Clarence Thomas Says The Days of Blocking Free Speech on Social Media May Be Numbered

Clarence Thomas Says The Days of Blocking Free Speech on Social Media May Be Numbered

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas lifted eyebrows over a statement he made that appears to warn social media companies that their power to censor speech they don’t like might be diminished sometime soon.

Thomas gave his thoughts in comments he made in a 12-page concurrent opinion on a Supreme Court ruling that considered whether former President Donald Trump had acted unconstitutionally when he blocked several people from following his now-banned Twitter account. In fact, because the account was banned, the lawsuit was ruled moot.

Thomas deliberated that the argument made by the plaintiffs was undermined because Trump’s social media accounts were later suspended by numerous social media platforms. This was when the tech tyrants went Woke and started censoring people who were not Woke.

The Justice then wondered whether the social media companies found themselves in violation of free speech rights when they censored the use of their platforms.

“Today’s digital platforms provide avenues for historically unprecedented amounts of speech, including speech by government actors. Also unprecedented, however, is control of so much speech in the hands of a few private parties,” Thomas wrote in his opinion. “We will soon have no choice but to address how our legal doctrines apply to highly concentrated, privately owned information infrastructure such as digital platforms.”

It has begun. Finally, a learned Constitutional mind is getting involved in the unfair practices of Big Tech. He had better hire a food taster because the Woke Supremacy wants to conquer the country and the number one way all socialist supremacies throughout history have accomplished this was to silence the opposition. In this case, they will want to silence Justice Thomas.

Justice Thomas considered if social media tech companies should continue to receive an exemption from liability in the now-famous Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Publishers do not get such an exemption from liability. What this means is that a publisher has to watch what is posted on their website because they could be sued if they say something inaccurate or if they libel someone in their content. This is why I cannot write an article and post it on the New York times website. They are a publisher and they decide what goes on their site, not the writer.

On the flip side, a platform means that the tech giants in social media are merely providing a place on the Internet for people to post their own comments. They don’t have to worry about being sued if somebody posts foul language or someone spreads misinformation intentionally or otherwise. It’s not them posting it, they’re merely giving a medium for anyone to post.

Section 230 among other things allows platforms to moderate their content, and it is supposed to be in the spirit of what would upset the general public. For example, if someone posts F-bombs for the sake of shock value, that would be considered offensive speech that would upset the average person in a community.

The problem arises when social media companies start censoring speech that is not inflammatory, isn’t looking for shock value, but simply disagrees politically with the radical corporate officers of the company like say, anything Donald Trump said over the last four years. Section 230 wasn’t intended to give tech tyrants full control over free speech on their platforms, which is exactly what they have taken.

“As Twitter made clear, the right to cut off speech lies most powerfully in the hands of private digital platforms. The extent to which that power matters for purposes of the First Amendment and the extent to which that power could lawfully be modified raise interesting and important questions.”

“This petition, unfortunately, affords us no opportunity to confront them,” Thomas concluded.

In Marsh v. Alabama the court ruled that a private town could not use a state trespassing statute to prevent the distribution of religious materials on a town’s sidewalk, even though the town was a privately owned company town.

“Whether a corporation or a municipality owns or possesses a town, the public in either case has an identical interest in the functioning of the community in such manner that the channels of communication remain free. P. 326 U. S. 507.”

And then…

“People living in company-owned towns are free citizens of their State and country, just as residents of municipalities, and there is no more reason for depriving them of the liberties guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments than there is for curtailing these freedoms with respect to any other citizen. P. 326 U. S. 508.”

What this means is that a privately owned town is a de facto government and the rules of the First Amendment apply. I see no reason at all why they shouldn’t also apply to privately owned social media companies because social media has become the de facto town square in our society. I own and operate a social media site. We adhere to the spirit of Section 230. We have a Terms of Use notice that users adhere to, but we do not block free speech simply because we disagree with it. If the government removes Section 230 from the Communications Decency Act it will help the tech tyrants because they have the money to hire enough lawyers to keep the courts tied up for a decade while smaller companies that protect Free Speech like Parler, Gab, and mine don’t have those billions of dollars for tons of lawyers, so removing 230 would just kill the competition for the Big Tech sites. What the government should do punish companies that violate the spirit of Section 230 by censoring free speech they don’t like politically and stripping them of their platform status and deem them a publisher because that’s what publishers do.

Interview With Donald Trump Saying There’s ‘Hope’ For 2024 Run Was Deleted By Facebook Saying Trump’s Voice Not Allowed on the Platform

Interview With Donald Trump Saying There’s ‘Hope’ For 2024 Run Was Deleted By Facebook Saying Trump’s Voice Not Allowed on the Platform

On Tuesday night, during an interview with his daughter-in-law Lara Trump, former President Donald Trump said that there is “hope” for a 2024 run. The website Facebook immediately pulled the video of the interview from their so-called “platform” claiming that the “voice of Donald Trump” in not allowed on their website.

Social media sites like Facebook get protection from liability on things that are posted on their site because to be a platform means you are not acting as a publisher where you dictate what is allowed to be posted on your media, you are simply allowing people to post what they want. That’s based on Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. But Facebook stopped acting like a platform a very long time ago, about the time Donald Trump was elected president. These tech tyrant companies hide behind cleverly written Terms of Service agreements that actually create an environment where the fascist censors can block any speech they don’t politically agree with. I get censored all the time by Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more, and with each platform, I never get an explanation as to how I violated their Terms of Service. In fact, the only platform that has responded to me after I appealed is YouTube, and each time they banned a video I uploaded they reversed themselves in the appeal, because either they realized they made a mistake or enough time went by and the issues covered in the video were no longer relevant. YouTube is owned by Google.

So now someone can’t even post a video of Donald Trump speaking or it will be pulled and the person who innocently posted it, who had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the video, may be punished for doing so. That’s some platform. If there was a list of things that you could get in trouble for posting, I can almost guarantee that Donald Trump is at the top of that list.

During the interview, Trump also said that he should have won the 2020 presidential election (I think he did) and he ripped Joe Biden for the horrible job he’s done in office since January.

Lara asked the former president, “The other question people all want to know, and I know you’re not ready to answer it yet, but do we have hope that there’s a possibility to see Donald Trump run again in 2024?”

He responded, “You do have hope, that I can tell you. You do have hope. We love our country, this country. We all owe a lot to our country, but now we have to help our country. And we were there. We were so good. What we did with Iran, what we did with China. We were all set to do some great things. And then you see what’s going on right now.”

The host added, “So we may see a Trump run again in 2024. Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen.”

After the interview, a Facebook worker messaged some Trump affiliates and warned them that any content with Trump’s voice will be removed from the platform, and “additional limitations on accounts that posted it” could be given out if they continue to post such content. And we’re giving them our money.

“This guidance applies to all campaign accounts and Pages, including Team Trump, other campaign messaging vehicles on our platforms, and former surrogates,” the email, posted on Lara’s Instagram, stated. Was there ever a stronger message to visit other platforms for free speech?

The message said, “Hi folks. We are reaching out to let you know that we removed content from Lara Trump’s Facebook Page that featured President Trump speaking. In line with the block we placed on Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, further content posted in the voice of Donald Trump will be removed and result in additional limitations on the accounts.”   View this post on Instagram  

A post shared by Lara Trump (@laraleatrump)

So, it’s no longer just Donald Trump being banned by the publisher, er… the platform from posting something, but now any likeness of the man at all will be ripped off the page. Has there ever been such a level of disrespect for a US president in our lifetime?

You can watch the full 18-minute video from this link. See that? I can’t post the video of a legitimate news story or we could be punished for it. This is the new America.

Trump Spills What He Wrote In the Letter To Biden

Trump Spills What He Wrote In the Letter To Biden

Former President Donald Trump spoke about what he wrote in the letter he left to President Joe Biden when he left office in January. The Democrats and Fake News media, but I repeat myself, derogatorily said Trump wouldn’t write a letter which has been a tradition when transferring power, but like just about everything else they ever said about the 45th president it was a lie. They had absolutely no evidence to enable them to make such a statement.

“Basically, I wished him luck and, you know, it was a couple of pages long and it was from the heart because I want to see him do well,” Trump said to Lisa Boothe during an interview on a podcast on Monday when he described the letter he left for the man that 74 million American voters believe stole the election from him.

The former president continued saying, “I want him to do well, but that doesn’t include closing up the Keystone Pipeline, which by the way environmentally is much better than having [crude oil] on trains. But [Biden’s] friend and supporter Warren Buffett has trains. Nobody ever talks about that.”

What the former president was saying was that Joe Biden in order to appease the environmentalist wacko anti-oil Woke Supremacy shut down the Keystone Pipeline via executive order and they believe that it’s an enormous victory. They were dancing in the streets. But the truth of the matter is that the oil is coming anyway and now instead of efficiently and safely being delivered through a pipeline that oil will now being transported through Mac trucks and trains and that puts the environment at more of a risk of danger than coming in through a pipeline. It will also raise the cost of the oil to pay for the transportation when delivery via pipeline would have been practically free in comparison.  And that translates to among other things higher gasoline prices at the pump. Way to go, Wokers!

Biden never said what was written by the former president in the letter that the Fake News said he would never write, only that it was “very generous.” In my opinion, anything other than “you stole the election from me, you thief,” is a win for Biden.

Outgoing presidents in a recent tradition have left a letter for the incoming president. That was started by President Ronald Reagan when he left a letter for incoming president George H W Bush on the Resolute Desk.

Outgoing President Barack Obama left a letter for incoming President Donald Trump, part of which said:

“This is a unique office, without a clear blueprint for success, so I don’t know that any advice from me will be particularly helpful … American leadership in this world really is indispensable. It’s up to us, through action and example, to sustain the international order that’s expanded steadily since the end of the Cold War, and upon which our own wealth and safety depend.”

Outgoing President George W Bush left a letter for incoming President Barack Obama:

“Very few have had the honor of knowing the responsibility you now feel. Very few know the excitement of the moment and the challenges you will face … There will be trying moments. The critics will rage. Your ‘friends’ will disappoint you. But, you will have an Almighty God to comfort you, a family who loves you, and a country that is pulling for you, including me. No matter what comes, you will be inspired by the character and compassion of the people you now lead.”

After the tech tyrants at Twitter did the unimaginable and treated President Trump like a dog while he was still in office by censoring him with false labels of “misinformation” and then removing tweets and videos he posted to eventually kicking him off the platform, the former president told Boothe during the interview that he really doesn’t miss the platform at all. He used it to get his message out, at first bypassing the Fake News media’s filtering of everything Republicans say to speak directly to the people. Now out of office, he doesn’t need it.  No other president was treated so disrespectfully.

“I put out a statement, it’s much more elegant than a tweet and I think it’s picked up better. I would almost say better than Twitter,” referring to the 280 character limit of Twitter per tweet. Now, the former president can send out messages to his own liking without worrying about having his message twisted.

Federal Appeals Court Judge Says Anti-GOP, Pro-Democrat News Media a ‘Threat to Democracy’

Federal Appeals Court Judge Says Anti-GOP, Pro-Democrat News Media a ‘Threat to Democracy’

A judge on the influential federal court of appeals in Washington used his dissent in a defamation case to excoriate the majority of  US news media outlets for touting “shocking” anti-Republican views and he called for libel laws to be updated to make it easier to sue the press.

The press has a First Amendment Constitutional right to Freedom of the Press but that doesn’t mean that they have a Constitutional right to lie when they report.  The whole purpose of Freedom of the Press was because the Founding Fathers knew what it was like to have a government-run press or a press that appeases government authority because then the people never get the truth of what’s going on in their government.  Today we have the overwhelming majority of our news media siding with Democrats even to the point where they lie in their favor.  The mainstream media no longer report the news.  They create the news and mold it to fit whatever the current leftist Democrat narrative happens to be.   And it should burn your biscuits every time you hear one of these elitist fake news anchors talk about the integrity of the media and how they’re professionals and just want to report the news accurately.  CNN’s motto is “The most trusted name in news” and it’s a total joke.  Since Donald Trump left office CNN’s audience dropped 50 percent.  And the network will completely ignore that revelation. they will act like they are the top broadcast network out there even though there nearly dead last period

U.S. Circuit Judge Laurence Silberman said that the New York Times and the Washington Post are “virtually Democratic Party broadsheets,” and that the news section of the Wall Street Journal “leans in the same direction.” He then added the major television outlets and the Silicon Valley tech giants were similarly biased.

“One-party control of the press and media is a threat to a viable democracy,” Silberman wrote. He exempted from his criticism of “Democratic ideological control” Fox News, the New York Post, and The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page.  The judge argued that even those outlets are “controlled by a single man and his son.”   Of course, he was referencing Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch, and he wondered how long they could hold out before they too succumbed to the leftist ideology.  I think except for a couple of news anchors and a handful of opinion hosts at Fox News they have already gone Left.

“After all, there are serious efforts to muzzle Fox News,” the Reagan appointee wrote.

The case Judge Silberman went on about didn’t involve any of those companies, however.  He dissented in a 2-1 decision throwing out a lawsuit file by two Liberian officials against an environmentalist group called Global Witness that published a report saying that they have possibly accepted bribes.  The judge pointed out that the group’s support to back up its claims was so feeble that it should never have been protected under the Supreme Court’s ruling of New York Times v. Sullivan.  It was because of that landmark ruling that newspapers today get away with publishing anything.  They don’t even have to corroborate sources.   In fact, they get caught lying all the time and they do it with impunity.  New York Times v. Sullivan because a precedent in 1964 and it established that in order for news media outlets to be sued for libel the complainant must be able to prove that false reports were published with “actual malice” in order to be overturned.

Silberman called for the precedent case to be overturned, claiming its protections were allowing what is no longer a free press but one that is overwhelmingly aligned with the Democratic Party “to cast false aspersions on public figures with near impunity.”  Just think of the last four years in how the mainstream media treated President Donald Trump.   They lied about him every day of the four years that he served as president.  In fact, they lied multiple times most days.

And Silberman isn’t alone in his thinking.  Back in 2019 the great Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas called for the landmark decision to at least be reconsidered since there is no basis found in the Constitution.

Judge Silberman went a little further than Justice Thomas saying the media often “manufactures scandals involving political conservatives.”

Former President Trump, no stranger to this topic, always made similar accusations and numerous times suggested that the libel laws should be made easier to sue media outlets that blatantly lie.

Silberman made his point known that he believes that democracy could be foiled by leftist control of the media.

“The first step taken by any potential authoritarian or dictatorial regime is to gain control of communications, particularly the delivery of news,” he wrote.

Two More Women, 4th and 5th, Come Out With Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Cuomo – ‘Resign You Disgusting Monster’

Two More Women, 4th and 5th, Come Out With Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Cuomo – ‘Resign You Disgusting Monster’

It appears that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is going for a half dozen as two more women come forward with allegations of inappropriate conduct by the bully governor.  There are calls for his resignation by Democrats and at this point, it’s going to be difficult for him to remain in office if the allegations are true and if even more women stand up now that the floodgates have seemed to open.

Senator Andrea Cousins-Stewart, the NY Senate Majority Leader, said that if one more accuser comes forward it would be time for Cuomo to quit because he would be done.  For liberals reading this, her words still count even though it wasn’t one more who came forward but two.

“Any further people coming forward, I think it would be time to resign,” Cousins-Stewart told Spectrum News’ Susan Arbetter after being asked what it would take for her to call for Cuomo’s ouster.

And now it seems that the Senate Majority Leader has to walk the walk because now there are two more who came forward.  Apparently, there are a number of other female aides who are talking about more bad behavior by the Democrat governor.

Ana Liss, 35, who worked for Cuomo for two years between 2013 and 2015 as a policy and operations aide, told the Wall Street Journal that the governor, 63, would make advances toward her touching her back and kissing her hand and once asked Liss if she had a boyfriend.  The educated professional aide told the Journal that his demeaning behavior made her feel like “just a skirt,”  adding that Cuomo’s behavior was not “appropriate, really, in any setting.”

Karen Hinton tells a story of the gross story of when Cuomo embraced her at the end of a work event back in 2000 where she tried to pull away from the governor but he pulled Hinton, 62, back into him before she was able to get away from his clutches.

And it appears that Cuomo isn’t just some sexual pervert with female aides, but a real jerk to male aides as well.  Two male aides said that the governor would berate them in public, calling them “pussies” and told them “they have no balls” knowing they couldn’t say anything back because he was the boss.  What a jerk.  A host of other officials former and current told the Journal that Cuomo would frequently ask women all sorts of personal questions about their dating lives and that he would make comments about their appearance, touching them and asking them to wear high heels.  I’m surprised he didn’t make them dance.

With the addition of the two latest to come forward to lend credence to the stories of Lindsey Boylan, Charlotte Bennett, and Anna Ruch, the third not even an aide working for the governor.  She had the unfortunate luck of meeting the sexual pest at a wedding when he immediately asked to kiss her.

Boylan took to social media to give praise to Liss and Hinton for coming forward the way they did:

“I am very proud of Ana Liss. She is brave and she speaks for me too.

‘I just wish—I wish that ?@NYGovCuomo? took me seriously,’ she said.

It’s extremely destructive that our boss, the governor of New York, treated us this way.”

About a half-hour later Boylan tweeted directly to the governor.

“Resign you disgusting monster, @NYGovCuomo

Letitia James, the New York Attorney General’s office confirmed that a notice was sent to Cuomo that his office must preserve all records pertaining to the sexual harassment allegations.  Now it’s getting real.

Has anyone heard rat-face Bill Maher saying that Cuomo will never leave office?

One sad aspect of this saga is that though it would be nice to see Cuomo taken down by these sexual harassment allegations, as he should, but with the allegations taking up many of the headlines Cuomo will not go down for the nursing home scandal where he caused the deaths of innocent seniors over his decision to force COVID-19 infected patients into nursing homes.

The Democratic Party of New York now has a decision to make.  Will they oust Cuomo who only a few short months ago was treated as a god, won an Emmy award for giving COVID press briefings, and was thought of as a potential presidential candidate?  Or will they wait a while to see how much worse it can get for the drowning governor and hope he resigns?

If he worked half as hard to combat COVID in his state as he did trying to get into the pants of his female aides he might have actually earned that Emmy.

Big Tech Like Microsoft, Adobe, and Others Want To Trace Your Content Back To You In Most Bold Power Grab To Date

Big Tech Like Microsoft, Adobe, and Others Want To Trace Your Content Back To You In Most Bold Power Grab To Date

“Always eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, indoors or out of doors, in the bath or bed—no escape. Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters in your skull.” George Orwell, 1984

Microsoft, the new Ingsoc, has joined with a number of media and tech firms to create a system that can trace your content around the internet, a concept that I predict will kill online privacy and individual anonymity and will eventually fundamentally transform the web.

Why would a tech company do this?  I am a programmer and earlier in my career, I once dealt with a situation where a virus, not unlike the Melissa virus that was unleashed back in 1999, was written using Microsoft’s VBA programming language which stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It’s built into Microsoft’s Office products.  Inside Office products is a fully functional version of Visual Basic for VBA that will allow you to write VBA programming code that will do things inside the documents you’re working on?  Don’t believe me?  Open up a Word document and then simultaneously hit the ALT/F11 keys and watch what happens.  The Visual Basic for Applications IDE opens up.  You may have already written VBA code without even knowing it.  One of the functions of VBA inside the Office suite is when you create a macro to record tasks to be used later on, the macro creates programming code that runs your macros.  If you create macros to automate something you can then go into VBA, look up the macro name you gave it, and voila, there’s programming code that makes up the macro you created.   Pretty cool, eh?  But I digress.

Now that you know what Microsoft has been capable of doing for decades, it’s time to look at what they have done now.  Microsoft, along with the tech and media companies who signed up, has constructed a plan that could turn out to be the tech tyrant’s boldest, most shameless power grab ever.

Microsoft gave a press release that revealed a partnership with several other companies to form what they call the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA).  Their mission is to develop a system where all content that enters the internet can be traced back to the original author.

This is like buying a car and the manufacturing company records everywhere you drive so that your travel can be traced and possibly used against you.  It’s like the government putting a tracker on your home’s thermostat so that they can keep track of your carbon footprint and do whatever they want with that data including punishing the homeowner.  Believe it or not, the Democrats proposed such a thing years ago and received so much backlash that they had to scrap it, but now that Democrats no longer have to worry about winning elections they may bring it back up again.

As stated in the press release, it talks about developing specifications for “common asset types and formats,” which are objects users online could post, things like images, videos, documents, and other things.   So now if you create and post a meme that the Woke Supremacy doesn’t like they can trace it back to you and punish you accordingly.  And it more-than-likely won’t just be able to trace the author but anyone who shares it later.

Think about all the products you use on a computer, and then think about all the companies that make those products that have gone Woke over the last few years.  And it’s not just Microsoft.  Adobe that makes Photoshop, Jasc Software creates Paintshop Pro, Apple has iMovie, and there’s a whole host of software and services that allow users to be creative that may now compromise your privacy and security.

Of course, the tech tyrants will say that they are doing this to protect people from misinformation and those crazy white supremacists who are lurking around every corner of the internet.

According to Microsoft, this coalition was born to, you guessed it, stop the spread of “disinformation,” which in reality means any information that does not fit the forever changing narratives of the leftist Woke Supremacy.   Pretty soon we’re going to see Soviet-style dissident reading groups form in neighborhoods just so people can share information again, just don’t bring a Kindle.

The official line from Microsoft is they want “to address the prevalence of disinformation, misinformation and online content fraud through developing technical standards for certifying the source and history or provenance of media content.”

The first place thing can look at CNN or even Microsoft’s MSNBC, two of the largest spreaders of disinformation on the planet, but since the Supremacy shares their ideology we shouldn’t count on that ever happening.

This is something that no one wants to talk about. The same people who keep accusing conservative speech of being disinformation and misinformation are the ones who are really spreading misinformation and disinformation, and they do it on a daily basis.  CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, BBC, you name it, the mainstream media are the ones who spread disinformation as if that’s their job.  We spent nearly three years of daily reports about Trump-Russia collusion.  They spread misinformation about Trump for four years just to interfere with his ability to govern.  Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and others from Silicon Valley have censored free speech by calling it disinformation when all it really was is speech they don’t like.  These are the entities who are defining disinformation?

This is far more sinister than the censorship from social media companies who also now interfere in our elections and silence all political speech that they don’t like.  They’re now going to trace anything you produce from the CPU level of your computer and use it against you if you piss them off.  This is the most dangerous thing the tech tyrants have ever come up with.

Call your representatives, because this will be a nightmare for our society.  Privacy will truly be a thing of the past.  This is Soviet-style personal intrusion at a much worse rate than anything the Russian politburo of old could have come up with.  The old KGB would be proud.  Tech tyrants do not have the right to declare someone’s free speech as disinformation simply because they don’t like what is said.  They are the public town square now and they should be treated as a de facto government.  Unfortunately for our republic, this dangerous set of events are happening when the worst kind of people control the federal government.

Big brother is watching you.

The ‘Big Lie’ of the Left is Labeling Election Fraud Allegations as the Big Lie

The ‘Big Lie’ of the Left is Labeling Election Fraud Allegations as the Big Lie

The gaslighting that has taken place since the November 3 election is stunning and evil at the same time.

Numerous bullschtein stories presented as news over the last month and a half have referred to President Donald Trump’s claims of massive, widespread, organized election fraud as “The Big Lie,” which is itself the Big Lie.  Unfortunately, it’s not just leftists and Democrats who are gaslighting Trump supporters over election fraud. The RINOs of the Republican Establishment have even started repeating the false narrative, Liz Cheney, the third highest-ranking GOP member of the House is the leader in spreading the real Big Lie from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party.

According to The Hill Cheney said:

“It’s incumbent upon everybody who takes an oath of office and swears to protect and defend the Constitution that we recognize what happened on Jan. 6, that we commit ourselves that it must never happen again, that we recognize the damage that was done by the president, President Trump, saying that somehow the election was stolen, making those claims for months and summoning the mob and provoking them then in the attack on the Capitol. And also, and very importantly, in refusing, despite multiple requests from people to ask him to stop what was happening to ask him to stop the violence to protect the Capitol to protect the counting of electoral votes — he didn’t do so.”

The frightening irony of what’s going on to people who understand it is that the unprecedented amount of election and voter fraud that took place during and after the 2020 presidential election is the exact same thing Nazi Germany did during World War II.

From Wikipedia:

A big lie (German: große Lüge; often the big lie) is a propaganda technique used for political purpose, defined as “a gross distortion or misrepresentation of the facts, especially when used as a propaganda device by a politician or official body”. The German expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, to describe the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”. Hitler believed the technique was used by Jews to blame Germany’s loss in World War I on German general Erich Ludendorff, who was a prominent nationalist political leader in the Weimar Republic. Historian Jeffrey Herf says the idea of the original big lie was instrumental in turning sentiment against Jews and bringing about the Holocaust.

The American people have been subjected to the lies from Democrats and the Woke Supremacy including the Fake News media and the censoring tech tyrants of social media, accepting the election results as gospel, not just ignoring any allegations or questions of election fraud, but punishing those who ask any questions, censoring any and all speech about what took place during and after the election, canceling anyone who dares point out the many irregularities, material evidence, and circumstantial evidence and labeling it as a conspiracy theory, misinformation, and now the Big Lie.  Censoring free speech is one of the most unamerican things you can do.

Just the other day I saw a headline pop up in my Twitter feed, “Big Lie? Big Whoop: Many Republicans on Capitol Hill see little reason to bat down Trump’s election lies”  That, and dozens of other like-minded headlines coming from the Left is straight out of the Nazi propaganda playbook by telling a lie so outrageous, so big and repeating it often enough that eventually, people start to believe it’s truthful.

I honestly believe that the Democrats and their sycophants utilize psychological professionals to teach them how average people think and how to be able to gaslight them and the truth of what happened during the election, and I believe they have mastered it and gone beyond simple gaslighting because what they are doing now is worse than simple gaslighting by publishing articles like these that are full of lies so that other leftists can use them and not only throw them in the face of conservatives who know better but also point to the large number of articles saying the exact same thing as if that’s evidence that there was no voter fraud.  They are doing this in an effort to make the rest of the country and the world believe that the conservative Trump supporters are the ones who are lying when they point to hard evidence and testimony from whistleblowers from multiple state legislature hearings about the massive amounts of election fraud they witnessed personally.

And so far it’s not really making much of a dent in the 74 million people who voted for Trump because the evidence is just too great to make us not believe our own lying eyes.  What am I talking about?  When you see the key battleground states during Election Day evening announce almost simultaneously that they were going to stop counting until the morning, something that has never been done before, you start to think that’s odd, why did they do that?  Then, during the night when the people in the vote-counting centers were supposed to have stopped counting ballots until the morning suddenly show huge spikes of votes for Joe Biden show up on the tally boards across the TV screen, just enough to overtake Donald Trump’s lead, in multiple states, by the way, you start to feel shocked that you witnessed it yourself.  At first, you think to yourself that’s not what you just saw.  It’s can’t be.  They said they were stopping the vote count and then votes for Biden skyrocketed during the middle of the night.  They wouldn’t lie, would they?  Of course, they would.  Vote counting centers are at the local level and the local levels are all controlled by Democrats.

We even saw video footage of election fraud taking place in Georgia and we were shown voting machine audits that just did not match up.  We saw in one Michigan county where over 70 precincts were out of balance.  That means in 70 precincts there were more people who voted than people registered to vote.

At first, the lies of the Left and the gaslighting by the Fake News media weren’t effective so the tech tyrants running social media began a full-blown censorship operation where they punished anyone who wanted to talk about what they know took place.

Censorship isn’t anything new to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube.  On Facebook, we would get a strike if we mentioned the non-whistleblower whistleblower’s name during the Ukraine phone call impeachment farce.  We literally had our page taken down temporarily, and there was nothing illegal about mentioning his name or even a violation of Facebook’s rules.

YouTube will delete your videos if they mention any real evidence of election fraud.  They recently deleted a video I uploaded about the use of a drug that doctors are saying cures coronavirus in most cases after one does in under 48 hours saying the video was “misinformation,” even though the video had medical doctors discussing the drug.

We have Dominion and other vote-counting machine companies suing people like MyPillow’s CEO Mike Lindell for speaking out about data evidence of election fraud.

The Left’s Big Lie about election fraud has gotten so bad that many conservative outlets are afraid to engage in the discussion for fear of being deplatformed like the social media site Parler was when Amazon kicked them off of their web services platform.

YouTube channels like the great Right Side Broadcasting are stuck in a situation where they have to conform to the tech tyrant’s demands.  I won’t call them rules or terms of service, because those things are usually enforced on all users, yet we see conservative channels get punished for free speech while liberal channels get away with far worse.

The Left’s Big Lie claiming election fraud is the Big Lie is one of the worst frauds they ever perpetrated on the American people.  At this point, the only way to defeat the bald-faced lies of the Big Lie is to never give up spreading the truth.  We need to create our own social media platforms, but more importantly platforms that don’t have to rely on leftist companies for their survival.  In the meantime, we should continue to let the Left know that we know they are the ones spreading a big lie and that the truth is on our side.

A Second Former Aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo Has Come Out To Accuse Him of Sexually Harassing Her

A Second Former Aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo Has Come Out To Accuse Him of Sexually Harassing Her

A second female accuser has come forward to allege that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed her.  Charlotte Bennett, 25, told the New York Times that the Democratic governor asked her inappropriate questions about her sex life.

The former aide to the governor claimed that last spring Cuomo sexually harassed her.

“I understood that the governor wanted to sleep with me, and felt horribly uncomfortable and scared,” Bennett told the Times. “And was wondering how I was going to get out of it and assumed it was the end of my job.”  That is classic sexual harassment.

Bennett, a Hamilton College graduate, told Cuomo that she was scheduled to give a speech at the school to students about her experience as a survivor of sexual assault.

“The way he was repeating, ‘You were raped and abused and attacked and assaulted and betrayed,’ over and over again while looking me directly in the eyes was something out of a horror movie,” Bennett texted to a friend. “It was like he was testing me.”

Bennett, who founded a sexual misconduct task force at Hamilton College, alleges that Cuomo was “grooming” her.  Creepy.

The former aide talked about the time she was alone in Cuomo’s office when he asked her to take some dictation, and the governor allegedly asked her some very intimate questions concerning her personal life.   She alleges that Cuomo asked her if she was romantically involved with someone, if she was monogamous in her relationships, and if she had ever had sex with older men.  Not a very subtle guy is he?

Bennett texted a friend about the incident, describing it as “like the most explicit it could be.”

She alleges that Cuomo revealed to her he was lonely and said he wanted “a girlfriend, preferably in the Albany area.”

“He asked me if I believed if age made a difference in relationships and he also asked me in the same conversation if I had ever been with an older man,” Bennett told the Times in the interview which was published Saturday night.

The 25-year-old alleges that he let her know “he’s fine with anyone above the age of 22.”  Meanwhile, Andrew Cuomo is 63 years old.

Bennett said when she talked about getting a tattoo, the governor suggested that she get it placed on her buttocks so people couldn’t see the tattoo if she wore a dress.  Again, subtly is not an arrow in this creep’s quiver.

She is the second former aide of Governor Cuomo who is accusing him of sexual harassment.  We reported back in December when former Cuomo aide Lindsey Boylan accused the governor of sexually harassing her, and on Wednesday she took to social media and came out with details of her story.

“Today I am telling my story. I never planned to share the details of my experience working in the Cuomo administration, but I am doing so now in hopes that it may make it easier for others to speak their own truth.”

And it’s not a pretty story.  She starts the piece off with a quote from the governor, “Let’s play strip poker.”

She went on to write, “Governor Andrew Cuomo has created a culture within his administration where sexual harassment and bullying is so pervasive that it is not only condoned but expected. His inappropriate behavior toward women was an affirmation that he liked you, that you must be doing something right. He used intimidation to silence his critics. And if you dared to speak up, you would face consequences.”

Boylan said Cuomo, kissed her on the lips without consent and that he harassed her for years with inappropriate touching and making lewd comments.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said an independent investigation into the accusations against Cuomo is necessary.  That’s always suggested by fellow Democrats because independent investigations take a long time to complete, and then the story is considered old and not worth publishing anymore.

Charlotte Bennett retweeted Boylan’s post alleging Cuomo sexually harassed her, adding, “For those wondering what it’s like to work for the Cuomo admin, read @LindseyBoylan’s story.”

If you have been following the Andrew Cuomo saga and have been witnessing his downfall right before your eyes, you might be thinking that the timing of two women coming out against the governor for sexual harassment is a bit suspicious.  On the face of it, it is.  However, aren’t we told by liberals and feminists that women who are sexually harassed by men in the workplace are too frightened to speak out?  Wouldn’t victims of a very powerful man like the governor of New York be terrified to come out and admit the things these two women now alleged?

Dan Bongino has a phrase he uses all the time: “Start dancing!”  On his very popular podcast – I have never missed an episode – Bongino explained what he means by that.  There is an old theory called the “dancers theory” and it goes like this.  When you’re at a function and there is music and there’s a dance floor and nobody’s on the dance floor it’s because nobody wants to be that first person to break the ice.   And then some guy goes up on the floor and starts dancing and he’s the one making an idiot out of himself in front of everyone.   It’s not that guy who gets the rest of the people who want to dance up onto the dance floor. No, what happens is people wait for the second person or couple to join the first guy on the dance floor.  Once that second person or couple join in with the first guy, then the floodgates open and everybody goes on to the dance floor.

The same thing happens in many situations in life.  People don’t generally want to be the first person to make a move, but once the trend starts, then the floodgates open.  Lindsey Boylan was the first one on the dance floor, but then the ever-important second person, Charlotte Bennett, joined in.  The time is now.  Ladies who used to work for this creep of a governor, start dancing!

Hasbro Drops ‘Mr.’ From Mr. Potato Head, Goes Gender Neutral

Hasbro Drops ‘Mr.’ From Mr. Potato Head, Goes Gender Neutral

We knew it would happen one day and that day has arrived.  The Wokeness pathogen has now spread to toys.

Hasbro, the makers of the famous Mr. Potato Head, has gleefully announced that the long-beloved toy has gotten a makeover, and no longer has a fixed gender.  I remember playing with Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head as a kid and I do not remember any anatomical parts.  “Mommy, what’s this thing?”

Mr. Potato Head, a childhood staple since 1952, has been around for nearly seven decades.   I am patiently awaiting the release of Septuagenarian Potato Head.

Full disclosure: I always thought Mr. Potato Head was modeled after CNN‘s Brian Stelter but now I realize he’s not old enough.

On Thursday, a report from the Associated Press said that Hasbro has renamed Mr. Potato Head to honor his gender neutrality and will call him simply “Potato Head,” and will be rolled out to the confused children everywhere starting this year.

Bloomberg reports that the new “Potato Heads,” will be more “sustainably made,” alluding to a company presentation for investors.

According to the report, the outlet also said that starting the fall, Hasbro will begin selling Potato Head family kits.

A spokesperson for the company said that the kits will come with two “non-gendered adult potatoes, one baby potato, and 42 accessories.”  I can only imagine what the accessories will look like.

“That will let kids decide the parents’ gender, rather than being told they are ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs,'” Bloomberg reported, making a note that the company said that “the traditional Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head dolls will still ‘live on as part of the brand.'”  They did not without elaborate and I do not blame them.

This guy has some good questions.


Reactions on social media were mixed, with most people leaning toward faulting the company over the move.

Former CNN host Piers Morgan chimed in.

“Imagine thinking in the middle of a global pandemic: ‘What’s really important is dropping the ‘Mr’ from Mr Potato Head & making him gender-neutral in case we upset a few wokies.'”

Congressional candidate Catalina Lauf pointed out the ridiculousness of it all.

“Wow… Hasbro got rid of Mrs. Potato Head just like that?

Between this and destroying women’s sports — the left culture and policy stance has actually created the ultimate war on women”

Twitter user louise leslie, who identifies as a nonbinary, didn’t think much of the company putting a refreshed spin on the toy.

“As a non binary I’m more pissed off with the poor treatment of workers than the pronouns of a toy. Monopolies are attempting to fabricate a culture war to deflect these deep faults in capitalism.”

Nobody said crazy people do not have opinions.

Another user with an Esquire suffix gave an opinion.

“This is marketing stupidity. You want to include a gender neutral version, fine. Combine the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head gear into one box and call it ‘Potato Head.’ To drop ‘Mr.’ and/or ‘Mrs.’ potato head will only lead to decreased sales.”

jadedgamer responded to what I thought was humorous even if the tweeter did not when he tweeted, “And Mrs. Potato Head? What of her? Did Hasbro just brutally cancel in a most sexist manner this beloved female gendered character?”

“You do understand that by making the potato head gender neutral kids can make the figure make or female if they want right. Like you do understand this since it seems very clear….”

But everyone knows that Mrs. Potato Head was arrested by federal agents for her role in the Capitol insurrection on January 6.

I’m wondering if I’m the only one who realizes that both Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head are the exact same potato head and only the accessories that you plug into them make them different.  I mean it’s not like they had any discernible anatomy from the get-go.

A lot of people were actually upset about this, so Hasbro felt the need to put out a tweet to let all the potato heads on Twitter know Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head aren’t going anywhere.  You can’t make this stuff up.

“Hold that Tot – your main spud, MR. POTATO HEAD isn’t going anywhere! While it was announced today that the POTATO HEAD brand name & logo are dropping the ‘MR.’ I yam proud to confirm that MR. & MRS. POTATO HEAD aren’t going anywhere and will remain MR. & MRS. POTATO HEAD”