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China’s State-Run Media Recommending Preparations For Nuclear War With the US

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

The Biden administration has tried to keep up the tough talk posture on China after former President Donald Trump renegotiated a trade deal with the communist nation that made things fairer for American workers and markets on top of setting sanctions on the Chi-Coms for things mentioned above.

It can be argued that China had a long plan for trying to become the top dog in the world outpacing the United States for why they built manmade islands off their mainland coast, on which at the present time, China has runways and dozens of hangars for fighter aircraft on a handful of islands, as well as anti-ship cruise missiles, anti-aircraft batteries and missile defenses. In short, you don’t take an active defensive posture before you’ve done something unless you’re planning on doing something you think will anger the world.

Last week President Joe Biden spoke about a 90-day review he asked for from the now Woke US intelligence community to analyze and issue a report on the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic virus. These are the same people who were corrupted by the Obama-Biden administration to spy on US citizens and attempt a government coup against President Trump. What could go wrong?

The Trump administration speculated for a long time that the virus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. The Fake News media along with Democrats called that a conspiracy theory because they wanted to use the virus to get Trump out of office, but now that President House Plant has been instilled into the White House, they can come out to save face and start to look at the possibility that it really did come from the Wuhan lab. In fact, Fake News media personalities are now saying that the reason they didn’t take it seriously is that Trump was the one who said it. The idiots didn’t have to believe it because Trump said it, but they should have still investigated. They didn’t want it to be true because it was Donald Trump.

“As the U.S. strategic containment of China has increasingly intensified, I would like to remind again that we have plenty of urgent tasks, but among the most important ones is to rapidly increase the number of commissioned nuclear warheads, and the DF-41s, the strategic missiles that are capable to strike long-range and have high-survivability, in the Chinese arsenal,” Hu Xijin’s brief dispatch began. “This is the cornerstone of China’s strategic deterrence against the US.”

Why do they feel they need a deterrence against the US now? They didn’t openly talk about it under the Trump administration. And now that we have a president who is quite possibly is in their back pocket, why are they suddenly concerned about the US becoming aggressive?

Hu called for “a large number of Dongfeng-41, and JL-2 and JL-3” to “form the pillar of our strategic will.” Both are intercontinental-range ballistic missiles launched via submarine.

The Chinese know that the US is now weak under Biden and so they are rattling their sabers. They know that the truth about COVID is coming out and they want to get ahead of it by claiming they fear the US becoming aggressively hostile so they want to get a jump on us. It’s all bullschtein, but this is all they’ve got.

Hu admitted the buildup should be meant to deter war, not strike it, but he noted “US hostility toward China is burning.” What hostility? Sanctions? What did they expect after doing nothing to stop their Uyghur genocide and human rights abuses?

“On this basis, we can calmly and actively manage divergences with Washington to avoid a minor incident sparking a war,” Hu concluded. “US hostility toward China is burning. We must use our strength, and consequences that Washington cannot afford to bear if it takes risky moves, to keep them sober.”

First off, China is nothing compared to the US. Leftists love to claim that China’s economy is superior to ours and it’s not. It’s not even close. Their economy right now is based on borrowing money. Allegedly, China had a long-term plan to overtake the US as the world’s top reserve currency. The Chi-Coms were allegedly working through a plan to convert their economic system from a manufacturing economy to a consumer economy like the US. They were devaluing their dollar or the Renminbi/Yuan. Their plan was allegedly to devalue their dollar enough so that surrounding Asian countries had to lower their currencies to compete, and everyone would purchase more of the crap that China manufactures. This would then come to the West, mainly Europe and the US, and hit us both with massive deflation which would cause another depression. When it costs more to make a widget than how much you can sell it for, people start to lose their jobs because plants stop making widgets. When that happens China allegedly planned to argue that they should be the top world’s reserve currency and take over the US’s position as the leading economic superpower. And they were well on their way. The plan was working. So what happened? Trump happened, and he screwed up their plans, big league.

On Monday, Gordon Chang, a Far East policy wonk, on Newsmax’s “John Backman Now’s” host criticized China’s “gain of function” research on the coronavirus at the Wuhan lab and used it as “basically a biological weapons program.”

“So, you boil this all down: US taxpayers from fiscal 2014 started funding China’s biological weapons program against the US,” Chang told Bachman.

Chang also said that “China sent its top biological weapons expert” to the Wuhan lab in January 2020. He believes it was “to clean up evidence of a lab leak as well as to destroy evidence of a biological weapons program.”

“I can’t prove that, but why would you send a military officer to a nominally civilian facility?” Chang pondered. “Well, the answer is because they were doing military research there and elsewhere.

“I think China did a very good job in cleaning up, but there is a lot of evidence that has been left behind.”

We recently reported that two scientists are coming out with a study that they claim proves that COVID-19 was created by Chinese scientists. Maybe that’s why China is pushing the idea that they are preparing for nuclear war.

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