One of Trump’s Last Executive Actions Was To Expand Conceal Carry for Judges

One of Trump’s Last Executive Actions Was To Expand Conceal Carry for Judges

Much of America is on the watch to hear from the US Supreme Court to determine if they will pick up and rule on major cases that deal with voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. The cases were brought to the public’s attention on Friday, and by Saturday, there was no word on the status of the cases.

On Friday, the Gateway Pundit reported the three cases in front of the US Supreme Court that deal with issues from the 2020 Presidential election and which many Americans are anxious to understand.

“The US Supreme Court is set to consider President Trump’s voter fraud cases in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan on Friday. These three cases are on the Supreme Court docket for Friday.”

Three major developments have unfolded since the cases were filed in January, which very likely could help be a deciding factor for the Justices to take the cases up.


Some people believe this decertification will give standing for the cases to be considered.

“The 22nd congressional district of New York state had its election results DECERTIFIED after the Republican candidate proved beyond any doubt that the Democrat candidate won with fraudulent votes. So there is a precedent now,” one poster wrote on Twitter.

A recent new article validates that to be true. “Republican Claudia Tenney will be certified as the winner of New York’s 22nd Congressional District race, a judge ruled Friday, ending a three-month ordeal in the only undecided House race in the country.

The ruling represents the most definitive answer to who won in an election saga with many twists and turns, though it’s not entirely over yet. Now that every legal vote has been counted, it’s time for the results to be certified. The voters need a voice in Congress, and I look forward to getting to work on behalf of New York’s 22nd Congressional District, ” Tenney said.


The Fulton County elections chief resigned. The Washington Examiner reported,” Fulton County voted on Tuesday to fire its elections director after a tumultuous 2020 presidential election and two Senate runoff contests.


“Top PA election official to resign after agency bungled requirement for a constitutional amendment.”

“Secretary Kathy Boockvar, who oversaw a tense and difficult presidential election in the battleground state, will resign Feb. 5, Gov. Tom Wolf announced Monday. Spotlight PA first reported the news.”


Attorney Lin Wood commented on the Telegram account on Friday about his interest in one of the three cases.

“Lin Wood gets his day in Court. 1thCir. Case No. 20-14418N.D. Ga. Case No. 20-cv-04651-SDG IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES L. LIN WOOD, JR.Petitioner, vs.BRAD RAFFENSPERGER, et al., Respondents. “

20201208115323647_201205a Petition for efiling

On Saturday, Wood posted:

“No word from SCOTUS yet on whether they will allow the election cases to proceed.  The cases were set for the conference today9Saturda)  While I claim no firsthand knowledge of how the Court operates, I assume the Justices confer together in private.  Perhaps we will learn the decisions on Monday on whether the writs of certiorari will be granted. If so, the cases can proceed. A grant of certiorari requires that a minimum of 4 Justices vote in favor of granting the review. Hope that helps.”

The other cases are also outlined in this tweet.

Attorney Sidney Powell, who was silent on Friday, posted updates on her Telegram page on Friday night.

Sidney Powell told her subscribers on Telegram that she expects orders to come out on Monday of next week. Sidney Powell expects opinions to be announced on Thursday.

“For all interested in the status of cases set for the conference today at SCOTUS, today was just a meeting for the Justices to discuss issues and cases. We expect any orders to come out Monday and any opinions that might be ready to be announced on Thursday. Thank you for watching these issues.,” Powell wrote.

This story is developing.

Democrat Sponsors Bill Creating Public Gun Registry Listing Owners, Their Guns, and More, Biggest 2A Infringement Yet

Democrat Sponsors Bill Creating Public Gun Registry Listing Owners, Their Guns, and More, Biggest 2A Infringement Yet

In the House of Representatives, a Democrat introduced a bill that’s purpose is to create a mandatory and publicly available gun registry that contains gun owners’ names, how many guns they own, and even where they keep them.  It’s a 100% federal infringement on the Second Amendment, and it’s how one of the most infamous political parties got their start in taking over society and beginning a brutal and bloody regime.

On top of that, the bill, H.R. 127, would ban several types of commonly used ammunition from .50 caliber or greater, it requires gun owners to buy firearm insurance costing about $800 a year, and force law-abiding citizens who want to purchase a gun to complete a psychological evaluation and a government training course before they can make the purchase.

Personally, I think every Democrat in office should have to complete a psychological evaluation and be forced to read the US Constitution and be able to pass a test before they are given the power to create such a god-awful bill as this.

According to the Founders who wrote, debated, and ratified the Second Amendment the federal government cannot even start a conversation about Second Amendment rights.

If gun owners fail to comply with these new draconian violations of the Second Amendment they would face severe penalties of 10 years in prison and have to pay fines from $50,000 to $150,000.

The corrupt reprobate who sponsored this disastrous bill, which will cause many Americans to die, is Representative Shiela Jackson Lee (D-TX).  The bill is one of the biggest infringements on American citizens’ right to protect themselves and it’s already generating intense blowback by gun rights groups.  This is what happens when you allow the mainstream media and tech tyrants to assist in the stealing of elections.

“All gun control bills share the same basic goal: a world in which fewer people own firearms,” the National Rifle Association (NRA) wrote about the legislation. “Some bills simply ban certain types of firearms or ammunition outright. Others place obstacles in the path of owning firearms or ammunition to make them more difficult and expensive to obtain, thereby shrinking the market for them … H.R. 127 combines both failed approaches.”

“It bans common types of ammunition and original equipment magazines for most self-defense firearms. And, it makes all firearms more difficult to obtain and possess through a punitive licensing and registration scheme,” the group continued.

The Weimar Republic convinced its citizens that a gun registry would make people safer because the police would know exactly who had the guns.  So, the people were convinced and they allowed it.  Once the Nazi party was elected to power one of the first things they did was to grab hold of that gun registry and use it to seek out all gun owners and force them to turn in their guns.  Once the undesirables i.e. Jews and criminal types were relieved of any way to defend themselves, the Nazis relaxed their gun restrictions just a tad, enough for the desirables to be able own firearms for protection.  Many historians believe that had the Nazis not had that Weimar gun registry they never would have been able to create the stranglehold they held over their people and many of the atrocities that took place by the socialist regime would have happened.  So now our Democratic Party is starting out down the same path that will end in the same way.

Retired police groups have also come out against the bill as an attempt to remove Second Amendment rights to the point where it infringes on a citizen’s ability to protect themself and that of their loved ones.  Under this bill, retired police officers are not exempt from being listed in the public registry.

“This is very dangerous, especially for retirees,” Kevin Hassett, president of the New York’s Retired Police Association, told the Washington Times. “Things have gone so downhill with this level of hostility towards cops and we are out there with the label that we are no longer cops. Retired cops don’t have partners or backup. We are out there on our own.”

Gerald G. Neill Jr., president of the Association of Retired Police Officers indicated strong concerns that a registry would lead to the targeting of former cops who are already a target by the same leftists who support the bill.

“There is danger in having this as part of the public record,” he said.

Democrats don’t think so, and they are so much smarter than us.  Just ask them and they’ll tell you.

This bill still has a while before it becomes law.  There are no co-sponsors as of yet, and it’s not scheduled for a committee hearing.  Hopefully, it’s nothing more than Shiela Jackson Lee seeking a superiority the Woke Supremamcists get from practicing one-upmanship and virtue signaling.  The biggest problem with this legislation is it shows how far the Democrats are willing to go to harm the very people they claim to represent.

“H.R. 127 is so outrageous, persecutory, and unworkable that its main function is simply to display the hostility of its author and supporters toward firearms, those who own them, and those who want to own them,” the NRA said.

Rep. Boebert Responds To Criticism of Having Guns In Zoom Meeting Background: ‘Who Says This Is Storage? These Are Ready For Use’

Rep. Boebert Responds To Criticism of Having Guns In Zoom Meeting Background: ‘Who Says This Is Storage? These Are Ready For Use’

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is fighting back against critics who insulted her for her Zoom conference background.

Boebert virtually appeared at a House Natural Resources Committee meeting on Thursday, with a display of guns on a bookshelf behind her in her home.  The gun haters thought she made them less safe by having weapons in her house on a video screen.  Democrats seriously need to start electing smarter people.

Business Insider reported that critics made fun of the freshman Congresswoman saying that her guns were in a condition of unsafe storage.  Boebert  fought back saying, “These are ready for use.”

Boebert chided the House Natural Resources Committee rule prohibiting firearms in its hearing room, even when it’s from their own home in a virtual online meeting, saying, “This rule is absurd and discriminative.” She’s absolutely right.  She continued.  “This is a blatant violation of our constitutional rights.”

Trust me, nobody else in that meeting who complained gives a damn about Constitutional rights. They’re all a bunch of tyrants.

From the perspective of “up yours,” the freshman Congresswoman asked the committee to issue her a “personal security detail” if the committee was going to enforce the rule.

“I would like to request at this time personal security detail that the chairman pays for himself, for every time I’m stepping into the committee room,” she said. “If this is passed, the chairman is trying to take responsibility for my personal safety while stripping away my Second Amendment rights.”

Naturally, the House Natural Resources Committee upheld the ban and she got no security detail.

Business Insider pointed out that a 1967 regulation stipulates that members of Congress can keep guns in their offices and may transport them around the Capitol with the exception of the House and Senate floors.  Boebert, Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX), and others complained that the regulation is a restriction that infringes on the Second Amendment.

A Democratic spokesperson told Business Insider, “As far as we’re concerned, we’re not doing anything new here. We’re restating existing policy.”
Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA.) mocked Boebert on Thursday over her “gun fetish.”

So, restating an existing policy that has violated the Second Amendment for 54 years is fine?

“Here’s the reality, if someone wants to have a shrine to their gun fetish as a Zoom backdrop in their private life, they can do it. But this is our hearing room. And at some point, we will get past the COVID epidemic and we’ll all start showing up in person. And our safety and our ability to conduct business civilly without feeling threatened is a relevant consideration, unfortunately,” he said snarkily.

This nimrod is mistaking a member of Congress trying to make a point about Constitutional rights for a gun fetish.  Someone should send him a copy of the Second Amendment. Representative Boebert has a Bill of Rights fetish that Huffman should try sometime.

Representative Jason Crow (D-CO), a veteran, took to social media to insult Boebert.

“Let’s call this what it is — a political stunt. I never stacked guns on a bookshelf when at war, let alone on a Zoom in my living room. Unless you’re on patrol in Afghanistan, this is the right way to store a gun.”

Apparently, this moron doesn’t know the difference between being at war and on a virtual Zoom meeting. The “political stunt” is to point out how Democrat tyrants are crushing our Constitutional rights.  Right now they are preparing legislation geared to end your gun rights.

Representative Katie Porter (D-CA) also took to social media and tweeted about the virtual background that hurts her feelings.

“I always thought my dirty dishes piled up and accumulating bacteria were the most dangerous thing in a Zoom background.”

How are her dirty dishes dangerous to others in a virtual Zoom meeting?   Are these clowns seriously trying to get people to believe they can be harmed by things through a monitor?  Who votes for morons like this?

After experiencing a large amount of criticism, Boebert shot back [pun intended] at a Twitter user who accused the Congresswoman for having “unsafe gun storage.”

“Who says this is storage? These are ready for use.”

Biden Won’t Rule Out Using Executive Orders To Crackdown On Second Amendment Rights

Biden Won’t Rule Out Using Executive Orders To Crackdown On Second Amendment Rights

The Democrats are coming to realize that passing gun controls may not be nearly as easy as they think it should be. So, they are looking to Joe Biden to decree gun control through the use of Executive Orders just like a king or an emperor would.

When President Trump who was the last preside3nt to actually win an election was in office he was called a dictator for issuing Executive Orders but now, Democrats want you to believe everything is fine.

Chances are whatever he signs will not be constitutional but Democrats will try to confiscate as many firearms as they can before some judge knocks down the illegal order.

This has been their M.O. for years.

The thing is that Biden will go well overboard until the Supreme Court has no choice but to shut him down. Then Chuck Schumer can threaten the court again and follow that up by packing the court with gun control nuts.

Biden wants to ban all semi-automatic weapons with no exceptions. he knows he does not have the votes for that and that is why he is floating the idea of doing it in an Executive Order.

Eventually, the court challenges would reach the Supreme Court and the liberal dream will die there. The liberals are full of themselves right now and think they are untouchable and so they will go all out overkill. That is why they won’t succeed.

A reporter asked Psaki:

“What is your timetable for action on what the president calls common-sense measures? And what’s the realistic hope that you have this will pass both houses?”

Psaki answered:

“Well, we haven’t proposed a package at this point,” Psaki responded. “So it’s hard for me to make a prediction about its likelihood of passing. But I will say that the president is somebody throughout his career who has advocated for smart gun safety measures.”

“He has not afraid of standing up to the NRA. He’s done it multiple times and won on background checks and a range of issues. And it is a priority to him on a personal level, but I don’t have a prediction for you or preview for you on a timeline of a package, and certainly not what it will look like and how it goes through Congress.”

Anti Gun Hack David Hogg Laughed At By Twitter After Announcing New Board Member For Pillow Company

Anti Gun Hack David Hogg Laughed At By Twitter After Announcing New Board Member For Pillow Company

And there I was, inventing the pillow while cowering in a linen closet.

Gun control nut David Hogg made an introduction for a new member of the advisory board for his pillow company that he created to compete with Mike Lindell’s MyPillow bedding empire, and many critics jumped in with mockery, ridicule, and a lot of laughs on the social media scene.

On Thursday, Hogg, 20, said that he was going to start a pillow company to give those in the Woke Supremacy of the Left an alternative to Lindell’s MyPillow.  Why?  Because Lindell is a strong supporter of Donald Trump and has spent a lot of money to prove Trump had the 2020 election stolen from him.  Lendell went against the Woke Supremacy and so now idiots like David Hogg feel that it is their obligation to destroy him.  Apparently, the Supremacy tried to cancel the MyPillow CEO but his company is still thriving.  Sometimes with certain people that are being canceled a boycott becomes a buycott.

Please support Mike Lindell and his company and use the code TRUMP2020 for up to 66% off when you do.

Hogg announced his first employee for his pillow company on Monday, LGBTQ (I hope I got all the letters) activist Brandon Wolfe.

“I’m thrilled to announce the addition of Brandon Wolf ( @bjoewolf ) to the Pillow Company’s activist advisory board. Brandon has years of experience in organizing for gun violence prevention, LGBTQ rights and he’s also just an awesome person,” tweeted Hogg.

Wolf is also a survivor of the 2016 attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida by the gay Muslim shooter who went nuts.  Since Hogg brought him on board we do have to ask the question; was he really at the nightclub when the shooting started or was he at home, heard about it,  then he grabbed his camera and ran to the nightclub to jump into the scene?

Since David Hogg is a social media joke of sorts, many of his critics who believe in the Second Amendment took to Twitter to make fun of him for hiring yet another activist for a new venture that is supposed to be built to make a profit and to provide a product to the Woke Supremists all across the country.

Pradheep Shanker a contributor at National Review Online summed it up nicely.

“I honestly believe that if I gave my 10 year old a little seed money, he would be far more competent at making and selling pillows (or anything else) than Hogg and his band of merry men.”


Writer, blogger, and speaker Matt Walsh asks a good business question.

“Will your pillow business involve, at any point, the sale and manufacture of actual pillows?”

Responding a leftist complaining that conservatives are now mocking people who are trying to start an honest business venture a conservative user replies…

Social media commentator Karlyn Borysenko said, “He doesn’t even have production facility yet….not to mention an actual name other than “pillow company”…..but he has an activist advisory board….. It’s like they really believe they can run a business based entirely on a virtue signal. Let’s see if that works out.”

One user tweeted some unfortunate past tweets by Brandon Wolf that are a bit homophobic if you ask, well, anyone.

“I may not be an industry expert with empirical working knowledge in sleeping products, but I am beginning to wonder about the intense lack of interest in Hogg hiring anyone who knows a damned thing about pillows,” said another user.

Carturd, one of my favorite influencers on Twitter hit Hogg with his usual wit:

“This pretend twitter company is amazing.”

David Hogg became the center of attention after the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre shooting in 2018 when he did his own little video news clip of the events taking place.  It was after that that people started thrusting him to the forefront of every news network as an anti-gun activist who was there during the shooting at the school, only to later find out that he wasn’t at the school when the shooting started.  In his own words, after the fact, he was at home when he heard about the shooting at the school and he then got on his bicycle and rode to the school.  He has been an arrogant little mess ever since and a young man who has no idea what the Second Amendment means yet he wants to take guns away from law-abiding people and doesn’t understand that what he is pushing for will make it so that only criminals have guns.  That’s why people make fun of him constantly.  He was in over his head from the very beginning.  He’s cocky and has memorized all the leftist talking points, but he never argues substance.

US HOUSE: Incoming Rep. Lauren Boebert Defends Herself Against Dems Who Want Her Defenseless, Gun Struggle

US HOUSE: Incoming Rep. Lauren Boebert Defends Herself Against Dems Who Want Her Defenseless, Gun Struggle

Incoming Freshman Republican representative Lauren Boebert wants to exercise her rights as an American citizen and carry her weapon when she is on Capitol Hill, and Democrats have already run to Speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi to demand that Boebert be barred from carrying her weapon when in the Nations capitol.

Boebert posted on Twitter:

Boebert’s office released the following letter saying she refuses to give up her rights.

 RIFLE, Colo.—Today, U.S. Congresswoman-Elect Lauren Boebert (CO-03) released the following statement after leading 83 Members and Member-Elects of Congress in an effort to block a gun grab recently proposed by House Democrats: “I refuse to give up my Second Amendment rights. I’m a 5-foot tall, 100-pound mom with four children and will be walking to work and serving in one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. I choose to defend my family and my life with all of the force the Constitution provides. I will not let a bunch of gun-grabbing House Democrats take away my Constitutional right to protect myself.” Gun Owners of America Senior Vice President Erich Pratt stated, “Millions of Americans go to work every day while carrying firearms for self-defense. So why shouldn’t Members of Congress or their staff be able to do the same? Criminals won’t follow the laws, and they will always manage to get their hands on weapons, regardless of the restrictions in place.” In their letter, the 83 Members and Member-Elects stated: “If Members can’t carry on Capitol grounds, they can’t protect themselves in D.C. while making their way to and from their offices to perform their official duties. The ‘last-mile’ transition of self-protection is critical. The current regulations provide transitional coverage once the Member is physically on campus. Changing the current regulations could create new problems and uncertainty for lawful carrying Members in terms of what to do with a firearm once the Member arrives at the Congressional Complex. “Moreover, and most importantly, Members need to be able to protect themselves once the Member is in the public space/street and out of the protective care of the Capitol Police. If the current regulations are changed, the Member will be at risk of physical assault and real danger, especially after voicing views of his or her constituents that may not be held by others physically present in Washington D.C.” Background: Congresswoman-Elect Lauren Boebert (CO-03) is a tireless defender of the Second Amendment. In the 117th Congress, the Congresswoman-Elect will Co-Chair the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus with U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie. Currently, Members of Congress are allowed to carry firearms within the U.S. Capitol Complex as a result of U.S. Capitol Police Board’s regulations and 40 U.S.C. § 5104. The current regulations allowing Members of Congress to carry have helped protect these Members and their Second Amendment rights since 1967. Recently, 21 Democratic Members of Congress sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy asking them to include “a provision in the Rules package directing the Capitol Police Board to ensure that Member of Congress may not possess firearms on Capitol grounds.” The House of Representatives is expected to take up the House Rules Package during the week of January 4, 2021. In response to the House Democrats proposed gun grab, Congresswoman-Elect Lauren Boebert wrote and led a letter signed by 83 current Members and Member-Elects of Congress slamming this dangerous and short-sighted proposal and advocating for the current regulations that allow Members of Congress to carry in the Capitol Complex and protect themselves to remain in place. The 83 Members and Member-Elects of Congress that signed Congresswoman-Elect Boebert’s letter include: Ralph Abraham, M.D., Kelly Armstrong, Brian Babin, James R. Baird, Jim Banks, Cliff Bentz, Jack Bergman, Andy Biggs, Dan Bishop, Lauren Boebert, Mo Brooks, Ken Buck, Tedd Budd, Tim Burchett, Michael C. Burgess, M.D., Kat Cammack, Earl L. “Buddy” Carter, Madison Cawthorn, Ben Cline, Michael Cloud, Andrew S. Clyde, James Comer, Dan Crenshaw, Scott DesJarlais, Byron Donalds, Jeff Duncan, Neal Dunn, Pat Fallon, Randy Feenstra, Michelle Fischbach, Scott Franklin, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, Bob Good, Lance Gooden, Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S., Marjorie Greene, Mark E. Green, M.D., H. Morgan Griffith, Andy Harris, M.D., Diana Harshbarger, Yvette Herrell, Jody Hice, Richard Hudson, Ronny Jackson, Bill Johnson, Dusty Johnson, Jim Jordan, Fred Keller, Steve King, Doug LaMalfa, Doug Lamborn, Robert E. Latta, Billy Long, Nancy Mace, Thomas Massie, Brian Mast, Lisa C. McClain, Mary Miller, Alex Mooney, Barry Moore, Markwayne Mullin, Gregory F. Murphy, M.D., Dan Newhouse, Ralph Norman, Jay Obernolte, Burgess Owens, August Pfluger, Scott Perry, Bill Posey, Guy Reschenthaler, Matt Rosendale, Chip Roy, John H. Rutherford, Austin Scott, Adrian Smith, Jason Smith, Victoria Spartz, W. Gregory Steube, Thomas P. Tiffany, Tim Walberg, Randy Weber, Don Young. Gun Owners of America, the National Rifle Association and the Conservative Partnership Institute all support Congresswoman-Elect Boebert’s letter. On July 24, 1998, a gunman entered through a Member and employee entrance on the Eastside of the Capitol with a six-shot revolver. When the metal detector alarm went off, the gunman shot a Capitol Police Officer in the back of the head and then fled to a corridor filled with several House leadership offices while engaging in a shootout. The gunman was shot and apprehended after entering the office of then-Majority Whip Tom DeLay. Tragically, two Capitol Police Officers died during the 1998 shooting. On June 14, 2017, at a practice session attended by 24 Members of Congress at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria, Virginia, for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, a gunman opened fire on the Members and engaged in a ten-minute shootout with officers from the Capitol Police. Thanks to the quick actions of the officers that day the only causality was the gunman. However, then U.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was critically injured and nearly lost his life. The three Capitol Police officers present at the practice were assigned to protect Whip Scalise who, due to his House leadership position, had a full-time security detail. Had these heroes not been there, the 24 Members of Congress present at the practice would have been unguarded and it’s likely several more would have been critically injured or even killed. Members of Congress are public figures often in the national spotlight. Accordingly, they can fall target to random and senseless act of violence. Given the current political environment and previous attacks on Members of Congress, now is not the time to disarm them and make changes to existing regulations that have helped protect them for more than 50 years. 
America Likely to have More Guns than People, 434 Million is Reported Number of Guns, Is it the Biden Agenda?

America Likely to have More Guns than People, 434 Million is Reported Number of Guns, Is it the Biden Agenda?

The left’s obsessive focus on gun owners may have had the opposite effect than they intended. They have pushed people to purchase more guns than ever before. SO, Americans really like guns, Gun sports are growing in popularity and people are worried about defending themselves, their families and their property.

America is now at the point that we have more guns than we have people, and that is not slowing down.

Some people think that as Democrat Joe Biden has appeared to increase in popularity, claiming he will take away guns, so has the pursuit of guns. reported:

“The trade association for the U.S. firearm industry crunched the numbers and came up with one solid fact: Americans really like guns.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation used data from the ATF, information from the Congressional Research Service, and reports from the U.S. International Trade Commission to get a snapshot of roughly how many guns are in current circulation in the country. 

This includes an estimated 434 million firearms in civilian possession, with about half, 214 million, of those entering the market since 1991. Of those, “America’s Rifle,” the AR-15 and similar semi-automatics dubbed Modern Sporting Rifles by the NSSF, account for an estimated 19.8 million, lending concrete numbers to the argument that such guns are in common use. 

The NSSF has argued that semi-auto firearms intended for the commercial market– which made up 70 percent of firearm production in recent years– are far from being “weapons of war,” as described by gun prohibitionists. “

Please visit for their full article

Is it a reaction of Biden and the left? Recall-Biden is infamous for his comments on “double barreled shot guns” for women to shoot a warning shot to fend off attackers.

The Washington Examiner reported:

America’s recent election and the COVID-19 pandemic fueled a gun-buying binge that continued in November, making 2020 into the top year ever for firearms sales — by a country mile.

The FBI reported today that it recorded a 42% surge in background checks for firearms in November. Last month, it conducted 3.6 million. In November 2019, it was 2.5 million.

And already this year, the FBI has recorded 35.7 million background checks. In all of record-setting 2019, there were 28.3 million checks.

That means 2020 background checks for guns are already 25% over last year, and there is still a month to go. What’s more, December have historically been the biggest month for firearms sales.

Gun industry officials said this December will be even better for sales due to concerns that Democrat Joe Biden will attempt to impose drastic gun control measures and empower the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to begin shutting down gun assembly lines.

In several states this year, gun advocates have staged rallies to protect their Second Amendment rights, raising the issue to such a height that several gun dealers have told Secrets that they have been flooded with first-time buyers, including minorities and liberals.

Please visit Washington Examiner for the full article.

If Biden is seated as President of the United States, what will that do to the increase in gun sales? That might be motivation to tax gun owners to death.

America’s independence is at a crossroads, and we all feel it.

Gun-Wielding Citizen Shoots Armed Robber During A Restaurant Robbery

Gun-Wielding Citizen Shoots Armed Robber During A Restaurant Robbery

A man in his twenties looking for some late-night chicken wings became a Philadelphia Wingstop hero on Sunday after he shot and killed a would-be burglar.

The unidentified 27-year-old walked into Wingstop around 10:30 PM on Sunday night talking on his cell phone.

What he stumbled into was a robbery-in-progress.

Minutes before his arrival, a 53-year-old man entered the restaurant, wearing a mask and gloves.

He went behind the counter, pointed a gun at employees, and demanded money from the cash register.

When a new customer entered the store in the middle of the robbery, innocently talking on his cell phone, the armed robber pointed his weapon at him and demanded he hand over the phone.

That’s when the 27-year-old pulled his own gun and fired a single round. The bullet struck the robber in the neck. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The customer-turned-hero remained at the scene and cooperated with authorities in the investigation.

Authorities don’t expect that he will face any charges.

The suspect reportedly had been in trouble with the law prior to this incident.

The customer holds a valid permit to carry a weapon.

“The guy that was robbing the place deserved what he got, in my opinion,” said local resident Marius Maiellano. “Pull a gun on somebody, expect to get shot.”

Biden Would Let US Gun Makers Be Sued If ‘Criminals’ Misuse Guns To Commit Crimes

Biden Would Let US Gun Makers Be Sued If ‘Criminals’ Misuse Guns To Commit Crimes

In the same way that vaccine makers are exempted from legal liability if someone who gets the vaccine contracts the disease it was that, the liberals trying to do the same thing to gun manufacturer.  The purpose behind limiting liability for vaccine makers is because a certain amount of people take a vaccine it will either not work or they will catch the disease the vaccine was made to prevent. There is no 100% prevention for vaccines, but they’re pretty darn close.  If vaccine makers were liable to lawsuits, the companies that make vaccines would move overseas.  Why allow themselves to become susceptible to lawsuits that could put them out of business?

The liberals understand this, and in their never-ending quest to destroy the Second Amendment, and therefore destroy every American’s God given right to protect themselves and their families, they figured out that they can apply the same method to gun manufacturers.

Former vice president Joe Biden has a plan to get rid of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), and that could bankrupt the entire US firearms industry.  And once the Second Amendment goes so do all of your other rights.

In 2005, President George W. Bush signed the PLCAA into law to protect US firearms manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits.  In those few moments he came out of his basement, Joe Biden campaigned on making firearm manufacturers liable for lawsuits that are linked to the criminal misuse of the products they make.  This would be like allowing GM to be held liable if someone intentionally ran someone over with one of their vehicles.  It would hold Craftsman liable if someone used one of their hammers to commit a murder.  In a word the idea is stupid.

During a New Hampshire Democratic primary debate, on February 7, 2020, Biden took the time to call on Americans being allowed to sue firearm manufacturers in an attempt to one-up the other gun haters in the debate who were all vying to be the top dog who would get to be the one to put every American family at risk of rising crimes, the same way it happens in every country where they take away guns from the law-abiding citizens.

Biden said Sanders’ support for PLCAA was a “mistake” that gave “gun manufacturers … a loophole that does not allow them to be sued for the carnage they are creating.”  And no one in the media ever asked him how the manufacturers were creating carnage and not the animals that misuse guns to harm people.

Biden added, “The first thing I’m going to do as president is work to get rid of that, and it’s going to hard.”

During a speech in South Carolina a couple weeks later Biden looked right into the camera and said directly to gun manufacturers, “I’m going to take you down.”

The PLCAA doesn’t allow gun manufacturers to create weapons for the sole purpose of criminals using them with abandon.  To the contrary, the law protects gun manufacturers from lawsuits in scenarios where the guns in question were made and sold legally.   Biden wants to throw those protections out, and that would be the beginning of the end for gun owners to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones.

So that you understand that his threat to gun manufacturers wasn’t just a flash in the pan to gain votes in the primary, during a gun control forum in Las Vegas in October 2019, Biden bragged that making gun manufacturers able to be sued would end up causing “change overnight.”

Let’s remind people what the Second Amendment actually says:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

That one sentence says that the federal government cannot even have a conversation about gun laws.  Forget the years of unconstitutional rulings by gun-hating lawyers in black robes.  The Second Amendment clearly states in the final clause “shall not be infringed” to mean that the government can not create any laws that will hinder the free exercise of owning and using firearms to protect yourself.  Any attempt of any president to do so should be met with impeachment.

What progressives want is to make guns so expensive that average Americans can’t afford to buy them.  Lawsuits always end up costing the consumer more money, because the company sued has to pass the losses of lawsuits onto the customer in higher prices for products or services.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to make a profit and would go out of business.  That’s what Biden and his progressive Second Amendment haters would try to do and it’s as unamerican as it gets.