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Cenk Uygur Gets Slammned By Twitter For Saying He Would ‘End’ Joe Rogan In a Fight Since He’s ‘Much larger than Joe’

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Uber, off-the-charts, radical progressive leftist lunatic media guy Cenk Uygur, who I call Chunk Yogurt, is getting his tail handed to him all over social media for alleging that he would “end” Joe Rogan, another media guy who I find to be down the middle politically but with a lot of common sense, a man who is know around the world to be a practitioner of mixed martial arts (MMA) in a fight because “I’ve fought my whole life.”

This is what happens when progressives want to feel relevant again. When you think of the number 1 podcaster, Joe Rogan immediately pops into your head. Unless you are one of the 10 percent progressive lunatics, you would never think of Chunk. In fact, the only time I think of him is when he got his butt handed to him during debates by Dinesh D’Souza and another time by Ben Shapiro.

The thing about Chunk Yogurt is that he doesn’t recognize when he got his rear end kicked. He tries to cheat by throwing out things that are known leftist bullschtein talking points and then after that momentary elation of victory; he gets slammed with facts. But then he only highlights that split second false victory of lies when he talks about the experience later on.

By the end of any debate where he had his wazoo handed to him, Uygur acts like he’s the winner. I can only imagine a bloodied and beaten Chunk limping out of the ring and declaring victory as Joe Rogan points and laughs at him, not even winded.

Yogurt also said he’s “larger than Joe.” Though any conservative would destroy Uygur in the game of playing the dozens, it’s always nice when progressives set themselves up like that.

The whole thing started on Thursday when Uygur took to social media to tweet out a message to Joe Rogan’s “loser” fans.

To all the loser @joerogan fans crying over my attack on his “freedom” hypocrisy & stupidity, are you guys part of the crew or do you kiss his ass for fun? I thought he was a big boy who could handle himself. If he doesn’t like my free speech, he can grow a pair & defend himself.”

That’s when a Twitter user made Chunk an offer.

“I’ll make a 1000 dollar donation to your trash network or your charity of choice to see you call Rogan, who is not only the most successful podcast in history but also a black belt in mixed martial arts, a loser to his face.”

It was at that point that Chunky hit back with a laughable claim that he would “end” Joe Rogan in a real fight.

And on queue, Twitter had a feast on Yogurt’s words, because as usual, they didn’t inspire anyone to believe him.

“Lol no chance chunk, you’ll be blowing after 30 seconds.”

“Dude he’s a legit black belt in jujitsu, do you have any idea how hard that is? Unless you have some training you’re not clueing us in on”

“I’M MUCH LARGER THAN JOE” Googles Cenk’s height- 5’9. You read that right. 5’9. He’s a mere 2 inches larger than Joe Rogan. 

“Typical Cenk playing a tough guy on the internet. His tone would change if he saw Rogan in person lol”

Even his own fans know he’s full of bullschtein.

“Cenk, I love you, but unless you have some training that no one knows about, he’d destroy you. You want everyone to acknowledge expertise in policy discussions yet you’re not applying that to this? Rogan is trained by Carlson Gracie, enough said for those who actually know know.”

“Take it easy Chunk. Rogan has trained at a pro level for decades and you sweat when you eat.”

“Cenk probably loses his breath taking a piss in the morning”

You wouldn’t last 3 seconds in a fight with @joerogan. Sorry to ruin your wet dream”

Here’s Joe Rogan kicking harder Mauy Thai Champion Joe Schilling:

Here’s Rogan nine years ago teaching the turning side kick:

Here’s Rogan training 4 years ago:

Here’s Rogan practicing kicks and punches in 2018:

There is no way Chunk Yogurt would “end” Joe Rogan. It’s amazing how the mind of an idiot functions. Yogurt would put himself through this just to get some notoriety. I guess people forget his most famous video on Election Day evening when the returns were coming in and he had a total meltdown when it became clear that Trump was going to win.




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