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Chatter Of 25th Amendment Erupts After Biden Ramps Up Escalation Talk On Russia

With every new day, the talk about utilizing the 25th Amendment to remove the mentally challenged Joe Biden from office becomes louder and louder. This past week saw people in the White House, walking back Biden’s statements when talking to troops in Poland and giving the impression that they would soon be fighting in Ukraine and in the second instance when he called for regime change in Russia.

I’ve been searching the internet for an answer on the implementation of the 25th Amendment and apparently, the Constitution doesn’t really address it. Although it does state that Kamala Harris would assume Sleepy Joe’s position, it does not say whether George Soros would still be setting policy for the country.

But, there are two very good reasons why an attempt at the 25th Amendment would fail even if his cabinet would want to impose it. The first reason is that Biden isn’t really running the country, his handlers are and secondly, if Biden is removed Harris would take his place and that would be a disaster for the country that really wouldn’t bother them but it could destroy what little is left of the Democratic party which they very much care about. In a word, Harris is dumber than a rock.

Biden said of Russian President Vladimir Putin:

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

Columnist and author David Limbaugh observed:

“Now Biden — ONCE AGAIN — begins with some stupid stab at humor. This is so unnerving having this man ‘lead’ the free world at this point. This isn’t my political side speaking. This is objectively dangerous, and a host of other bad things.”

From The Daily Wire

“Yesterday, Biden said American troops have been fighting in Ukraine & more are headed to fight there,” author Max Abrahms tweeted Saturday. “Today, Biden said the goal of U.S. policy to Russia is regime change. Recall, the media called for the 25th amendment when Trump sipped water or walked down ramps carefully.”

“Imagine President Trump had inexplicably told U.S. troops they were deploying to fight Russia,” foreign policy analyst Clint Ehrlich echoed. “Really imagine it! All we’d be hearing is that he’s mentally unfit and must be removed under the 25th Amendment. Joe Biden did the same thing today. But the media has his back…”

Host and commentator Jack Posobiec commented, “Take the keys away,” after Biden seemingly telling troops they’re going to Ukraine.

“Biden is a puppet,” he wrote. “No one thinks he is making the decisions. Just declares war on Russia and keeps talking like nothing happened. Take the keys away.”

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