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Cheney Resorts to Recruiting Liberals to Vote for Her

She is finally looking in the right place. Perhaps she will have better luck now?

Liz Cheney may be one of the most deceitful politicians in U.S. history.  She is a disgrace to her country, a turncoat Republican who has denounced her loyalty to conservative American values.

The Wyoming Republican Party has kicked her out, along with soon-to-be-retired U.S. Congressman “crying Adam Kinzinger”, Cheney is orchestrating a fake narrative designed to help destroy the reputation of President Trump and the future of the entire Republican Party.

But her efforts are failing. Less than 10 percent of the country, logically a group heavily filled with radical liberals, gives a damn about the “sham January 6 hearings” that Cheney is an integral part. Liz Cheney is looking at the end of her career as a Republican.

But maybe crazy Liz can flip parties. She’s clearly in bed with Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats and their efforts to concoct bogus charges and spew false allegations against President Trump. Democrat “socialist red” would look good on a turncoat like Liz Cheney.

In fact, Cheney may have already signaled her drift to the far-left. On August 16, she will be battling in the Republican primary. It will be a fight for her political life. A straw poll by the Wyoming Republicans State Central Committee was held back in January.

Cheney’s opponent, Harriet Hageman, got 59 votes. Crazy Liz Cheney received only six. House Republicans removed Cheney from her role as conference chair, the third-ranking position in the House. As she falls farther behind in the polls, she is trying to game the system.

Cheney and her crooked campaign are going to extort Wyoming’s open primary system. This is a hotly debated type of primary. It allows a voter to wait until Election Day to declare a party affiliation. This allows Democrats to vote for weak Republican candidates.

It’s an often used strategy by politicians who are less than popular among their own voters. Getting the boot out of the Wyoming Republican Party puts Liz Cheney in that category. But Cheney is continuing to sink in the polls with less than two months to go.

So, what’s crazy Liz’s new strategy? Recruit Democrats to help her cheat her way onto the November midterm ballot as the incumbent Wyoming Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. This tactic tells us everything we need to know about Liz Cheney.

She is so unappealing to her own voters that Cheney is mailing fliers to Democrats hoping to solicit their primary vote. The mailer provides instructions for Democrats to flip parties in the primary just so they can propel Cheney onto the November midterm ballot.

It shows the true lack of integrity that Liz Cheney has. She’ll join forces with the other team to win. She’s a Republican traitor. Wyoming Republicans must use their vote to send this turncoat packing. Maybe next election cycle Liz Cheney will register with her true party, Democrat.

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