challenge abortion laws are making their arguments “not really about science” but are using scientific arguments as political tactics to divide people and distract from real policy reform. Does he mean like his side’s science that says that a man who puts on a dress and identifies as a woman is in fact a real woman? That kind of science, Fredo?

The court granted a review for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a challenge to the Constitutionality of a law in Mississippi that bars abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy. There are limited exceptions to the law.

Critics of the Mississippi law complain that 15 weeks is prior to the fetus becoming viable or being able to survive outside the womb.

I never understood the veracity of the viability argument. A baby that is born naturally after 9 months of pregnancy could not survive on its own outside the womb without the help of older human beings.

I also don’t understand why news media types allow the Politically Correct Death Squad (PCDS) to get away with claiming that a fetus is something other than a baby. As if using the term “fetus” means that it’s not human. In Latin, fetus means “little one” referring to the size of the tiny baby.

Pro-Choice advocates want us to think that a fetus is just an unviable clump of tissue without ever explaining what “magical” event takes place that finally turns that fetus into a baby. Let’s go back to the stage before the unviable clump of tissue becomes a fetus when it is referred to as a zygote. A human sperm cell combines with a human ovum cell to form a zygote. The PCDS wants you to think that because two human cells combined to become one that it’s no longer human. I call bullschtein! It is human from the moment of conception.

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch made the argument that “It is well past time for the Court to revisit the wisdom of the viability bright-line rule.”

If nothing else it is a fair question, but like other Woke Supremacists, Cuomo doesn’t accept fair questions unless they are rigged in favor of the Woke Supremacy.

“You would think that we would have impaneled experts on a special commission by now to see what the science says, right, but we don’t seem to have the intellectual curiosity about this issue,” the lunatic leftist anchor said.

This idiot who says conservatives don’t believe in science needs a special commission to see what the science says.

Again, he’s from the party whose “science” believes a man wearing a dress who identifies as a woman is a real woman.

“Because it’s not really about science — it has become a culture war. It’s a political lever to use as a distraction from policy and solving problems, to allow people to get up in their religion and their righteousness,” he continued.

“It’s not about science or consensus,” Cuomo continued. “It’s about dividing lines, legislating to the far-right white-fright vote, flooding the zone with 536 bills that abridge a woman’s right to control her own body, in 46 states.”

Is there a far-left? Everything these idiots on TV don’t like is referred to as far-right. But is there ever a far-left, like those who go by a science that says a virus will attack people worshipping outside a church but not people protesting by the thousands in the streets?

“It’s just like voting rights in one way,” Cuomo said, and that was the point where his ten viewers scratched their heads and switched over to Fox.

Wow! Chris needs to know that there are plenty of decaffeinated brands that are just as tasty as the real thing.

Cumo actually tried to compare limiting abortions to Republican states creating election integrity laws.

At one point during his tirade, Cuomo admitted that the science might be on the side of the Pro-Life movement noting that “medical capabilities may be moving the point of viability well short of what it was assumed to be in 1973 with Roe v. Wade.”

Guess who else made that same argument years ago? Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said that she disagreed with what the Court did in Roe because the Justices broke it down into trimesters for the basis of viability and Ginsberg feared that one day, science would advance to the point where it would prove that viability happens at conception. That begs the question that if she and others in the movement knew that even back then, then why did they continue to make the argument that it’s not a baby until birth?

Incidentally, that’s one of the arguments being made in the Mississippi case.

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