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Censorship and Gaslighting Are Destroying Our Society

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Democrats in Texas pulled a filibuster to “stand up for voting rights” by running away from the Texas legislature to avoid a vote on an election integrity bill that would secure voting rights for everyone, and ostensibly to help Democrats in Washington, DC eliminate the Senate filibuster.

Democrats are telling us that they have saved the economy by paying people not to work.

Joe Biden tells us that flooding trillions of dollars into the economy with no mass production of goods will lower inflation.

DC Democrats tell us they are fighting for voting rights while they try to hawk a bill stealthily titled the “For the People Act” that would allow the federal government to control election laws in all 50 states with provisions that would legalize election fraud like ballot harvesting all to help their party stay in power for the next hundred years or more.

Democrats tell us that the COVID vaccine is working but those who have been vaccinated must be afraid of those who haven’t yet taken the jab.

The Democrats tell us that if a man puts on a dress and identifies as a woman he’s a real woman and at the same time they tell us to trust the science.

We’re told to believe the fact checkers who come from the same news media outlets that spin the news every day no matter how ridiculous to meet the wishes of Democratic Party spin.

CNN and MSNBC lie to their audiences multiple times every day with spin news and we’re told to trust them.

We live in a world where black is white, up is down, left is right, truth is misinformation and the Democratic Party has a symbiotic relationship with online tech tyrants who suppress information and news that the Democrats don’t like. A little alleged quid pro quo going on where Democrats let the Silicon Valley tyrants keep making billions of dollars so long as they take away Americans’ free speech rights.

The more and more the leftist tech tyrants, media outlets, judges, and academics collude with the radical elements of the Democratic Party the closer they will get to completely controlling everything you read, see, hear and yes, think.

The opinion that blocking people from seeing someone’s posted information is protecting them from misinformation and lies is ridiculous and everyone knows it. Better ideas stem from sharing information. Misinformation is canceled out by more information. The problem we have today is the same as it’s always been with socialist supremacies. The Democrats in charge believe that the world would become a utopia so long as the smartest people were running it and they believe they are the smartest people.

The Democrats are now making the absurd claim that misinformation is killing people. The argument goes that anti COVID vaccine people are posting misinformation against getting vaccinated and that convinces other people to not get vaccinated, and without being vaccinated the chances are they’re going to die from catching COVID. All that for a virus with a 99 percent survival rate.

But here’s where we can turn the screws back on the censors. Serious information has been suppressed by people who label it misinformation because it doesn’t fit the narrative of the tech tyrant’s masters in Washington.

I wrote a story about the drug ivermectin which is being used in Australia with incredible success. Doctors there say that their patients diagnosed with COVID-19 are completely free of the virus within 48 hours of their first dose. I tried to upload a video of a news spot talking about the Australians using ivermectin and as soon as the progress bar of the upload hit 100 percent I was hit by YouTube with a violation of their Community Standards.

Ivermectin is listed by the WHO as an “essential drug” which means it is a trusted medicine with very little side affects, is very inexpensive and very easy to get.

Dr. Robert Malone pioneered the Messenger RNA (mRNA) technology. He doesn’t take credit for that. He likes to say he invented the “vaccine technology platform” that eventually turned into mRNA vaccine science. Malone recently posted a question online that with as we see all the problems being reported by the use of mRNA vaccines, why are we still pushing them in their experimental stage when we have drugs like ivermectin to cure people who contract COVID? His post was promptly censored. The tech tyrants censored the most qualified person on earth to speak about mRNA vaccines because his words broke the lies of the Democratic Party, their masters in Washington.

The fact that Malone’s message about ivermectin was censored could have cost people their lives. Suppose someone who wasn’t vaccinated caught COVID and didn’t know there is a treatment called ivermectin? Many medical doctors don’t know about ivermectin. If Malone’s post wasn’t censored, it could have led to intelligent discussions that could have formulated ideas for other ways to treat COVID. We won’t ever know because Malone’s truthful message was censored as misinformation. That’s dangerous but nobody cares.

Our Founding Fathers knew that censoring speech leads to dangerous things including the loss of our rights and even freedom. That’s they added Freedom of Speech to the very first Amendment. Something has to be done to rein in the violators of free speech, free expression and free thought before it’s too late and the Overton Window is closing rapidly.

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