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CDC Numbers Show Accidental Vehicle Deaths Are 27 Times Higher Than Accidental Gun Deaths Among Children 0-19

It’s by the numbers.

The anti-gun folks are out in force after two recent mass shootings, ignoring the facts, and running with quests for more gun control laws that punish law-abiding citizens who broke no laws. One of the arguments against gun ownership is that there are accidental gun deaths in homes, especially among children. For leftists, it’s always about exploiting the children.

Well, the numbers are in. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2020 numbers are in and they reveal that accidental vehicle deaths among children were 27 times higher than accidental gun deaths for the same age group.

The CDC’s numbers reveal 149 accidental gun deaths for children ages 0 through 19 in 2020 and 4,036 accidental car deaths for children in the same year. The CDC characterizes children and adolescents as anyone who is 19 years old of age or younger.

Anti-gun rights folks are pointing to a Fox News story showing that the CDC figures show when all other gun-related deaths are totaled up for children aged 0 through 19, the number comes to 4,368 for 2020, which is higher than accidental car deaths, which is 4,036.

If you break the numbers down by male and female without getting into the nuttiness of the Left’s gender madness, CDC numbers show 2,653 vehicle deaths for males and 1,383 for females.

However, when you break down the numbers based on gun homicide deaths (meaning, remove the unintentional gun deaths) twice as many children aged 0 through 19 died in traffic accidents. These numbers are germane because the Left has spent years and considerable effort pushing the idea that firearms should be regulated like cars in order to make them safer and reduce gun violence. Infringement, anyone?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows 38,824 traffic deaths in 2020, while the CDC shows 19,384 firearm homicides in the same year.

So why is this relevant? Because liberals are always trying to take away your right to defend yourself and your loved ones by pushing for more gun control laws to infringe on your Second Amendment rights and they always manipulate the results of data to make it appear that the right to keep and bear arms is a terrible thing. If gun control laws work, then places like Chicago, Detroit, and Philadelphia should be the safest places in the country, but they are obviously not, and that’s because only law-abiding people abide by the law.

The death of anyone from a firearm is a tragic thing, but so are deaths by vehicle accidents, or any other reason for dying. Put into perspective, you see the politics of the anti-gun rights people. One thing they never want to talk about is the number of people whose lives were saved because of the use of a firearm. The latest figures from 2021 estimate that about 1,029,615 individuals use guns every year for self-defense, not counting police and members of the military. So, to keep things in perspective, I believe any study on gun violence should also include how the right to keep and bear arms saves lives.

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