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Attacking Trump

CCP TAKEOVER: Two Hollywood Filmmakers Want Americans to Hunt Trump Supporters

Heady with power in anticipation of the rise of their political party in DC, two far-left radical social media influencers posted their plans on Twitter to hunt Americans who supported President Donald J. Trump, which exposed their authoritarian ideology and should prepare people for how a Communist Party takeover will impact their lives. Many people see that the United States faces a dire future because of how easy it will be to use these tactics against the American people, who have an open society, which has gone largely unprotected for decades.

“There is no doubt that the civil war is in #امريكا [United States] Coming not far away, it will break out in the first months of 2021,” one Middle East journalist wrote in reaction to the plan he read to hunt Trump supporters.

Don Winslow posted a video that he made, which is likely to incite violence against people who supported Trump, and Twitter promoted the video to get maximum coverage.

Winslow “is an American author most recognized for his crime and mystery novels. Many of his books are set in California. Five of his novels feature private investigator Neal Carey. He has also co-written screenplays for Savages, Satori, and other adaptations of his novels with screenwriter/producer Shane Salerno,” according to his WIKI page.

In the video below, Winslow uses hashtag activism to push anti-American and hateful propaganda to encourage people to focus on Trump supporters and Conservatives, and he gets the reaction he was looking for from a second social media influencer, Adam Rifkin who calls for cyberstalking tactics against the same Trump supporters. Twitter helped promote it.

Winslow posted his video and said, “NEW VIDEO #TrumpsNewArmy VOLUME UP On January 20th, Donald Trump will no longer be The Commander in Chief. He will lose control of the U.S. Armed Forces and take control of a NEW ARMY.”

According to his Bio, Rifkin is another filmmaker, and he posted in response: “We have to fight back against #TrumpsNewArmy… I’m proposing we form a citizen army. Our weapons will be computers and cellphones. We are monitoring extremists on the Internet and are reporting findings to authorities… IT IS UP TO YOU.” It is up to ALL OF US, in this together.”

Adam Rifkin “sometimes credited as Rif Coogan, is an American film director, producer, actor, and screenwriter. His career ranges from broad family comedies to dark and gritty urban dramas. Rifkin is best known for writing family-friendly comedies like Mouse Hunt and 2007’s Underdog,” according to his WIKI page.

Twitter allowed the posts to remain, although they claim to be concerned about people inciting violence against each other.

Like Hollywood, propaganda is capable of producing, publishing, and promoting very effectively. Authoritarian regimes in revolutions, such as the Chinese Communist Party has waged in America, are dependent upon propaganda to create a false sense of consensus and a seemingly unified message.

Hunting and stalking Trump supporters emerged from the left in 2016, and friends and family members have already betrayed many Trump supporters.

According to these Twitter posts, it will happen more frequently, to more people, and in an organized way.  Image what will happen when Big Holywood puts their fantasies on the big screen.

As soon as they figure out the Pandemic, it will be coming to a theater near you.

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