TRAILOR: New Evil Series “Cracka” Portrays Whites As Slaves And Blacks As Slave Owners. 

TRAILOR: New Evil Series “Cracka” Portrays Whites As Slaves And Blacks As Slave Owners. 

OPINION: I can’t even understand how anyone with a decent bone in their body could condone such a series. A series in which people are enslaved. If we are calling for Gone with the Wind to be taken down, Aunt Jemima relabeled and Confederate statues taken down because they are offensive, how is this not just as offensive?

The only word I can find to accurately describe this series is DEMONIC. The devil has influenced this group of people to come together and put together a chain of horrible acts to make people today, who had nothing to do with slavery, feel the pain that the devil encouraged demonic people in the south (Democrats) to do to another race.

I thought I could write about how blacks were some of the first slave owners here in America, and I could bring up how the British sold white Irish people into slavery here in America. But to be honest, it was all just evil. No matter who the person was or the race.

Racism, division, unforgiveness, abortion, murder, hate, and revenge are all tools used by the devil. God doesn’t want us to drag through our past. He wants us to look to Him and become better people. We do that through, forgiveness, faith, trust that He will take care of our enemies, believe that He has a plan for our lives and we must put our faith in Him and not man.

This series will not help heal the past. But it will renew blacks deep sadness and hate that this happened to other blacks because of the color of their skin. And we should be sad and hate that this happened. But we should never want this to happen to anyone else for any reason. Not even in a series to make some people feel a certain way.

May God make all His people see that this is the devil at work.

From 69 News

 LOS ANGELESJune 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The new series “Cracka” is likely to cause a storm of controversy for the premise: “What if the roles were reversed?”


The movie offers a present-day so-called white supremacist who is magically thrust back in time to an alternate past where Africans enslave whites and rule the land known as America. “In a world where white privilege, systematic oppression, and minority protest in order to break the chains of bondage runs regular, white supremacist Michael Stone is doing everything he can to maintain his privilege by exercising every opportunity to ensure the America he knows and loves continues to remain pure and more importantly, remain white!” Deaths that are happening now by the hands of police and white supremacists to African Americans today, this will possibly shed some light on the pain that black people feel in other eyes. Since the release of the trailer on Juneteenth, it has reached over 550k views on Youtube in 48 hours! 

The brainchild for this series was created by director Dale Resteghini, a Caucasian man born in Boston, Massachusetts that made his mark with rap videos.

After the lead character “Lorenzo Antonucci Jr.” rains down blows on the motorist, the pseudo-Nazi returns to his home. He then finds himself staring at the barrel of a shotgun and enslaved by a black man.  The Director Created CRACKA to help white people in America see racism from a new perspective.  America is broken and has been for a long time. Nothing else prior to this moment has worked as clearly as we are in a race war. No one seems to want but here it is and perhaps through provocative art… the new conversation can begin peacefully.

“Cracka” relives all of the horrors of slavery such as rape, beatings, and even name changes. The series stars a bevy of talents including Lorenzo AntonucciHakeen Kae-Kazim, rapper SaigonKathryn Kates, and James Darnell. “Cracka” doesn’t just tackle racism; it confronts it with the harsh truths. This unique series forces us – as one whole race, society, and overall to pay attention. –  We will then look past color, look past our fears and pain, and see ourselves as people through the much-needed lens of love.”  The series does not have a date but is expected to hit in the fall of 2020, just in time for the American presidential election.

“I applaud the bravery and vision for the creation of CRACKA.” – Sybrina Fulton (Mother of Trayvon Martin)

Source: New Series “Cracka” Portrays Whites As Slaves And Blacks As Slave Owners

COVID Mania – Woman Coughs In Baby’s Face To Punish Mom For Not Social Distancing

COVID Mania – Woman Coughs In Baby’s Face To Punish Mom For Not Social Distancing

The citizens of the United States of America are Constitutionally provided with unalienable rights from God. These freedoms were crucial for the rapid growth of our country as people went West, built businesses, spoke freely in the public square, and simply pursued happiness. With the Bill Of Rights in place the individual was autonomous from others, but not permitted to use their freedoms to hurt someone physically or disparage someone’s reputation with slanderous lies.

What has been consistent in cultures is the friction between those who enjoy liberty and those who feel empowered to demand their views be imposed on others in the community. Until the mid-twenty-first century, the agitator did not have the leverage to enforce their concerns on others but things started to change radically in the 1960s.

One of the results of the progressive and social justice movements has been the socially created “Group Think” around issues and dependency on large government entitlements. In return, the mob will not resist the government’s requests unless of course, they need the government to enforce social changes.

This brings us to the COVID-19 “pandemic”. Mismanaged at many levels, the progressives assigned fear and massive social obedience requirements, in their Group Think, and expected their devotees to be mini-enforcers in the public square.

There have numerous confrontations between this group and non-group think Americans. I for one was screamed at from a lady in her car, outside a restaurant, and after several verbal exchanges, she told me “I hope you die from the virus”.

Here is the latest story I found, involving an older woman and a young mother with her baby in line at a frozen yogurt store.

From Daily Mail

A woman in her 60s is caught on surveillance video purposely coughing in a baby’s face in San Jose yogurt shop after getting in a fight with the child’s mother over social distancing. The woman was upset the mother was not social distancing and maintaining a six-foot distance, according to the San Jose Police Department.

Police say the woman then immediately left the store after the incident.

I am hopeful a majority of the states will wake up and go back to regular life soon. This who have pre-existing conditions, or older age, should be provided education on their higher risk and allow them to live their lives accordingly. The 99 percent of those not at risk should have our liberties fully restored and the government must get out of our personal lives.

BLM Activist Follows “White” Women Home, Recording Her Fear For Social Media Mob!

BLM Activist Follows “White” Women Home, Recording Her Fear For Social Media Mob!

Human history has always included hateful people who look for and eventually find, weaker people to terrorize for various psychopathic reasons. Internally most people, who have a conscience, are enranged by these actions but very few do anything about it.

Domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, claimed to have started to fight for “social justice” with the desired end result of equality for all people, and freedom from government rule.  If their actions and results backed up these claims, they would have a lot of support as these are American values. Unfortunately, both groups were actually set up by Marxists, who through violence are trying to force change. In the process, like all terrorist groups, the founders tend to become wealthy while their foot soldiers do their bidding.

Here is the purpose of BLM, from their very own website.

“Whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. By combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy, we are winning immediate improvements in our lives.”

Case Is Point – A BLM anti-white activist,  followed an unsuspecting woman home. then terrorized here, on camera, for his social media mobs pleasure. Doxxing her by filming her address and car license plate, which provides information for other deranged SJWs to act on.

From Gateway Pundit

A Seattle-based Black Lives Matter activist with the Twitter handle “wypipo-h8,” slang for “white people hate,” followed a terrified white woman home, harassed her, filmed her address and license plate, and is attempting to ruin her life for some social media clout.

Karlos Dillard describes himself as an “author, entertainer, and public speaker.” He is also a racist woman abuser.

In a video that he tweeted, the activist claimed that he followed a terrified woman home because she had flipped him off. As she shakes and cries in terror, he yells at her for cutting him off and continues to make wilder and wilder claims against her until he eventually tells a passerby that she called him the n-word. Something that he left out at the beginning and in his tweet. Almost like, that did not happen at all.”

This is not the first time this domestic terrorist challenged and recorded people for his followers and probably will not be the last.

With local police under extreme pressure to not violate people of color rights, then we should expect more lawlessness from those whose purpose is to create havoc and hurting those, with white skin, for the SWJ purposes. We The People must get armed, support our police, and demand prosecution of all crimes regardless of the skin color of the person who committed them.

The Police Fight Back – Call Offs Around The US !

The Police Fight Back – Call Offs Around The US !

One of the benefits of living in the United States, especially in larger metro areas. has been the expectation that when you call the police, they are there quickly.

In Atlanta for example, those in blue have been there to help with stalled cars in the middle of the road, loud neighbors, domestic violence up to murder/suicides, these trained professionals have been proudly ready for action.

Things have changed overnight. Following the deaths of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks,  progressives have turned up the heat on all police forces, through BLM riots, over-reactive local governments, far-left news networks, internet trolls, and hateful acts, sometimes refusing services completely.

For days we have seen videos of police officers crying with black American children and family members assuring them to not fear the “white” police officers, spikes in violence against them for doing their jobs, and some simply leaving announcing why they are leaving their careers.

The breaking point for the police came yesterday. A corrupt Fulton, GA DA, in spite of video evidence, charged a police officer, with murder, as he fought with, and then shot a fleeing felon as he fired the officer’s own stolen taser back at him, flying over the officers head.

The press conference announcing the charges sent chills up police unions around the country. The police, in conjunction with their unions, are fighting back.

According to The Gateway Pundit

 Atlanta Dispatcher Spends 14 Minutes Giving Long List of Calls “Code 12” Where No Report Taken Because They Had No One to Send

There are reports tonight that police officers in Atlanta, Georgia called off work tonight after murder charges were filed against Officer Garrett Rolfe in the death of Rayshard Brooks last weekend.

There are now audio clips of Atlanta police dispatchers giving a long list of “Code 12” which means there was no one to send to a call in.

In addition to the Atlanta call-offs, 43 LAPD Transit Officers no-showed as the city cut their pay, after the fact.

So the war is on, NYPD is withdrawing from offices of prosecutors going soft on protesters, hard on police and officers around the country are banding together.

More call-offs are expected as those who live in these failing social experiments, will not get the police services they deserve, as long as the officers take their stand, for the profession as a whole.

When progressives govern, the people suffer. The question is, why do they still get re-elected anyway?

Atlanta DA Howard charged Officer Rolfe before Georgia’s Bureau Investigation complete

Atlanta DA Howard charged Officer Rolfe before Georgia’s Bureau Investigation complete

The Fulton County, Ga. district attorney’s decision to bring a murder charge against one of the police officers involved in the shooting of 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks is being highly criticized by many including Secret Service agent Dan Bongino.

In an interview on the “Brian Kilmeade Show”  with host Brian Kilmeade, Bongino accused District Attorney Paul Howard Jr. of having “significant problems of his own.”

“You know, ethics investigations, serious allegations there. Now, that’s entirely relevant to what happened in this case. This was a man who had to be elected who couldn’t even win his own election in a run-off. He got 41 percent of the vote,” Bongino stated. “[This] obviously begs the question: was this politically motivated? I mean, Brian, is this not fair game?”

After the press conference the Georgia Bureau of Investigations tweeted that they were never consulted on the charges that DA Howard was charging the police officer with. In fact, the GBI revealed that they have not concluded their investigation. But they will complete their mission and submit the file to the DA then.

“Despite today’s occurrence, the GBI will complete its mission of completing an impartial and thorough investigation of this incident and we will submit the file, once completed, to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.”


Bongino continued:

“They’ve drawn absolutely no investigative conclusions whatsoever about this incident. Again, albeit tragic with Mr. Brooks. But, no conclusions whatsoever,” Bongino said. “Do you understand how unprecedented that is?

“So, now you’re telling me if you’re a police officer and you’re engaged in a use of force incident in the course of your job…that results in the death of a subject that before an investigation’s even concluded and, might I add has barely started, that you are subject to imprisonment without bail and charges that could result in the death penalty?” he asked.

“I mean, even to the most radical leftist listening to your show right now, they’re quietly acknowledging and shaking their heads…that what I’m saying on your show right now is absolutely accurate,” Bongino told Kilmeade.

On Fox & Friends Judge Napolitano stated that the felony murder charge, which could potentially lead to the death penalty — are “grossly inflated.”

“Look, if there’s a jury trial, here’s what the judge is going to say to the jurors before they start deliberating. If that police officer reasonably believed that Mr. Brooks was using or was about to use deadly force on him, the police officer, then the police officer is permitted to use deadly force to protect himself,” he explained. “Secondly, the determination of what was in the police officer’s mind is not what a reasonable civilian would do, but what a reasonable police officer would do.”

District Attorney Howard is in an election year where he is under a lot of scrutiny. Three past and present females have sued him for harassment or discrimination. The state ethics commission has accused him of 12 different violations. And he is under investigation for using $140,000 of non profit funds to line his pockets.

Many are now accusing Howard of using this incident to win votes. 

Source: Bongino blasts DA over murder charge in Rayshard Brooks shooting: ‘What they did was outrageous’


Barnes & Noble Disrespects Our President

Barnes & Noble Disrespects Our President

When we talk about manipulating young minds, this book is a great example of that. This book is found in Barnes and Noble stores across America.

According to One Million Moms:

Barnes & Noble is selling the book written by Faye Kanouse. However, this is not the same author who wrote the popular children’s book, “If You Give a Pig a Pancake,” on which the parody is based.

Barnes & Noble provides the following overview of the book on its website:

A coiffed and blustery pig has shoved his way into the White House! A cleverly worded and illustrated picture book, this is the adult parody of the beloved children’s cautionary tale, “If You Give a Pig a Pancake.”

Watch in dismay as the presidential pig gets into trouble, binges on too much Fox News and fast food, and cavalierly threatens national security. “If You Give a Pig the White House” both lovingly caricatures the original children’s book and shows just what can happen when a greedy anti-hero tracks his hooves all over America.

Such ridicule of our president is unnecessary. This level of mockery has not been given to any other U.S. president. The Bible states we are to pray for our country’s leaders, not belittle them.

We agree. The left continues to accuse President Trump of being divisive, but it’s the entire left that perpetuates hate at every level of our lives.

What kind of parents buy this book and read it to their children? Well, I guess we know the answer to that, it’s liberal parents that have a deep hate for our president because he doesn’t have the same perspective as them.

Just like in the illustration above, the story says, “You’ll bring him scientific data to prove it. He’ll halt decades of progress away.”

How deceptive is that? Because there is tons of scientific proof that global warming isn’t real.

This is just another tool the left is using to push their agenda.

“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people — for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior,” (1 Timothy 2:1-3).

Shame on Barnes & Noble for carrying this book. Selling such inflammatory political garbage is reprehensible and only creates more divisiveness in our nation.

You can go to click the link below to go to One Million Moms and help them take action!!!


Source: Barnes & Noble Disrespects Our President

Trump’s Police Reform Executive Order Brings Varied Response From Lawmakers

Trump’s Police Reform Executive Order Brings Varied Response From Lawmakers

On Tuesday President Trump signed a new executive order on policing. A move to build trust between police officers and the communities they serve.

Epoch Times MASOOMA HAQ reported:

The order has three main components: more certification and credential requirements for officers, information sharing on officials who have been subject to excessive use of force complaints, and co-responder programs that will send health professionals alongside officers during certain situations.

The package would create a database to track officers who have multiple instances of misconduct and would also use federal grants to incentivize departments to meet certain standards, according to a senior White House official in the call with reporters.

Democrats criticized the order, saying it’s not enough to change the law enforcement system.

As with anything President Trump draws both harsh criticism and praise.

“Trump’s executive order does not go nearly far enough to create the kind of change our country is demanding to see. Americans are taking to the streets in all 50 states for widespread, systemic changes to our system of policing. We must sign into law our Justice in Policing Act,” said Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.).

Republicans feel the order honors those who have been affected by police brutality and also respects police professionals.

“Today’s action by President Trump marks the first step in helping our cops serve their communities better;  better training, more transparency, new accountability, these are meaningful solutions, as opposed to Democrats’ push to defund the police and stoke anarchy,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).


“Thank you, @POTUS @realDonaldTrump, for your leadership in addressing police reforms. The solution isn’t to ‘defund the police,’ it is to provide more support and accountability. With today’s executive order we’re taking a strong step to enhance training and communication,” said Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.).

Republicans are said to introduce their own police reform bill soon. Their legislation will seek to not only reform some dangerous police practices but aims to collect national data on police use of force and no-knock warrants.

Many Democrats and Republicans have avoided the call to defund police and focus on reform. 


Source: Trump’s Police Reform Executive Order Brings Varied Response From Lawmakers

Seattle Negotiates with Terrorists in ‘CHOP’ to replace Temporary with concrete barriers. DEMS need to stop being weak.  

Seattle Negotiates with Terrorists in ‘CHOP’ to replace Temporary with concrete barriers. DEMS need to stop being weak.  


The city of Seattle has negotiated with the domestic terrorists occupying the “Capitol Hill Organized Protest”. The agreement is that the Seattle Department of Transportation will remove temporary roadblocks and replace them with concrete barriers.

The concrete barriers in the middle of Pine Street, running East and West, will split the road for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This will allow for emergency service vehicles to pass through the area.

The deal will also reduce the protestor occupied area from 6 blocks to three blocks.

Fox News reported:

On Monday, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, who has repeatedly clashed with President Trump over her handling of the CHOP, tweeted: “Seattle won’t lose sight of what we need: allowing our community to exercise their first amendment rights, demilitarizing our police force, rethinking who responds to 9-1-1 calls, and investing more to create meaningful change for our black and brown communities.”

Does the Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan really believe taking 6 blocks of a community hostage protected free speech? The First Amendment states:

First Amendment. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The people within “CHOP” are not peacefully assembling. And she would be naive to think so. On Twitter, we have seen videos of looting, rapes, theft, and white people being asked to pay black people. It’s a pathetic situation the mayor is allowing.

On June 15th Politico reported:

It seems I live in a city undergoing a “totalitarian takeover” that will lead to “fascist outcomes” and could “metastasize across the country.” Its government “has handed over an entire portion of the city to domestic terrorists.” This “group of rogue protesters” is attempting “to get a stranglehold on the city.” This radical “army” of “conquistadors” has “rolled over the police like Cortez rolling over the Aztecs.”

Democrats need to stop negotiating with these terrorists. It’s time these Democrats really learn our constitution and laws and start holding citizens Accountable for their unconstitutional rebellion.

Source: Seattle reaches deal with ‘CHOP’ to remove temporary roadblocks, replace with concrete barriers


Warren Moves to Secure VP Bid: Pandering to Black Leaders and Legislation to Remove Statues.

Warren Moves to Secure VP Bid: Pandering to Black Leaders and Legislation to Remove Statues.

Warren has been very busy trying to secure her bid for VP. Friday Elizabeth Warren joined a virtual happy hour where five African American women co-hosting the #TheSipHour mused about calling her by her first name.

She pandered back at them saying:

“I was going to say I’m here today as an ally, but can we really just say co-conspirator?” laughed Warren, one of the few white women to appear at the events organized by Higher Heights For America, which promotes the organizing and voting power of black women. “Nothing’s going to change unless it is black women’s voices that are uplifted.”

According to AP:

Biden’s vice presidential search is entering a new round of vetting, and Warren is still on the list along with several black women. They include Sen. Kamala Harris of California; Susan Rice, who served as President Barack Obama’s national security adviser; Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms; and Rep. Val Demings. New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Latina, is also being considered.

Warren did a virtual fundraiser for Biden that raised over $6 million.

During her bid for the Democratic nomination, Warren actively courted black activists and assembled a deep roster of endorsements. She gave a memorable speech in Atlanta in November on empowering black women and combating institutional racism.

In one debate Warren noted that Democrats often make promises during elections and never live up to their promises. She said she would not do that. Her honesty appealed to many blacks.

The article in AP also reported:

She joined Black Lives Matter protesters outside the White House this month with her husband and their golden retriever, Bailey. She has called for banning chokeholds as just the start of a larger overhaul of policing nationwide, and introduced legislation prohibiting the use of Confederate names and symbols from all U.S. military assets that has even drawn the support of some of her Republican Senate colleagues — as well as Biden.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson hosted a virtual town hall with Warren this month on the effects of the coronavirus. He said he still considers her “in the mix” for the vice presidential slot, but said picking a black woman could give Biden a boost in support from African American female voters that might be similar to the one that lifted Democrat Doug Jones to an upset 2017 Senate victory in Alabama.

“I think he should choose an African American,” Jackson said. “He needs the South to come alive.”

While a lot of blacks are calling for a black VP, 7 out of 10 blacks did say they would be happy with Warren as VP.


Source: Warren’s outreach to black voters could help VP standing