Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan Estate About To Sell For $50 Million

Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan Estate About To Sell For $50 Million

The townhouse and former school building in Manhattan which is where the late Jeffrey Epstein allegedly sexually abused underage girls is scheduled to sell for approximately $50 million, according to a report that came out on Wednesday.

The Upper East Side mansion is under contract and would be among the most pricey homes to sell in New York over the past year if the current deal closes, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The report didn’t identify the would-be buyer.  Would you want your name plastered all over media if you were buying such an infamous dwelling?  A source familiar with the deal told The New York Post that the buyer works in finance and is not from the United States.

The 28,000-square-foot neoclassical townhouse was put on the market as well as Epstein’s Florida mansion in July.

The asking price was originally $88 million when it first went on the market, but the executors of the former owner’s estate lowered the price to $65 million last month.  Can you imagine the Manhattan property taxes?  I can’t even imagine anyone putting in a serious offer for the property knowing the history.

Some New York real estate brokers said that the clients they contacted over the sale were unnerved just at the thought of buying the Epstein house.  Think about if you received such a call.  The first thing I’d think is, “What made you think I would want to buy it?”

“I don’t know who would want it,” one agent said. “I had clients hang up on me, angry that I even suggested it.”  Well, then there is still hope for the world.

The Manhattan townhouse was the most valuable piece of real estate owned by the convicted sex abuser who also had homes in New Mexico, Paris, France, and the infamous private island in the US Virgin Islands commonly referred to as Pedophile Island.

Some real estate folks said that the price drop could have been because of coronavirus and nothing to do with Epstein’s sicko behavior.  Coronavirus problems in New York are because of the gross behavior of Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, both of whom have been a disaster.

“The deal is great for New York. It’s a low number but that could be because of COVID and not Epstein,” one broker told The New York Post. “The buyer is a savvy person who got a good deal and will resell.”

One broker tried to remove the booger from the bouquet of roses.

“It’s an exceptional property,” the broker said. “If someone gets a great deal, they could get it blessed by a rabbi and a priest.”

The real estate broker added, “People have a way of dealing with things when they have a good buy… they will go for it, whatever it is, just knowing they can turn around and resell it for a bigger number.”

Epstein, who prison officials say killed himself back in August of 2019 while in custody on federal sex trafficking charges, something practically no one in the world believes, had been accused of sexually assaulting and abusing young girls and women for a long time.

The Manhattan property was built in 1930 for Herbert Staus, the Macy’s heir, and was previously owned by Leslie Wexner a former Victoria’s Secret exec and close associate of Jeffrey Epstein.

In 1962 the building became the Birch Wathen School and they moved out in 1989 after Wexner bought the property for a reported $13.2 million.

It has never been explained why, but Wexner gifted the house to Epstein, transferring title for the sum total of $0 around 1996. The New York Times reported that the property was officially transferred in 2011 from a trust that was controlled by Wexner and Epstein to a Virgin Islands-based entity controlled by Epstein.  Rumors went around that Epstein paid $20 million for the property in 1998.

Federal agents raided the place not long after Epstein was arrested in July 2019 and revealed that they found hundreds of pictures of nude underage girls hidden in a safe.

The money from the sale of the townhouse is supposed to go to Epstein’s estate that has a compensation fund to be used to settle claims from his alleged sexual abuse victims.  The Attorney General of the Virgin Islands just last month asked a judge to freeze the assets of the estate and when that happens the executors of the estate have said that they will not be able to make payments to the sicko’s victims.

CONFLICT: Fauci’s Daughter Is A Software Engineer At Twitter, A Company Which Suspends People For Disagreeing With Her Father

CONFLICT: Fauci’s Daughter Is A Software Engineer At Twitter, A Company Which Suspends People For Disagreeing With Her Father

Dr Fauci’s daughter is a software engineer with Twitter. That platform bans people who disagree with her father also known as the Covid Clown because of the way he is wrong about every prediction and the way he keeps changing his opinions after it’s discovered that he is dead wrong.

Twitter not only censors conservatives but also crack down on people who disagree with the Covid Clown. Alison Fauci has been working at the company since graduating in 2014.

Alison Fauci is part of the Twitter blog page where she has had one posting titled, “Introducing Serial: improved data serialization on Android.” Fauci wrote:

“Smooth timeline scrolling on the Twitter for Android app is important for the user experience, and we’re always looking for ways to improve it. With some profiling, we discovered that serializing and deserializing data to and from the database using standard Android Externalizable classes was taking around 15% of the UI thread time.”

Her position with Twitter seems to be a conflict of interest considering how they censor anyone who disagrees with the BS her father puts out Remember when he said masks were not necessary?

Then he said that a mask was a must and then people need 2 masks and then back to one mask. I could make better predictions by tossing darts at a dartboard. At least I would have a 50-50 chance of being right.

From The National Pulse

And the platform has used its powers to censor users who defy the recommendations of Alison Fauci’s father.

A high-profile example of this censorship is the platform’s decision to ban Donald Trump’s son from the platform for “posting misinformation about hydroxychloroquine” – a potential treatment for COVID-19.

Twitter ordered Donald Trump Jr. to delete the misleading tweet, adding that it would “limit some account functionality for 12 hours.”

The platform also removed videos of doctors holding a press conference on Capitol Hill to defend the potential treatment which had not yet garnered support from Fauci.

Let me be clear on one thing. It was not my intention to make it appear that Alison is as incompetent as her dad.

I am sure she does a great job for Twitter.

Majority of House Democrats Vote to Lower Voting Age to 16

Majority of House Democrats Vote to Lower Voting Age to 16

Radical Woke Supremacist progressive House Democrats unsuccessfully pushed an amendment lowering the federal voting age to 16 as part of the HR 1 voting rights package on Wednesday.

According to C-SPAN, the amendment failed by a vote of 125-302, thnaks God, after a majority of Democrats voted for it at 125-93.

“A sixteen-year-old in 2021 possesses a wisdom and a maturity that comes from 2021 challenges, 2021 hardships, and 2021 threats,” Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), a member of the progressive “Squad,” who was behind the amendment, said in a statement on Monday. “Now is the time for us to demonstrate the courage that matches the challenges of the modern-day sixteen- and seventeen-year-old.”

Listen to this lunatic go on about how wonderful her amendment is.  Completely out of touch.

Is it just me or have the Democrats so far proposed nothing but power grab moves for their party?  They have not proposed a single bill that will make one American life better.

Along with Pressley, Representative Grace Meng (D-NY), and Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-Il), reintroduced the amendment on Monday.  All three would be primaried and thrown out of office if Democrat voters cared about the future of our country.

Back in February, Pressley said that she was “shocked” that lowering the legal voting age to 16 was such a “polarizing” subject.  That’s a clear signal that the Congresswoman from Massachusetts is out of touch with the American people.  She made the comment during a Facebook Live discussion with Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA), and author Ibram X. Kendi.

“Dr. Kendi, I was shocked by how polarizing an issue this was, and listen when I would tell people John Lewis is an original co-sponsor of this, you know, our young people deserve to have a stakeholder in our democracy,” Pressley said responding to Kendi, who claimed that lowering the voting age is an example of an anti-racist policy.  How?  How is lowering the voting age from 18 to 16 an anti-racist policy?  What does race have to do with lowering the voting age?  How could these Woke Supremacists find a racial issue in that? If they really want to set an anti-racist policy why not lower the voting age to 7?  That will really send a message.  #SMH

It’s not a new thing either.  This amendment to lower the voting age was originally added to HR 1 back in March 2019.  The amendment failed then too receiving only 126 votes.  You would think these progressives would learn by now that the American people do not want the voting age lowered.  But progressives never operate that way.  They truly are Woke Supremacists in that they believe that their ideas will fix everything just so long as the smartest people in the world are implementing them.   They ignore the fact that they are elected to “represent” the people who elect them to office, that’s why they’re called Representative so and so in the House.   But progressive Democrats do not represent anyone but their own self, their own party, for their own power.

“Beginning at the age of 16, young people are contributing to both the labor force and their local economies by paying income taxes, and yet they are deprived of the opportunity to exercise their right to vote,” Pressley said on the House floor in 2019.  Then raise the age of being able to work.

“In this country, we affirm that when a person walks into the voting booth and pulls that lever, there is no meritocracy or hierarchy. The booth is the equalizer.”  Unless they use voting machines to alter the votes and rig an election.  Now we know that their vote may not count the way the voters wanted them to count.

Democrats will do anything to rig an election.  HR 1 is exactly that, with provisions that will make the federal government completely take over election laws and rules in states, even though the Constitution gives sole authority for election laws to state legislatures.  Don’t take my word for it.  Read it yourself here.

Cuomo Hires High-Profile Lawyer Who Represented Harvey Weinstein

Cuomo Hires High-Profile Lawyer Who Represented Harvey Weinstein

After being hit with a third accusation of sexual harassment in under two weeks, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has hired a high-powered criminal defense lawyer who once defended sexual predator Harvey Weinstein and alleged pervert Woody Allen against allegations of sexual assault, which is a sure sign that Cuomo believes that his female accusers have him by the short hairs wherever they may be.

A former federal prosecutor, Elkan Abramowitz, who has ties to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, who refused to prosecute Weinstein and it was discovered that Weinstein’s legal team funded Vance’s campaign, will serve as legal counsel to the embattled governor and his top aides, according to The Wall Street Journal who reported on it on Monday.

Letitia James, the radical Soros-funded New York Attorney General (AG) is investigating the Cuomo administration, though she hasn’t yet appointed anyone to look into the accusations made by three women who say that Cuomo sexually harassed them, which includes inappropriate kissing and touching without consent and making lewd comments like asking a 25-year-old aide is she had ever had sex with older men and the 63-year-old governor letting her know that “he’s fine with anyone above the age of 22”

“To be clear I never inappropriately touched anybody and I never propositioned anybody and I never intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable, but these are allegations that New Yorkers deserve answers to,” Cuomo said in a statement giving a non-apology apology for the things the women have accused him of doing.  He tried to blow it off as “being playful and making jokes that I think are funny.”

So what was the punchline of that joke where he kissed Lindsey Boylan on the lips without consent?  Can you imagine?  “Two guys walk into a bar and MWUAH!  In your face!”

Cuomo asked New Yorkers to hold off judgment until the findings come from an independent investigation – note: there are no independent investigations when Democrats are involved, only rigged circus acts – when he at long last referred the matter to James’ office on Sunday, but that was only after he caught a lot of backlash for first picking former US District Judge Barbara Jones, a former law partner with Steve Cohen, one of Cuomo’s closest advisors.  He tried to rig the investigation.

AG James is already looking into the Cuomo administration’s mishandling and possible criminal activities with regard to the nursing home scandal where top Cuomo aide told state Democrats on a conference call that the administration hid the nursing home COVID death numbers because they were afraid that the Trump administration’s Department of Justice would find out the real number of deaths that they lied about after forcing coronavirus patients into nursing homes that killed over 10 thousand seniors.  Apparently, the Cuomo administration undercut the death count by over 40 percent.

This isn’t the first time Abramowitz had to get Cuomo out of a mess as he represented the horny old man once for a federal investigation over the governor’s stupid decision to dismantle an anti-corruption panel he created in 2013.

Abramowitz donated $2,100 to DA Vance’s campaign after the DA dropped charges against his client, the infamous sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, even though police provided a recording of the former Hollywood mogul apologizing to his alleged victim and on tape it has him apologizing to her and he promised he wouldn’t do it again.

The attorney also once represented actor Woody Allen on sexual abuse charges that involved his daughter, Dylan Farrow.  Abramowitz accused Dylan’s mother, actress Mia Farrow, of planting the idea that Woody molested his own daughter.  “The idea that Dylan was molested was implanted by her mother, and that memory is never going to go away,” he said in 2014.

In 1998 a Female OIG Accused Then-HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo of Harassment and Hostility

In 1998 a Female OIG Accused Then-HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo of Harassment and Hostility

The sexual harassment problems New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is now facing aren’t the first he’s ever faced.  About twenty years prior to being accused of sexual harassment against women while he served as governor of New York, a young Andrew Cuomo was the recipient of a sexual harassment complaint by a government official who accused Cuomo of hounding her with “a series of attacks and dirty tricks.”  That was when he served as the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary for the Bill Clinton administration.

In 2000, Susan Gaffney file a complaint against Cuomo when she served as HUD’s Inspector General.

In her complaint, Gaffney, and other top HUD officials, alerted the Office of Departmental Equal Employment Opportunity that she was sexually harassed and discriminated against because of her stance against fraud at HUD, accusing Cuomo of verbally abusing her during weekend phone calls.

The complaint came after years of clashing with Cuomo as she described during her 1998 appearance before the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs.  When she testified, Gaffney detailed being targeted with accusations and whisper campaigns and even made to appear to be a racist who discriminated against minorities.

Why should we look at Cuomo’s past when he served as HUD secretary?  Because it shows a pattern of behavior by the governor who is now implicated in two, possibly three high-profile cases where he is being accused of sexually harassing women subordinates while serving as governor of New York.  He is also being investigated by the Department of Justice  (DOJ) for how he bungled the nursing home fiasco when he forced COVID-positive patients into nursing homes where he may be responsible for over ten thousand deaths.

Accusers and others who have known about Cuomo’s personality for a long time are now saying things like he was a “predatory” man and a “colossal a**hole.”  Politicians and other officials are saying things like, “he’s always been that way.”  Well, then where the heck were they all this time?  How come none of them said anything publicly, in some cases for years?

Gaffney, during her 1998 testimony, testified that Cuomo’s “hostility” emanated from an audit that her office did on a program that fell under the former HUD secretary’s authority.  It appears that Cuomo has always been a hothead.  Gaffney said that Cuomo “heatedly disputed the authority of the OIG to raise certain questions, and strongly objected to what he saw as a lack of accountability on my part.”  An inspector general has the right to ask any questions that fall under the jurisdiction of the department they are overseeing.  She said her OIG continued to operate as normal after Cuomo took the job, but he continually clashed with them.

“Not surprisingly, given the depth and pervasiveness of management problems at HUD, we have expressed reservations about the Secretary’s ability to transform HUD in the radical manner and under the abbreviated timetable he has adopted,” Gaffney said during her testimony. “The Secretary has characterized this as biased reporting and naysaying. His impatience with the independence of the OIG has led to a truly extraordinary series of events.”  In short, Cuomo’s a jerk.

Gaffney explained that the problems with Cuomo started when he announced that his office had received an anonymous letter claiming that Gaffney targeted African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans, right out of the Democrat handbook, and said that the OIG was “riddled with abuse.”

Since time immemorial, whenever Democrats found themselves boxed into a corner one surefire way to get out of it is to accuse your opponent of being a racist.

Gaffney told the Senate that of course, that and other garbage was leaked to the Washington Post and that she approached Cuomo to question by members of his staff had leaked that information to the media.

“He explained to me that his key aides saw me as the ’embodiment of evil,’ and there was nothing he could do about that,” Gaffney testified.

Andrew Cuomo is an insecure man-child who thinks acting like a bully will make other people back down on you.  That works in many cases because most people in civil society don’t want any trouble or to upset the applecart as it were, but in my experience when you push back on a bully like this they cave in many cases because their toughness was all just a bluff.  Democrats in power last longer than most folks, because of the political implications involved and power moves are important to those kinds of people.

So what we’re seeing today is just an extension of Andrew Cuomo’s boorish behavior from decades ago.  A tiger cannot change its stripes and a jerk never grows up.  Unfortunately for the governor, it appears that the Democratic Party no longer finds him useful and I think he’s finding that out now.

According to New Study Biden Amnesty Will Import Foreign Population the Size of California

According to New Study Biden Amnesty Will Import Foreign Population the Size of California

It boggles the mind why an American president would create an amnesty program when the problems of illegal immigration were fixed by the last administration.  Why would an American president do this to the country?  Obtaining votes is the only explanation that makes any sense.  When you think about the harm that comes to American citizens and many of the migrants who travel here because they have been told by Woke Democrats that we owe them a living, it should be criminal.  How do you decide to create a border crisis in the first month of your administration?  We are unquestionably in the middle of a crisis right now and it’s all been unnecessarily self-inflicted by the Biden administration.

After four years of Herculean efforts, the Trump administration handed over an immigration system to the new administration where illegal migrants were safely returned back to their countries of origin thanks to agreements made with Central American governments, the surge of children migrants and families traveling thousands of miles, many of them raped and assaulted along the way, had effectively stopped.  Catch and Release was ended, because it was a stupid policy where we released illegal border crossers into the American population only to have zero percent ever show up for their hearings and zero percent chance that the Obama administration would give a damn about finding them and deporting them.  In four weeks’ time, the Biden administration ended all of that.  Now, tens of thousands of people are getting hurt every single day with thousands coming across our border, and the federal government is not equipped to test them for COVID-19.  American citizens are being locked down in Democrat-controlled states, Biden asks for a mask mandate, yet they are not testing thousands of foreign migrants for COVID.  Wonderful!  Supporting illegal immigration is cruel and evil because it kills people.

A new analysis shows President Joe Biden’s amnesty program will bring in enough foreigners that the numbers will compare to the size of California’s population.

Last month, House and Senate Democrats introduced the HR 1177 & S. 348, the Biden plan, that will give amnesty to the roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United States -I believe the number is closer to 30 million – while at the same time they will double the annual legal immigration numbers to the country, flooding the labor market with more foreign competition for the nation’s more than 17 million jobless Americans, many of them jobless thanks to other disastrous decisions made by the Biden administration since January 20.

NumbersUSA, an organization that fights for American workers to decrease the foreign competition in our labor market, did an analysis that finds that by 2031, Biden’s amnesty program will have brought in a foreign-born population almost the size of California.

According to the analysis, by 2031, almost 12 million illegal aliens will have been processed through the amnesty policies that would let them remain in the United States indefinitely and then reward them with American citizenship.  Did anyone really vote for this?

Did you vote to have the current number of 1.2 million green card holders doubled to more than 2.4 million?  This horrible legislation will bring in more than 37 million foreigners into the US in just ten years.  Contrary to what Biden thinks, no society can bring in that many people in that timespan and not have serious negative effects on society.

It’s a vicious cycle.  The huge wave of immigration will have consequences on American citizens, but those who Biden is appeasing with his amnesty plans don’t care.  The wave of immigration brought in by the Biden plan will be a windfall for corporations who want cheap labor and more consumers.  The differences between the Trump administration that this group of anti-American schemers cannot be more clear.  Whereas the Trump administration implemented an America First agenda where American working families were employed and were thriving, the Biden administration, by their own policies, has made America last.

California School Official Compares Reopening Schools to ‘Slavery’ and ‘White Supremacist Ideology’

California School Official Compares Reopening Schools to ‘Slavery’ and ‘White Supremacist Ideology’

Dr. Carol Swain appeared on Fox News recently to talk about a few trending topics in education, including her reaction to remarks by the Vice President of La Mesa-Spring Valley School District, who said that reopening schools is like slavery, and she compared forcing children to attend school to White supremacist ideology.

“It seems a White Supremacist ideology to force people to comply with and conform,  without considering all of a person’s factors in intersectionality and factors and barriers that all of the families have to face. It is White Supremacy and privilege, check it, you guys, and I do not want to be a part of it,” a woman said.

“So making anyone do what they don’t want to do is slavery? By her definition, I am engaging in slavery all day long as a Mom.  This is about getting kids back into the classroom,” the Fox News host said. “This has to be frustrating for parents to hear this.”

“It is so absurd. She is an elected official, and she is clearly parroting the views of the teacher’s union rather than paying attention to the wishes of the parents.  If you look at the data, the children most hurt by being out of school are Blacks, Latinos, and Poor Whites,” said Professor Carol Swain, the Vice Chairwoman of President Donald J. Trump’s 1776 Commission education, in reaction to the audio of the school official.

Parents complained, and the school released a statement saying that the woman who commented is an elected position, and there is nothing they can do about the comments. However, they disagree with her statements.

“We do not condone her behavior, and she does not reflect our values, she is not an employee, and we can not release duly elected officials,” the school spokesman wrote in a letter in reaction to parent’s concerns.

Apparently, making parents abide by elected official’s agenda, which they did not vote for, but do pay for, is not considered slavery to the School board member.

On the topic of School districts canceling certain literature, Swain spoke about her point of view.

“There has been a battle against Western Civilization. That goes back to 1988 with Jessie Jackson, who was protesting Western Civilization at Standford University, for being too Eurocentric and white male-dominated,” Swan said.

“We see the fruits of that movement, and it is focused on White people and changing what is considered tradition. That is what Western Civilization is about,” she said.

“Canceling Shakespeare is about a protest against Western Civilization, and you can trace these attacks to Critical Race Theory.  So White Culture is being canceled by the elites, and it is destructive to minorities and all children. The Democrat Party has pretty much endorsed this whole agenda. In itself, to cancel it is racist.    Everything about it racist: poor children will get a worse education, and they are not being exposed to the essential skills they need to be successful,” Swain said.

Big Tech Like Microsoft, Adobe, and Others Want To Trace Your Content Back To You In Most Bold Power Grab To Date

Big Tech Like Microsoft, Adobe, and Others Want To Trace Your Content Back To You In Most Bold Power Grab To Date

“Always eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, indoors or out of doors, in the bath or bed—no escape. Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters in your skull.” George Orwell, 1984

Microsoft, the new Ingsoc, has joined with a number of media and tech firms to create a system that can trace your content around the internet, a concept that I predict will kill online privacy and individual anonymity and will eventually fundamentally transform the web.

Why would a tech company do this?  I am a programmer and earlier in my career, I once dealt with a situation where a virus, not unlike the Melissa virus that was unleashed back in 1999, was written using Microsoft’s VBA programming language which stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It’s built into Microsoft’s Office products.  Inside Office products is a fully functional version of Visual Basic for VBA that will allow you to write VBA programming code that will do things inside the documents you’re working on?  Don’t believe me?  Open up a Word document and then simultaneously hit the ALT/F11 keys and watch what happens.  The Visual Basic for Applications IDE opens up.  You may have already written VBA code without even knowing it.  One of the functions of VBA inside the Office suite is when you create a macro to record tasks to be used later on, the macro creates programming code that runs your macros.  If you create macros to automate something you can then go into VBA, look up the macro name you gave it, and voila, there’s programming code that makes up the macro you created.   Pretty cool, eh?  But I digress.

Now that you know what Microsoft has been capable of doing for decades, it’s time to look at what they have done now.  Microsoft, along with the tech and media companies who signed up, has constructed a plan that could turn out to be the tech tyrant’s boldest, most shameless power grab ever.

Microsoft gave a press release that revealed a partnership with several other companies to form what they call the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA).  Their mission is to develop a system where all content that enters the internet can be traced back to the original author.

This is like buying a car and the manufacturing company records everywhere you drive so that your travel can be traced and possibly used against you.  It’s like the government putting a tracker on your home’s thermostat so that they can keep track of your carbon footprint and do whatever they want with that data including punishing the homeowner.  Believe it or not, the Democrats proposed such a thing years ago and received so much backlash that they had to scrap it, but now that Democrats no longer have to worry about winning elections they may bring it back up again.

As stated in the press release, it talks about developing specifications for “common asset types and formats,” which are objects users online could post, things like images, videos, documents, and other things.   So now if you create and post a meme that the Woke Supremacy doesn’t like they can trace it back to you and punish you accordingly.  And it more-than-likely won’t just be able to trace the author but anyone who shares it later.

Think about all the products you use on a computer, and then think about all the companies that make those products that have gone Woke over the last few years.  And it’s not just Microsoft.  Adobe that makes Photoshop, Jasc Software creates Paintshop Pro, Apple has iMovie, and there’s a whole host of software and services that allow users to be creative that may now compromise your privacy and security.

Of course, the tech tyrants will say that they are doing this to protect people from misinformation and those crazy white supremacists who are lurking around every corner of the internet.

According to Microsoft, this coalition was born to, you guessed it, stop the spread of “disinformation,” which in reality means any information that does not fit the forever changing narratives of the leftist Woke Supremacy.   Pretty soon we’re going to see Soviet-style dissident reading groups form in neighborhoods just so people can share information again, just don’t bring a Kindle.

The official line from Microsoft is they want “to address the prevalence of disinformation, misinformation and online content fraud through developing technical standards for certifying the source and history or provenance of media content.”

The first place thing can look at CNN or even Microsoft’s MSNBC, two of the largest spreaders of disinformation on the planet, but since the Supremacy shares their ideology we shouldn’t count on that ever happening.

This is something that no one wants to talk about. The same people who keep accusing conservative speech of being disinformation and misinformation are the ones who are really spreading misinformation and disinformation, and they do it on a daily basis.  CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, BBC, you name it, the mainstream media are the ones who spread disinformation as if that’s their job.  We spent nearly three years of daily reports about Trump-Russia collusion.  They spread misinformation about Trump for four years just to interfere with his ability to govern.  Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and others from Silicon Valley have censored free speech by calling it disinformation when all it really was is speech they don’t like.  These are the entities who are defining disinformation?

This is far more sinister than the censorship from social media companies who also now interfere in our elections and silence all political speech that they don’t like.  They’re now going to trace anything you produce from the CPU level of your computer and use it against you if you piss them off.  This is the most dangerous thing the tech tyrants have ever come up with.

Call your representatives, because this will be a nightmare for our society.  Privacy will truly be a thing of the past.  This is Soviet-style personal intrusion at a much worse rate than anything the Russian politburo of old could have come up with.  The old KGB would be proud.  Tech tyrants do not have the right to declare someone’s free speech as disinformation simply because they don’t like what is said.  They are the public town square now and they should be treated as a de facto government.  Unfortunately for our republic, this dangerous set of events are happening when the worst kind of people control the federal government.

Big brother is watching you.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Gives Brief Statement On His Show About Allegations Against His Brother, ‘CNN Has To Cover It’ [VIDEO]

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Gives Brief Statement On His Show About Allegations Against His Brother, ‘CNN Has To Cover It’ [VIDEO]

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo addressed the sexual harassment claims against his brother, Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, in a short statement on his show after more accusations surfaced.

Cuomo recognized that the network would have to cover the story about his brother and pointed out that he could not because of an apparent conflict of interest.  In fact, Axios reported that the CNN host was banned by CNN from covering his brother.

“Before we start tonight, let me say something that I’m sure is very obvious to you who watch my show and thank you for that,” said Cuomo.

“You’re straight with me, I’ll be straight with you,” he added.  I don’t know what he means by that.  His audience is straight with him?

“Obviously I am aware of what is going on with my brother. And obviously, I cannot cover it because he is my brother. Now, of course, CNN has to cover it. They have covered it extensively and they will continue to do so,” Cuomo added.

“I have always cared, very deeply, about these issues, and profoundly so,” he concluded. “I just wanted to tell you that, there’s a lot of news going on that matters also, so let’s get after that.”

I’m surprised he didn’t do a “Republicans pounce!” story where the Fake News media always makes the story, not about any wrongdoing done by a Democrat, but rather, how Republicans are all chiming on to pounce on the story.  That way, the Fake News folks can say they covered the story even though they attacked Republicans, who did nothing wrong, in the process.


The younger Cuomo was slammed by users pointing out that the CNN host didn’t refrain from covering his governor brother prior to these latest accusations of workplace sexual harassment.  Some made fun of the host reminding him of a segment where he had his brother on the show making fun of him by holding up a giant cotton swab he would have to use to test for COVID.

We reported on Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett coming out with allegations against Governor Cuomo of sexual harassment while working for him in his administration.

Then on Monday, a third accuser has come forward with accusations against Cuomo saying he made unwanted advances on her as well.  According to the woman this happened during a wedding back in September of 2019.  She even has hard evidence, a photograph that was taken that captures the interaction.  What a horny old creep.

Lindsey Boylan, who served as Deputy Secretary for Economic Development and Special Advisor for the Cuomo administration spanning from March 2015 until October 2018, initially made accusations that Cuomo inappropriately kissed her on the lips without her consent.  Charlotte Bennett said Cuomo flirted with her and asked her inappropriate questions like was she in a relationship, is she monogamous when she’s in a relationship, has she ever dated older men, then he informed the 25-year-old aide that he had no problem dating women over 22.  He told her he wanted “a girlfriend, preferably in the Albany area.”  Bennett said she understood he was grooming her.

“I understood that the governor wanted to sleep with me, and felt horribly uncomfortable and scared,” Bennett told the New York Times. “And was wondering how I was going to get out of it and assumed it was the end of my job.”

Governor Cuomo finally responded to the first two accusers giving a statement that ended up being a non-apology apology where he pretty much said he was sorry that these women misinterpreted what he did.  In other words, these two women are so stupid they couldn’t figure out that when he inappropriately kissed one of them on the lips, touched parts of the body without consent, and said things that added a whole lot of unwanted pressure on them that he was simply acting as a mentor.  In fact, Cuomo actually said he wanted to be a mentor for Bennett.  Then why did the 63-three-year-old Democratic governor ask her if she has had sex with older men?  Why did he have to let her know that “he’s fine with anyone above the age of 22?”  Men who want to mentor women more than half their age don’t believe that way.