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China’s Latest Escalations at Sea and What it Means for the 2020 Election

It is becoming common knowledge that in the future of America is an unavoidable conflict with the Chinese Communist Party as they build up their military, esp their Navy powers,  including ground troops who can be carried by sea to distant lands, outfitted by the best technology in the world.

According to Reuters in an article from Monday, Amphibious Ambitions, “the PLA marines have become an important tool in the ruling Communist Party’s efforts to showcase China’s increasingly powerful military to its domestic audience.”

“Our military is always working hard to prepare for war, closely monitoring the dynamics of the Chinese Communist’s military and the development of the situation in the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said in response to questions from Reuters. We have a complete defense plan and appropriate actions to deal with the threat of the Chinese Communists attacking Taiwan and the seizure of offshore islands, which can ensure national security,” David Lague of Reuters wrote.

Based on his inquires, Lague wrote, “We are currently only seeing the tip of the iceberg,” said Ian Easton, the senior director of the Project 2049 Institute, an Arlington, Virginia-based security research group.”

‘Ten years from now, China is almost certainly going to have marine units deployed at locations all over the world. The Chinese Communist Party’s ambitions are global. Its interests are global. It plans to send military units wherever its global strategic interests require,” Lague wrote.

This is where politics comes in:

The Trump administration has been very bold in the last few months against the Chinese Communist Party, with Secretary of State Michael Pompeo frequently making statements on his opposition to the Communist party’s power grabs and unethical behavior toward the United States.

This will clearly be a campaign issue in the 2020 Election, for President Donald J. Trump in his re-election.

Trump’s opposition Democrat Joe Biden said he plans to make China a “full partner” in space exploration, which is concerning to Republicans.

And has long roots of economic support to the Chinese Communist Party, talking about partners between Washington DC and Beijing.

The difference in beliefs.


Have we seen the conflicts start? Most likely, yes.

Lague writes “However, in a blow to U.S. efforts to blunt the challenge from China, the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard caught fire on July 12 while tied up at its homeport in San Diego. The ship was extensively damaged in the fire which burned for four days. It was unclear if the ship would be salvaged, the U.S. Navy said.”

If we believe the polls, then China’s best days may be ahead of them.

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