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Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Got Angry When Called Out For Bringing Wokeness To Our Military Forces Including Critical Race Theory

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Another Congressional hearing concerning the US military got off track and into discussions about “wokeness” and the military teaching the racist critical race theory to the troops.

On Wednesday, during a House Armed Services Committee hearing on the proposed budget for the Defense Department, political hack General Mark Milley who is the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, fielded questions by two Republican lawmakers about teaching critical race theory at the United States Military Academy, West Point.

Critical race theory is a racist brand of propaganda indoctrination that teaches that from the very Founding of the United States racism and white supremacy were built into the American system and that white people are racist even if they don’t realize it or believe they are not racist because they are born racist and have been supported by the racist American system. It is pure garbage.

In response, Milley put on a show of anger when his reading list for military personnel was questioned for including woke books like “How to be an Antiracist” by Ibram Kendi that espouses the same Marxist garbage taught to get white people to feel guilty for being white and to hate their country.

The GOP lawmakers are concerned that such a book being recommended by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the troops is bringing the wokeness of critical race theory to the ranks and Milley responded.

“I’ve read Mao Zedong, I’ve read Karl Marx, I’ve read Lenin. That doesn’t make me a communist,” Milley said.

Does anyone doubt that he read Karl Marx?

Milley continued. “So what is wrong with understanding — having some situational understanding about the country that we are here to defend?”

The problem is that you are supposed to read Mao Zedong to learn how to fight against his cultural revolution ideology. You are supposed to read Karl Marx to know how to defend capitalism against Marxism. Milley is pushing books like Kendi’s not to fight against racism, which the title of the book falsely proposes, but for the purpose of the book which is to teach its readers that America is an inherently racist society. In the book, Kendi says that past racism needs to be defeated with present racism and that present racism needs to be defeated with future racism. What he is saying is that racism against white people is necessary to defeat past racism, but instead of pointing to actual racists, his premise is that all white people are racist and therefore all white people need to be defeated with black racism. Anyone who tells you differently did not read his book. And Kendi believes the government needs to enforce racism to defeat racism. It’s insanity.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff then got belligerent.

“And I find it offensive that we are accusing the United States military, our general officers, our commissioned and noncommissioned officers of being ‘woke’ or something else because we’re studying some theories that are out there.”

That is an old Marxist trick. No one in the hearing accused general officers or commissioned and noncommissioned officers of “being woke.” The Republicans in the hearing accused Milley himself of pushing woke ideology into the military. And that’s exactly what he did when he added Kendi’s book to his reading list.

The brouhaha began when Representative Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA) yielded a portion of her time so that Milley could offer a response to prior questions of critical race theory from Congressmen Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Mike Waltz (R-FL) that were directed at Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

In response to Gaetz’s questions, Austin said “we do not teach critical race theory,” adding that “we don’t embrace critical race theory and I think that’s a spurious conversation.”

Waltz then read from a letter he received from Lt. General Williams, the Superintendent of West Point, that was in response to his letter asking about the teaching of critical race theory to cadets.


Speaking of critical race theory as an academic study, Milley said “that was started at Harvard Law School years ago and it proposed that there were laws in the United States — antebellum laws — prior to the Civil War that led to a power differential with African Americans that were three-quarters of a human being when this country was formed, and then we had a Civil War and an Emancipation Proclamation to change it, and then we brought it up to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 — took another hundred years to change that.”

It’s hard to believe that Milley was selected by President Donald Trump to be the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. What the heck happened to him?

Milley’s ignorance here is mind-boggling, and it lends credibility to anyone who criticizes the general for bringing wokeness to the military from the same ignorance that the tenets of critical race theory were born.

He referred to a “power differential” that was held from the Founding Era to the Civil War claiming that white people thought black people were not worth a whole person but rather “three-quarters” of a human being. When you hear someone make that argument you should know that you are dealing with a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance. Not only was his specious argument an attempt at rewriting our history, but he didn’t even get the term right.

Milley was obviously referring to what became known as the “Three-Fifths Compromise” of the Constitution, not the Three Quarters Compromise. Political hack race-baiters who do not have a basic fundamental understanding of our Founding era, our Constitution, or the abolitionist movement preach that our Founding Fathers were so racist, including the 38 out of 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention who did not own slaves (17 did), that they wanted to insult black people by declaring that they were not even worth a whole person.

That argument was born from moral sophistry.

The Three-Fifths Compromise was pushed by the North. The South wanted black slaves deemed as a whole person. If you stop there, the way Milley obviously has, you come off as an ignorant fool who should never have the ear of the Commander-in-Chief, even when it’s President House Plant.

The North wanted black slaves to be deemed three-fifths of a person because slaves were not allowed to vote, but their slave owners could vote for them by proxy. So, if a slave owner owned a large plantation of 500 slaves, he got to vote 501 times. And I guarantee most of the time his votes cast were not in the best interest of his slaves.

The Three-Fifths Compromise was the first shot across the bow against slavery in America and fools like General Milley who propose critical race theory can’t even get our Founding history right. It shrank from the number of votes cast by southern slave owners. The problem of slavery wouldn’t be resolved for close to another hundred years, but it was a start.

“So look, I do want to know — and I respect your service and you and I are both Green Berets,” Milley said to Waltz, who is also served in Army Special Forces. “But I want to know, and it matters to our military and the discipline and cohesion of this military.”

In that exchange, Milley lied to Congress. The military is right now segregating the troops. The Democrats have come full circle. The troops were once desegregated and then resegregated by President Woodrow Wilson, who played a copy of Birth of a Nation in the White House. The troops have been desegregated since President Harry S Truman integrated them again in 1948  and now Joe Biden is resegregating them. This time, according to race and sex, and the military will then create a hierarchy for “privilege walks.”

Senator Tom Cotton, a former Army infantry officer, said military whistleblowers are reaching out to him and telling of what they are seeing in the military.

“One Marine told us a military history training session was replaced with mandatory training on police brutality, white privilege, and systemic racism. He reported that several officers are now leaving his unit citing that training,” Mr. Cotton said. “Another service member told us that their unit was required to read ‘White Fragility’ by Robin DiAngelo, which claims ‘White people raised in Western society are conditioned in a white supremacist world view.’”

Cotton related that an airman complained about an exercise called “privilege walk” as a “racist exercise.”

“Members of the wing were ordered to separate themselves by race and gender in order to stratify people based on their perceived privilege,” Senator Cotton said in describing the complaint.

The people running Biden’s military were mostly middle-tier officers during the Obama-Biden administration when real officers were being drummed out and replaced with butt-kissing “Yes Men” like Milley who was a leftist handpicked by Barack Obama to be the Army Chief of Staff.

Everything Milley and this administration are doing to our military are weakening the greatest fighting force ever known to mankind. If they are not stopped we will no longer be able to rely on our military to defend and protect us from foreign invasion. Contact your representatives and let them know you oppose critical race theory and wokeness being introduced to the military.

Critical race theory is pure racism that the Marxists are trying to get sanctioned by the government to be pushed in our military and our public schools just for starters. We cannot give an inch to racist ideology. We already know where that leads.

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