Economic Nationalism is Gains in Manufacturing

Economic Nationalism is Gains in Manufacturing


The administration of Donald J. Trump has seen an acceleration in U.S. manufacturing activity, to its highest level in nearly 1-1/2 years in July according to Reuters, even with the combined supply and demand shocks that have ravaged the world economy with the most severe downturn since the Great Depression.

Bookings Institute asked, “Is the future one of deglobalization, decoupling, and reshoring of economic activity?” Things seem to be point in Trump’s direction.

“About 72% of industries reported growth last month,” Reuters reported.

They added the technical details reporting, “The  Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said its index of national factory activity raced to a reading of 54.2 last month from 52.6 in June. That was the strongest since March 2019 and marked two straight months of expansion. A reading above 50 indicates growth in manufacturing, which accounts for 11% of the U.S. economy. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast the index would rise to 53.6 in July.”

That is much stronger than was expected, allowing Trump to celebrate a little bit along with the overall expansion in the economy for the third straight month

The White House Rapid Response team reported the good news Monday, calling the announcement, “The great American comeback”:

The ISM also reported, “Demand is growing as is evident by the strong gain in the New Orders Index at 61.5%. That represents an increase of 5.1 from the June reading of 56.4%. New orders are being supported by the New Export Orders Index re-entering expansion.”

The New Orders (61.5%) and Production (62.1%) indexes show rates of change that signify a U.S. manufacturing sector returning to work in July after the pandemic induced slowdown. Both had their highest readings since summer/fall.

Manufacturing gains is a large part of Trump’s 2020 Presidential platform:


Protecting the country from too many imports and employing citizens over foreigners, is generally what is called “Economic Nationalism”. President Trump’s America First platform comes from a Populist movement of workers and small business proponents after at least a decade of frustration over the loss of employment and opportunities.

Under former President Barack Obama, there was massive loss of opportunity and jobs.

Republicans were not the ones to champion Economic Nationalism or protecting the American worker until President Trump was elected.

No matter how much his opposition tried to stop him, until the Pandemic, Trump’s economy was soaring.

Trump took care of the most neglected American workers, including Farmers.

The 2020 Presidential election could see a huge amount of crossover from the Democrats, because of the pro-American working-class, Farmer, and pro-small business victories for Trump.

VIDEO: Tensions Escalate as Pompeo Says US has to Deal With Reality on China, Feinstein Called Out

This Summer while providing a stabilizing influence on violent domestic uprisings, the Trump administration is also sending out warnings that something is about to break loose in the working relationship between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  and the United States, pointing out that American business needs to pay attention to regime’s negative history on Human Rights in their own region for what looks like bad Pubic Relations for those American companies.

“General Secretary Xi Jinping made a choice to violate the Chinese Communist Party’s promises to the Hong Kong people and in an UN-registered treaty. He didn’t have to do it. But he did. We have to deal with China as it is, not as we wish it to be,” Pompeo said Monday.


Sunday Pompeo was on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo and spoke in-depth, giving warnings to American companies such as the National Basketball League (NBA), who have been boldly advocating for the CCP over the past year.

“We are sending a message to China, if you want to participate on the world stage you can not behave like this, you can not use slave labor, forced sterilization, and abortions, and they have deep ties to businesses in the United States. We are going to impose deep costs on those businesses.  We have told US Businesses to take a deep look at their supply chains.  Some brand names do not want to be connected to what is happening there [in China],” Pompeo said referring to the shocking video of people being blindfolded, shackled and being led to trains, below.


“The NBA and other companies who want to do a deal with China are becoming more aware of the national security problems we have with doing business with China, in the past we let things go on that we should not have allowed. We have told them they need to stop participating in these systems have had human rights problems. I am confident American business will evaluate what is the best thing to do,” Pompeo said.

“The mission President Trump gave us is zero percent risk to the American people to deal with these issues, and that is what we are going,” Pompeo said.

“The CCP is running espionage and attempting deep influence of politicians and businesses, to undermind democracy and put America at risk, and we are acting upon it.  We are going to protect the American people from these influence operations. We are getting almost every member of Congress inline with understanding the human rights violations and the threat from the CCP.  We have Nations coming inline together and on the side of freedom. We hope to get every member on board,” Pompeo said.

Talking about the problem with Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein, Pompeo answered questions about the statement she had made about China just days earlier.

“There is something not quite right there, [with Feinstein] and her statement about China, these are adversaries who intend harm to her citizens in California and she is undermining America’s effort.

“Freedom-loving people in Hong Kong were inline to crush the party, so the party canceled the election. This is the kind of thing we have seen from the CCP leadership. We have increasing support from the world. It is in other nation’s best interest to be sovereign against the Communist Party as well, he said.


ReOpen NC Craziness: Democrat Roy Cooper Decrees Bars Close at 11PM, Strip Clubs With Buffets can Stay Open?

ReOpen NC Craziness: Democrat Roy Cooper Decrees Bars Close at 11PM, Strip Clubs With Buffets can Stay Open?

Republican Pat McCrory, the former Governor of North Carolina deconstructed the latest press release by current Democrat Roy Cooper, who has insisted on dragging the state through a slow and agonizing re-open after Cooper’s Pandemic concerns have put the state in disarray and depression.

“We are announcing a Statewide curfew on the sale of alcohol,” Cooper said. “Bars will remain closes, and they have not been opened for a reason, because health experts say that places, where people gather closely, are a high transmission setting for this virus,” Cooper said at the press conference.

McCory announced Cooper’s latest harassment of North Carolinians on his radio program, after months of demanding bars and work out centers must remail in total shutdown and all businesses must require their patrons to wear face masks, Cooper dug in deeper and made a further demand; No more Alcholol after 11PM.

“Cooper has started a Curfew on sale of alcohol which starts Friday, July 31st 11 PM, Bars will remain close,” McCrory said.

Reading from a transcript, McCrory repeated what Cooper said, “We want to prevent restaurants from becoming bars after hours.”

“That doesn’t include grocery stores or convenience stores, The hypocrisy and deceit in that statement is amazing.  We have not opened up bars except in restraints and taverns that the Governor made an exception for, and what happens after 11:00?” McCrory said.

But not all establishments selling alcohol are restaurants.  Cooper allowed an exemption to the demand bars stay closed by allowing wineries and breweries to open and serve alcohol.

The show host pointed out that the Breweries and Taverns the Governor made the exemptions can serve alcohol as long as they have food trucks.

It all seems very unscientific, the hosts pointed out.  “The media is taking it hook line and sinker,” McCrory said. “Can you imagine when I was Governor any reporter accepting this type of crazy story,” he said. “None of them asked about the strip clubs which we know are open after 11 can serve alcohol,” McCrory said.

“The lobbyist group for one group is stronger than the lobbyist group for another group,” McCrory said.

Are strip clubs a restaurant?  No media asked for any clarification.

“Strip clubs are still open after 11:00 because they have a buffet. They really are. This is a joke. The Media is a joke,” McCrory.



INTERVIEW: Chinese are Quitting the Communist Party, What Americans Need to Know

INTERVIEW: Chinese are Quitting the Communist Party, What Americans Need to Know

The Donald J.Trump administration has been taking bold steps, in recent months, to expose the interlockings between the Chinese Communist party and wide-ranging criminal acts from deep within our most trusted American institutions by Americans who were influenced by the Communist party.

Daily press releases from the US Department of Justice and the US Department of State show numerous indictments for hacking, spying, and theft. There is no doubt that America has a Communist problem.

Recent comments by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo layout that the case that the Chinese Communist Party is indeed a national security focus for the Trump administration.

But not all Chinese people embrace Communism. Pompeo said as much in his historic speech recently, from the Nixon Library.

But what do Americans really understand is the difference?  We interviewed some people who have asylum here in America.

“Socialism is Communism.  Every school student in China understands what socialism is, there is a description in our textbooks that Socialism is Communism and if you don’t believe that or if you ask questions about that fact, you are called a Conspiracy theorist, ” said Angelica, a member of the group called Tuidang, who identifies herself with an alias because she has family members who remain in China.

Angelica has been in the US for 5 years and before that worked as a foreign interpreter, she speaks English very well.

“No matter your beliefs, know who is bad, that is what we want people to open their eyes to,” Angelica said. “We want people to make that stand.”

Angelica said she looked up the meaning of her name and embraced it, “It means messenger of God or Angel.”  She wants people to sign a Petition with their real name or an alias and pledge to quit the Communist Party.

Here is a link to the Petition:

“Communism uses the public to monitor each other and get people to lose their values, so they self-censor out of fear of being alone and isolated. If someone doesn’t agree, they shame people in public,” Angelica said.

Here is a recent example of that type of activity from Chinese reporter Jennifer Zeng:

“We call this type of humiliation an infringement on Human Rights, but that is not all the Communists do.  They do far worse that is why we started Tuidang,” she said.

According to their site:

“Tuidang (退党) in Mandarin Chinese means to “withdraw from the Party.” It is the act of publicly renouncing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliate organizations: the Communist Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League.

Tuidang emerged shortly after the Chinese edition of the Epoch Times newspaper, based in New York, published the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in October 2004—a series of editorials explaining the censored history and tyranny of the CCP. The Nine Commentaries describes how Chinese people have suffered numerous oppressive political campaigns and social upheavals under Party rule for over 65 years, resulting in an estimated 60 to 80 million unnatural deaths.”

“Our movement is a grassroots movement that started with our mission to try to stop the spread of Communism because Communism is like an evil Cancer. The nature of the CCP is evil and it doesn’t cherish human life.  We are a movement that wants to wake people up from the inside.  Generations of people have been under the mind control of the Communist party, some as early as 6 years old. We want to wake up those minds,” Angelica said.

“We have been heavily censored and we are worried about what we see happening here in the United States with censorship,” she said, explaining that she had spent 8 months in prison in China for distributing leaflets that were considered anti-Communist and therefore “Fake News”.

“Angelica” described the determination of other group members, to free the mind of the Chinese people by risking great danger from beatings and jail time under the Chinese Communist Party.

“Our movement switched to posting messages on Money because we knew they would have a harder time getting rid of our message. We call it ‘Truth Money’, Angelica said.

“We want to clear the eyes of the people so they can discern what is good and bad from God.  We are fighting every way we can,” she said.

Here is an example of Truth Money:

Top left
The “Falun gong” is Buddhist and remember that “Falun gong” is great. When you face danger the “Falun gong” can save your life.

Comment: “Falun gong” is a Chinese spiritual practice. However the Communist Party does not allow other beliefs to challenge their ruling, so they started to ban “Falun gong” by sending people who practice “Falun gong” to jail and torture them. The Communist Party claims that it is a cult. Actually, the “Falun gong” people always come to Hong Kong and spread their message, because Hong Kong is not under the governance of China and we have the freedom of speech.

Bottom left
Today the weather is not good, please look at the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”. Quitting the communist party is a serious matter and not a joke, quit it to ensure safety.

Comment: Since the “Falun gong” is banned by China, the people who practice “Falun gong” hate the Communist Party very much. The “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” is a famous document which criticizes the Communist Party.

Right hand side
Climb over the walls to see the world.

Comment: Internet censorship is very strict in China. People can’t even use Facebook or Google. So the code provides some methods (probably VPN and Proxy) to break the wall.

“This terrible treatment started with a Cultural Revolution that America should understand because there are dangers that are associated with Socialism,” Angelica said.

According to Britannica, “The Cultural Revolution (in full, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution) took place from 1966 to 1976 in China. The benign-sounding moniker belies the destruction it unleashed upon the country’s population. It was launched under the direction of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Chairman Mao Zedong, who wished to renew the spirit of the communist revolution and root out those he considered to be “bourgeois” infiltrators—alluding, in part, to some of his CCP colleagues who were advocating a path for an economic recovery that differed from Mao’s vision.”

Maoism, or Mao Zedong Thought, is a variety of Marxism–Leninism that Mao Zedong developed for realizing a socialist revolution in the agricultural, pre-industrial society of the Republic of China and later the People’s Republic of China. Wikipedia

That is exactly what Pompeo was was warning us about with the Communists,  could he be warning us about more?

“The Communist Party is constantly at war with us,” Angelica said. “It is not about punishing one thought, Communism punishes any other thoughts that do not agree with them.”

More educational resources are surfacing daily to help Americans understand the tactics and agenda of Communists”

Tuidang was inspired by a book called, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party which according to their site,was “published amidst one of Chinese Communist Party’s most brutal persecution—against the 100 million practitioners of Falun Gong in China.”

Step one, from the first Commentary, is as follows:


Yes, that is where Communism begins.

Now ask yourself, what is happening in the United States today with the Democrat Party’s Socialist Revolution, lawlessness and open rebellion to the American Republic.


Two Black Women Call for Return to Corporate Sponsored Segregation for Blacks and Trans

Two Black Women Call for Return to Corporate Sponsored Segregation for Blacks and Trans

Two Black women had a great idea to start a new business where they would sell accreditation in being ‘master virtue signalers’ by displaying stickers they produce which will identify people who agree with them and by creating a corporate-sponsored segregation movement based on a 1932 Booklet that will discriminate between business and people who do not agree with their agenda.

They want people to acknowledge their privilege and wear or post a sticker that they have been properly accredited by Inclusive Journeys as caring about marginalized people.

Posted on their site, they provide:

  • Resources to help businesses self-audit for inclusiveness
  • Resources to help businesses improve
  • Referrals to Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity trainers

What the two women want is freedom, liberty and safety for “people of marginalized identities’ who are not White or Heterosexual and non-Transgender,  by shackling people with the burdens of shaming other people who have not devoted their lives to promoting a message.  A message that appears to be very similar to Black Lives Matter.

“At Inclusive Journeys, we believe all people should be treated with respect and dignity.  We believe that all people have the right to move through their lives in safe and welcoming environments. We believe all people should have spaces where they find themselves represented, reflected and celebrated in a way that is authentic to their identity. While this is not true today we will not stop this work until this dream is a reality,” according to Inclusive Journeys website.

Their Go Fund Me, after two weeks of getting wide media, was so successful that Inclusive Journeys is an LLC and has gotten free advertisement from the following corporations:

9News, ABC News, The Black Media Authority, The AP, Black, Chron, CPR News, Fairfield Citizen, Far From Home, National Geographic,  News Break, SFGate, US World and News, Western,

The company sells a sticker to display that participants will commit their lives, their thoughts and deeds and fortunes to the group’s message that participants have admitted their guilt and error of their ways when not acting on behalf of Inclusive Journey’s message, which is a return to “White Privilege”, and extension to American Privilege and Heterosexual, and Non-Trans Privilege:

All people should be safe, happy and free as long as they agree with Inclusive Journeys,  From their site:

Recall, their business is selling Stickers that depict a quilt.

The logo was created by a white woman, who is an “ally” and took her cues from the Underground Railroad.

“IMPORTANT: Displaying a Quilt Code sticker does not mean you are perfect. None of us are. What it does mean is that you are committed to the following:

1. Ongoing self-education about conscious and unconscious bias
2. Self-examination and reflection
3. Openness to acknowledging the ways you play a role in the oppression of others
4. Using any and all privileges you have to actively counter injustice and oppression of others, regardless of their identity
5. Ensuring the space around you is safe and welcoming for people of all marginalized identities
6. Commitment to self educate or receive training on de-escalation strategies in order to appropriately intervene in situations where people of marginalized identities are being harmed
7. Understand that this is a symbol of safety to people of marginalized identities, and with that comes a moral obligation to be an active ally.
8. Acknowledging that people of marginalized identities may not immediately place their trust in you, simply because you display this sticker. Trust is earned through further direct action.”

The two women say their concept is based upon a book from a time period when people were forced to be segregated by race, titled The Negro Green Book.

From the company’s press release, “Historically, the Green Book was used to teach Black travelers how to navigate racism where it wasn’t clearly posted. It turns out, in 2020, we still need that,” says Egli. “Racism is so ingrained into us all that many individuals don’t even acknowledge to themselves that they are practicing racial bias. The Digital Green Book will hold businesses and public spaces accountable not only or their intent but for their impact.

Egli and McMullen-Bushman are creating the Digital Green Book as a labor of love – and necessity – in providing a modern version of Victor H. Green’s guide. Both women are working mothers with full-time careers, so the project is being crowdfunded through a GoFundMe Campaign to hire a developer, and will rely on crowdsourced information about inclusive
businesses, upholding and reflecting the tradition of the original Green Book.”

We contacted the company for a statement about the dangers of ignoring the positive impacts of the Civil Rights movements of the past and re-introducing a painful period in our history as if nothing had changed, and in fact calling for a return to segregation.   We will update if we receive anything.

“The Great One” – Mark Levin Rips Dr. Fauci For PRAISING New York’s Disastrous CV-19 Response

“The Great One” – Mark Levin Rips Dr. Fauci For PRAISING New York’s Disastrous CV-19 Response

Of any of the US cities to use, as an example of how great a job they did fighting the “VIRUS’, New York City would NOT be one of them.

According to many, such as Gothamist, NYC  Mayor Bill De Blasio has a long record of missteps during their CV-19 response.

On January 24th, Mayor Bill de Blasio held his first briefing on the coronavirus crisis in New York City. At the time, there were no confirmed cases in New York City, and the focus was still on Wuhan (a week prior, it was announced that travelers from that area of China would be screened at area airports). At that first briefing, Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot said, “New Yorkers should know the risk to residents of the city is low.” It’s likely the virus was already spreading here at that time, we simply weren’t testing for it.

On March 11th, de Blasio went on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, joked about elbow bumps, and recommended that New Yorkers could go about their lives with only a few lifestyle changes.

On February 2nd, a week after that first press briefing on the virus, de Blasio said, “We understand some things about this disease… what is clear is the only way you get it is with substantial contact with someone who already has it. You don’t get it from a surface. You don’t get it from very temporary contact, based on what we know now.”

From NY Post

Mayor Bill de Blasio said some hospitalized patients who have tested positive for the coronavirus should still return to their nursing homes — even though they risk exposing other elderly residents to the deadly bug.

“If the better care in that individual case is the hospital, of course, that’s a go-to option, but there’s going to be a time when a nursing home could be the better care if it’s set up that way,” de Blasio insisted on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Wednesday.

MSNBC host Willie Geist had asked de Blasio if the order issued by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to allow patients with coronavirus to leave hospitals and go back into nursing homes was a mistake, given that the death toll at nursing homes surged to 4,813 earlier this week — nearly a quarter of all fatalities in the state.

Then after issues, a shelter is place order from NYC,

Well, believe it or not, the failed one, Dr. Anthony Fauci, recently praised NY for its handling of the “pandemic”. National talk show host, the Great One, Mark Levin, ripped Fauci’s appearance on PBS praising NY’S handling of the “VIRUS”.

Via The Blaze

Mark Levin ripped into White House health expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, who in a recent PBS interview praised New York as the model for fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

“We know that when you do it properly, you bring down those cases. We have done it. We have done it in New York,” Fauci said of New York, the former COVID-19 epicenter.

More than 400,000 New Yorkers have been infected with COVID-19 since the pandemic began and at least 32,463 people have died in the state.

Levin called Fauci’s statement “shocking,” adding that Fauci’s “gift of communication” gives him an odd sort of charisma and that the mainstream media has consistently over-hyped his proficiency.

“It’s clear, he’s extremely political. He’s been in government 50 years. He’s incompetent,” Levin said of Fauci.

“He’s been in this job for 37 years. He’s been in the federal government for 50 years … that means in 2009, when they didn’t have a handle on the swine flu, when they didn’t know what they were doing, when it was pure luck, he was the infectious disease guy then, too. Remember, he’s the infectious disease guy. He’s not ‘America’s doctor‘. He’s not America’s health expert for all purposes. He’s the infectious disease guy.”

Yes, Mark, the leftists, including Fauci, have completely mishandled this virus. Why this happened, leads us to several possible options:

  1. On accident, was a new type of virus
  2. Due to incompetence
  3. Was weaponized for political purposes

Of these three options, your choice would probably reveal your confidence in the morality of our government officials and might even confirm who you will be voting for on November 3rd, 2020.

Africa in Trouble After Politicians Accepted too Much Money from China, Pledge Support in Return for Debt Forgiveness

Africa in Trouble After Politicians Accepted too Much Money from China, Pledge Support in Return for Debt Forgiveness

Africa, after years of borrowing money from China on easy terms, many countries in the region who are saddled with debt they can’t repay, one country at least has pledged allegiance to China in exchange for debt forgiveness.

Leaders around the African continent, after being wined and dined by the PLA “were eager to accept anything they could get for projects such as a hydropower dam and a 50,000-seat soccer stadium,” Bloomberg News reported.

Relationships were developed that opened up Africa to countries, allowing Chinese business to control Zambia’s natural resources, building resentment with people native to Zambia, who felt they were losing their jobs, wealth and country,

For example, media reports indicate that Zambia started to take out loans from Chinese banks for airports, hospitals, housing projects, and the roads connecting them.


The country is in so much trouble that the leader of Zambia asked for total debt forgiveness from China this week, in exchange for supporting China and their policies.

A Kenya paper reported:

“President Lungu called for debt relief and cancellation in light of reduced revenue due to the negative impact of the pandemic, as well as competing needs for the country, to secure adequate resources to fight the pandemic and to stimulate the economy,” said a statement issued by Spokesman Isaac Chipampe.

Zambia’s public debt has increased significantly in recent years although it’s unclear exactly how much is actually owed to China.

The two leaders agreed to continue working closely together to safeguard common interests, including on matters concerning the United Nations Security Council.

The statement said President Lungu reaffirmed Zambia’s commitment to the aspirations of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation which has yielded tangible benefits for Zambia through a number of developmental projects.”

After accepting Chinese money, there is an increase in domestic strife with the people of Zambia.

Slaves Making US Bound Masks? Uyghur Slave Labor Produces Cheap ‘Made in China’ Masks

Slaves Making US Bound Masks? Uyghur Slave Labor Produces Cheap ‘Made in China’ Masks

The Communist People Republic Of China has been killing and imprisoning people since October 1, 1949, when Mao Zedong proclaimed the People’s Republic of China (PRC) from up to atop Tiananmen, after a near-complete victory by the Communist Party of China (CPC) in the Chinese Civil War. According to, up to 60 million died under the communist dictatorship and news has leaked out of millions of their poor have been subjected to working as voluntary or involuntary slaves through their land.

Now according to Breitbart, some of the slaves were forced to make CV-19 masks.

A report published by the New York Times (NYT) on Sunday revealed that forced labor from the Uyghur concentration camps of Xinjiang province is part of the production chain for at least 17 Chinese companies that produce medical masks and other protective equipment.

The NYT noted that, based on Chinese government agencies, there were only four companies producing medical-grade equipment in Xinjiang before the coronavirus pandemic, but there are at least 51 of them now, and 17 of them participate in a program that provides them with cheap forced labor from captive Uyghurs.

The Uyghurs are a mainly Muslim minority group living in the Xinjiang region. The Chinese government declared them a security risk several years ago and began a program of incarceration and surveillance that led to the construction of concentration camps so large they can be seen from orbit.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) insists these camps are “vocational training schools” and most of the inhabitants are attending voluntary programs to improve their job prospects, but human rights groups around the world maintain the Uyghurs are prisoners subjected to brutal re-education programs and forced to work in Chinese factories. The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) published a study in March that named 83 companies, both Chinese and foreign, that are directly or indirectly benefiting from compulsive Uyghur labor programs.

Most of the masks made by the 17 companies determined by the NYT to use forced Uyghur labor are sold domestically, but some of them are evidently shipped and sold overseas.

“We traced a shipment of face masks to a medical supply company in the U.S. state of Georgia from a factory in China’s Hubei Province, where more than 100 Uighur workers had been sent. The workers are required to learn Mandarin and pledge their loyalty to China at weekly flag-raising ceremonies,” the NYT reported.

The NYT disputed claims by Chinese officials that the Uyghurs are voluntarily learning useful skills and agreeing to work for Chinese companies, noting that “quotas on the number of workers put in the labor program and the penalties faced by those who refuse to cooperate” make the program coercive.

Next time you go to buy your “masks” make sure they have not been made in China. The last thing you want to do while living under tyranny in the US, wearing a mask even though healthy, is to help fund the evil businesses using slave labor to make them.

Democrat Mayors like LA’s Eric Garcetti Have Failed! President Trump Is Winning!

Democrat Mayors like LA’s Eric Garcetti Have Failed! President Trump Is Winning!

I have been saying for years, we were heading towards the Divided States Of America. It was easy to see as several US cities had larger populations than some nations around the world. Their mayors and city councils were progressive and their policies Marxist, which always leads to increasing poverty, high murder rates, racial tensions, high taxes, and overall city quality of life decline. Unfortunately, as we look around in 2020, I was right, and am now, as we do live in the Divided States Of America.

New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are the three most visible examples of what failing “democratic socialism” looks like in the USA.

I don’t see a way out for these cities whose citizens have been dependant on government assistance for generations and with increasing numbers of  Marxists graduating every year, becoming a larger voting block, both demanding the complete tearing down of Capitalism and installing a full Marists system in its place.

So regardless of how quickly their cities are declining, to the leadership, the pain experienced during this period of taking down the system, is the ends justifying the means to make it happen. Death, despair, and debt are ok, as long as heading toward their goals.

President Trump, on the other hand, has been pushing for America first since taking office. Having kept all of the campaign promises, not blocked in the courts by Democrats law suites challenging his changes, our nation was experiencing a booming economy, increasing in manufacturing, lowest unemployment numbers for minorities and women, and rapidly poll numbers were showing black voters switching to President Trump by 20-30%. Then the left weaponized the “pandemic” forcing President Trump to re-open our country in spite of the efforts of these same failing democratic mayors blocking him locally.

One of the big reasons President Trump has been so effective at responding to the virus is that he had all of the fundamentals of a strong country already in place: strong borders, strong economy, and strong relationships with businesses and allies. This enabled him to quickly restrict travel from China and Europe, import billions of units of PPE, and work with businesses and Congress to stave off economic disaster.

From Breitbart

If big-city Democrats cared about stopping the coronavirus as much as they cared about blasting President Donald Trump, the businesses in their cities would be opened safely and their communities would be thriving. However, leftwing mayors like Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles have unleashed pandemic hell on their populations through their own incompetence —all while scapegoating President Trump for the problems they themselves caused.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (2017 Photo by Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)

Just as Bill de Blasio made all the wrong decisions as the coronavirus ravaged New York City, Garcetti, with nearly every move he has made, has turned the nation’s second-largest metropolis into our latest deadly hotspot. Los Angeles County’s death total is nearing 4,000, well over half of California’s total. New shutdown orders are further devastating businesses and workers who often live paycheck to paycheck.

The outbreak in Los Angeles is a direct result of poor leadership at the top.

In early March, as other cities and states were responsibly calling off major mass gatherings and events because of the obvious public health concerns associated with them, Garcetti shockingly decided to move forward with the Los Angeles marathon. A decision that likely guaranteed Los Angles would begin the pandemic in a much worse position than other major cities around the country. How many people caught Coronavirus because they attended the marathon? How many people died because of it?

Due to runaway illegal immigration and the cities massive unchecked homeless population, contact tracing in Los Angles is virtually useless. Combine that with Garcetti’s colossal failure to deploy widespread testing, and it’s nearly impossible to truly know how many people in the city are even infected with the coronavirus. Coronavirus testing appointments in the city have filled up partly because of a paring back on testing sites and slots. Even the liberal Los Angeles Times has characterized the state and city as “unprepared, overwhelmed, and constantly lagging.”

After seven years of Garcetti, LA’s economy is in shambles. Businesses have fled an onerous business tax, which Garcetti promised to eliminate but hasn’t. Garcetti has also made no attempt to control the city’s pension crisis, which is now consuming 20 percent of its budget. Even while he was extremely slow to reopen the economy following the first wave, his other poor choices still led to a second wave, meaning he killed jobs and destroyed businesses for no reason. He’s now encouraging citizens to snitch on LA businesses who don’t follow his crushing lockdown orders as if they haven’t suffered enough.

President Trump is winning, citizens in progressive cities are losing. As long as they continue to do so their cities will further decline. If We The People turn out in November, we can keep America heading back to pre-CV-19 growth numbers, and hopefully someday President Trump will be allowed to help these progressive monstrosities after they finally come to their senses.