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CBS/YouGov Poll Shows 69% of Americans Do Not Approve of How Joe Biden is Handling Inflation

According to a new poll, over 2/3 of Americans do not approve of President Joe Biden’s handling of inflation as they experience prices continue to rise across most of the country.

On Sunday, a CBS/YouGov poll was released that shows 69 percent of Americans say that President Biden has handled inflation poorly. Similarly, 63 percent give Biden a bad grade for the administration’s handling of the US economy.


Mike Berg, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, said, “Joe Biden and Democrats’ handling of inflation has been nothing short of disastrous.” He added, “They caused the crisis with their failed stimulus bill and now their harmful economic policies are making it worse.”

It is almost as if they are wrecking the economy on purpose in a Cloward and Piven type move. I think these people hate the country. How else can you describe it? They killed our energy sector, making the cost of running your car and heating your home a lot more expensive. What kind of people who love the country would do that to the people?

The Biden administration has let over 2 million illegal migrants into the country to roam around and never be dealt with by the government. We already know the problems that arise from illegals in our country, from the costs to taxpayers to the crimes committed because they are living in an underground world. No one who loves America would do that.

Of course, the lackeys in the administration contend that Joe Biden isn’t the one to blame for inflation, but the facts are the Democrats have spent so much money, at a time when we have a supply chain problem, and on top of that, the Biden administration paid workers to stay home and not work. With manufacturing workers staying home, nothing is being manufactured. All of these things, all created by the Biden administration, are causing inflation to skyrocket.

“There are steps the president is taking from fixing the family glitch to make sure people have lower cost of health care, to even extending the student loan pause to make sure that even as our economy is continuing to recover, we’re reducing costs,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told “Fox News Sunday.”

That’s the problem with leftists in government who never held a real job. They have lost touch with the American people so much that they think health care legislation and student loan pauses will put food on the table, gas up their cars and heat their homes.

Inflation has gone up nearly 8 percent in the last year, which is faster than it has ever risen in over 40 years. Administration officials think 8 percent a year is nothing, but it’s a lot to working-class American families when they see their grocery bills, when they get their heating bills, when they have to buy the things they need to keep their standard of living. Gas prices alone have gone up 38 percent since February, so it hurts when working-class families fill up at the gas station. Administration officials don’t care because they don’t even have to drive themselves.

Who would claim they love America by causing such misery and then blaming Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine even though inflation was rising long before that? The Biden administration takes no responsibility for anything.

According to the survey, 65 percent of voters think Biden could do more to get gas prices lower.

Former economic advisor to former President Donald Trump, Stephen Moore, said, “You’ve got a nearly 8 percent inflation rate, which is rising faster than people’s incomes.” To point out the bleak reality of the situation, he added, “People are actually losing purchasing power because inflation is like a tax on earnings.”

The administration wants to blame the Trump administration even though they have been out of office for over a year and the soaring inflation rates didn’t start until Joe Biden took office.

Obama’s economic advisor Larry Summers warned that Biden’s $1.9 trillion spending spree on coronavirus relief while having supply chain problems, would kick off inflation, but they dismissed his words and got the misinformation news media to trash his predictions as well.

Again, you can’t claim to love the country if you punish people this way.

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