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Chicago Protesters Angry Over Rittenhouse Verdict Demand Communist Revolution: ‘The only solution is Communist revolution’

Protesters are angry that Kyle Rittenhouse, a white man, who shot three white men in self defense during the Kenosha riots on August 25, 2020, had all charges dropped against the 18-year-old young man on Friday (who was 17 when the shootings occurred) and demanded a communist revolution as “the only solution.” They are claiming race was a factor in the case. That’s because they are stupid people. I’m just saying.

A decrepit-looking Jesse Jackson was practically carried along by people with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition as they led the protest in downtown Chicago. Jackson called the Rittenhouse verdict a “major blow against justice and open season by the violence of right-wing military,” according to WBBM-TV.

He and the other protesters are Toys In The Attic, bat-guano crazy. Think about what the longtime racist race hustler said. The Rittenhouse verdict of Not Guilty on all counts came because the jury realized that Kyle was defending himself against three individuals who tried to kill him during a riot that Jackson and other race hustlers supported. Jackson called the verdict, “violence of right-wing military.” To this day, we don’t know Rittenhouse’s politics. At least I’ve never heard which side he’s on or party affiliation. To me, it doesn’t really matter. He had the God given right to defend himself. So the civil rights leader/extortion artist twists a case of legal self defense into the exact opposite of what it was.

When I was a young strapping lad going to college many moons ago, the Reverend Jackson showed up on our campus. We watched as liberals ran to the Student Activity Center (SAC) to go see him. A classmate walked with me to the SAC to hear what Jackson had to say. I walked up to him, as others were doing, and I shook his hand. He was, after all, a famous (infamous?) figure even back then. When I went back into the crowd, my buddy asked me why I shook his hand and I looked at my own hand and replied, “I wanted to see if it burns when you touch Satan.” Newsflash: It doesn’t.

But I digress.

The protesters demanded that Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice (DOJ) get involved and investigate the Rittenhouse trial and its verdict, claiming they have a problem with it because the jury was “mostly white.”

In America, we believe a person should be judged by a jury of their peers. What that used to mean was a jury should be made up of people who live in the same community where the alleged “crime” took place. The leftists have twisted that logic to now consider race as the only factor that matters. The US Census Bureau shows that Kenosha residents are made up of close to 80 percent white people, so the jury was pretty spot on accurate.

Protesters were marching down Chicago streets with a sign that read, “Rittenhouse—Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! No Facist USA. Organize Now For Real Revolution.” Another sign called for ending the Trump era of white supremacy, which is strange, because there was no Trump era of white supremacy. That was all in the minds of bozos who sit on cable news TV sets with coffee mugs bearing corporate logos on them.

The protesters were chanting, “If we don’t get it— shut it down!” and “No Justice, No Peace!”

This is the ultimate race hustle. Race was not a factor in the Rittenhouse shooting case. Everyone involved was white. The race-baiting protesters did not have a dog in that fight.

And then they started shouting for a communist revolution.

“‘The only solution is Communist revolution’” chants here at Chicago’s protest against the Rittenhouse verdict #Chicago #RittenhouseVerdict


Protesters spoke with local media throwing out Fake News talking points that were the lies of outlets like CNN and MSNBC from the very beginning.

“I’m still very, very disappointed. Just a travesty of justice. The illegal gun possession, the Kenosha police, basically deputizing him. All of it is based in racism,” one protester told WGN-TV.

I don’t know what that person was talking about because there was no illegal gun possession. According to Wisconsin law, it was perfectly legal for Kyle Rittenhouse to have that rifle. The police deputized no one and that accusation makes it look like Rittenhouse was running around the streets of Kenosha looking for people to shoot. If these half-wits watched an ounce of the evidence brought up during the trial they would know that Rittenhouse was running around the streets of Kenosha trying to render aid to people who were hurt because of the riots and he was helping put out fires started by rioters and arsonists before they became a huge problem.

It was the three people Rittenhouse ended up shooting who ran around the streets of Kenosha looking for trouble, and each one, individually, attacked Rittenhouse and put him into the unspeakable position of having to defend himself because he felt they were trying to kill him.

One protester told the outlet the Rittenhouse verdict suggests “a green light for more white supremacy vigilante terror.”

The fact that the protesters are all bringing race into a case that had nothing to do with race is an indictment on leftist news media outlets.

And to show that our news media is just disgracefully inept, it was reported that news outlets around the world had to change their headlines after the verdict because they reported that Rittenhouse shot black people. That’s how bad our news media has gotten.

If the DOJ decides to get involved and charges Rittenhouse with federal charges, it will create even more chaos in this country. The evidence and the jury verdict made it crystal clear that Rittenhouse did nothing wrong. And yet, the people who are running the country now are stupid people and that makes them very unpredictable.

The federal government never charged Rittenhouse with federal crimes because he did nothing that violated federal law. Had he brought the rifle across state lines that would be a federal crime. Even though the Fake News media all reported that he did, the state of Illinois did an investigation and released a statement he didn’t do that.

From Me:

The Office of the State’s Attorney in Lake County, Illinois released a statement on October 13, 2020, over a year ago, on an investigation about the rifle crossing over state lines. The investigation concluded that Rittenhouse was never in possession of the rifle while he was in the state of Illinois:

An extensive investigation was conducted by the Antioch Police Department regarding the gun used in a shooting in Kenosha on Aug. 28. The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office has reviewed that investigation to determine if any crimes were committed in Lake County, Illinois.

To that end, the investigation revealed the gun used in the Kenosha shooting was purchased, stored and used in Wisconsin. Additionally, there is no evidence the gun was ever physically possessed by Kyle Rittenhouse in Illinois.

The problem for the leftist rabble rousers is that Rittenhouse was not a police officer, so he can’t be charged with a hate crime. He was also not a federal agent so the DOJ can’t charge him with violating someone’s civil rights. In fact, Rittenhouse did absolutely nothing illegal.

The DOJ’s website also explains why it can’t get involved in cases of state law:

NOTE: The Department of Justice has no authority to intervene in matters of state law. The Department of Justice can assume jurisdiction only when there has been a violation of federal law. Accordingly, you may want to consider consulting with local law enforcement agencies, your state’s Attorney General’s Office, or the appropriate state or local officials. Administrative members of the court with jurisdiction over your matter or private counsel may also be useful in addressing your concerns.”

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