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CHOP Shooting Victim’s Mother Files Wrongful Death Claim Against Seattle

Donnitta Sinclair the mother of Lorenzo Anderson Martin is suing the city for wrongful death after the murder of her son took place in the CHOP zone that was approved by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. She had to change gears after several were killed and another couple were wounded.

Anderson was shot when he was on the boundary when he was shot multiple times. Rioters provided him with a ride in a private vehicle to the hospital where he died. His mother is suing using the reason that since the city had tacitly approved of the area originally known as CHAZ and later known as CHOP.

Martin  is suing for monetary damages. I do not hold out much hope for her getting a penny from the city. Democrats welcome Blacks on election day but the other 364 days, they try to store them away until the next election. Just like a Murphy bed, once the Democrats are finished with the election they try to hide Blacks inside the woodwork.

In her lawsuit, Martin’s lawyer said that the city created a dangerous environment. The city now has 60 days in which to respond. The judge will then decide if the case has merits whether it should be allowed to proceed. A liberal judge might very well toss the case, absolving city officials of all blame.

Anderson who was 33 years of age when he met his demise was shot multiple times. He died at the hospital after he was taken to the hospital.

There is no doubt in my mind that the city should be found liable for Sinclair’s loss. By turning over the six square blocks they were playing CYA in order to remain at the jobs they held at the time of the cover up.

From Breitbart News

“Most definitely, he was abandoned … I feel like my son was not properly served. I feel like nobody cared,” Martin told the newspaper. “Lorenzo was fighting all his life and now I have to fight for him. I want justice to be served.”

“I am hoping the city takes responsibility,” she added.

On July 1st, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) issued an executive order for police to clear out the CHOP and called for protesters to vacate the zone.

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