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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Blames Carjacking Crimes In the City On Remote Learning Angering the Chicago Teachers Union

Chicago Mayor Lori Beetlejuice Lightfoot, with a straight face, blamed the rise in carjackings in the city on remote learning. During a recent presser, the Democrat maintained that the increase in vehicle thefts in 2020 was linked to students being kept home instead of in the classroom.

Lightfoot met with local leaders to consider how the city is serving to impede the problem.

Chicago PD said it is increasing the number of vehicular hijacking task force Police Observation Device (POD) cameras and license plate readers around the city and that they are working with federal law enforcement and suburban cops to catch carjackers.

Lightfoot acknowledged that up to half of the criminals arrested for carjackings in The Windy City are juveniles. She said she believes there is a correlation between virtual learning at home and the increase in carjackings.

“A lot of parents went to work during the day thinking their teenagers were logged on for remote learning, only to find something else. And I asked, ‘is there some new market for stolen cars? And unfortunately the answer was no – that for many of these kids, some of whom had no prior involvement in the criminal justice system, this was, um, pure boredom,” Lightfoot said.

The fact that Lightfoot thinks people are going to buy this nonsense speaks volumes as to how much she disrespects the people of Chicago.

The Chicago PD said there have been 177 carjackings this year, and it’s only the beginning of February. Schools reopened in Chicago a month ago, so the numbers should have gone down since then if her theory is correct. And why hasn’t the Beetlejuice mayor blamed other crimes on the boredom of young men who got tired of remote learning?

What does that say when a mayor makes a claim that school children got bored with remote learning and instead of watching TV or playing video games, or going out to play sports, they did some carjackings?

The Chicago Teachers Union was outraged and blasted Lightfoot’s remarks, saying they are hurtful, racist, and unsubstantiated.

“Every child in our public schools in Chicago deserves an apology from the mayor today, who claimed with zero evidence that there was a correlation between remote learning in 2020 and an increase in car-jackings, which have been growing across the nation. To suggest that our students are somehow disproportionately responsible for these crimes is precisely the kind of scapegoating and smear tactics Black and Brown students and adults have had to contend with in any discourse about crime for generations.

“Does the mayor not understand that to claim that remote learning causes car-jacking is intellectually unsound and politically venal? Is the reason she resisted moving to remote learning during the Omicron surge because her bogus belief in that false correlation has become part of her crime-fighting tactics?

“The mayor’s rhetoric today hails back to the 1980’s smear tactics of Ronald Reagan and his education secretary Bill Bennett. What we need today instead is real partnership and resources to address not just the root causes of crime, but the poverty, disinvestment and institutional racism that drives so much dysfunction in our neighborhoods. Public school students and families need respect and support from the mayor, not her endless finger-pointing and buck-passing – especially not onto the backs of our students, who the mayor continues to desperately shortchange in the public school district that she runs.”

Democrats always come up with excuses to cover for their own incompetence in how they do their job. Gun violence is up in Chicago? It’s because there are too many guns and not a stronger presence of cops on the street. Now the carjackings are rising not because the Lightfoot administration has no idea how to get a handle on it, but because of remote learning, that ultimately, the Democrats ordered. Lightfoot is simply buying time and hoping the problem goes away on its own.


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