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Chinese Embassy Reportedly Lobbying American Companies to Oppose China-Related Legislation

China has been exploiting the greed among American businesses in an effort to thwart legislation that would make American businesses more competitive against their Chinese counterparts. Certainly, no one is more pro-Chinese than the NBA. Nothing gets you in trouble faster with the league’s office than pointing out the fact that the Chinese use Uighurs as slave labor.

It should really come as no surprise to anyone that the Democrats are not phased by this, after all, they have supported human slavery for hundreds of years. First to pick cotton and then to vote. And in both cases, there is hell to pay for deserting the plantation. The massuhs just can’t cope with people they think they own wanting to be free and independent. To this day, the Democrats flog Blacks in public for refusing to as they are told.

From Reuters:

Sweeping legislation to boost U.S. competition with China and fund much-needed semiconductor production, known as the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act (USICA), passed the Senate with bipartisan support in June. A related bill in the House of Representatives called the Eagle Act, which is more strictly policy focused, has stalled as Congress has been preoccupied with other domestic initiatives.

The language in the letters, which Reuters determined were sent separately to a wide number of people, explicitly asks companies to oppose USICA and the Eagle Act.

Beijing sees the measures, which take a hard line toward China on human rights and trade issues, as part of a U.S. effort to counter the country’s growing economic and geopolitical might.

The Chinese embassy declared in a letter sent this month:

“We sincerely hope you will play a positive role in urging members of Congress to abandon the zero-sum mindset and ideological prejudice, stop touting negative China-related bills, delete negative provisions, so as to create favorable conditions for bilateral economic and trade cooperation before it is too late.”

“The result of those China-related bills with negative impacts will not be that the interests of U.S. companies will be protected while those of Chinese companies will suffer. It is only going to hurt everyone. Promoting a China-free supply chain will inevitably result in a decline in China’s demand for U.S. products and American companies loss of market share and revenue in China.”


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