New York Businesses Now Fleeing To Florida

New York Businesses Now Fleeing To Florida

Andrew Cuomo is good for business but only if you are talking about Florida business.

Under his watch, the state has been bleeding residents but now they are bleeding businesses. Those businesses are overwhelmingly moving to Florida, a state with no income tax, good weather and a great governor.

The constant lockdowns in the state have destroyed small businesses but even larger businesses are calling Florida home.

In particular, large stock trading companies are moving to the Miami area in droves.

New York is exploring a new tax on stock transactions and brokerage houses are finding the sunny climate and low taxes to be to their benefit.

I would not be surprised to see the stock exchanges moving away from the Empire state and into the Sunshine State.

Large restaurants are finding the friendly climate in Florida to be to their liking as well.

Not only that but the employees at the New York restaurants are wanting to get jobs in Florida as they see a much lower cost of living and no oppressive taxes as they have in New York. A move to Florida, although expensive makes a lot of sense to many of them.

They can make up their moving costs in just one or two years and the rest is gravy. Add to that the much warmer climate and it is a win/win situation for them.

According to the New York Post:

“Two weeks ago, when the thermometer plunged below 20 and indoor dining was still off-limits in the city, intrepid New Yorkers continued to cling to vestiges of their social lives. But just a short flight away — in tony Palm Beach, Fla., where La Goulue recently opened an outpost that’s a mirror image of its Manhattan mother ship — all inside tables and seats at the bar are full. Patrons are laughing and living it up, seemingly oblivious to the perils of fraternizing during a pandemic.”

From The Daily Wire

In fact, the Post notes, dozens of New York City restaurants have suddenly opened Palm Beach outposts, “escaping” the icy weather and severe COVID-19 restrictions, following the New York City residents who left the city in droves during the height of the pandemic — and the ensuing economic downturn.

“[Palm Beach] is really working with you, not trying to put wood in your wheels,’’ one restaurant owner told the Post, adding that, in New York City, dining has just opened to 25% capacity. “I have seen so many friends of mine, I can’t believe it. And all our New York staff is asking to come work here.’’

SHE CALLED ME A ‘BOT’: Maxine Waters Subverts The Truth About Her Calls For Violence, The Double Standards Of The Left

SHE CALLED ME A ‘BOT’: Maxine Waters Subverts The Truth About Her Calls For Violence, The Double Standards Of The Left

Maxine Water, a far-left US Senator from California, hates President Donald J. Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda so much that she went out in public early in his first administration and demanded her followers harass, stalk and threaten supporters of Trump’s in an attempt to intimidate her political opponents, but she says it wasn’t mean.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., has publically denied encouraging supporters to confront and harass members of the Trump administration,” Fox News reported Sunday.

The California Democrat was asked whether she ever “glorified or encouraged” violence against Republicans in a Sunday interview with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi.

“As a matter of fact, if you look at the words that I used, the strongest thing I said was tell them they’re not welcome,” Waters claimed. “[I said] Talk to them. Tell them they’re not welcome. I didn’t say go and fight. I didn’t say anybody was going to have any violence. And so they can’t make that stick.”

In other words, she didn’t do anything mean.

Waters has been cyberstalking and harassing American citizens over their support of Trump and his agenda as a leading, toxic public speaker for the “resistance” of Trump’s presidential authority, usurping our system with corrupt social justice tactics, including violence.

This week Waters will sit in judgment of Trump in what appears to be a soviet show trial and lacks all Constitutional authority, a second impeachment trial in front of the US Senate, and the first time Democrats will attempt to impeach a US Citizen, who is not a sitting President.

Watters came under fire in 2018 for telling the same network that she had “no sympathy” for administration officials who defended Trump’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy and urged her supporters to “absolutely harass them” when appearing in public.

“They’re not going to be able to go to a restaurant, they’re not going to be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store,” Waters said at the time. “The people are going to turn on them; they’re going to protest, they’re going to absolutely harass them.”

But that’s ok because our country is now being run on “Progressive-Communist Privilege”, and Water is a leader of that movement.

Water is driven by pure emotions and, of course, her lust for power.

On Twitter, Waters called me a “bot” when I asked about the numerous ethics violations she has been charged with over her very long career as a public servant.

I think those charges show a conflict of interest.  I contacted Water’s office numerous times and was rebuffed numerous times because I am nothing more than a “Trump supporter.”

It is very convenient for Watters, who doesn’t want to answer any media requests about her long suspicious ethics complications, call everyone else names, and direct violence our way in a behavior pattern that helps to avoid what may be massive deceptive behavior on her part.

But the left never seems to have to face any consequences for their real actions, while they hyper-focus on their opponents’ imagined behavior. That is called “gaslighting. Expect to see a lot of that in the impeachment show trial. .”

Fauci is Not Going to Give Pandemic Powers Back, Now Wants Children Vaccinated

Fauci is Not Going to Give Pandemic Powers Back, Now Wants Children Vaccinated

Democrat Joe Biden and his administration, including Anthony Fauci, are accustomed to great power and are apparently on a new power grab, deciding overnight that, after going back and forth on their “Pandemic plans,” a decision has been made about vaccinating American children. Just like that, they have decided, and Americans will learn about it in the media.

MSNBC reported on Monday, “COVID cases are plateauing, which is good news, and the vaccine is on the way—but there may be darker days to come. New COVID variants are proving more transmissible—one, in fact, can reinfect you even after you’ve had COVID. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor to the President and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, appeared last night on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer to issue a warning—and sage advice about how to stay safe.”


After laying out the demands that people will have to all be vaccinated, the story comes out that their plans will include children.

On CNN Fauci said, that although things are getting better and children do not really face dangers, “It is conceivable that things could get a little worse. What we’re starting to see, which is a good sign, is that we’re starting to see a plateauing of the numbers of cases, which will always be followed by a diminution and a plateauing, and then ultimately a diminution of hospitalizations as well as deaths.”

In other words, this whole thing is never-ending, and they will just continue to grab power without the consent of the people.

Monday night, a new report from Yahoo was published about Fauci and his new plans for the new Covid:

“As the Biden administration continues its push to vaccinate millions of Americans before COVID-19 mutates further, health experts and drug manufacturers have begun focusing their attention on inoculating children in the hopes of surpassing the herd immunity threshold for the virus.

“Hopefully, by the time we get to the late spring, early summer, we will have children being able to be vaccinated according to the FDA’s guidance,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said last week.

While children are less likely than adults to develop severe illness from COVID-19, they are known to contract and spread the disease asymptomatically. Fauci has estimated that the herd immunity threshold for COVID-19 is between 70 percent and 85 percent of the population, meaning that those vaccinated or exposed to the virus reaches a high enough level to prevent its further spread. Given that almost a quarter of the U.S. population is under the age of 18 achieving herd immunity will require that at least some children be vaccinated.

As of Feb. 1, over 31 million Americans, most over the age of 65, had received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. In the coming weeks, the vaccine rollout is expected to extend beyond health care workers and the elderly, yet neither of the two vaccines has yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for children. Pfizer’s vaccine has been cleared for people 16 years and older, while Moderna’s is approved for those 18 years or older.

Both companies have started trials for children as young as 12, but Moderna has struggled to find enough young participants. Yahoo News Medical Contributor Dr. Kavita Patel explains the need for trials in children younger than 18 and 16. “Many of the doses of vaccines that we use in a childhood age population are not as strong or are at a different dosage than what we might use in adults and especially the elderly,” Patel said. “Plus, we do need to make sure that the two-dose approach is still necessary.”

Please read the full article at Yahoo.

Anthony Scaramucci Gets Spanked on TV, Proved he is Unprepared to Deal With the Left

Anthony Scramoochi is a vocal and weird little opponent of President Donald J. Trump who blew his chance to work for the Trump administration in a highly public disgraceful fall from grace as Trump’s press secretary because he was not prepared to deal with the media in a meaningful way.

On Saturday, Scaramucci’s wife, Deidre Scaramucci, ran to his defense as “The Mooch” was publically humiliated because he was not prepared to deal with the same media,  on a recent TV program, when he was asked to come on the show under the pretense of supporting him, and then had the tables turned on him for the amusement of the far left audience:

After getting fired for being completely ill-prepared for the job with Trump, Scaramucci, “the Mooch” went on to suck up to the far left as an opponent of Trump’s, in an attempt to be relevant and to recreate himself as a strong Conservative “who just couldn’t support Trump’s America First policies because he was too smart for that”- or something along those lines. In truth,  Scaramucci as a pundit never sounded like anything other than a disgruntled employee.

In reality, the mooch tried to have “his cake and eat it too”, and only when that didn’t work did he turn on Trump, and now no one wants him around except Hollywood actors, which should tell people something.

But that is not far enough for love to embrace him.

On Saturday, the Mooch found himself crying on Twitter, in public, over that MSNBC appearance Tiffany Cross because she “spanked him and sent him home”. She humiliated him and showed how unprepared he is as a public speaker- proving that Trump was right to fire him. He is unskilled and slow.

Here is a Baldwin brother rushing to White Knight for Scarmucci, who is very hurt by the left’s attacks on his character.

The truth is that Cross had Mooch on to embarrass him; she double-crosses him pretending to support the Mooch, and then she “dressed him down,” and Scaramucci was so in love with himself that he fell for it and was caught off guard.

Imagine how he would have been as a Press Secretary.

Then the two of them ended up in a public spat on Twitter for the world to enjoy:

Imagine what he would have been like a press secretary for Trump. Trump was right to ditch him.

Scaramucci was the press secretary who happened for a few days between the somewhat lame Sean Spicer, who was seen as being too of to handle the far-left activist media, and the highly professional Sarah Sanders, who was a warrior for the Trump administration.

Scaramucci apparently thought that the left would enjoy some jokes with him, and he was never prepared for the viciousness of the activist press, and apparently, he never learned his lesson.

Scaramucci may think that purchasing notebooks for Native Americans will purchase him some favorability, but it didn’t.

He will have to purchase some notebooks for African American women now because there is “blood in the water”, and it is unclear how “The Mooch’ is going to get out of this one.

Texas Stopped Biden’s Border Madness, Paxton Prepares First of Many Actions Against Executive Orders

Texas Stopped Biden’s Border Madness, Paxton Prepares First of Many Actions Against Executive Orders

The Biden administration took an early and massive blow to their signature immigration demands on Tuesday when a U.S. federal judge blocked a deportation freeze following Texas’s legal challenge.  Biden had attempting to stop deportation actions for 100 days, and the answer was “no.”

Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton posted about his victory over Biden. Biden’s Executive Order failed to provide any reasoning for his Executive Orders. Now, Texas has a freeze on his important demands and will return to court to attempt to strike it down altogether.

One political watcher posted online:

“Texas AG Ken Paxton doesn’t get enough credit. He bravely sued other states for their fraudulent elections, but SCOTUS cowardly and falsely stated he didn’t have standing. Now he sues against Biden’s plan to protect illegal alien criminals, and he wins big. Give it up for Paxton.”

“VICTORY. Texas is the FIRST state in the nation to bring a lawsuit against the Biden Admin. AND WE WON. Within 6 days of Biden’s inauguration, Texas has HALTED his illegal deportation freeze. *This* was a seditious left-wing insurrection. And my team and I stopped it,” Paxton wrote.

Biden took away Trump’s emergency powers, and that is not going well for Biden. Paxton was on Bannon’s War Room Pandemic podcast on Tuesday and told the audience that he was protecting Texas from Covid concerns and that he would address as many Executive orders as he could using that as a defense.

“Turn around is fair play,” right?  Will it work for Texas?  We will have to wait a few weeks to find out. But for now, this order is a massive set back for the Biden camp, whose plans to infiltrate America with “new citizens” are contingent upon open borders.

Epoch Times reported:

“The order is a setback to the Biden administration, which has proposed far-reaching changes, including a plan to legalize about 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States illegally. Last week, the administration also issued an order that halts all U.S.–Mexico border wall construction.

During former President, Donald Trump’s four years in office, Democrats and immigration activists often filed lawsuits in an attempt to halt Trump’s border wall construction, among other immigration provisions. With Paxton’s lawsuit, it’s likely that Republicans may do the same—especially with hundreds of judges appointed by Trump during his term in office.”

Hamed Aleaziz, an immigration reporter, covered the story and wrote:

“Judge Tipton blocks the Biden administration’s 100-day deportation moratorium. Big initial loss for the Biden administration as it moves forward with its immigration policies.

The January 20 Memorandum not only fails to consider potential policies more limited in scope and time, but it also fails to provide any concrete, reasonable justification for a 100-day pause on deportations.

Texas demonstrates that it pays millions of dollars annually to provide social services and uncompensated healthcare expenses, and other state-provided benefits to illegal aliens, such as the Emergency Medicaid program.

Interestingly, the judge completely avoided the issue Texas mostly focused on: the unusual agreement it signed with DHS to review and comment on immigration policies before they get implemented.”

Biden Gets Record-Setting Support From Anonymous Donors

Biden Gets Record-Setting Support From Anonymous Donors

Biden and some Democrats have voiced disdain from accepting money from anonymous donors in recent years.

However, that did not stop the president-elect from accepting a record $145 million in “dark money” donations this past election. “Dark money” is funds that come from “social welfare organizations” that are allowed to raise money to influence through means such as advertising but are not required to disclose donor information.

The previous mark for most anonymous funds raised was $113 million in support of Mitt Romney in 2012.

By contrast, in the most recent election, Trump only gained $28.4 million.

As part of his agenda, Biden wants to ban “certain types of nonprofits from spending money in elections and requiring that any group that spends more than $10,000” to release donor information to the public. Critics have long claimed that receiving anonymous money shrouds the integrity of the funds.

But if that is the case, why is it ok for Biden to raise a record-setting amount of money through dark money?

The answer is what it has always been in politics: As long as it works for the politician in question for as long as he wants, then it’s ok. 

Money is everything in politics to sustain a candidate’s push to office, and Biden has plenty of it.

But now that he can set rules for how future politicians raise money – including those who might challenge him four years from now – he could tighten his reign on potentially earning a second term simply through superior funding.

And with all of his shady business deals with the Ukraine, Iran, and Russia, there is a good reason why Biden would want to wait until his presidency to set this new standard.

Biden likely has something to hide with his money, but we’ll likely never know what it is because he can now change the rules of the fundraising game. The double standard shown here is quite discouraging.

Remembering Kobe Brant, The Father

Remembering Kobe Brant, The Father

On January 26, 2020, my college men’s ultimate had just wrapped up a weekend tournament. As we were doing recovery stretches after our final game, one of my teammates pulled out his phone, checked ESPN, and delivered some terrible news.

Kobe Bryant had died in a helicopter crash.

He was flying to his daughter Gianna’s basketball tournament when the helicopter encountered thick fog just outside for Los Angeles and the pilot lost control. All other eight victims of the crash, including Gianna, who was only 13, died.

The NBA legend’s death sent the world into mourning. Across the globe, people painted murals and held candlelight vigils for Bryant  The Los Angeles Lakers, whom Kobe played for 20 seasons, suspended for games for several days as the organization grappled with the tragic loss.

Bryant ended his career as one of the most accomplished players in NBA history. He won 5 Finals titles, made the All-Star team 17 times, and scored 81 points in one game in 2006, the second-highest single-game total in NBA history.

Yet for all his accolades and incredible talent as an athlete, Kobe was an even more dedicated father.

Bryant had a grueling schedule as an athlete, not just because he was a professional, but because he was one of the most self-motivated and hard-working athletes that American sports have ever seen. Nevertheless, Kobe found a way to balance the rigors of an NBA life with being a normal dad who could pick up his kids from school.

He would take a helicopter from practice in Los Angeles to his home in Orange County so he could fly over the thick L.A. traffic. After practicing, eating, and handling media interviews, Bryant would fly back home and be waiting in the carpool line to grab his daughters. He fully embraced being a “Girl Dad” to four daughters, whom he loved dearly.

“I have road trips and things like that where I don’t see the kids,” Kobe once said. “So every time I get to see them and spend time with them, even if it’s 20 minutes in the car, I want that.”

That is perhaps what makes Kobe’s death so hard to embrace. The fact that the world lost an influential icon is sad, but a wife lost her husband, three daughters lost their father and a family lost their foundation. That should be enough to move anyone to tears.

Kobe’s love and dedication to his family is what the world will miss the most. The legacy a man leaves on his family is the most crucial one he can have, and Kobe’s legacy is rich and powerful. Father’s everywhere can learn from Kobe’s love and dedication to his family, which transcends any legacy he left on the court.

Donald Trump faces Impeachment – After He’s Left Office

Donald Trump faces Impeachment – After He’s Left Office

Democrats harassed Donald Trump during his presidency with baseless threats of impeachment.

Now, they – along with some Republicans – want to impeach him after he has left office.

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-UT, claimed that “Trump’s effort to convince Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to overturn the state’s election result, as well as his call for a march on the U.S. Capitol at a Jan. 6 rally” were enough grounds for him to support the second articles of impeachment.

However, not every Republican has completely lost their mind by supporting this impeachment process.

Sen. Mike Rounds, R-S.D., stated that the Constitution “does not indicate that you can impeach someone who is not in office,” thus making these impeachment articles a “moot point.” 

Certainly, many of Trump’s actions in office were questionable, but to cite these actions as ground for impeachment – especially after he no longer serves as president – are beyond ridiculous and a complete waste of time.

And anyone who supports this – especially Republicans – is just trying to virtue signal and keep themselves relevant in the political sphere.

Instead of focusing on continuing to tear down Trump’s reputation, politicians need to focus their energies on matters of this administration, as the soul of America likely hangs in the balance over the next four years.

Biden has already made it known that he hates the military, religious freedom and countless other hallmarks of the American life that make our country special. Therefore, our leaders must focus their energies on protecting our way of life before it is taken from us.

That should be the goal, not trying to harm Trump anymore.

California Church Preaching Traditional Marriage Bombed, Media Reaction: ‘Meh’

California Church Preaching Traditional Marriage Bombed, Media Reaction: ‘Meh’

If you saw the headlines for the story about what took place at the First Works Baptist Church in El Monte, California you wouldn’t have thought it was as alarming as it turns out to be.  At first, when you read the headline you thought it was just a minor incident, maybe punk kids screwing around with fireworks.  But it wasn’t fireworks, rather, it was a real hate crime.

What went off at the church was an improvised explosive device (IED) of the same nature as what our military soldiers had to deal with in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The explosion was so powerful it blew out all of the windows and sent smoke belching from the building afterward.  In the aftermath, if you went inside you found the walls were covered in hateful graffiti.  The FBI is now looking into it, but after what the FBI has done over the last four years can they be trusted to investigate a crime against a church?  It just so happens that the pastor of the church contacted the FBI two weeks ago to report threats of violence in arson.

As reported by The Daily Mail:

“Sirens are heard in the distance and multiple police cars are seen racing to the scene. A bomb squad was called in to check for any secondary devices. FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said the agency is investigating the ‘IED attack’ as a possible hate crime.”

“Anytime a house of worship is attacked, we will respond,” the FBI spokeswoman said. “If it was motivated in any way by hate, that’s always a working theory when a house of worship is attacked, although that has not been confirmed.”  But what about when there are warnings brought to the attention of the FBI by houses of worship that an attack is imminent?  In this case, the FBI did nothing.  They got involved after the fact.

Folks, this is the type of attack that conservatives have been warning about if Biden won the election.   Millions of Americans believe he didn’t win but successfully stole the election from President Trump.  We told you that attacks like this would continue and probably exacerbate because the anarchist groups like ANTIFA, and BLM would feel that they now own the country.

The LA Sheriff’s Department set up a command post near the church following the explosion.  The bombing of the church happened only two weeks after Pastor Bruce Meija said that he contacted the police after getting a threat on social media that his church was going to be set on fire.

“It appeared that the walls to the church had been vandalized as well as all the windows at first appeared to be smashed,” El Monte Police Department Lt. Christopher Cano said. “Then, we realized that the windows were not smashed and that they had actually blown out from some type of explosion.”

The most sickening thing about this is that our mainstream news media didn’t really focus on the bombing of an American church, rather, they focused on the fact that the church opposes same-sex marriage.  So, according to the reaction of our mainstream news media, a hate crime against a church is not newsworthy if the church’s dogma goes against a leftist dogma.  Ladies and gentlemen that is a sick attitude by any industry that is supposed to bring truth to the American people.

For example, KTLA5 ran a headline “FBI investigating bomb ‘attack’ at anti-LGBTQ church in El Monte.”

NBC ran a headline saying “FBI investigates explosion at anti-LGBTQ church in California.”

ABC ran with “FBI investigating explosion, graffiti at California church known for anti-LGBT views.”

Did they have to add in “anti-LGBTQ” to their headlines?   The purpose of that was to dehumanize the people from the church.  The Woke has to dehumanize the unwoke in order to discredit them so that they can be dismissed.  The American media has in effect blamed the bombing of a church on the church itself.

It is a church after all, and they have every right to oppose same-sex marriage, just as any other church has the right to support same-sex marriage.  The Bible defines marriage as between one man and one woman.  The church’s religious beliefs garnered over 15,000 signatures on a petition at with demands that the church be shut down.  And the Woke Supremacist organization the Southern Poverty Law Center a radical progressive group has referred to the church as a hate group.  For some unknown reason, that designation by this crazy group of Woke Supremacists will carry a lot of weight in the Supremacy.  These two actions could cause more harm to more churches throughout the country.

To sum it up, a Christian church and not an Islamic mosque was attacked with an IED device and the mainstream media tried to suppress it by focusing on the fact that the church was preaching traditional marriage.  Had it been a mosque I think Joe Biden would have called in the National Guard. It’s the end of the civilized world as we know it.  Believe what we believe or we’ll blow you up.

The sick world we live in just got sicker.