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China & Russia Pull a Stunt That Completely Embarrasses Joe Biden


This is not something that we report with delight, but it is a tragic indication of how the entire world views Joe Biden as a feeble old man.

While Biden was in Japan meeting with Japanese officials, China and Russia conducted a joint military drill to show off their might.

“Two Chinese bombers joined two Russian bombers in the Sea of Japan and made a joint flight to the East China Sea,” Kishi told reporters.

“After that, a total of four aircraft, two presumed (new) Chinese bombers — which replaced the two Chinese bombers — and two Russian bombers, conducted a joint flight from the East China Sea to the Pacific Ocean.”

In what Japan described as an exceptionally “provocative” maneuver due to the summit in Tokyo, Russian intelligence-gathering aircraft also flew off the coast of northern Hokkaido.

“As the international community responds to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the fact that China took such action in collaboration with Russia, which is the aggressor, is cause for concern. It cannot be overlooked,” Japanese defense officials added.

The airspace violation is similar to the two countries snatching Joe’s lunch money and walking away while flipping him the bird.

Nothing of the sort ever took place while President Trump was in the White House.

Biden’s trip has turned into a foreign policy nightmare.

During his trip, Biden warned that the United States would take military action against China in the event that it attacked Taiwan. Because of this, the White House quickly retracted Joe’s comment, in which he had stated that the administration would maintain its commitment to the deal.

When Biden was asked to clarify a few days later, he responded as follows:

The man is truly an international embarrassment.

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