DECEIT BY SCHOOLS: NC Wake Co PTA ,Teachers Say ‘Go Around Parents In Transgender Agenda’, As NCDPI Hides Trainings

DECEIT BY SCHOOLS: NC Wake Co PTA ,Teachers Say ‘Go Around Parents In Transgender Agenda’, As NCDPI Hides Trainings

Something wicked is happening in Wake County, North Carolina, and parents need to quickly get themselves up to speed on Critical Race Theory. How far advanced their school has gone down the path of debasing their child’s pride in themselves, in their family, in their country, and their parents.

This Saturday I attended, online a PTA meeting held by the Equity office of Wake County Public Schools, and while I have screenshots and video of what I am about to tell you, the purpose of these articles not to humiliate anyone, but to see if a discussion can be opened between the members of this frightening Critical Race Theory and the public.  Let us see if we can stop the invasion of Wake County Public Schools for the good of the children because people are being betrayed, and children are being harmed.

“It is dangerous to a child to not listen to what they want. When parents are not supportive or affirming, they are causing the child to be suicidal. Where is there confidentiality? People should consider in that case going to, or send the child to the librarian,” one of the PTA members said to the teacher who asked the question about how to help her student who wants a pronoun the parents will not agree to.


In a breakout meant to build bridges between the PTA and Trangenderd families, what I heard and saw and have confirmed with another observer ( and which I have on video), is members of the school and members of the PTA talking about disregarding parent’s beliefs and commands about addressing their children with pronouns that represent transgenderism, and to uphold what the child wants bypassing parent’s concerns.


It is the most shocking and egregious betrayal of trust that ever could unfold; teachers are marginalizing parents and making decisions about the mental health of a minor that may or may not know anything about.

At the breakout, a young educator, who I believe could not hold up to public security, spoke about their beliefs about being transgendered in a plea for more understanding for transgender youth. Ok, fine.  However, the breakout turned into what looked like a recruiting session when a one concerned citizen asked a question.

A white male wanted clarification on something and was mocked, put off, and then was forcibly removed from the meeting twice. I have that recorded. I found him and have also spoken with him to confirm his questions.


He wanted to know if you had considered any tests or polls that were outside of your bias that “all children must have their beliefs affirmed.” He said that he had seen studies that showed young people would outgrow feelings of gender confusion after a period of time if they were not pressured by social media or information about medical treatments. He asked if anyone had seen those studies. He was rejected and not affirmed.

After the man was removed, the comments two of us heard from this transgender breakout were that a teacher wanted to use a child’s transgender pronouns and if a parent would not relent and allow teachers to use those preferred pronouns, to just do it anyway.

Why was he removed? Why were his concerns not address?  Because he is White?  Because he is a man? What are you doing to America?

We both heard, “Parents don’t need to be informed of everything” and also to send that child to the librarian for some resources, without the consent of the parents.

One mental health therapist chimed in that parents didn’t need to know if a child was called a nickname, so why should they know if the teacher is using a transgender pronoun?

What I observed today is wrong.  The teachers know it is wrong; everyone involved knows what happened on Saturday in the Transgender 101 breakout. The taxpaying public and parents need to understand what is happening.  In my articles, I attempt to keep names and images concealed unless the people involved have already been online, but I promise you, I have more.

This PTA meeting with the Equity Affairs Department happens on the same day that the Department of Public Instruction has removed teacher training on CRT, instead of answering questions about their leftist indoctrination of teachers, leading them to disrupt classes, schools, families, and school districts.

School members, PTA members, I ask you, why you pretend to be concerned about students and want to build bridges to parents, as long as the parents are exactly who you personally affirm, and then betray other parents, who are trusting you with the most precious relationship of their lives, their children.

You are biased.  You are racist.  You are collecting public tax money, and you are harming children.

I got out of Community Organizing/ Social Work because of the lies they were feeding me about Americans. I expect better from you. Newly immigrated parents in that meeting were confused about why they were there.

Imagine when they start to find out from you your version of America is that it is just a criminal racist place. That will fill their hearts with joy, no doubt.

You are exploiting people. I could write articles on this for days. I prefer you straighten up instead. Who are you serving? Who do you answer to? Why do you believe your version of our society is more important than the American parents who pay your paycheck and trust you with their kids?

NC Lt. Gov, Mark Robinson, Invites Dems To Evaluate Schools In Country’s, ‘Anti Indoctrination’ First Task Force

NC Lt. Gov, Mark Robinson, Invites Dems To Evaluate Schools In Country’s, ‘Anti Indoctrination’ First Task Force

Republican Lt. Governor of North Carolina, Mark Robinson, is the first politician in the Nation to call for an anti-indoctrination task force into the practices of public education; on Tuesday, at a press event, he invited Democrats to join him in his concerns for children, parents, and teachers who are seeing draconian and oftentimes scary changes in education.

“First of all, I want people to know that this is not an inditement on education nor is this anti-Teacher, our teachers work hard and they serve people. This is inspired by complaints about things their students and their children were being forced to learn.  So we realized that heretofore there was nowhere this date was being compiled. Parents and teachers are out there who are afraid of speaking out to administrations and principals; we want people to be treated fairly,” Robinson said.

“We are going to root out the problems and make it end. We are going to examine the reports we get and take them serioulsy. We don’t know what the issues are that we are going to receive. This was a campaign promise. It is not a question of If this is happening, we know it is happening,” Robinson told the press.

“This is not about political ideology; I don’t want right-hand ideology or left-hand ideology in the classroom.  I want to one day be a teacher, and if I can’t give impressional young minds just the facts, then I can not teach,” Robinson said.

Robinson loves teaching. I can personally confirm that. One of the first things I talked to Robinson about just a day or so after his famous speech at the Greensboro city council meeting about gun control that propelled him into public service was his love of education.  When he made that speech, he was working to save enough money to go back to school and go into teaching. His first love is education.

Robinson said that when he was campaigning for office in 2020, he was “besieged by folks who were complaining about things their students and their children were having to learn in public schools that were contrary to their own beliefs.”


“We are bringing a spotlight to issues we heard about while on the campaign trail, and we are taking them seriously now that we are in office,”  State rep Kevin Corbin, a former school board and commissioner, said in opening comments before Robinson speaking.

Other members of the State Legislature, School Board, and concerned parents spoke about their concerns for public schools’ changing mission.

Robinson’s task force’s goal is to collect complaints from parents, students, and teachers in public schools from across the state “who are literally afraid to speak up” to their local school boards.

Now he is giving Democrats a chance to elevate their own platform by working with the task force, to hear the issues, and to join him in being proactive. Democrats should be interested since the state of education will be a leading issue for politicians in 2022.

Robinson’s press event comes at the same time Wake County, the largest country of North Carolina’s 100 counties, begins to roll out a highly pubic campaign for more invasive “Critical Race Theory” programing of families, students, teachers, and community leaders than ever before.

Local, left-leaning News and Observer, in their coverage of the press event, was suspicious of Robinson’s claims and wrote:

‘And while there have long been rumors of indoctrination efforts or one-off stories about a teacher’s controversial lesson plan, Robinson said he hopes to soon be able to show people just how widespread it might be.”


“People say, ‘Well, where’s the proof?’ Where’s the proof?’” said Robinson, a Republican who took office in January. “We’re going to bring you the proof.”

And the left’s suspicions should be faced with the question, if there are no conflicts in the way schools are conducting themselves, why would you be negative about a task force to investigate the claims?


Helping everyone else gain points with the public is how much Robinson is dedicated to education if they want to help the community.  He will even help Democrats if they want to “do right” for the children, parents, and North Carolina teachers.

“We have had issues in public schools for years, and the COVID just brought issues to the forefront.  Now we have a chance to get a spotlight on what is happening and what is going wrong in public schools.  We want to know that someone is fighting for us,” NC state Representative David Willis said.

Conservative Coalition of NC is a grassroots group that has helped Mark Robinson with his campaign and election. Thank you for their video.


Further reading on Wake Co. Public Schools:

Why Are There Election Fraud Cases in Multiple States if 2020 Election Was Deemed ‘Flawless’

Why Are There Election Fraud Cases in Multiple States if 2020 Election Was Deemed ‘Flawless’

They call it the “Big Lie” for a reason.  Democrats and RINO Republicans refer to anyone asserting that there was massive voter fraud in the 2020 election as the Big Lie, but the truth is the labeling of such allegations is the real Big Lie.  There has been voter fraud since the days of George Washington so when the DC Swamp creatures and all their boot-licking sycophants in the Fake News media told us that it was a perfectly run election and that there was no voter fraud that was the beginning of the Big Lie.  They had to do it because otherwise all their efforts to steal a presidential election would have been done for nothing.  And if they allowed the Big Lie to be exposed then the Democrats would never win another election again.  That’s why they got the Fake News media and the tech tyrants of social media to censor any and all information that came out about election fraud claiming it to be disinformation.  All of that ends now.

There are now at least eight cases of multiple instances of alleged voter fraud that happened during the same election the Left swore was the cleanest election of our lifetime and some other recent elections as well.  Cases have been brought in California, Georgia, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Multiple crimes of election fraud during the 2020 election in Wheaton, Illinois were charged against five people.

The DuPage State Attorney’s Office and the County Clerk’s Office worked together on investigations into 32 cases of alleged election fraud.  I thought there was no election fraud.

A few of those cases claim that people cast ballots illegally on behalf of other people.  Other cases allege that voters declared that they had lived in the county they voted for over the legally-required time period of six months, and they lied.

Four people, including a Justice of the Peace, were arrested for 150 counts of voter fraud for ballot harvesting and unlawful possession of a ballot or ballot envelope.

Out of four people indicted by a grand jury for alleged election fraud during a special election in Paterson, NJ in May 2020 two of them were city council members.

Here’s a doozy in Georgia.  Recently-elected Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is being investigated for voter fraud concerning his being a board chairman of a voter registration group founded by the progressive lunatic Stacey Abrams who lost her bid in the Georgia governor’s race back in 2018 but went to on believing she was the governor anyway.  Abrams was spotlighted by many in the Fake News media when she made statements against Donald Trump claiming that his refusing to conceded to Joe Biden, who 74 million Americans believe stole the 2020 election from him was anti-democratic even though to this day she has never conceded to who turned out to be a real disappointment, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.  But even on Kemp’s worst day, Abrams would be a disaster by comparison.

Fulton County, Georgia’s election board is under investigation by the Secretary of State for election “sloppiness” and problems in election management concerning how the county handled election observers.  I also have to mention that Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger should himself be under investigation for when he conspired with the lunatic  Stacey Abrams by illegally changing election law, something the Constitution only empowers state legislatures to do when he changed how ballot signature verifications were to be done.  Instead of matching a ballot signature up to either a driver’s license or the voter’s original voter registration form Raffensperger allowed the Democrats in Georgia to match ballot signatures with the application to request a mail-in ballot, allegedly allowing the forger’s two signatures to be compared instead of the real voter.  But Raffensperger came out against Donald Trump so he’ll be fine.  What a world we live in.

Former Congressman Michael Myers (D-PA) was charged back in July with a scam operation he used to stuff ballot boxes every year from 2014 through 2016 for primary elections.  Meyers bribed a former Judge of Elections for the 39th Ward, 36th Division, Domenick J. Demuro, of course, a Democrat, who pleaded guilty in a federal court in Philadelphia to adding fraudulent votes to voting machines.  I thought Democrats told us it was impossible to rig voting machines.  Note to Self:  Call Dominion.

A runoff election was ordered by a Mississippi judge after more than three-quarters of absentee ballots were deemed invalid in a previous runoff election in June 2020 with a notary being arrested according to The Epoch Times.

And there are two more election fraud investigations in northern California where the mayor of a city resigned last week after pleading guilty to election fraud charges. Alex Campbell, the Crescent City Mayor Pro Tem plead guilty to making a false declaration of candidacy in Del Norte County Superior Court, as reported by local news outlet Wild Rivers Outpost.

If you’re still not convinced that there was election fraud during the 2020 election I recommend you watch MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s movie “Absolute Proof” where he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was massive election fraud against Donald Trump and it involved many foreign countries including China.  Watch the full-length video here for free.

Former Trump Adviser Predicts At Least 3 Indictments Coming From Special Counsel John Durham’s Investigation

Former Trump Adviser Predicts At Least 3 Indictments Coming From Special Counsel John Durham’s Investigation

Peter Navarro, a former Trump Administration Trade Official made a prediction on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News show “Morning Futures” on Monday predicting that there will be at least three indictments coming from the investigation being run by Special Counsel John Durham concerning the Trump-Russia hoax perpetrated by Obama Administration officials at the request of Hillary Clinton to get her illegal private email server out of the news back at the beginning of the summer of 2016 in an effort to help Clinton get elected in spite of her atrocious mishandling of classified information that would have landed anyone else in prison as a clear violation of the Espionage Act.

Navarro was a trade and economics guy brought into the Trump administration who helped the president turn our economy around and send the Obama/Biden years of economic misery to the ash heap of history, so how would he be privy to such inside information of a special counsel investigation?

Don’t forget that Donald Trump was a businessman and he kept Navarro inside his inner circle  Navarro built relationships with the other insiders who would know about such things as how the Durham investigation is going.

Navarro said he has been a registered Democrat who supported the Clinton/Gore administration and he supported Hillary Clinton’s first failed presidential campaign back in 2008.  The former Trump adviser also ran for office as a Democrat in California several times and the Hildebeast even endorsed him.  Believe it or not, Navarro asserts that he holds progressive views on many social issues, but I think he confuses progressivism with liberalism because he doesn’t seem at all like an evil person.

He joined the Trump campaign as an economic adviser because of Trump’s nationalist economic policies and he too opposes trade deficits and trade deals termed as multilateral.  Trump himself preferred to have separate trade deals with individual countries rather than one-size-fits-all because you can negotiate individual trade deals easier than having multiple countries team up on you which gives you less strong of a position.  This is why he is anti-China on trade and other foreign policy matters which are important for the United States, something Trump understood from the beginning.

After the election, Trump appointed Navarro to be the Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy within the White House.

Navarro’s influence in the White House grew as other advisers dropped off because they forgot that the president is the one who makes policy and not them.  He used his influence to move his China foreign policy ideas to be a centerpiece of Trump’s renegotiating trade deal moves with the Chinese communists.

When Bartiromo asked him about his prediction of three indictments, his response was less than exciting.  Navarro told the host that he is making the prediction based on reports by John Solomon last week where it was reported that additional FBI internal documents surrounding the FBI’s spy Stefan Halper and what he did during the summer of 2016 leading up to the election when he targeted Trump campaign members to either find out if any of them knew anything about working with the Russians to dig up opposition research political dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Halper was sent in by the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign.  This is not up for dispute.  Two months prior to the election George Papadopoulos got a meeting request from Halper, who at the time was a University of Cambridge professor, who asked Papadopoulos to fly to London to discuss international relations and the possibility of Papadopoulos writing a paper on the gas field in the Mediterranean and be paid the sum of $3,000.  Halper paid for his flight, which could be construed as entrapment.  Papadopoulos flew to England and met with Halper.  While discussing the reason he traveled to London, suddenly Hapler switched the subject to Russia, asking Papadopoulos, “You know about hacking the emails from Russia, right?”  It was so out of the blue that Papadopoulos saw it as a red flag that something was up.  He offered Halper no information and later said it was an absurd question in the first place.  George said that Halper was not the only suspicious person to reach out to him, claiming there were two others.  According to Papadopoulos’s wife, one of those contacted offered to pay George $30,000 a month during his time with the Trump team, the wife recognizing the offer as something nefarious saying, “It looks to be one among a series of attempts to entrap George. The question today to me is whether these people are simply shady businessmen or are they part of a greater attempt to entrap George in illegal activity.”

And the Halper scenario is just the tip of the iceberg for what the Obama DOJ and intelligence community did to stop Trump, and we know who did what and when they did it, enough to bring dozens of indictments.

Conservatives Need To Step Up Their Game By Going on Offense to Combat the Left’s Lies

Conservatives Need To Step Up Their Game By Going on Offense to Combat the Left’s Lies

After the shocking presidential election theft/loss, the conservatives are going to have to change up tactics.   The Woke Supremacy was able to shut down conservatives who investigated election irregularities by labeling them as conspiracy theories that lead to physical violence.  The Woke news media and Woke social media tech giants were in on it lending legitimacy to a Biden win.  Even though most people know what really happened in the 2020 election showing legitimacy is what the Democrats fought for after the election theft, which we now know was a coordinated theft thanks to Time magazine’s bragging about it.

The very first thing that needs to be done differently is how our elections are held.  For decades Democrats have come up with all kinds of gourmet recipes for how people vote, each one of them rife with fraud.  Republican-controlled state legislatures must close all election laws and regulations that allow for even the tiniest exploit for fraud.  The best way to do that is to throw out the Brad Raffenspergers and like-minded RINOs who want to cut deals with Democrats so that they feel good about themselves and get honest state and county officials overseeing elections.  What happened in 2020 was a horrific disgrace. Even in states that are run by Republican legislatures like in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia the county level officials were all run and controlled by Democrats and that’s how all of the irregularities that were witnessed took place.

An even bigger problem that must be dealt with is how the Left organizes its attacks by shutting conservative voices down and thereby taking away any credibility.  They own and control the mainstream news media and social media, academia, the courts, and the corporate world on Wall Street.  Because we have morals and they do not, because we adhere to the rule of law and they do not, because we still believe in a Constitutional republic and they do not make it all much more difficult for us and we naturally have to work much harder than they do.  It’s not enough for American conservatives to sit around and gripe about how unfair it is that the system is rigged because that doesn’t solve anything.  No one is listening but conservatives and no one cares but conservatives and since they own everything that matters for public opinion complaining does nothing.

All of the leftist power moguls already mentioned have labeled any exposure of their crimes and wrongdoing as “misleading information,” “Russian disinformation,” or “conspiracy theories.”   We watched them do this and it becomes frustrating when they are all working on the same page and can get a dismissive response out like that in seconds.

The Left uses conspiracy theories to lump in with any genuine criticisms of their wrongdoing.  At this point for the Woke crowd, when one of them labels something as a conspiracy theory or misinformation or misleading information it’s instantly dismissed.  They don’t even care about the details, they just believe it and move on.

The tech tyrants are using the fact that they are private corporations working under the Telecommunications Decency Acts Section 230 and so far they are winning that argument, mainly because the politicians are trying to decide do they love the law and free speech more than the money they’re getting from the tech tyrants.  They are now the town square and though there is precedence that a private town is considered a government, for now, we just have to be smarter than them.

It’s getting exponentially worse as they first targeted influencers like Alex Jones and David Harris jr – yes, Facebook once deplatformed his page for speaking truth – because they wanted to get rid of them.  Then they started silencing the president of the United States by lying saying he was spreading misinformation about Joe Biden which was clearly not misinformation.   The next step is they are going to cancel anyone who admits they voted for Trump.  The Fake News media, which now consists of about 95 percent of news outlets, are blocking the truth from getting out and the tech tyrants are kicking conservatives off their platforms and making certain that we can’t even run our own platforms such as Amazon that kicked Parler off their web services for violating their terms of agreement which was only that they are a free speech entity.  The message they are silently sending is “we attack conservatives and the Democrats make sure our bottom line rises.”

The Left figured out how to dismiss any questions about the election as conspiracy theories.  I know it’s maddening to hear news anchors labeling legitimate points about elections laws that were broken by state officials as conspiracies and it’s frustrating to have your posts on social media labeled as misinformation when you know darn right well what you posted is a fact.  The point here is we have to defeat these dismissals.  As bad as they are it’s working.  Not all Americans are as political as you the reader.  They only know what’s going on by their news and what they see on social media.  They’re not bad people and they’re not stupid.  They’re just living their lives and are fed false information about conservative information.  And that has to be defeated.

One of the easiest ways to defeat them is to point out what they labeled as conspiracy theories in the past that turned out later to be completely accurate.  You may think what’s the point because they know they’re lying when they label conservative speech as conspiracy theories, but they’re not your target audience.  You are never going to convince the people labeling conservative speech as misleading or conspiracies.  They’re in on the big lie!  Your target audience is made up of the people who will read the posts, people who are not out in front making noise and arguing politics, but, rather, are there to learn what’s happening, what’s going on.  Trust me, when someone like that sees the labeling and then reads the rebuttals of how past conservative information was also labeled conspiracy theories but turned out to be true, it will affect them the right way.   Anyone with an IQ in the triple digits will be able to figure it out for themselves.

Once conservatives get used to fighting back by pointing out past information that was labeled as conspiracy theories were later proven to be accurate then it becomes the time when conservatives start labeling the Left’s labeling truth as conspiracy theories as the actual conspiracy theories.  The real conspiracy is the labeling of fact as a conspiracy.   Sounds ridiculous, right?  Well, it’s their playing field for now and that’s how you beat them at their own game.

Conservatives can take a real lesson from president Donald Trump. he never let them get away with labeling him. he came back and labeled them with funny negative names that had some truth to them and they stuck. Regular conservatives can do the same thing.

Trump supporters have to learn when to create a narrative.  The Left are masters at this as the recent and much talked about Time article we reported on reveals.  Whether they use hashtags on social media, emails of talking points, or whatever, it’s been working for them.  Now conservatives have to come up with tactics to make it work for them.  If you think this is silly or beneath you then please get out of the fight, because we need to win this fight, otherwise we really really do lose our country.  Stop wasting time on stupid narratives brought up by the Left to bait you in.  Trust only reliable conservative courses like Newsmax, OANN, Dan Bongino’s podcast, and others.  Go to their playgrounds and see what they’re politically pushing and then pounce on it with facts.  Put the Left on defense while conservatives stay on offense.  Yeah, it will take time and hard work, but no battle is worth winning without a real fight.

Mike Lindell, MyPillow CEO to Release Documentary Film Today On 2020 Election Fraud

Mike Lindell, MyPillow CEO to Release Documentary Film Today On 2020 Election Fraud

Mike Lindell is the Founder and CEO of the MyPillow company that has gone through the wringer as of late for the hate crime of Lindell supporting President Donald Trump in his efforts to show that the 2020 election was in fact stolen by Democrats.  Lindell is planning to release a three-hour-long movie on Friday about alleged (I only use that word to avoid lawsuits) election fraud in the 2020 US presidential election.

Lindell has spent millions of his own dollars hiring top-quality data forensics and cyber experts, investigators, and whistleblowers who are in the know with how much election fraud took place in all the key battleground states during the 2020 election.

The movie that Lindell has titled “Absolute Proof” is not very likely to stop criticisms the CEO and his company is receiving for simply asking for a legitimate hearing of the evidence that forms mountains, completely ignored by the CNNs of the world.  Instead, we saw liberal courts reject cases brought to prove election fraud only to have the media report that the said cases were rejected for lack of evidence.  That right there was a fraud perpetrated against the American people as the complainants were never allowed to even present their evidence.

On Wednesday, during interviews to promote the film, Lindell claimed he made it after he realized his efforts garnered “100% proof” that President Trump was defeated in November’s election because of an alleged Chinese cyberattack.

I watched a video of a Chinese professor who spoke to an audience in China on a television show where he openly bragged about how the Chinese government helped Biden win and he went on to allege that the Communist Chinese Party now had a puppet inside the White House.  He also said that they can control Wall Street but they knew they could never control Donald Trump.


Lindell also repeated accusations about votes being “flipped” in favor of Joe Biden by Dominion voting machines, which has a history of doing that in countries that our new government is trying to emulate.  He called Trump “the real president” and described his defeat as a “communist coup.”

Members of law enforcement on Election Day said they found no evidence of any malicious activity that led to the election ending differently.  First of all, on Election Day itself, you’re not going to find more than circumstantial evidence, because it is impossible to claim you did any kind of in-depth analysis of voter data in the key battleground states where the most election fraud occurred on the same day that the fraud was occurring. That’s just common sense.  And those who report that kind of nonsense about the federal government’s investigation completely ignore all the investigations that were done at the state level which uncovered massive mountains of evidence of election fraud.  We have already reported on each key battleground states where the evidence mounted proof of election fraud, and in each instance, liberal courts refused to hear the evidence.

The MyPillow guy has remained steadfast in his resolve to prove that the election was stolen from Donald Trump.  I could spend another ten thousand words describing everything that the world already knows about how the Democrats stole the election, but at this point, I won’t waste your time with things you more than likely already know.  Lindell’s resolve has led to his company people boycotted and he has been banned on many social media platforms, platforms that act like publishers.

In the face of all the tyranny that the Woke Supremacy has thrown at the man like major retail outlets dropping MyPillow products and Twitter banning him and his company to facing a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit which will die in court so long as the court isn’t a Woke tool of the Supremacy because in order to prove defamation you have to prove that the person who said what you claim to be false is actually false and you have to prove that they knew it was false and on top of that you have to prove that you lost money professionally by it.  Dominion Voting Systems can not prove all of that, but Mike Lindell may just prove he’s right and that’s why many in the media, including some frightened folks in conservative media, are doing their best to make Lindell appear to be some conspiracy nut.

While all the hate keeps piling up on this crusader for truth, Lindell has put together a  crew to create his film after he received what he has described as a “miracle from God.”  They allegedly produced the film in just five days.

Lindell said during a radio interview that he has been hiding out and is being protected by “heavy security” admitting that he made the movie with the protection of former Navy SEALs.

“We’ve put this together, and it’s, I want to say, 100 times better than I could have imagined,” the MyPillow exec said.

While promoting his film during another interview on YouTube’s The Revival Channel, Lindell said that his film is “the most important documentary you ever watch in history.”

“Coming Friday, I have put together this documentary, it’s three hours long, that shows every, 100%, the theft by China and these other countries, this cyberattack on our country here, that took, that flipped votes,” Lindell said.

“I think God waited until now to make this movie. Because you know what? It’s 11:59, guys. It’s 11:59. And you know what? That miracle that’s coming, and it’s coming, and I’m telling you, Friday is the start,” he added.

The film will be made available online and on cable TV.  The only thing he has to worry about now is being censored by the Woke Supremacy oligarchs who make no mistake about it will try to suppress the movie from ever being shown.

Godspeed and God Bless Mike Lindell.

Republicans Angry Over Probation Sentence For Ex-FBI Lawyer Who Altered Email That Got Russia Collusion Investigation Started

Republicans Angry Over Probation Sentence For Ex-FBI Lawyer Who Altered Email That Got Russia Collusion Investigation Started

Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) and other Republicans are angry about a sentence of probation that carries no prison time for ex-FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith after he pleaded guilty to doctoring a CIA email during the FBI’s attempts at surveillance against former Trump campaign associate Carter Page.  Page worked for the CIA, and that information was removed from the document.  Had that information not been altered the whole Russia collusion hoax would have died right there.  The millions of dollars spent on the collusion delusion hoax and putting the administration and the entire country through a Constitutional crisis would never have happened, but the court gave Clinesmith probation.

When he was Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Nunes brought to light a whole lot of problems with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) system that went on during the Trump-Russia investigation.  Nunes said of the sentence, “Once again, we see a two-tiered system of justice where average Americans get investigated and imprisoned based on fake media narratives like ‘Russian collusion’ while government officials who perpetuated these abuses get off scot-free.”  Of the reputation of the entire Justice Department in the aftermath of what the Obama DOJ did Nunes said,  “The FBI, DOJ, and judicial system need to regain Americans’ trust, and this absurd sentencing won’t help.”

Judge James Boasberg of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, an Obama appointee of course, also serves on the FISA court, and he shot down the Justice Department’s request for up to six months behind bars. The judge gave Clinesmith probation with 400 hours of community service within a year and there will be no fine.  It was a slap on the wrist and now the American taxpayers are going to pay the millions it cost to do the hoax investigation.

Clinesmith not only worked on the nine-month-long FBI investigation into Russian collusion, which we now know was started by Hillary Clinton in an effort to get her illegal private email server off the front pages of the news, the fired and disgraced former FBI lawyer also worked on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team and he acknowledged to special counsel John Durham’s team that he falsified a document when fired and disgraced former FBI director James Comey’s FBI tried to renew a FISA warrant against Page, a volunteer campaign adviser to the Trump campaign.

Clinesmith edited a CIA email by removing information that showed Carter Page was working for the CIA, he was a good guy who was asked by the CIA to gather information on his business trips to Russia and he did every time they asked because he’s a patriot.  Clinesmith removed that information to make it appear that Page was doing something nefarious.  Page denied doing anything wrong since the beginning and he was never charged with a crime.

“Mr. Clinesmith lost his job, and his government service is what has given his life much of its meaning. He was also earning $150,000 a year — and who knows where the earnings go now. He may be disbarred or suspended from the practice of law … and may never be able to work in the national security field again,” Boasberg said when explaining his decision. “These are substantial penalties… What is more, he went from being an obscure career government lawyer to standing in the eye of a media hurricane. He has been threatened, vilified, and abused on a nationwide scale.”

The judge left out that Clinesmith did all of that to himself.  It’s not like he was a victim here.  He victimized an awful lot of people.

More Republicans lashed out when they heard of the weak sentence given out to Clinesmith.

“This sentence is absolutely despicable,” said Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) took to social media and tweeted, “Very rare that dept of “JUST US” wld recommend jail time 4 one of their own But they did 4 Clinesmith former FBI attorney who falsified paperwork 2spy on Trump campaign+prop up phony collusion probe+violate civil liberties of Carter Page Outrageous DC judge gave NO prison time”

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said, “This punishment trivializes what I believe to be a stunning breach of duty to the Court and to the American people”

Assistant US Attorney Anthony Scarpelli who works on the Durham team said to the court on Friday, “The defendant’s criminal conduct tarnished and undermined the integrity of the FISA program” adding “it has lasting effects on DOJ, the FBI, the FISC, the FISA process, and trust and confidence United States citizens have in their government.”

That trust is gone, and this sentence was like the final nail in the coffin.  Democrats never cared what the American people think and feel about government so long as they are in charge.

Clinesmith had the audacity to label what he did as a shortcut that had no malicious intent.

”I am fully aware of the significance of my actions and the crucial error in judgment I made,” Clinesmith declared to the Obama judge just before his sentence was announced. “I let the FBI, the Department of Justice, my colleagues, the public, and my family down. I also let myself down. I will live with the consequences and deeply-held feeling of regret, shame, and loss caused by it for the rest of my life.”  All things his lawyers prepped him to say.  I allege he would have done it again if he wasn’t caught.  I think there should be an investigation into all of the cases he worked on to see if he did “shortcuts” like this elsewhere during his career.

The Left Using ‘Misinformation’ Allegations To Silence Conservatives, But Who Has Been Spreading Misinformation?

The Left Using ‘Misinformation’ Allegations To Silence Conservatives, But Who Has Been Spreading Misinformation?

If you didn’t live through it you would never believe that in the last two weeks we have witnessed a new plethora of domestic police powers granted to the federal government by the federal government in the name of fighting “domestic terrorism” and the Democrats who now have total power in Washington are showing no signs of slowing down.  They are using the January 6 Capitol riot where about 5,000 people showed up at the Capitol to protest what they believe was the theft of the 2020 election from Donald Trump.  Out of those 5,000 people, maybe 10 percent or less participated in the violent riot that broke out.  Those who did so should be arrested.  Every conservative I know has said that.  Yet the Democrats would have you believe that all 74 million Trump voters were at the Capitol and all participated in the riot.  Yeah, that’s an impossibility but since when have facts ever gotten in the way of socialists who are grabbing for power?

If the 120 percent figure is accurate this means 90 percent of those at the Capitol did not participate in the riot, yet the Democrats are sending federal agents to arrest people who were there but were not a part of the riot out to hurt someone, people like Brandon Straka the founder of the #WalkAway movement who spoke at the rally that President Trump held at the other end of the street.  The #WalkAway campaign is all about leaving the Democratic Party so was Straka targeted because the Democratic Party wants to get even?

The social media censorship of conservative speech that started more than four years ago gradually increased over time and is now at the point where they banned a sitting President of the United States and certain members of his administration, and members of Congress.

The tech tyrants spent four years giving in-kind donations to the Democratic Party by not allowing any speech that went against the Woke Supremacy leftists who lied every day about Trump and conservatives and who with their co-conspirators in the mainstream news media accused conservatives of being the ones who spread misinformation when it turns out that conservatives are the ones who were right about everything and the leftist Woke Supremacy were wrong and lied about it to boot.

I call the Democrats, their boot-licking sycophants in the media, and social media tech tyrants the Woke Supremacy, and it is they who have spread misinformation for the last four years, it is they who have suppressed freedoms Americans enjoyed up until recently.


Conservatives were right about the Russian collusion hoax while the Woke Supremacy throughout the country daily and for years reported that President Trump colluded with the Russians to beat Hillary Clinton.  They put the president and his administration through four investigations that spanned the first three years of his term.  And even after the Mueller investigation ended its two-plus years of investigating and admitted that there was no evidence at all that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians, the news media never apologized, the social media tech tyrants never said “damn, we really screwed that one up,” and the Democrats never even hinted that they lied.  Conservatives were right from day one and it was the Left that spread misinformation daily.


Conservatives were right about Spygate where the Obama-Biden administration spied on the Trump campaign and later the Trump administration.  They got the name of the spy, Stefan Halper a college professor, how he spied, by speaking with members of the Trump campaign to get them to say things that could be used against the campaign, and the FBI acknowledged that they used him to spy.  Yet the Woke Supremacy continually told us that it was nothing but a conspiracy theory, that it never happened, and that conservatives were buts.   We now know through declassified documents and a guilty plea from an FBI lawyer who altered exculpatory information that would have ended the whole Russia collusion hoax dead in its tracks.  They spread the misinformation, not the conservatives.


It was the Right that started warning the world about the World Health Organization (WHO) and how they were somehow beholden to the Communist Chinese Party and they lied to help cover up the source of the COVID-19 virus which began in a lab in Wuhan, China.  The WHO at first told us the virus was not airborne and then they changed their story sometime later.  They were accused of doctoring the stats to help China.

The Woke Supremacy called conservatives racists and conspiracy nuts in they even mentioned the virus came from China.  I guess we have to rename the Spanish Flu, Ebola, and Lyme Disease because they too were named after their places of origin.

President Biden just signed an executive order banning free speech rights to even say China virus, claiming the term led to racist backlash.  I don’t remember any stories coming out about racists attacking Chinese Americans over the coronavirus.  President Trump rightfully pulled the US out of the WHO because of their lying to the world about a virus that became a pandemic and could have been controlled much better from the beginning had entities like the WHO not lied repeatedly to help the Chinese government.  Now the Biden administration is getting us back in with the WHO and one has to wonder how many more lies our country will now let slide that cost American lives.


Hydroxychloroquine, by all accounts, is a miracle worker for people suffering from the COVID-19 virus.  Conservatives spread the news about many doctors around the world using the drug to treat their patients with coronavirus and they have been wildly successful using it.  But President Trump pushed its use too, and the Woke Supremacy then started lying about Hydroxychloroquine, spreading misinformation that it causes people to have heart failure so much so that it shouldn’t be used.  CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the mainstream media began a campaign to trash the drug, not because it was dangerous, but because Donald Trump was pushing its use.  It appeared to the rest of us that they wanted as much death from the virus as could be attained, because they planned to use the numbers against Trump in the 2020 election, and use them they did on an almost constant basis.

Over the summer, the tech tyrants in social media blocked a live video feed of numerous doctors from around the world who were revealing how the use of Hydroxychloroquine was saving their patient’s lives, claiming the medical doctors were spreading misinformation.  These were medical doctors and other medical professionals who were talking about how they were treating their patients using the drug and the Woke Supremacy treated them as if they were betraying their Hippocratic Oath just to help Donald Trump.  And they say we’re crazy.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that he was banning the use of Hydroxychloroquine in his state, not because he found information that was damning about the drug because there isn’t any.  It’s been used in countries around the world for some 60 years to treat many things, especially Malaria in third-world countries, which could explain why coronavirus numbers were pretty low in countries that use the drug for reasons other than treating COVID-19.

Speaking of Andrew Cuomo, it was conservatives who spoke out about how incompetent and arrogant the man has been throughout the pandemic.  He, as well as many other Democrat governors, allowed thousands of elderly patients to die by forcing nursing homes to take in COVID-19 positive patients.  Cuomo actually harmed his state’s most vulnerable people to this virus, the elderly, many with underlying conditions, and conservatives were told by the Woke Supremacy that they were the ones spreading information about it.

At first, the governor made remarks about how well the Trump administration helped New York to get a handle on COVID patients, but then, suddenly and without warning, Cuomo began trashing the president claiming he did practically nothing to help.  When conservatives began pointing out how the president helped build hospitals in New York specifically for COVID-19 patients, how he used the National Defense Authorization Act to get manufacturing plants to create ventilators for New Yorkers who needed them, how the president sent the USS Comfort Naval hospital ship to New York loaded with hospital beds, medical equipment and most importantly the medical staff who knew how to treat the virus, the Woke Supremacy said conservatives were spreading misinformation.

Now, after the 2020 election, the Woke Supremacy media is starting to point out the abysmal failures of the Cuomo regime and how the governor lied about sending COVID-19 patients into nursing homes.  At one point when it was pointed out by conservatives that Cuomo screwed up by doing that his administration tried to blame the Trump administration, claiming they were only following the guidelines of the CDC by putting COVID patients into nursing homes, and that was a blatant lie because the CDC guidelines never said to do that as a first response and the guidelines also said to work out a plan with the nursing homes for how they would bring the patients in if all other options to place them were gone, and Cuomo never did that.  He just forced them onto the nursing homes and thousands of people died.

But don’t forget that the Woke Supremacy said that conservatives were lying about Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic.  They blamed Donald Trump the entire time for the COVID-19 deaths when conservatives continually pointed out that President Trump did more than any past president to mitigate the pandemic virus.

When Trump said he would make it so that a vaccine could come out before the end of the year the Woke Supremacy instantly pounced on it claiming it was impossible and that the president was lying.  Well, two vaccines were manufactured before the end of the year, and instead of admitting that they were the ones spreading misinformation, they tried to shift credit over to the Biden administration by initially focusing on the distribution of the vaccines.  When Joe Biden’s promise to have 100 million Americans vaccinated within the first 100 days of his administration, something the Trump administration was already on par to meet, was seeming unlikely, the Cabal began spreading the lie that the Trump administration left Biden with no distribution plan, even though the Trump administration absolutely had a distribution plan in place and at the time they began spreading that misinformation 30 million Americans had already been vaccinated.


The final one I’ll talk about is the Hunter Biden issue.  Conservatives were pointing out that Hunter Biden was making multi-million dollar deals with some shady characters in countries known for corruption like Ukraine and China and the Woke Supremacy said it was misleading misinformation.  Social media tyrants blocked a New York Times bombshell story about a laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden that had all kinds of incriminating evidence including money scams the Biden family, including the “Big Guy” Joe Biden were involved in, and alleged underage sex scandals.  The Cabal said it was all lies, yet right after the election, we found out that the FBI does in fact have an open case on Hunter Biden for some of the things that conservatives were accused of lying about.

Conservatives are having their free speech rights undermined and taken away from them at an alarming rate, and the accusation of choice by the Woke Supremacy is that they are spreading misinformation.  Even if someone repeated something they believed was true and it turned out it wasn’t, the remedy to that is not to silence them, it’s to counter them with more free speech, but the Woke Supremacy isn’t interested in the truth.  They are only about power and socialist regimes throughout history have silenced the opposition to gain and hold onto power.

The Woke Supremacy are the ones who have gotten it all wrong, who have been spreading lies and misinformation, and I submit they knew the truth the whole time and used their lies to win power for the Supremacy and now the rest of us are going to pay for trying to spread the truth.

Wyoming GOP Censures Liz Cheney For Voting to Impeach Trump During Second Impeachment Farce

Wyoming GOP Censures Liz Cheney For Voting to Impeach Trump During Second Impeachment Farce

We reported last week about the Wyoming GOP having a problem with Representative Liz Cheney saying that Cheney’s joining in with Democratic Supremacists in the House to vote to impeach President Donald Trump brought on an unparalleled amount of complaints.

The Republican Party Central Committee in Carbon County, Wyoming, has now censured Representative Cheney over her vote to impeach President Trump.

A post on the Carbon County Wyoming Republican Party’s Facebook page said, “The Carbon County Republican Party has unanimously voted to formally censure U.S. Representative Liz Cheney.”   The vote was 45-0.

“The Carbon County Republican Party does hereby censure U.S. Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming for her actions on Wednesday, January 13, 2020, as those actions stand in contradiction to the quantifiable will of the majority of the electorate of Wyoming, and for devaluing the political influence of the State of Wyoming by voting in favor of a process that followed no known hearing process, provided no evidence to consider, called no witnesses to be sworn, and allowed none of the accusers to be questioned by the accused…”

“Additionally, we have called for her to appear before the members of the body to explain her recent actions to the body, the State Republican Party membership, and the entirety of the concerned Wyoming electorate,” Correnti added.

I hope they don’t hold their breath because there is no way on Lucifer’s black beach that Liz Cheney is going to appear before them.  She has already filled out her application and paid the filing fee to become “Woke.”

Back in November of 2018, Cheney was elected by fellow republicans as the Chair of the House Republican Conference, the third-ranking Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In her statement to her constituents, Cheney accused the President of nothing short of causing an insurrection.

“The President of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack,” she wrote.  The only problem is the evidence shows a completely different story.  The president exercised his Constitutional right to question the validity of the Electoral College vote from the key battleground states where mountains of evidence were gathered and testified to in the battleground states during hearings put on by the state legislatures in each respective state.

Her vote sparked a group of Republican lawmakers to call for the congresswoman to step down as the chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, including Representatives Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Matt Rosendale, and Jim Jordan (R-OH).

“She should resign her position as a conference chair and should not be serving this conference. That’s it,” Biggs said.

Cheney responded saying that she’s not going anywhere.

“Once we get through this period, once we get through the inauguration, we will very much be focused on policy. I’m laying out a positive agenda for the future, and it’ll be one that will allow us to get the majority back in two years. That’s what I’m focused on, and that’s what I look forward to our conference being able to accomplish,” she said last week during an interview.

Correnti said that Cheney is ignoring the county central committee’s repeated attempts to contact her.

“People in the county party have attempted to get a hold of Representative Cheney through email, phone calls — and I think only one person got a response from a staffer, and it was pretty short,” he said. “We haven’t heard anything.”

There are now reports that Cheney will face a primary challenger in 2022.  The Democrat Supremacists rushed the impeachment to get it through before Trump left office, without calling a single witness.  It usually takes 24 to 72 hours for any story against trump to be debunked, and they are always debunked because they are usually loaded with nothing but bullschtein.