35 Capitol Police Officers Under Investigation, 6 Suspended for Letting Protesters Inside

35 Capitol Police Officers Under Investigation, 6 Suspended for Letting Protesters Inside

Six Capitol policemen were suspended and thirty-five more are under investigation for allowing protesters into the Capitol Building on January 6th of this year.

This is great news for those charged with entering the building. Not necessarily all of them but the vast majority can now plead entrapment. Those who may have actually broken into the Capitol and who committed vandalism could still be in trouble.

But consider this. people who were admitted into the Capitol by the police and who did not commit any other crimes cannot be prosecuted.

Anyone not on video forcing their way into the Capitol could also claim they entered with the permission of the police and those who committed acts of vandalism but weren’t caught on video could also plead entrapment.

You cannot assume that someone who was allowed into the building would have broken in anyway.

It is reasonable for anyone being allowed in by the police to assume they were doing nothing wrong. Many of them never would have entered the building had not the police opened the doors and allowed them to walk in.

That is the very definition of entrapment. Police cannot lure you into doing something you normally would not do. That is an illegal act and although there is no criminal penalty for it, it is a legal defense.

Notice that after the police removed the barricades, the crowd did not go wild,. They are seen walking towards the building. in a fairly orderly fashion.

At the Capitol Building itself, police opened doors and watched as the protesters quietly walked into the building. Of course, there were those who committed vandalism inside and outside the building and they cannot claim entrapment.

FOX 5 DC reported:

A spokesperson for the U.S. Capitol Police has confirmed to FOX 5 that the Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the actions of 35 police officers on Jan. 6, the day of the riot at the Capitol, and suspended six officers with pay.

The statement from the department reads.

“Our Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the actions of 35 police officers from that day. We currently have suspended six of those officers with pay. Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman has directed that any member of her department whose behavior is not in keeping with the Department’s Rules of Conduct will face appropriate discipline.”

Viral videos of some Capitol Police officers raise questions about their actions during the riot.

Some officers are seen standing along a doorway almost motionless as people file into the Capitol.

At least two accused rioters have told the FBI a Capitol Police officer told them, “It’s your house now.”

OBAMA’S TIES TO LINCOLN PROJECT: When The Political Elite Join Forces Against The People, Populist Movements Are Born

OBAMA’S TIES TO LINCOLN PROJECT: When The Political Elite Join Forces Against The People, Populist Movements Are Born

As with all Community Organizing activities, some of the “true believers,”; their most devious members, masquerade as Conservatives in order to infiltrate Republican groups so they can cause division, steal information, and taint the movement’s culture.

As the Lincoln Project, a group meant to look like Republican s who were upset over President Donald J. Trump, falls under security and information about their far-left radical funding, we see the familiar patterns of infiltrators to the Republican Party. The group was made up of well-connected failed political consultants who had a stranglehold of sorts on GOP candidates but could never manger to win any races.


It appears so, yes.

Now we have to wonder out loud if that was done on purpose for political reasons, or do they all just run together like a pack of dogs and help each other feed off the donor class, agreeing to tell whatever lies will get the cash?

A recent story in Townhall connects the dots that the group Lincoln Project, which is falling apart amid claims of pedophilia, was funded by far-left radical Democrat Chuch Schumer of New York, and now we find out, former Community Organizer POTUS Barack Obama has his finger prints on the group as well.

The Lincoln Project paid former Obama spokesman Bill Burton’s consulting firm over $1 million and other far-left community organizing groups meant to push voters to the left. 

Townhall reported:

“The group raised some $90 million, but no one really knows where it all went, and new relationships are drawing more scrutiny into how this project managed its finances. Take this relationship with Obama’s former staffers that was up until recently undisclosed. Now, is this shocking? No. In fact, Jennifer Van Laar documented this alliance over the weekend at our sister site, RedState. It looks like even the liberal media is now covering and confirming the report (via CNBC)”:

From the Tweeted document:

The anti-Trump Lincoln Project paid a consulting firm run by former Obama deputy press secretary Bill Burton to conduct a Black voter outreach program in Pennsylvania, which turned out to be the decisive state in the 2020 election.

The super PAC paid $1.5 million to the firm, BG Causes LLC, during the 2020 election cycle, according to data from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. Federal Election Commission filings show that the two $750,000 checks sent to BG Causes in October were intended for “voter outreach services.”

BG Causes runs the federal political activities of Bryson Gillette, the consulting firm Burton founded last year, the former Obama spokesman told CNBC. He also provided details on the Black voter outreach effort that was partially funded by the Lincoln Project.

The relationship between Burton’s firm and the Lincoln Project had not been reported. It is the latest glimpse into the financial dealings of the super PAC, which was founded by Republicans and conservatives who were dedicated to defeating former President Donald Trump in 2020.


Yes. We, the people, are always getting taken advantage of, and rarely do any of us get officeholders who serve our needs.

Glenn Greenwald chimed in on the story and claimed it was liberals who were the victims. “It was a massive financial scam to enrich its founders at the expense of gullible liberals,” Greenwald wrote.

“The people heralded on MSNBC & CNN as heroic figures of great integrity and conscience were, all along, exploiting and manipulating liberals’ fears to fleece them out of cash in the middle of a pandemic & unemployment crisis to get themselves out of debt & buy now homes & boats,” he said.

“They also covered up rampant complaints of sexually predatory behavior in their organization and then, when they surfaced, outright lied to the public, claiming they knew nothing. But as we’ll see with Neera Tanden’s confirmation, that stuff is just a partisan game that’s played,” said Greenwald.


The political elite lives off winning races for candidates who live off politics and auxiliary business. They are unconcerned about producing a public policy that helps non-political people have a higher quality of life. That is a fact. Look around.

A Populist Movement is a result of the governed flipping that around.

The dictionary describes a “Populist” as a person, especially a politician, who strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups.

Can you see it now? What we have is a global elite versus a populist movement. At this point, there are Republicans and Democrats in each group.

The story of the Lincoln project’s demise is one of importance because it reveals a shifting political culture. Pay attention to that, and get ready for 2024.

Democrat Sponsors Bill Creating Public Gun Registry Listing Owners, Their Guns, and More, Biggest 2A Infringement Yet

Democrat Sponsors Bill Creating Public Gun Registry Listing Owners, Their Guns, and More, Biggest 2A Infringement Yet

In the House of Representatives, a Democrat introduced a bill that’s purpose is to create a mandatory and publicly available gun registry that contains gun owners’ names, how many guns they own, and even where they keep them.  It’s a 100% federal infringement on the Second Amendment, and it’s how one of the most infamous political parties got their start in taking over society and beginning a brutal and bloody regime.

On top of that, the bill, H.R. 127, would ban several types of commonly used ammunition from .50 caliber or greater, it requires gun owners to buy firearm insurance costing about $800 a year, and force law-abiding citizens who want to purchase a gun to complete a psychological evaluation and a government training course before they can make the purchase.

Personally, I think every Democrat in office should have to complete a psychological evaluation and be forced to read the US Constitution and be able to pass a test before they are given the power to create such a god-awful bill as this.

According to the Founders who wrote, debated, and ratified the Second Amendment the federal government cannot even start a conversation about Second Amendment rights.

If gun owners fail to comply with these new draconian violations of the Second Amendment they would face severe penalties of 10 years in prison and have to pay fines from $50,000 to $150,000.

The corrupt reprobate who sponsored this disastrous bill, which will cause many Americans to die, is Representative Shiela Jackson Lee (D-TX).  The bill is one of the biggest infringements on American citizens’ right to protect themselves and it’s already generating intense blowback by gun rights groups.  This is what happens when you allow the mainstream media and tech tyrants to assist in the stealing of elections.

“All gun control bills share the same basic goal: a world in which fewer people own firearms,” the National Rifle Association (NRA) wrote about the legislation. “Some bills simply ban certain types of firearms or ammunition outright. Others place obstacles in the path of owning firearms or ammunition to make them more difficult and expensive to obtain, thereby shrinking the market for them … H.R. 127 combines both failed approaches.”

“It bans common types of ammunition and original equipment magazines for most self-defense firearms. And, it makes all firearms more difficult to obtain and possess through a punitive licensing and registration scheme,” the group continued.

The Weimar Republic convinced its citizens that a gun registry would make people safer because the police would know exactly who had the guns.  So, the people were convinced and they allowed it.  Once the Nazi party was elected to power one of the first things they did was to grab hold of that gun registry and use it to seek out all gun owners and force them to turn in their guns.  Once the undesirables i.e. Jews and criminal types were relieved of any way to defend themselves, the Nazis relaxed their gun restrictions just a tad, enough for the desirables to be able own firearms for protection.  Many historians believe that had the Nazis not had that Weimar gun registry they never would have been able to create the stranglehold they held over their people and many of the atrocities that took place by the socialist regime would have happened.  So now our Democratic Party is starting out down the same path that will end in the same way.

Retired police groups have also come out against the bill as an attempt to remove Second Amendment rights to the point where it infringes on a citizen’s ability to protect themself and that of their loved ones.  Under this bill, retired police officers are not exempt from being listed in the public registry.

“This is very dangerous, especially for retirees,” Kevin Hassett, president of the New York’s Retired Police Association, told the Washington Times. “Things have gone so downhill with this level of hostility towards cops and we are out there with the label that we are no longer cops. Retired cops don’t have partners or backup. We are out there on our own.”

Gerald G. Neill Jr., president of the Association of Retired Police Officers indicated strong concerns that a registry would lead to the targeting of former cops who are already a target by the same leftists who support the bill.

“There is danger in having this as part of the public record,” he said.

Democrats don’t think so, and they are so much smarter than us.  Just ask them and they’ll tell you.

This bill still has a while before it becomes law.  There are no co-sponsors as of yet, and it’s not scheduled for a committee hearing.  Hopefully, it’s nothing more than Shiela Jackson Lee seeking a superiority the Woke Supremamcists get from practicing one-upmanship and virtue signaling.  The biggest problem with this legislation is it shows how far the Democrats are willing to go to harm the very people they claim to represent.

“H.R. 127 is so outrageous, persecutory, and unworkable that its main function is simply to display the hostility of its author and supporters toward firearms, those who own them, and those who want to own them,” the NRA said.

Three of the Minneapolis Former Cops Charged In Death of George Floyd Ask Judge To Dismiss their Case Alleging Prosecutors Leaked Plea Deals to the Press

Three of the Minneapolis Former Cops Charged In Death of George Floyd Ask Judge To Dismiss their Case Alleging Prosecutors Leaked Plea Deals to the Press

A series of motions were filed this week on behalf of three of the four former Minneapolis police officers who were charged in the death of George Floyd that set off a summer of rage, destruction, mayhem, and chaos via daily riots in Democrat-run cities across the country, asking to have their clients’ cases dismissed, arguing that the prosecutors leaked information about plea deals in the works to the press.

Now that Trump’s no longer in office I wonder if the Woke Supremacists will riot again.

The trial against Derek Chauvin, the cop who had his knee on Floyd’s neck in the video that went viral around the world, is set to begin on March 8. Chauvin was ultimately charged with second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas Lane, the three other former cops involved are charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter and their trial is scheduled for August 23.

On Monday, Thao’s lawyers, Natalie and Robert Paule filed a motion in Hennepin County District Court where they accused Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison of leaking the information about Chauvin’s plea deal negotiations.  They are asking the judge to dismiss the charges against their client.  I have no doubt that Ellison or one of his prosecutors did that because he’s not a good person and he used to allegedly beat his ex-girlfriend and because he’s a Democrat politician nothing happened to him.

Last week, the New York Times, once again using anonymous sources, reported that a plea deal was already in the works for Chauvin a mere days after Floyd’s death.  Under the plea agreement, Chauvin would avoid federal civil rights charges if he pleads guilty to third-degree murder and face up to 10 years in federal prison.  That agreement was rejected by then-Attorney General Bill Barr.

That leaked information will “irreversibly taint the jury pool and will deny Mr. Thao his constitutional right to a fair trial by impartial jurors,” and Ellison, as well as prosecutors Matthew Frank and Neal Katyal should face, “sanctions against the State for its role – directly or indirectly – in the leaking of highly prejudicial information related to potential plea agreements of codefendants,” the motion read, according to Twin Cities Pioneer Press, the outlet that obtained the motion after it was made public on Tuesday.

We need to have some serious reform on leaking laws.  Leftist Trump haters working in the federal government leaked data every day for at least the first two years.  In many cases, it is a felony to leak information to the press and no one ever gets charged.  In fact, I don’t even think there are investigations to find the leakers.

The motion requested a scheduled hearing to argue the matter within one week.  Judge Peter Cahill will render a decision on the motion soon.

Another motion filed in Hennepin County District Court on Tuesday by Kueng’s attorney, Thomas Plunkett, also argued that the leak that turned into the article in the Times could only have come from the prosecution team.  Plunkett said tghe leak “shows a complete disrespect for this Court and the fundamental notions of due process.”

“The history of this case shows purposeful actions to thwart justice for the officers. One discovery violation is an honest mistake, this wide river of flagrant discovery violations is a purposeful act designed to prevent Mr. Kueng and the Codefendant’s from receiving a fair trial,” the motion read. “Leaking prejudicial information mere days before trial is loathsome and underhanded. The State’s conduct has been pervasive, malicious and an affront to the dignity of the Office of the Attorney General.”  Talk about prosecutorial misconduct.

On Wednesday, Lane’s attorney, Earl Gray, filed the third motion asking to join the motions filed by the first two defendants; lawyers, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

“It’s sad that the defense would stoop to peddling baseless conspiracy theories rather than prepare a serious defense of their client to address the grave crimes with which he is charged,” Ellison said in a written statement where he responded to the motions filed this week. “Unlike the defense, we are confident in our case and look forward to presenting it to a jury.”

See what I mean about Ellison?  There’s no way anyone but the prosecutors could have leaked that information, a felony I believe, and Ellison uses the favorite tactic of the Democrats these days by calling the motions conspiracy theories.  How else was the New York Times able to write the article without someone leaking the information to the liner for a dirty birdcage newspaper?  A conspiracy theory would be if there was no article published and the lawyers said there was.  Ellison is either stupid or arrogant as all get out.

Minneapolis and state police are working on security plans to prepare for the animals to create more havoc, looting and burning down businesses as Chauvin’s trial gets closer.

On Wednesday, the utterly useless Mayor Jacob Frey, who did next to nothing during the daily summer riots in his city, said that the trial will in all likelihood increase trauma for a lot of people, particularly as the day of the verdict gets closer and that safety will be on of the top priorities “during this very difficult time in our city.”  Does anyone believe him?  Do they have enough cops left on the force to do that kind of security?

Do I sound like a cynic?  Well, when you wake up every day of your life and you see that the sun comes up, after a while, you just come to expect it.

Scarborough Believes ANTIFA-BLM Violence Last Summer Not as Bad as Capitol Riot

Scarborough Believes ANTIFA-BLM Violence Last Summer Not as Bad as Capitol Riot

In the aftermath of the Capitol riot on January 6, the Democrats acted as if all 74 million Trump voters were at the Capitol and physically involved in the riot.  They have ignored facts that came out afterward from the FBI and other sources that the violence was pre-planned days before the event and they ignore the fact that President Trump offered up to 10,000 National Guard troops to protect the Capitol and all around DC area and was turned down by the House Sgt at Arms who reports directly to Nancy Pelosi.  All ignored.

Because of the lies and exploitation of the Capitol riot many conservatives rightly so brought up the fact that the same leftists who cried there was an “insurrection” not only ignored but in many cases encouraged the daily riots that took place in Democrat-run cities across the country, and most in the media and the Democratic Party they justified the violence, claiming fighting against systemic racism rioters and looters can do what they were doing.  As if stealing a pair of Nikes is making someone less oppressed.  Then-Senator Kamala Harris propped up a bail fund organization that was bailing out criminal rioters so that they could get back on the streets to commit mayhem and havoc again.  And she justified it by claiming she was trying to help peaceful protesters, even though peaceful protesters don’t get arrested because it’s legal to protest.  Rioters and looters get arrested because it’s illegal to do those things.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show host Joe Scarborough, the guy who looks like the kid on the bridge with the banjo in Deliverance, chimed in to trash people who pointed out the discrepancy, saying “idiots on other cable news channels” who say the attacks on “mom and pop” small businesses “vandalized during the summer riots” is “just as bad as the United States Capitol being vandalized,” Scarborough cried, “No, jackass, it’s not.”

Tragic as it was that five people died during the Capitol riot last month over 25 people were killed during the summer riots in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

“The Capitol of the United States of America is the center of American democracy,” banjo kid said. “And while I’m a fierce believer in people’s right to defend their private property, I’m not going to confuse a taco stand with the United States Capitol.  I’m not going to confuse the selling of tacos with actually moving through a constitutional process.”

This man is Despicable.  There were all kinds of brick and mortar businesses that were vandalized, looted, and burned to the ground, businesses that had nothing to do with so-called “systemic racism” or any of the other garbage that the Left uses to justify the violence that happened on a daily routine over the summer.  And isn’t it racist according to the standards of the Woke Supremacy to downplay the destruction of a taco stand?

Someone must have let the kid from the bridge know about the tweet because Scarborough came back full of personal insults.

“Do you think it is the same?” the MSNBC host tweeted back in response. “Are you too stupid to understand the destruction of personal property is abhorrent, and at the same time realize that a terrorist attack against the US Capitol is a greater threat to America? Is arson against a warehouse the same as 9/11?”

The Daily Caller replied in kind to Scarborough’s tweet via their original tweet with another video showing a man speaking in front of his store that was reduced to rubble last summer.

“Was Scott Carpenter’s furniture store which was burned down during the riot in Kenosha just a taco stand @JoeNBC?”

Scarborough fired back.

“No jackass. It was a furniture store. And the freaks who burned it down should rot in jail until they pay him back.”

I’m confused.  Was Scarborough angry because the Daily Caller didn’t mention a taco stand or was he angry that they embarrassed him for downplaying the destruction of people’s lives?

Richie McGinniss, the Daily Caller’s chief video director, tweeted that “the *federal courthouse in Portland was attacked for over 100 days straight. I was at the Capitol, and I was in Portland. Both were abhorrent because they were both examples of POLITICAL violence. For Joe, the Capitol riot was Trump supporters, and that’s the *real difference.”

Again Scarborough defended himself: “You are being ignorant. I have attacked rioters in Portland since the summer. I have specifically blasted Portland’s mayor and Oregon’s governor repeatedly for letting rioters trash the federal courthouse and destroy the city. Can you do the same to the Trump Terrorists?”

The folks at the Daily Caller didn’t back down.  Instead, they provided clips from videos that underscored their case:

The leftist elites really do look down upon the great unwashed and they think that they are better than you.  Just ask them, they’ll tell you.

Minneapolis City Council Caved And Appropriated $6.4 Million Extra Funding For Police After Crime Soared In the City

Minneapolis City Council Caved And Appropriated $6.4 Million Extra Funding For Police After Crime Soared In the City

The city of Minneapolis which is ground zero of the summer of riots across the country after George Floyd was killed while being arrested by Minneapolis police, has a City Council that became famous – or should I say infamous? – for declaring they were going to defund the Minneapolis Police Department.

At the end of January, the crazy City Council voted to cancel the Minneapolis Police Department but keep the police.  Wait, what?  I don’t think they ever once asked the constituents who voted them into office what they thought about giving up the protections of a police department.  Removing the police department is adding insult to injury to the residents of Minneapolis, but the Woke Supremamcy that runs the City Council apparently doesn’t take their needs into consideration.

Well, it turns out that the City Council’s determination to destroy the city’s police department has failed in spectacular fashion.  Crime skyrocketed in the city after the City Council Bench Bozos followed through with their Woke pledges to take down the whole police department, I would say so much that if the people of Minneapolis had any sense they would throw the bums out of office the next chance they get.  I mean, wow, what a fustercluck for the city.

So, they had a change of heart and are now going to spend millions of dollars to rebuild the city’s law enforcement capabilities.  I mean, the 2020 election is over, so we were wondering when they were going to stop hyperbolicking [I just made up a word] the death of Floyd to be able to blame it on Donald Trump.

I remember when it was reported that the Minneapolis City Council stated that the “Minneapolis Police Department cannot be reformed and will never be accountable for its actions,” thus they would “begin the process of ending the Minneapolis Police Department.”

The city lost 105 police officers who either quit, retired or went on medical leave because they received zero support from the city government.  They started the new year about 200 officers short altogether.  During a normal year, the department would see about 40 officers either retire to move on to a different line of work, so 105 officers gone should have been a wake-up call to Democrats.  That didn’t stop Representative Ilham Omar (D-MN) from insulting police just last week when she tweeted out that the Minneapolis police officers were “UNWILLING to work.”

“Correction: Minneapolis has about 200 fewer police officers UNWILLING to work. It might be wise to note, Minneapolis hasn’t passed a single policy that changes the makeup of the police department. The police are just refusing to come to work.”

Omar is proving she’s lost touch with reality because the city council most definitely passed policies that changed the makeup of the police department.

The department now has only 638 officers thanks to months of riots and anti-police attacks that included the city allowing a police precinct to be taken over and then setting fire to the 3rd precinct police station.

With so many fewer police officers patrolling the streets violent crime has gone up.  During November, carjackings skyrocketed 537 percent.  Residents, who pay taxes and expect to be protected from criminals, complained to the city about response times getting longer and longer thanks to fewer cops on the streets.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the City Council unanimously voted to pump an added $6.4 million into the police department’s budget so they can hire more police officers.

Minneapolis Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey and Police Chief Medaria Arradondo vowed to make the Minneapolis Police Department application process more progressive.  Personally, I think that’s what caused the problems in the first place.  Progressive policies are destructive.  The updated application will now contain questions about “whether they have lived in Minneapolis, have degrees in criminology, social work, psychology or counseling, and whether they volunteer or participate in programs such as the Police Activities League.”

A few council members  proposed canceling the Minneapolis Police Department and replacing it with a Department of Public Safety which will have “additional divisions … to provide for a comprehensive approach to public safety beyond law enforcement.”  I bet the people of Minneapolis are feeling safer already.

Trump Impeachment Defense Attorney’s Home Was Vandalized

Trump Impeachment Defense Attorney’s Home Was Vandalized

One of Donald Trump’s attornies who defended the former president during his senate impeachment trial had his Philadelphia suburban home vandalized by the same Woke Supremacy animals who attack anyone to the right of Lenin.

“My home was attacked,” Michael van der Veen said on Fox News’ “America’s News HQ” on Saturday. “To answer your question, my entire family, my business, my law firm are under siege right now. I don’t really want to go into that, though.”

“My home was attacked. I’d rather not go into it because it would encourage other people to do it more, but you know, I’ve had nearly 100 death threats.”

Van der Veen added that he’s not a “controversial guy” and that he is not a political person either.  It was simply doing the job he was hired to do.

“My home was attacked last night, windows broken, spray paint, really bad words spray-painted everywhere.   And the thing is, you guys don’t know me, but you know I’m not a controversial guy. I’m not politically minded so to speak,” the attorney said.

“I’m a trial lawyer and I represent people’s interests in court. That’s what I do.  I love doing it.  And I’m disappointed that that is the result of just me doing my job.”
Mrs. van der Veen found the word “traitor” spray-painted in red on their driveway with a red arrow pointed at their house.

Folks, this was not some organic vandalizing of their home.  Most of the rabble-rousers and troublemakers on the Left don’t have the wherewithal to find out the lawyers name, which is easy to do but they don’t have the wherewithal to do it, and then to go look up where he lives, and then go organize a move to vandalize the home. In other words, this was not some grassroots vandalization, it was an organized effort.

Scott Pezick, a detective of the West Whiteland Township Police Department, told Fox that patrols are driving by the van der Veen home and haven’t seen any disturbances.

West Whiteland is not in Philadelphia by the way.  It’s in Chester County, a place where you don’t expect hoodlums to go around attacking lawyers’ homes.

No arrests have been made and police at looking at no suspects so far.  It makes you wonder if the cops are really all that motivated to figure it out anyway.  Everything else is been so corrupted by the Left.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that people with way too much time on their hands gathered outside van der Veen’s office, chanting, “When van der Veen lies, what do you do? Convict. Convict.”  They didn’t even have the decency to rhyme.  Do these people think that going to his home in vandalizing it in then going outside his Work office yelling at him was going to make him change his mind and just quit the trial?  These are angry people who have way too much time on their hands. It makes you wonder who funded this and who organized it?

Another Trump attorney, Bruce Castor, said his home was also vandalized.

“It’s been very unsettling. Mr. van der Veen’s house was vandalized last night,” Castor said Saturday on Fox News. “My house was the subject of unrest. These people are lawyers and they expect to do their jobs without having fear for their personal safety.”

Think about this for a minute; the angry leftist Woke Supremacy mob was attacking lawyers because they’re defending a man who according to the evidence was wrongfully accused of inciting a riot.

The homes of members of Congress have also recently been vandalized.

Last month, the Louisville home of Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell was vandalized with graffiti saying “WERES MY MONEY,” and “MITCH KILLS THE POOR.” It certainly wasn’t spent on spelling classes.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home was attacked last month, but I have heard reports that her gourmet ice cream was left unmolested. Someone spray-painted on her garage door: “Cancel Rent? We want everything!”  Marxism at its purest.  Incidentally, it’s Pelosi’s fault that their “money” was late coming as she held up every stimulus relief package since the beginning of the pandemic.

Fake blood and a pig’s head were left near her home.  I don’t exactly get the significance of that, but okay.

Owners Sue Minneapolis and Mayor Frey After Restaurant Burned to the Ground During 2020 Summer riots

Owners Sue Minneapolis and Mayor Frey After Restaurant Burned to the Ground During 2020 Summer riots

In a recent lawsuit that was filed against the mayor and the city of Minneapolis by two restaurant owners declares that their businesses were vandalized and in the end burned to the ground during the riots that went on all summer long.

The argument on which they base their lawsuit is that the city and its officials who are responsible for protecting the residents and businesses in the city failed to stop the riots in Minneapolis.

On Monday, February 8, two restaurant owners Kacey White and Charles Stotts filed a lawsuit in Hennepin County District Court charging that both the city of Minneapolis and Mayor Jacob Frey failed in their duty to respond properly to the riots from May 27 to May 28 in 2020, and that their negligence resulted in the Town Talk Diner & Gastropub restaurant was burned to the ground.

I think this is only the beginning.  I think hundreds if not thousands of business owners who lost everything because of the riots will start to sue for their losses.

A reminder for the Woke Supremacists who are reading this, neither one of the restaurant owners, nor any of their employees, had anything to do with the death of George Floyd. That was done at the hands of Minneapolis police which if I’m not mistaken worked for the city of Minneapolis.

The restaurant first opened in 1946 and served the people of Minneapolis in the same location ever since, but now it is nothing more than burned debris after animals set it on fire in May of 2020.   Originally seating only 15 people at a time, instead of moving to a bigger location they remodeled the place to accommodate up to 50.  In other words, the owners were dedicated to the neighborhood and the people there.

From the lawsuit:

“Mayor Frey and the City failed to react to the seriousness of the riots and danger to Minnesotans and they failed to comply with policies to confront and stop the rioters. As a result of Mayor Frey and the City’s failed leadership, Kacey and Charles suffered damages in excess of $4,500,000.00.”

The lawsuit also charges that Mayor Frey’s decision to have the Third Precinct evacuated made local residents and business owners to have to fend for themselves during the riots that emanated:

“[Mayor Frey] made the decision to evacuate the Third Precinct, removing police officers from the neighborhood, and leaving the citizens of Lake Street to defend themselves and their property.”

I fear a corrupt Democrat-appointed judge may throw the case out.  What else can we expect after what the country went through last year?

The city, via attorney Jim Rowader, has already made arguments against the lawsuit saying that the mayor did ask for support from the National Guard after it was recommended by the police chief, “and as soon as there was any discernible risk of civil unrest and damage to neighborhoods and businesses.”

Rowader also said the Minneapolis Police Department also requested additional support on the same night that Frey asked for National Guard help:

“The City has provided plaintiffs with these documents, and we are hopeful that they will amend their complaint given this clear and documented evidence.”

Minneapolis isn’t the only city where lawsuits have been filed due to damage inflicted by the riots of 2020.  For example, back in October a jewelry store owner in Portland, Oregon filed a lawsuit against the due after the city failed to respond to rioters who looted and destroyed their business.

Back in June residents and businesses in Seattle filed a class-action lawsuit against the city for “extensive harm” they suffered from the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, or CHOP where the outrage mob took over a part of the city.  In the suit, they argue that the occupation has caused financial hardship and disrupted daily life for many people in the area.

America was horrified to watch riots carry on every night throughout the summer and it appeared that the Democrat-run cities did next to nothing to stop it.  We had some politicians who actually encouraged the riots to continue, albeit claiming they were speaking about the peaceful protesters [wink].  For example, the Boston Herald reported that Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) called for unrest back in August.  Kamala Harris, now the Vice Thief-in-Chief supported an organization that bailed out violent criminal rioters so that they could be back on the streets committing more mayhem.  Thanks to Harris’ support for the organization they raised millions of dollars to bail out rioters.

Thousands of businesses were destroyed by the riots and they had absolutely nothing to do with the rage that went on over the summer. Somebody owes them compensation and it should be the people, the officials to work charged with their protection.

Ilhan Omar Accuses Minneapolis Police of Being ‘Unwilling to Work’ Even Though They Get No Support From City Leadership

Ilhan Omar Accuses Minneapolis Police of Being ‘Unwilling to Work’ Even Though They Get No Support From City Leadership

Representative Ilhan Omar said the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) is low on officers because cops are “unwilling to work.”

MPD just began 2021 with about 200 fewer officers than it had at the start of 2020 after losing 105 cops during a year filled with riots and anti-police sentiment. During a usual year, the department would expect to lose just over 40 officers. The city now has just 638 active officers.

A lot of the cops who aren’t showing up for work are claiming PTSD, Chief Medaria Arradondo and Financial Director Robin McPherson recently explained to the Minneapolis City Council.

However, Omar and her district director, Kendal Killian, apparently don’t see validity in these claims.

“The police are just refusing to come to work,” the congresswoman claimed in a recent Twitter post.

Well, first off, that’s a lie.   I’m sorry, but to say that Minneapolis hasn’t passed a single policy that changes the makeup of the police department is a lie.  Minneapolis City Council recently voted to cancel the Minneapolis Police Department but to keep the police officers.  The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the plan these geniuses came up with will create a new Department of Public Safety which will have “additional divisions … to provide for a comprehensive approach to public safety beyond law enforcement.”  I bet the people of Minneapolis are feeling safer already.

At first, the Minneapolis City Council voted to abolish the police department, and now they are making good on that promise even though they are lying by claiming they’re not abolishing the police department, they’re just getting rid of it and replacing it with another department they just made up.

On June 12 the City Council voted unanimously to support a pledge to abolish the police causing a massive exodus of cops.

Back in June, even Axios wrote that Omar supported the idea of dismantling the police department.

Kendal Killian, Omar’s District Director also made a similar statement, alleging that the high erosion rate of Minneapolis police officers is because the cops  would “rather snowmobile than do their jobs.”

This know-nothing fool once berated Minneapolis cops calling them “insecure babies” and “cowards” and “scardy-cats [sic]” and said that supporting law enforcement was “an attempt to maintain white supremacy.”  This guy is a whackjob and he works for an elected member of the US House of Representatives.

Nonetheless, the Minneapolis police tell a very different story.

One officer wrote an op-ed that appeared in the Star Tribune where she specifically said. “I did not retire because I wanted to retire, despite many thinking 37 years was enough. I didn’t feel as if I was done just yet. I still had a mission to complete and that is what makes leaving difficult.”

Kim Voss, the officer who wrote the op-ed added that the total lack of support from city leadership after police officers were attacked by a mob of animals, many of who now suffer from PTSD.  Yokels like Omar and her sidekick Killian go on to say how horrifying it was for members of Congress on January 6 compared to cops who have had thousands of people in their face wanting to kill them.

“It’s hard to get up every day and be happy to go to your job feeling like damaged goods,” she said. “I received over 4,000 voicemails of vitriolic hate, and I didn’t have a phone left or a desk to put a phone on. My office had been firebombed.”

What happened to George Floyd at the hands of several Minneapolis cops was a horrible scene and his death a tragedy.   Even though it has been shown by the coroner that Floyd didn’t die by the officers but by an overdose of fentanyl, it still was a horrifying scene.   But there is no justification for what happened afterward when mobs of violent rioters and looters went through the city and destroyed everything they could get their hands on.   It seems that the politicians in City Council, the Mayor’s office, and even the Governor’s office were scared to death that the violent mob would go after them, so it appears that they came down on the cops and used them as the scapegoat to show that they were on the right side of the Woke Supremacy.  But their actions have harmed the city more than any mob because they are dismantling the police force and causing a massive exodus of good cops.  The people of Minneapolis will be hurt the most.