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China Is ‘Eating Our Lunch’, GOP Sen Blasted Dems: ‘Living On An Alterative Universe’

GOP Senator from Iowa, Joni Ernst, blasted the Biden administration and Democrats for ignoring a dangerous and growing threat to the US. Ernst says that thanks to Biden’s crummy policies in China,  Beijing is “eating our lunch’ as their global influence swells.

On Monday she discussed the threat from Beijing and how the left’s focus on creating a “utopian paradise” has caused U.S. military might and readiness to suffer.

Ernst warned that “this is significant in a world where China is our pacing threat. We do need to push back, and we need to make sure that our alliances are intact. And this president with his foreign policy, it’s a debacle, and unfortunately, they haven’t paid attention around the world to the partnerships that matter. We are handing over so many countries to China and this is so disgraceful…”

She continued, “we do need to have relationships with other countries, and this is just one example of where this president has failed to engage other leaders around the world in a constructive manner, and so we’re ceding over these opportunities to China. They’re eating our lunch when it comes to navigation around the world.”

Later Ernst added that “General McMaster laid it out quite well, and I will go a step further in that the Biden administration is living in an alternate universe when a priority of theirs for our military is to transition our non-tactical vehicle fleet to all-electric.

That’s really a priority? Come on. We should be focused on making our military the most lethal fighting force on the face of the planet, and yet they’re bowing to climate agendas. They’re trying to make the world… a utopian paradise where the Taliban are good people. That’s not going to happen.”


China is a growing threat to the US and has not been shy with its attempts to flank the free nation. Biden has still yet to address their sudden interest in purchasing US farmlands, but then again… That’s might spoil his cozy relationship with the communist government.

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