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“Chinese People are Distinct from Communist Party”, Pompeo Talks About the “Future of the Free World” in Major Speech

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo delivered a historic speech, basically undoing what Former President Richard Nixon did when he opened up US relationships with China.

The following is a summary of what Pompeo said at Nixon’s library in California.

“The Free world must triumph.

“dNixon did what he thought was best at the time, and he may have been right- he deserves credit that China was too important to be ignored.

However, we do need to induce change and Nixon wanted a more and safer world.  The United States believed that when China got freer they would become more friendly, but the kind of engagement we pursed has not brought the changes we hoped to have, we resurrected China’s economy and they bit our hands and exploited our free society,  they infiltrated even our PTA meetings.

We gave them economic help,” Pompeo said.

“China has made us less safe.  Nixion said he feared Frankensien by opening us to CCP, whatever the reason, today China is hostile to freedom and Trump has said, Enough!” Pompeo said.

“Some are insisting we preserve the conversations with China. There has been no offer, by China,  to change their behaviors, they thought I would cave like other administrations.  I did not and Trump did not either,” Pompeo said.

“Xi Pingping has a Marxist Leninist totalitarian ideology and has a decades-long pursuit of money,” he said.

“We only want to change Communist china, and that his what we are pursuing.  I say we need to distrust them and then verify, we the freedom-loving nations need to change in a more creative way because they threaten our lives and prosperity.

We need to tell Americans the truth about the Communist Party. They need to pay for the damage they have caused.  That is why we are taking action against the National Security threats. We know that many employees and students are coming to steal from us and the Dept of Justice will pursue them.

The Chinese people are distinct from the Communist Party. Free nations need to defend freedom. We have done it before. We will do it again. I have faith that other nations understand that we can defend Freedom.

That CCP superiority is not inevitable.  The free world is still winning, we just need to believe it. People are not desperate to settle in China- it is time for free nations to act.  Every nation will have to figure out how to protect themselves from China- I call on every leader of every nation to insist on transparency from the Communist party  For too long we let China set the tone, we must draw common lines in the sand.  Like when we rejected China’s claims in the sea.  We did it by getting standards, it is difficult for small countries- and some are afraid to stand up.

We can not repeat the mistakes of these past years.  The challenge of China needs energy or the CCP will reduce our freedoms that our societies have tried so hard to build and out children’s children will be at their mercy.

They do not have a predetermined right to control unless we allow it and COmmunism is already in our borders.  We need a new alliance of countries- is our spirit willing?  if the free wold does change- then china will change us.

our founding principles allow us to lead. We have inalienable rights- and this is a simple powerful truth- and even the people of China, it is true that the world can not be safe until China changes ant that is true- the firee wold must change.

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