Democrats Already Attacking Texas To Push For Green New Deal Socialism Hoping to Exploit the Winter Storm Crisis

Democrats Already Attacking Texas To Push For Green New Deal Socialism Hoping to Exploit the Winter Storm Crisis

Democrats in DC are using the recent winter storm in Texas to attack Republicans by calling for investigations into how they handled the crisis and it’s all just to be able to push for their uber socialist climate change policies like the disastrous Green New Deal.

“Governor Abbott thought Texas could run an electrical grid that ignored the climate crisis,” Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted. “It was not resilient.”

It is insufferable to listen to these watermelons go on about climate change, which in reality has zero evidence that mankind is causing the climate to change, lying to the American people by trying to convince them that had the state of Texas written up a socialist policy to combat climate change then the freezing winter storm would never have struck the Lone Star state.  Are these people for real?

Schumer then called for a federal investigation to look into how the Republican governor’s policies “have failed and exacerbated the winter storm crisis.”

By what authority does the federal government have to interfere in the state of Texas’ internal affairs?  I think what’s really going on is that the Democrats don’t want the public to learn that green technologies like their wind turbines are just not ready for the real world yet.  They’re trying to blame natural gas as the cause for the power failures but it was the wind turbans that froze and stopped producing electricity.  Also, it has been reported that natural gas was being consumed at an over 400% increased rate at the time during the winter storm.  Never so quickly have I seen so many so-called “news” outlets spread the lie that it wasn’t wind turbines but fossil fuel natural gas that was the sole cause of the recent problems in Texas.  Leave it to the Democrats to politicize this in order to keep their socialist agenda alive.  Like COVID, the Democrats have wanted to use climate change as a cudgel to control people’s lives.

Texas was rocked by a winter storm of historic proportions that left millions of residents without power due to large power outages. The AP reported that the winter storm and the aftermath of power outages led to the deaths of at least 80 people.

President Biden recently declared Texas a disaster, which automates the process for federal aid to pour into the state. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) delivered over 1 million meals to Texas and the Defense Department has delivered more than 4 million liters of water.

Former failed Senate and failed presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke placed blame on Republicans, saying “those in power have failed us.”

“As with Covid, a natural disaster has become far deadlier due to the inaction & ineptitude of Abbott and Texas’ Republican leadership,” he tweeted. “This didn’t have to happen and doesn’t have to continue.”

These Democrats have no soul.  How many thousands of people have died of COVID-19 since Biden took office?  Should be we blame Biden for all of them since that’s what they did to Trump?  To blame a winter storm on the lack of socialism is the definition of stupid.

You have to hand it to Democrats.   They turn their own disasters into someone else’s and they do it with a straight face.  They are now claiming that the power outages in Texas could have been avoided if the state had a greater reliance on renewable sources.  I guess these pinheads missed all the images of the wind turbines frozen and not able to turn.

Sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) put down her drink long enough to say that the House Energy and Commerce Committee is going to investigate with a special emphasis on looking “into it to see how things could have turned out better and will turn out better in the future.”

Committee Chairman Frank Pallone (D-NJ) said the committee would “investigate the Texas crisis further and we’ll see what other action we have to take.”

Do I detect revenge is coming to Texas for filing an election fraud lawsuit against three states that had more irregularities than the dying fart of a Gummy Bear?

“Ultimately, this episode underscores the importance of prioritizing clean and resilient energy infrastructure,” he said, according to The Hill.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott got the jump on Democrats exploiting the deaths of many Texans to push for socialist policies when he told Fox News that renewable sources failed in the state as well.   The governor told Fox’s Sean Hannity that “this shows how the Green New Deal would be a deadly deal for the United States of America.”

“Texas is blessed with multiple sources of energy, such as natural gas and oil and nuclear – as well as solar and wind,” he said. “But you saw … our wind and our solar got shut down, and they were collectively more than 10% of our power grid.”

Abbott argued that fossil fuels are necessary “for the state of Texas as well as other states to make sure we are able to heat our homes in the wintertime and cool our homes in the summertime.”

This is what it’s going to be like for at least the next two years, that is if the Democrats don’t use voting machines in 2022 that will ensure they win no matter how totalitarian they become.  They are going to exploit anything they can to push their socialist agenda while attacking Republicans for things like the weather.  These people are sick.

Joe Rogan Defends Ted Cruz Against Leftist Loons Crying  Over Family Trip to Cancun During Texas Winter Storm

Joe Rogan Defends Ted Cruz Against Leftist Loons Crying Over Family Trip to Cancun During Texas Winter Storm

The Woke Supremacy climate change lunatics have been giving Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) a hard time because he took his daughters to Cancun during the power outages in Texas due to the winter storms hitting the Lone Star state that caused wind power turbines to freeze and knock Texans’ power out.  Of course, at first, the Fake News media and Democrats tried to cover up the fact that it was the wind turbines that caused the biggest problem with the power outages trying to claim it was fossil fuels instead even though we have reports that gas utilization went up over 400% and that it was the turbines freezing that caused the power outages.   Seriously, it was like Hunter Biden’s laptop story or the one about the Democrats stealing the 2020 election, you never saw the Woke media mob attack a story so quickly like we did when it was reported that the wind turbines in Texas froze and led to power outages in the state.

Okay, so Cruz took his daughters to a warmer climate because he had the means and he wanted them to feel safe and have some fun on a mini-vacation while Texas dealt with yet another calamity brought to you by watermelon politicians who are green on the outside and socialist red on the inside.  And the Left pounced on Cruz, who later said it was a bad decision because of the optics, and the hysteria that ensued made it seem like the senator from Texas was the one who caused the power outages singlehandedly.

Members of the Senate were scheduled to be home last week and with school being canceled because of snow, Cruz figured it was a good time to take his family for a short getaway that his daughters asked to take.

Joe Rogan, who has the most popular podcast in America called the “Joe Rogan Experience” defended Senator Cruz against the bashing he took on social media and elsewhere over his family trip to Cancun.

So the optics did look bad in a world filled with leftist hate where there’s a troll lurking around every nook and cranny of the Internet just waiting for something to happen so that they can prove to the world that the Republicans are evil people.  And the Democrats jumped on this story acting like Cruz was somehow neglecting the people of his state by not suffering along with them in their time of need.  Even though there was absolutely nothing the senator could do to restore people’s power or to make the climate warmer, it didn’t matter.

We even have the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) showing the world what a lunatic he is by tweeting out that Texas state policies caused the winter storm crisis by “Ignoring warnings, lying about the climate crisis, refusing to act on it are exactly what’s exacerbating extreme weather”

This moron who is now the leader of the US Senate thinks states can create policies that will change the climate.  Think about how colossally stupid Schumer’s remarks are.   And the media treats him like he’s a genius.

Rogan last year moved to Texas and this is how he responded to the insane controversy going on in Texas about Senator Cruz with stand-up comedian, podcaster, and actor Tim Dillon.

Rogan: “Here’s the thing: What can he do? What is the reason for him staying?”

Dillon: “I think it’s just the optics of how it looks.”

Rogan: “Can he make it warm out?”  Joking, he followed up, “Maybe he should be there with blankets and put them over the pipes.”

Dillon: “It’s funny. It’s the people that hate him the most are the ones like, ‘He should be there!’ And it’s like, ‘Doing what?!'”

Rogan also cited the time that Cruz criticized Austin Democrat Mayor Steve Adler who traveled to Cabo San Lucas, a different Mexican vacation destination, last December after he told Austin residents that they had to stay at home because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic while he was in Mexico, but we’re not as dumb as the Austin American-Statesmen that tried to make that connection because Cruz never told anyone to stay home while already in Cabo San Lucas.

The watermelons are getting worse.  They now believe a single senator could stop freezing temperatures and that a US senator has the authority to do anything inside a state.  This ignorance permeates much of the Leftward Land of Silliness and we have to live with these people.

Leaked Video Exposes Mass. Climate Czar’s Agenda To Raise Taxes by Blaming The People For Climate Change [VIDEO]

Leaked Video Exposes Mass. Climate Czar’s Agenda To Raise Taxes by Blaming The People For Climate Change [VIDEO]

In an honest and forthright video (probably caught off-guard) that was leaked from a Zoom meeting, Massachusetts climate czar under anti-Trump pro-mail-in voting RINO Republican Charlie BakerDavid Ismay admitted what climate change policy is actually designed to do.

There’s a reason I call climate change and global warming crazies watermelons because while they are green on the outside, they are socialist red on the inside.  In other words, while they are pontificating and virtue signaling to the rest of us about how they are green and they are for a clean environment what they are really for is socialist policies that will be able to control as many people as humanly possible. Don’t doubt me on this.

For example, Americans are forever facing gas tax increases because if you didn’t pay more money the climate change wins!   The state of Massachusetts is right now facing another seven cents increase in their gas tax.  Increasing taxes on gas is a way of stopping a lot of activity that would otherwise take place if people could afford to buy more gas.

David Ismay, the ‘climate czar’ of Massachusetts explained:

“Sixty percent of our emissions come from you and me… residential heating and passenger vehicles…”  So what?  We reported recently that the UN put out its Emissions Gap Report 2020 where they said that the United States does not need to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord because the US cleans up its mess better than any other industrialized nation in the world.

This dope is now threatening our ability to heat our own homes in the winter or to drive our vehicles, which is no longer a privilege but a necessity.

I told you it was about control.  This crackpot intends to regulate people out of being able to drive their cars or stay warm when it’s cold out on a supposed “science” that they claim is real based on a consensus.

Part of the history of the global warming crowd which later on had to change the name to Climate Change because they were told that we were actually in a cooling phase not a warming phase by the real scientists, is that back in the 70s when all this nonsense started, politicians we’re getting a message from their constituents that they were sick and tired of paying ever-increasing income taxes.  So the greedy b@$tards came up with a way to suck more of your income and to virtue signal you at the same time by telling you that you’re the reason for it all happening.  They are actually telling us in essence that the reason we have to pay more in taxes is that Americans just keep having a good time.

So now that they have squeezed as much as they can from businesses after decades of green policies, and the deadline that we’re all going to die keeps getting extended before the last deadline was met, they have a new solution which is to give up on the old belief that they can’t screw you, the American worker, out of even more of your wages.

“You…the senior on fixed income…There is no bad guy left–at least in Massachusetts–to point the finger at to turn the screws on and, you know, break their will so they stop emitting.  That’s you. We have to break yourwill.”


Ismay sees his role in government as to not protect the American people’s liberties but to “break their will.”  What kind of nut thinks that way?  He let the proverbial cat out of the bag by insinuating that the scam for years was that they wanted to go after more of your wages but they had to blame the cause for it on businesses and now they have reached the limit with them and have to go after John Q Public.   He knows what he’s saying is wrong because he openly said, “I can’t even say that publicly” after he made the statement.  So, he’s a backstabbing phony on top of it.

What’s also noticeable is that the others in the video don’t even skip a beat, blink an eye, or raise a single eyebrow.  It’s as if they were all on the same Woke Supremacy page.

Now that we have a Woke DC this is the kind of nonsense we’re going to have to deal with for the next four years.  That’s if we last that long as a country.

Climate Czar John Kerry Exposed for Hypocrisy by Tucker Carlson [VIDEO]

Climate Czar John Kerry Exposed for Hypocrisy by Tucker Carlson [VIDEO]

There are many reasons why I love to watch the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show on Fox. One of the biggest of many reasons is because Tucker is not afraid to expose people on either side of the aisle when it comes to doing something wrong. He’s the opinion guy on TV that will explain to you why he thinks something is wrong and why what politicians say is usually loaded with a bunch of bullschtein.

The contrast between when President Trump picked his cabinet members and made appoints to how President Biden was treated over his nominees and appointments is nothing short of astonishing and inconceivable just to use a couple of words to describe it.  Nearly every nominee made by Trump brought anger and hatred from the Woke Supremamcists on the Left, in news media, academia, and of course in the Democratic Party.  By contrast, there was no pushback whatsoever on appoints of people who were involved in major scandals, people like Jake Sullivan who was an aggressive user of Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server which the FBI said was more-than-likely hacked by foreign governments was White House National Security Adviser or White House domestic adviser Susan Rice, who is a known liar, who once went on all the Sunday news programs and said that the Benghazi terror attacks on a US embassy that ended with the murder of four Americans, including the American Ambassador, happened in retaliation to an anti-Muslim YouTube video that apparently no one really saw or knew about.  And there are more.  No blowback by any Fake News outlets.

On Wednesday night, Tucker gave a virtual bitchslap to Biden’s new climate czar John Kerry a.k.a. Lurch explaining how the failed presidential candidate is such a hypocrite to fly in a private jet to climate conferences all over the world. This is something that progressives never understood how regular people, you know, us the great unwashed, could make such argument and point out their hypocrisy when flying around in pollution generating jets to go preach their watermelon antics.  I say watermelon because these people are green on the outside and socialist red on the inside. While they virtue signal to the bourgeois of the world about climate change, global warming and all the other government gravy train nonsense that man has no impact on while they themselves violate their own virtue signaling.  They must sit around scratching their heads wondering why the beknighted get upset when they violate their own virtue signalling thinking they do so to spread more virtue signalling.  Can you follow all of that?

“The climate czar fights climate change. And if facts or common sense get in the way of that, the climate czar will fight those, too. It’s the perfect role for John Kerry,” Carlson sniped. “John Kerry has devoted his entire life taking on the global warming by contributing as much to global warming as he possibly can.”

Carlson went into details about how Kerry spent over 20 hours in 2020 fling around in his private jet “emitting in the process more than 100 metric tons of carbon emissions.”  Carlson went on to categorize Kerry as “the kind of leader who leads by negative examples,” because his flying around that private jet produces more carbon than any American could possibly produce in their entire life.

A couple years ago Kerry flew all the way to Iceland to accept an award and to be honored for fighting climate change when he could have done a Zoom meeting online and had the award mailed to him:

“Well, in 2019 the world finally recognized John Kerry’s sacrifice, his enduring commitment to doing precisely what he wants while preventing you from doing the same. John Kerry was given in recognition of this something called the Arctic Circle Award. That Award recognizes his effort to, quote, ‘Tackle environmental matters.’


Naturally, John Kerry flew all the way to Iceland – that’s 3,000 miles away – on his private jet to accept this honor. In his acceptance speech, John Kerry made it very clear people like John Kerry make him angry. In order to fight climate change, John Kerry said, we need to do exactly the opposite of what John Kerry himself is doing at the moment.”

And after chiding the American press for not asking Kerry any questions about his hypocrisy, Carson touted an Icelandic journalist for putting him on the spot for the private jet. Kerry said, “It’s the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle. I believe the time it takes me to get somewhere. I can’t sail across the ocean. I have to fly to meet with people and get things done.”

“It’s the only choice for someone like me,” Carlson declared, as if he was Kerry. “It’s the only choice for someone like me. Why do you have a 12,000 square foot house on the water in Nantucket? It’s the only choice for someone like me. Not a choice you are allowed to have.”

Biden Announces Job-Crushing Environmentalist Policies With a $2 Trillion Price Tag

Biden Announces Job-Crushing Environmentalist Policies With a $2 Trillion Price Tag

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced his environmental plan, something akin to the disastrous Green New Deal, an initiative that is aimed at putting “climate change at the center of our domestic, national security and foreign policy,” which is gaining criticism for its extreme cost and most likely high job losses as the US tries to dig out of its COVID-19 Democrat-exploited economic nightmare.

We just reported that the United Nations released an annual assessment report on contributions to greenhouse gas and carbon emissions called the Emissions Gap Report 2020, and in that report is a conclusion that the United States does not need to join the Paris Climate Accord, because the US does the best job at cleaning up its own pollution, but you wouldn’t think it was ever published because no mainstream news outlet touched the story and no Democrat with their commie card will ever admit it.  So if the leftist United Nations doesn’t think that the United States needs to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord then why are the Woke Supremacists in the Biden ministration so hell-bent on completely disrupting our lives with kooky climate change policies that are going to cost each individual American working family a fortune?

The whole environmentalist movement has been co-opted by radical leftist extremists and they are using environmentalist issues like so-called climate change and global warming and other nonsense not to help Mother Earth but do use as a cudgel to tax the hell out of American citizens and to force them on how to behave and run their lives. This is what all supremacist types do.

Biden ran down a list of the policy changes he wishes to shove down our throats, including eliminating coal, oil, and natural gas as electricity sources by 2035.  This means your electric bill is going to go up, and I don’t care what ideological gobbledygook the radical Woke Supremacy tries to tell you, it’s going to be painful on your budget.

The timing of this unnecessary nonsense couldn’t be worse as we are still in a COVID-19 health crisis, and an economic crisis brought to us by Democrat governors and mayors across the country who exploited hyperbolic rhetoric about the pandemic virus and locked us all down and bankrupted thousands of small businesses, oh and there is that $27 trillion national debt, about $215 trillion if you factor in the unfunded mandates that the federal government foisted onto us.

For the love of gummy bears, can someone please point out to me where the US Constitution gives the federal government the right to put its citizens into massive debt?  I have been a student of the Constitution for about 25 years now and I simply cannot find it anywhere inside the document.  For a cabal of radical swamp rats who can somehow find an imaginary power for abortion, you would think that they could find the power to put the American people into massive debt.  You can hold the Constitution up to a lightbulb, upside down, and pour lemon juice on it, and you still will not find it.

West Virginia’s Attorney General Pat Morrisey is pissed, saying on Wednesday that Biden’s anti-energy policies are going to be “destructive” to the economy, especially while it tries to recover from the Democrat business slowdown that they blamed on coronavirus.  Where is it written that the federal government is in charge of energy policy anyway?  How come the federal government’s rules and regulations always supersede that over the states?  Has no one in Washington DC ever read The Federalist Papers?  Have they ever heard of the 10th amendment?  How about the ninth amendment?   Do these nimrods not understand that the federal government is not supposed to be an overlord to the states but rather they are supposed to be an agent to the states with powers given to it for particular enumerated powers that the states should not have to worry about?

“What we’re seeing in the first week of the Biden administration is that the president is really taking a wrecking ball to many of the states that have oil, gas, coal, manufacturing jobs — that’s gonna have a real detrimental impact, especially as the American economy is coming out of COVID-19, a pandemic,” Morrisey said on Fox News.

The states should say screw you, we are sovereign states who agreed to 18 enumerated powers and a group of Amendments.  Outside of that, the federal government cannot force states to do anything.  But the Woke Supremacy on the Left no longer cares about the Constitution.  They haven’t cared about the Constitution or the rule of law for a very long time, but recently they started letting us know this openly and outright.

Morrisey said that “Biden is going much further” than former President Barack Obama with the green stuff.

“I think he’s really kicking the American people when they’re down economically and it’s not a message of unity that he’s been talking about,” Morrisey said.  He’s absolutely right. How are you going to spread unity when you’re not sending messages of unity except only when you speak with platitudes about unity?  It’s like punching someone in the face and shouting at them, “I LOVE YOU, BROTHER!”

Biden then started insulting the benighted Americans by lying to them about why he is pushing such policies that are indeed going to move millions of Americans into unemployment.  For God’s sake, we just came from four years of near full employment and are now moving back into the Obama misery days and it’s all thanks to the Democratic Party.  It wasn’t bad enough that the Democrats shut down our economy for close to a year, but now they have to add insult to injury by destroying jobs and potential job growth.

Something known as the Pareto Efficiency is a standard that if every government policy measured up to it our world would be so much better, and it goes like this: does the policy at issue help at least one person without harming anyone?  I’ll bet you can’t think of any government policies that live up to that standard, and that means that the government is in the business of harming people when trying to help people.  Think about that for a minute.

“Today is climate day at the White House, which means that today is jobs day at the White House,” Biden said before signing a potentially job-crushing executive order “to meet the climate crisis for American jobs and American engineering.”  There is no climate crisis outside of the Woke Supremacy cabal of government gravy train pseudo-scientists who make their living by coming up with junk science that radical leftist politicians can use to justify grabbing even more of your liberty.

Biden said “this executive order, it’s about jobs, good-paying union jobs.  It’s about workers building our economy back better than before. It’s a whole of government approach to put climate change at the center of our domestic, national security and foreign policy.”

Most people working in the energy industry already have a good-paying job, and Joe Biden and his administration are taking those away from them.  I’m surprised Biden didn’t tell those people to learn to code.

The executive order states that the government will “pause” new oil and gas leases on federal lands and orders changes to federal procurement to purchase “clean and zero-emission vehicles for Federal, State, local, and Tribal government fleets, including vehicles of the United States Postal Service.”

Again, can someone please show me where in the Constitution it says that the federal government is allowed to own land?

The order proposes a goal of “conserving 30 percent of our lands and waters by 2030” and a new “Civilian Climate Corps.”  It mandates that federal agencies must develop plans to support renewable energy and environmental initiatives.

Biden didn’t talk about the job losses, because the Woke don’t care one iota about people.  It’s all about globalism for them.  So, instead, he lied to the American people by twisting it the ramifications of his policies to mean there will be great economic opportunities.  And there will, but for China and Russia, not the American people.

“This is a case where conscience and convenience cross paths, where dealing with this existential threat to the planet and increasing our economic growth and prosperity are one and the same. When I think of climate change and the answers to it, I think of jobs,” Biden said.  Remember, the UN recently told us that the United States should not rejoin the Paris Climate Accord because the US is #1 in cleaning up its own pollution, so all of this is socialist policies designed to control the American people.

Biden said, “we can put millions of Americans to work modernizing our water systems, transportation, our energy infrastructure to withstand the impacts of extreme climate.”  Can anyone point to any country that did what the Biden executive order is mandating and show that they came out much better than they were when they went in?   You really can’t.   One of the few countries that did try to go green was Spain and it was an economic nightmare.

Specifically, he said, “We’re going to harness the purchasing power of the federal government to buy clean zero-emission vehicles that are made and sourced by union workers right here in America.”   The first government-created vehicle will be called the Flintstone because there will be large cutouts to the bottom of the frame so that your legs can fit through it to power the car.

Biden said his policies, including using federal purchasing power to buy electric cars, will mean “1 million new jobs in the American automobile industry.”  He just pulled that number out of his rear end, and we’re supposed to believe him.

What kind of an American president would do this to the American people? Did you vote for this?

In all of this, what the American people want and desire doesn’t matter to the Woke Supremacists.   They will force onto you what they think matters because you’re too stupid to know what’s best for you and your family.  There’s no freedom in that.

UN Emissions Report Says the United States Doesn’t Need To Rejoin Paris Climate Accord, so Why Did Media Ignore it?

UN Emissions Report Says the United States Doesn’t Need To Rejoin Paris Climate Accord, so Why Did Media Ignore it?

Back in December, the United Nations released an annual assessment report on contributions to greenhouse gas and carbon emissions called the Emissions Gap Report 2020.  They keep the doom and gloom going for the socialists out there who want to demand more money from their citizens to fight something they cannot prove is actually there because of their filthy capitalist lifestyle.  This why I refer to the climate change monks as watermelons.  They are green on the outside and socialist red on the inside. 

These people care much less about the planet and the environment than they do the high it gives them to control people’s lives with dictatorial mandates that suck more tax dollars out of their paychecks to go toward disaster plans like the Green New Deal that would take us back to the Stone Age.

The report is filled with arduously convoluted projections that might or might not happen someday.  Did you ever notice that climate change and global warming nuts always put information out there that could happen or might not happen and their doom and gloom predictions are always between 10 to 50 years out?  And it’s always based on the predicate that Americans need to stop having such a good time. 

Normally most of these clowns won’t be around or they won’t be in the profession by the time they claim that their projections will be realized, and the funny thing about it is they never are.   We can name a lot of people who made climate change and global warming predictions, but can you name a single person that predicted a calamity of doom and gloom that ever came true? I won’t hold my breath.

In the report, they say “despite a brief dip in carbon dioxide emissions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is still heading for a temperature rise.”  Yeah, right.  That’s their way of trying to make it appear that they really aren’t crazy loons who bark at statues of the virgin goddess Tamar.  They want you to believe they’re reasonable.  Um… sorry, not sorry.

But there really is something in this report that probably made it in there accidentally but nonetheless pretty good news for the United States. There is actually an advisory inside the report that says that the United States does not need to join the Paris Climate Accord.   This report literally advises that the United States should just keep doing what it’s been doing to cut its own emissions. 

 The United States is by far the most successful country in the world at reducing its own pollution and the United Nations is now revealing this to the world. S o then why are the Woke Supremacist socialists in the Democratic Party trying to push garbage like a Green New Deal and other stupid climate mitigation disasters that will leave us all in the poor house?  Because it’s never been about the climate and it’s never been about Mother Earth. These tyrants are all about controlling the masses and they do that through legislation that can take more of your money, force you to behave the way they want you to, and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

Inside the report, it says, “the United States of America emits 13 percent of global GHG emissions,” and “China emits more than one-quarter of global GHG emissions.”  The US still creates the most greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the world, but, over the last decade, the country’s GHG emissions have been going down by 0.4% per year.

So, while greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the United States are dropping boldly at the same time those of China, India, and Russia continue to increase.  Being the world’s strongest economy of over $21 trillion in 2019 (thank you, President Donald Trump, it’s no surprise to understand that the US pollutes more per person as we’re all having a good time, but the US is also making great strides in fixing the problem. 

The watermelons will never admit it but this phenomenon is because of capitalism.  Capitalism allows for research and development to invent new ways to capture pollution.  We went through an entire decade of capitalist ventures that created filters on smokestacks for manufacturing plants for example. They capture most of the pollution coming out.  This is all due to capitalism. Capitalism produces. Socialism is a parasite of capitalism.

In 2017 the Trump administration said that if we stayed in the Paris Climate Accord, “compliance with the terms of the Paris Accord and the onerous energy restrictions it has placed on the United States could cost America as much as 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025 according to the National Economic Research Associates.”  So, the US under Trump continued to lower its greenhouse gas emissions quicker than any other major polluter, and it accomplished that without the stupid Paris agreement.

The Biden administration never heard the saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” because they are getting us back into the Paris Climate Accord. The Woke Supremacists in the Democratic Party already got their jobs so they don’t give a damn about 2.7 million Americans who are going to lose theirs.  Just know this, on all things climate change the Woke climate hacks are nothing but fake, phony, frauds.

Don Jr. Says Biden Killed Keystone XL Pipeline For Different Reason Than He’s Letting On

Don Jr. Says Biden Killed Keystone XL Pipeline For Different Reason Than He’s Letting On

Even before Joe Biden’s inauguration, he and his team of Wokers were calling for an end to the Keystone Pipeline. The part of the energy project known as Keystone XL was delayed, then started back up again, and delayed again by three presidents since 2015 now, including Biden.

Environmentalist whackjobs howled at the moon making the pipeline a symbol of the struggle over climate change and fossil fuels.  That’s the official story we’ve been fed by the Woke media, Woke environmentalist groups, and now the Biden administration.

Well, on his first day in the office that many believe he stole, President Joe Biden signed an executive order invalidating the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, ending construction in the United States.

TC Energy Corp. said it will now have to lay off thousands of workers because of the order, many of them union members.  The company’s president said the layoffs would necessarily come to more than one-thousands.  The company estimated back in October that the pipeline would hire 11,000 Americans in 2021, generating over $1.6 billion in real wages.  The Democrats couldn’t go one day without killing American jobs.

The Keystone XL pipeline is an international project that has been in the works for years now.  Absent support from the US government and it’s officially dead in the water, which is exactly what the Woke wanted.

The pipeline, all 875 miles of it would deliver heavy crude oil from Western Canada to Steele City, Nebraska and from there it would mix with another line stretching to refineries in the Gulf Coast.  All the jobs that go with the pipeline will now go away.  The Woke in the mainstream Fake News media are going to tell you that it’s not really 11,000 jobs that are going away or that they were mostly temporary jobs but the fact of the matter is there are other jobs that have no direct work on the pipeline itself.   For example, someone has to manufacture the actual pipe, someone has to manufacturer the vehicles that are used for the workers to get the pipeline, someone has to create the tools that the pipeline workers will use to build, fix, and maintain the pipeline, and people have to do all of the other things that are necessary to help the project be a success.  We’re talking about millions of jobs overall.

Biden’s executive order revokes the permit that then-President Donald Trump granted on March 29, 2019 because he says it will be harmful to the environment.  At least Trump was a businessman who knows how to hire people to analyze a situation like this, while Biden has never held a real job in his entire adult life and he knows nothing about the oil industry outside of what the Woke Supremacy believes.

Do you know what kind of environment will be harmed because of Biden’s action to shut down the pipeline?  How about people in the wintertime who won’t be able to afford oil to heat their homes?  How about all the plastic products that we use in our lives like Saran wrap and pens and mobile phones and computer keyboards etc that will see the prices skyrocket because of a shortage of oil?

The Woke will say that the halting of this pipeline isn’t going to stop any production of oil but the reality of it is the halting of the Keystone Pipeline is just the beginning. Biden has already violated one of his campaign promises by banning fracking on federal lands. During the campaign, Biden and Kamala Harris both said numerous times on video that they were for banning fracking.  In one of the debates against Donald Trump, Biden responded to President Trump who brought the point up that Biden would ban fracking by saying that he never said he would even though we all watched him say it numerous times all around the country. Well, he banned fracking, didn’t he?  He says the pipeline and fracking are dangerous to our environment.

However, Donald Trump Jr. sees this latest delay from a completely different angle.  He believes Biden acted as Democrats in power always do by providing a kickback to powerful rich donors who helped them get elected.  It’s why Jimmy Carter destroyed our public school system after the teacher’s unions gave him money to get elected.  This is no different

Don Jr. pointed out that major donors to the Democratic Party, like billionaire Warren Buffet (who owns a railroad) and others will benefit from the halting of Keystone XL.  The oil will still be delivered one way or the other unless the Democrats really do want to take us back to the 18th century (that’s the 1700s for those of you in the Woke Supremacy).  But instead of the oil being delivered efficiently through a pipeline, which with today’s technology is safer than it’s ever been, the mode of transportation of the oil will be from the use of rail lines then transported over to semi-trucks, and the cost of the oil by the time it gets to the consumer by a much less efficient manner will absolutely go up.  You Biden voters should remember that when your heating bill skyrockets or when gasoline prices at the pump go up.  Not a problem, because the Woke will somehow find a way to blame Donald Trump.

So, does Biden’s executive order help the environment?  Not on your life.  Since most of the concerns of the Woke have been dismantled, there was no reason to make changes in the delivery of oil that will most likely cause more harm to the environment than the pipeline itself.  The Woke should see this move as a less carbon-friendly decision, but that’s up to the Fake News media to cover it or not.  At least now you know the truth.

Biden and UK’s Boris Johnson to Plan the ‘Destiny of the World’ Says Biden Source

Biden and UK’s Boris Johnson to Plan the ‘Destiny of the World’ Says Biden Source

It’s being reported that Joe Biden will travel to the United Kingdom as his first trip outside the country after being inaugurated after he stole the 2020 election, to meet with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and plot the “destiny of the world” together, according to claims made by a source close to the cognitive-declining Democrat.

Those in the know say that the G7 meeting in June is likely the time for this plotting as it’s being hosted this year in the UK in Cornwall.

An alleged close friend of Biden told The Daily Telegraph that the Thief-in-Chief will put aside his differences over Brexit, something an American president has no business interfering with even though Biden has conveyed his opposition to the Brits doing what they want for the future of their country and their society.

“Boris is a conservative, Joe’s a moderate [Democrat] so I think they can get over it. I think they’ll end up getting along,” the source said.

What is this nonsense that Joe Biden is a moderate?  A moderate what?  Joe Biden is saying that on day one he’s going to ask Congress to give amnesty that leads to citizenship for 30 million illegal aliens who broke our immigration laws and have been living here illegally costing us jobs and tax dollars to owe these people a living.  A moderate would never do that to the American people.  Only a radical progressive would.

“Joe’s view will be that they’ll have the destiny of the world on their shoulders so he’ll want to overcome any political differences.

“I think there’ll be more empathy than there was between Boris and Donald Trump. Boris seemed to get along with Trump, but I don’t know if he really did,” the close friend of Biden claimed.  I think so, because in England there are only degrees in socialism.

God save us all because many people have said that Biden is not the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to foreign policy, including Barack Obama’s former secretary of defense Robert Gates who said that Joe Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy decision he ever made.  He later doubled down on it in 2019.

Even though Johnson was sometimes compared to being like often President Trump, the British PM’s policies have been much closer to those shoved down American throats by Democrats than the America First agenda promoted by Trump.  This is probably one of the reasons why the British economy hasn’t done as well as Trump’s.

Let’s get something out of the way.  Donald Trump was not a conservative.  He was a populist-nationalist.  He governed very conservatively because conservatism is based on common sense and knowing to do things that have proven to work in the past by adjusting past policies that worked to fit the current political and economic climate.

Johnson is closer to Biden’s ideology on things like climate change, immigration migrations, and the government’s authority during the Chinese virus pandemic.

Biden and Johnson have been spewing the great reset mantra “Build Back Better,” which the United Nations used while working disaster relief efforts in Japan after the tsunami in 2015.

Before Trump’s epic victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, Johnson as Mayor of London was critical of Trump the candidate.

“When Donald Trump says that there are parts of London that are no-go areas, I think he’s betraying a quite stupefying ignorance that makes him, frankly, unfit to hold the office of President of the United States,” he said in a 2015 interview.  Of course, Trump was right because police have said there are Islamic no-go zones in London where you should not go in wearing the uniform.

Biden Cabinet Picks Show Climate Change Has Become a Cult For the Thief-in-Chief, Get Ready For Tyranny in 2021

Biden Cabinet Picks Show Climate Change Has Become a Cult For the Thief-in-Chief, Get Ready For Tyranny in 2021

If you’ve been paying attention to Joe Biden’s choices for Cabinet positions, it looks like his Climate Change ideology is a litmus test for getting on the team.  The Cheater-in-Chief has raised Climate Change to the level of a cult.

He named John “Lurch” Kerry a climate czar.  If Representative Deb Haaland (D-NM) who was named to head up the Department of the Interior, gets confirmed, she will be the first Native American Cabinet member in history.  Remember, qualifications don’t matter as much to liberals in power as do getting a “first.”  That’s what liberal diversity gets us, people who are diverse in race, but not in thinking because they’re all leftists who have drank the Kool-Aid, or should I call it the Kook-Aid?

Another first for Biden would be if Michael Regan gets confirmed as the first black head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Joe Biden has made it abundantly apparent that he is all in on using the federal government to shove whacko environmental policies down American throats, and after what the country was just put through via COVID, you can believe he will do it whether it is needed or not.  I say that because many environmentalists believe our environment is already doing well thanks to technology brought on by capitalism, something the current crop of election thieves disdain.

Biden will rule as a dictator right up until the time he declares he has to leave and lets the true progressive nightmare, Kamala Harris, take over.

Here’s some questions for all the climate tyrants out there who believe that government has the power to actually change the climate, which even a first grader understands it doesn’t, why hasn’t the government been able to stop natural disasters like hurricanes, tsunamis and rains that cause flooding?  How come if the television news meteorologists can’t accurately predict the weather 72 hours out, we are supposed to believe that the “science” is there to predict we are all going to die in less than twelve years if we don’t allow the politicians to spend more of our money on ridiculous climate policies?

State governments (and federal CDC and some other departments) have already tried to condition Americans into believing they have the power to lock them down, to shut down their businesses, and force people out of work.  Again, they do not, but we no longer live in a society where law and order applies to elected leaders who are Democrats as we have seen where Democrat governors and mayors have disregarded their own lockdown orders, leading to the people they are supposed to represent to believe the leaders themselves do not believe in the policies they are employing on them.

Democrats at every level have shown they have zero regard for the working class families and the small businesses they have destroyed by using COVID-19 to justify a dictatorship mentality.  Democrats have eroded our freedoms and liberties long enough, and the people are starting to revolt.  You can’t lock people down for a year and then tell them the lockdown policies have to continue even longer before people start to take matters into their own hands.

So, after experiencing the lockdowns and forcing people to wear masks, even though the top epidemiologists in the world have said that lockdowns and masks do not work to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, does anyone really believe that the American people will stand for a Biden administration forcing all kinds of stupid Climate Change regulations onto them in the name of saving our planet?

I have always referred to the global warming nuts as watermelons, because they are green on the outside and socialist red on the inside.  They have always used the platform of saving the planet to justify spending more and more of our tax dollars, which is what it’s really all about: power and control.

And during 2020, the armpit of calendar years, we have learned that everyone in the Left’s camp has worked in unison to deprive the rest of us of our Constitutional rights.  We have Democrat politicians enforcing rules they make up out of thin air with no resemblance of how a republic works.  Most of the COVID mitigation rules across the country have not come from the due diligence of state legislatures, but out of unconstitutional mandates made by governors and mayors who claim they care about your health enough to force you into compliance with their orders.

We’ve also learned of the limits the mainstream now mostly Fake News industry will go to promote the lies of the Left and to censor truth.  CNN and MSNBC tell whoppers day in an day out, and the New York Times and Washington Post are best suited at the bottom of a dirty birdcage.   Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd said he would not allow any guests on his show who did not drink the Climate Change Kook-Aid.  That’s total censorship by a major news network.  The press has a Constitutional protection from government censoring the news that is an important part of keeping our country free, and yet we watch them spit on their role and obligation to allow news from all sides to be heard.

We watched as elected Democrat whose main priority is to protect the people they serve allow riots and looting to happen all across the country causing mayhem, destruction, and even death.  Not only did we see Democrat leaders allow the riots to continue, but they actively and very publicly told the Trump administration to not step in to help shut them down.

We saw that the tech giants were willing to actively censor free speech in order to protect Democrats and leftist ideological causes, even though they know full well that everyone knows they were doing it.  Everyone knew the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop yet Twitter continued to censor the story, knowing that everyone already knew about it.  The tech giants censored any speech their leftist cohorts disagreed with, and they’re still thriving.

We saw public schools care more about the employment of adults than the education of our children.  The Democrats didn’t care one iota about the psychological problems lockdowns and virtual learning would cause to our kids.  Instead, we saw teachers unions demand more pay for not working.

We’ve also seen that the Courts are thoroughly corrupted.  It has become wholly apparent that Democrat judges no long believe in the Constitution as they continually rule against the rule of law.  We saw judges at the beginning of the Trump administration make rulings just to screw over the Trump agenda, ruling that were not based on Constitutional principles at all. For example, a federal judge shot down Trump’s travel ban claiming it targeted Muslims when it did not.  And even if it did, the United States in the past has done travel bans specifically on Muslims.  Barack Obama specifically did a travel ban against Iran and the word Muslim was in the order.  In fact, Trump’s travel ban was based on the six countries that the Obama administration declared had the highest propensity for ISIS operatives to infiltrate refugee groups to get into the US and cause damage.

Here’s the problem with rogue judges.  The judges realize they don’t have to face any accountability.  Leftist judges understand that their rulings will be held until an appeal overturns it, which usually takes upwards to 18 months to hit the Supreme Court. and then, after their ruling is overturned, there is no blowback on the judge who knowingly ruled against the rule of law for ideological purposes.  And we just witnessed the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court refuse to hear a case on election fraud because he feared riots.

That’s the world in which we now live.  Do the powers of darkness really expect us to believe that America just voted for even more of this?   Does anyone believe the Democrats, after living through 2020, will be less likely to attempt to get away with murder?