Expert: Biden Actions Against American Oil, Gas Energy Production Could Kill as Many as 1 Million Jobs

Expert: Biden Actions Against American Oil, Gas Energy Production Could Kill as Many as 1 Million Jobs

Frank Macchiarola, senior vice president of Policy, Economics, and Regulatory Affairs at the American Petroleum Institute (API), told  Breitbart News and Matt Boyle that Joe Biden is about to throw 1 million workers out of their jobs as he works to eliminate America’s energy independence.

President Trump guided the energy industry and took the United States into the top energy producer in the world.

Along with the oil from Canada made us totally independent of OPEC. He has put the Keystone Pipeline out of business and that oil will now probably go to the Chinese. But far worse than that, Biden wants to end drilling on public lands.

Macchiarola says that alone could cost Americans one million jobs. Russia is rejoicing also because as the United States becomes dependent on foreign oil, they will have increased their market in Europe.

Macchiarola said:

“I think the first four days of the Biden Administration have given a clear picture of what the next four years could look like. President Biden comes into office with a real economic headwind and a difficult labor market but at the same time he inherited an energy [landscape] that’s stronger because of America’s shale revolution.”

“We’ve produced lower household energy costs as a result of U.S. energy and less reliance on foreign energy sources.”

“The president has a choice to make: He can maintain U.S. leadership and maintain and support our economic recovery with American energy or he can pursue policies that destroy jobs and at the same time increase energy imports.”

“The first few days should concern all Americans because the administration is clearly taking actions that are going to harm the economy and cost Americans jobs.”

Macchiarola pointed out that in his inauguration speech, Biden said his top to goals was to strengthen ties with our allies except for Israel. And second he plans to grow the economy. What he is doing will accomplish neither but Biden has always been known for his lying. He says this move will cost about $2 billion a year in wages. With Biden in charge Americans do not stand a chance.

From Breitbart News

“This shale revolution has unlocked resources that we never thought we’d be able to get to and that’s meant more jobs in the United States, lower energy costs, and greater energy security,” Macchiarola said.

“For the first time in 2019 in 67 years [the U.S.] became a net exporter of energy rather than a net importer,” he noted. “That’s a huge deal. And abandoning federal leasing heads in a different direction.”

Biden Removed Trump Executive Orders That Lowered Drug Prices For Americans Including Insulin

Biden Removed Trump Executive Orders That Lowered Drug Prices For Americans Including Insulin

On Thursday, President Biden’s US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) killed off Trump executive orders that were designed to lower prescription drug prices significantly for Americans, including insulin and epinephrine.  The cost of insulin is a real problem for diabetics in America.

The administration says it is going to re-evaluate the executive action from Trump by the end of March.  At this point, nobody knows if the lowering of drug prices will ever come back.

On Thursday, Bloomberg Law reported, “The HHS Thursday froze the former Trump administration’s December drug policy that requires community health centers to pass on all their insulin and epinephrine discount savings to patients”

“Centers that don’t pass on the savings wouldn’t qualify for federal grants.”

“This freeze is part of the Biden administration’s large-scale effort announced this week that will scrutinize the Trump administration’s health policies,” the report noted. “If the previous administration’s policies raise ‘fact, law, or policy’ concerns, the Biden HHS will delay them and consult with the Office of Management and Budget about other actions.”

A Bloomberg Government reported pointed out that the Biden administration is on a “different page” entirely concerning lowers drug prices than the Trump administration, citing the Biden team believing “at least a dozen lawsuits … over Trump-era moves to lower drug prices”:

“Biden enters the presidency with at least a dozen lawsuits waiting over Trump-era moves to lower drug prices, an issue the new administration will likely tackle in its own way. The Department of Health and Human Services under Biden inherits challenges to rules that tie drug reimbursement to cheaper foreign drug prices and allow medication imports from Canada. It also faces complaints over Trump’s push for drugmakers to ship discounted drugs bought by low-income health centers to commercial contract pharmacies.”

Why would an American president do this to the American people?

Do you know how many people the lowering of prescription drug prices would help? The problem that the Trump administration understood is that the same pharmaceutical companies that charge an arm and a leg for their drugs in the United States charge other countries less for the same drugs, sometimes a lot less.

Trump signed four executive orders in July that directed the secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to “end a shadowy system of kickbacks by middlemen that lurks behind the high out-of-pocket costs many Americans face at the pharmacy counter,” the department announced at the time.  The department said it would provide Americans with more options for buying drugs.

Always thinking about the American people President Trump at the signing ceremony said that the high price of insulin and EpiPens literally cut off low-income American that are in desperate need of the treatments.  They couldn’t afford the drugs.

“The four orders I’m signing today will be on the prescription drug market in terms of pricing and everything else to make these medications affordable and accessible for all Americans,” Trump said, as he was surrounded by health care professionals. “The first order will require federal community health centers to pass the giant discounts they received from drug companies on insulin and EpiPens directly to their patients. You know insulin became so expensive people weren’t able to use it. They desperately needed it.”

“We have it to a level that you’re not going to believe,” he continued. “EpiPens — likewise you have been hearing horrible stories about EpiPens over the last six or seven years, horrible, horrible, horrible increases for where they went to almost nothing to massive amounts of money. We’re changing that right now.”

“Under this order,” Trump added, “the price of insulin for affected patients will come down to just pennies a day, pennies a day from numbers that you weren’t even able to think about. It’s a massive cost savings.”

Trump said providers “should not be receiving discounts for themselves while charging their poorest patients massive full prices.”

Donald Trump, love him or hate him, was a president for the people and not the elitists. That’s why the Woke Supremacists had to get rid of him at any cost.  He truly is the blue-collar billionaire.

Trump also mentioned that not only were they going to end the  “shadowy system of kickbacks by middlemen,” but another executive order allowed states, pharmacies, and wholesalers to provide safe and legal importation of prescription drugs from Canada and other countries where the price for the identical drug is incredibly lower.”

The Biden administration is proving to be the exact opposite of the Trump administration.  They are hammering the middle class and working-class families with taxes and regulations that are going to harm real families.  It takes me back to the days of the Obama administration when it seemed like every day the Democrats were doing something to harm more Americans. That nightmare has returned.

Biden Transportation Secretary Proposes VMT To Tax You by the Number of Miles You Drive

Biden Transportation Secretary Proposes VMT To Tax You by the Number of Miles You Drive

Pete Buttigieg, the Incoming Transportation Secretary who has zero experience in transportation, has proposed taxing Americans for the number of miles they drive.  Yes, you read that right.  He wants to tax you for every mile you drive. This is a policy he pushed when he ran as a Democratic presidential candidate in 2020.

The Democrats are saying that Buttigieg has experience for the post because he was a mayor.  Again you read that right, because he was a mayor.

The Biden administration is desperately trying to find ways to fund a $1 trillion infrastructure plan.  Either way, it’s going to come out of your pocket.  The government has no money of its own.  Every dime the government spends comes from working people in taxes.

Buttigieg recognized that there are privacy concerns that go with implementing a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) program, and declared that it is being considered as a potential replacement for the gas tax.  I bet no one in the mainstream media will ask if it is to replace gas tax then how are they going to reach the $1 trillion goal for an infrastructure plan?  If they replace the gas tax this VMT then how are they going to fund all the stuff that the gas tax pays for now?  This a scam.  They are going to implement a VMT tax and keep the gas tax.  One of the things that Democrats have always been consistent about is they never give up money that’s already coming to them.  The hardest thing to kill is a government program.

Think about it.  You are now going to be taxed to drive to work, and to go food shopping for your family.  You’re going to be taxed to drive somewhere on vacation, and forget driving across the country just to see it.  How can you afford that?   The Woke Supremacy of socialism doesn’t care, they want their money.

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) asked Buttigieg during his confirmation hearing if he supports increasing the federal gas tax, which is how the federal government pays for the Federal Highway Trust Fund.

“I think all options need to be on the table, as you know, the [federal] gas tax has not been increased since 1993, and it has never been pegged to inflation, and it’s one of the reasons why the current state of Highway Trust Fund is that there’s more going out than coming in,” Buttigieg said in response. “In the long term, we need to bear in mind also that as vehicles become more efficient and as we pursue electrification, sooner or later, there will be questions about whether the gas tax can be effective at all.”

Virginia, whose governor is a radical progressive that we still don’t know if he was the guy in the Klan outfit or the guy wearing black face in his high school yearbook, has already begun charging “highway use fee” to drivers who have what the state considers fuel-efficient.  This amount of the fee depends on how fuel-efficient the government determines the vehicle is, and the state government can change the tax rate at will.

And that’s not all.  The state’s Department of Transportation began looking into starting a system where they are going to tax drivers for the number of miles a person drives.  Maybe Buttigieg can get some tyranny pointers from Governor Ralph Northam for his plan.

Not to worry, because Buttigieg thinks tying the gas tax to inflation as well as the VMT model will be considered.   We thank God for that, am I right?  #SMH  I thought they were going to replace the gas tax with the VMT?

“A lot has been suggested recently about the idea of vehicle-miles-traveled-based, so if we’re committed to the idea of user-pays, then part of how you might do that would be based on vehicle miles traveled [VMT],” he said. “But that raises, of course, concerns about privacy and there remains some technological questions too. These are examples of some of the things that could be part of the solution, but I know that’s going to have to be a conversation, not only in the administration but with Congress too.”

One of the ways discussed on how time implement a VMT system is for the federal government to create a tracking device, not unlike an EZ-Pass transponder that you will have to keep in your car so that the tyrants in DC can monitor not only how many miles you drive but where you drive as well.  This is a complete violation of privacy and it violates the Fourth Amendment.  Where are the civil liberties liberals?  Why are they not screaming from the rooftops over this?

I ask this same question every time I write about what the Biden administration is doing: why would an American president do this to the American people?  Already one can feel the district difference between the last administration and the Biden administration.  Under the Trump administration, Americans felt they were in control of their lives.  Whether you raised your standard of living or not was up to each individual, because the government got off your back.  Under the current administration, you already feel you have lost control.  You are being punished with taxes and regulations that are going to harm your standard of living and the federal government doesn’t seem to care about the consequences of its actions. 

This is some real dystopian stuff.  Does anyone believe that the American people voted for this? First of all, I still believe that the Democratic Party stole the election from Donald Trump.  So things like this just add insult to serious injury as far as I’m concerned.  Will the American people put up with this?

Don Jr. Says Biden Killed Keystone XL Pipeline For Different Reason Than He’s Letting On

Don Jr. Says Biden Killed Keystone XL Pipeline For Different Reason Than He’s Letting On

Even before Joe Biden’s inauguration, he and his team of Wokers were calling for an end to the Keystone Pipeline. The part of the energy project known as Keystone XL was delayed, then started back up again, and delayed again by three presidents since 2015 now, including Biden.

Environmentalist whackjobs howled at the moon making the pipeline a symbol of the struggle over climate change and fossil fuels.  That’s the official story we’ve been fed by the Woke media, Woke environmentalist groups, and now the Biden administration.

Well, on his first day in the office that many believe he stole, President Joe Biden signed an executive order invalidating the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, ending construction in the United States.

TC Energy Corp. said it will now have to lay off thousands of workers because of the order, many of them union members.  The company’s president said the layoffs would necessarily come to more than one-thousands.  The company estimated back in October that the pipeline would hire 11,000 Americans in 2021, generating over $1.6 billion in real wages.  The Democrats couldn’t go one day without killing American jobs.

The Keystone XL pipeline is an international project that has been in the works for years now.  Absent support from the US government and it’s officially dead in the water, which is exactly what the Woke wanted.

The pipeline, all 875 miles of it would deliver heavy crude oil from Western Canada to Steele City, Nebraska and from there it would mix with another line stretching to refineries in the Gulf Coast.  All the jobs that go with the pipeline will now go away.  The Woke in the mainstream Fake News media are going to tell you that it’s not really 11,000 jobs that are going away or that they were mostly temporary jobs but the fact of the matter is there are other jobs that have no direct work on the pipeline itself.   For example, someone has to manufacture the actual pipe, someone has to manufacturer the vehicles that are used for the workers to get the pipeline, someone has to create the tools that the pipeline workers will use to build, fix, and maintain the pipeline, and people have to do all of the other things that are necessary to help the project be a success.  We’re talking about millions of jobs overall.

Biden’s executive order revokes the permit that then-President Donald Trump granted on March 29, 2019 because he says it will be harmful to the environment.  At least Trump was a businessman who knows how to hire people to analyze a situation like this, while Biden has never held a real job in his entire adult life and he knows nothing about the oil industry outside of what the Woke Supremacy believes.

Do you know what kind of environment will be harmed because of Biden’s action to shut down the pipeline?  How about people in the wintertime who won’t be able to afford oil to heat their homes?  How about all the plastic products that we use in our lives like Saran wrap and pens and mobile phones and computer keyboards etc that will see the prices skyrocket because of a shortage of oil?

The Woke will say that the halting of this pipeline isn’t going to stop any production of oil but the reality of it is the halting of the Keystone Pipeline is just the beginning. Biden has already violated one of his campaign promises by banning fracking on federal lands. During the campaign, Biden and Kamala Harris both said numerous times on video that they were for banning fracking.  In one of the debates against Donald Trump, Biden responded to President Trump who brought the point up that Biden would ban fracking by saying that he never said he would even though we all watched him say it numerous times all around the country. Well, he banned fracking, didn’t he?  He says the pipeline and fracking are dangerous to our environment.

However, Donald Trump Jr. sees this latest delay from a completely different angle.  He believes Biden acted as Democrats in power always do by providing a kickback to powerful rich donors who helped them get elected.  It’s why Jimmy Carter destroyed our public school system after the teacher’s unions gave him money to get elected.  This is no different

Don Jr. pointed out that major donors to the Democratic Party, like billionaire Warren Buffet (who owns a railroad) and others will benefit from the halting of Keystone XL.  The oil will still be delivered one way or the other unless the Democrats really do want to take us back to the 18th century (that’s the 1700s for those of you in the Woke Supremacy).  But instead of the oil being delivered efficiently through a pipeline, which with today’s technology is safer than it’s ever been, the mode of transportation of the oil will be from the use of rail lines then transported over to semi-trucks, and the cost of the oil by the time it gets to the consumer by a much less efficient manner will absolutely go up.  You Biden voters should remember that when your heating bill skyrockets or when gasoline prices at the pump go up.  Not a problem, because the Woke will somehow find a way to blame Donald Trump.

So, does Biden’s executive order help the environment?  Not on your life.  Since most of the concerns of the Woke have been dismantled, there was no reason to make changes in the delivery of oil that will most likely cause more harm to the environment than the pipeline itself.  The Woke should see this move as a less carbon-friendly decision, but that’s up to the Fake News media to cover it or not.  At least now you know the truth.

Biden’s Amnesty Bill Props Up Migrants and Corporations Over American Citizens

Biden’s Amnesty Bill Props Up Migrants and Corporations Over American Citizens

Joe Biden’s amnesty plan pushed on day one includes a few things that are not good for the American people.  Biden said he would be a president of all Americans, but this immigration program denies that sentiment.

The amnesty plan pushed by President Joe Biden includes some trivial talk of American families while strongly pushing for the demands of migrants who want Americans to owe them a living, and employers who want cheap labor again.  The statement that introduced the plan originally had a link, but during the writing of this piece it was removed and you are now redirected to the White House website.

The plan says, “The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 establishes a new system to responsibly manage and secure our border, keep our [migrant] families and [border] communities safe, and better manage migration across the Hemisphere.”

The plan cites “families” fifteen times, almost all of which are talking about foreign families.

To keep families together, the bill is said to fix family-based immigration by clearing backlogs (how much you want to bet they just approve everyone in the backlog?), speeding up wait times, increasing per-country visa caps.   It gets rid of the “3 and 10-year bars,” which is a provision that bars illegals from re-entry who have lived here illegally for more than six months.  Illegal aliens with 6 to 12 months of unlawful presence are barred for three years.  You have to ask yourself, why would a president do this to the American people?  These people cost the American taxpayer real money.

The bill claims to give protections for orphans, widows, children, and Filipino veterans who fought alongside the United States in World War II.  Last but not least, this part of the bill allows immigrants with approved family-sponsorship petitions to join their family in the United States on a temporary basis while they wait for green cards to become available.  So, how much fraud do you think that one will create?  This is chain migration and the sole purpose is to build the voter base for the Democratic Party.  If someone tells you any different they are lying to you.

The plan cites “work and workers” sixteen times, almost all of which refer to foreign workers.

To protect workers from “employer exploitation” and to fix the employment verification system, the bill makes it mandatory that the Department of Homeland Security and the Labor department create a commission concerning labor, employer, and civil rights organizations to come up with guidance for improving the employment verification process.

Workers who have serious labor violations but cooperate with worker protection agencies shall be given greater access to U visa relief.  The bill seeks to end workplace retaliation from deportation in order to allow labor agencies to interview the workers while increasing penalties against employers who break labor laws.

The U visa is a nonimmigrant visa that is a set-aside program for crime victims who have had substantial physical or mental abuse in the US and they’re willing to help law enforcement with investigations of the criminal activity.  With that, illegals get lawful status for up to four years, a work authorization so they can take an American’s job, and the ability to gain permanent lawful status after three years, or just in time for a reelection campaign for the Biden administration.

The bill continually celebrates economic migrants who took jobs and wages from millions of Americans including American mothers of young children, disabled Americans, black workers, unskilled American workers, and more.

The bill gives people who have illegally lived here for years, in some cases for decades, the chance to earn citizenship.  It sees them as hardworking people who enrich American communities every day.  Really?  How do they do that when they are living here illegally, which means if they are working they’re doing that illegally as well?

Why would an American president cheapen citizenship this way by handing it out to people who have been here illegally for years?

It goes on to say that federal agencies can create policies that raise wages for foreign workers to prevent unfair competition with American workers.  The socialists do not like the concept of competition, because there are winners and losers, and they support the losers over everyone else.  How is being an American citizen who played by the rules their whole life considered unfair competition to people who broke the law the minute they got here and took jobs away from working Americans?  When all the Woke Supremamcists who voted for Biden lose their jobs over this, I don’t want to hear word one from them, because this provision is solely for illegals over Americans who have been here for years.  It’s a provision that fights American workers out of jobs and rising wages.  I ask again, how can an American president do this to his own people?

The result of this will be to screw over American workers because their wages will go down again by the Biden administration increasing foreign work competition.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said that Americans should get higher priority than these changes in immigration provide to illegal aliens that the Democrats want for future votes.

“Before we deal with immigration, we need to deal with COVID, make sure everyone has the chance to find a good job, and confront the threat from China,” Rubio said in his statement.

But the amnesty ghouls are insisting to us that Americans will feel good about themselves as they watch their jobs and wages get diverted to migrants, foreign graduates, and of course Wall Street.  Are you kidding me?

The overwhelming majority of Americans have told pollsters that the government should make sure that Americans have decent jobs before they allow companies to bring in foreign workers.  But the Woke Supremacists of the Democratic Party care less about American workers than the new votes they will get from the dregs of Central America who will be handed American citizenship like it’s a coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond.

The American people elected Donald Trump mostly for his stance on making migrants go through the proper immigration channels before they get to steal American jobs and lower American wages by offering to do the work for less.  Building the wall was one of the tools to keep these paupers out until they could come in legally.  Again, the Democrats don’t give a damn about American workers.  It’s all about the votes.

A lot of Americans are going to be harmed by this.  The policies are designed to politically benefit the Democratic Party while hurting American workers who have already been harmed by COVID restrictions in Democratic-run cities and states.  The Biden administration is going to reinvent the Forgotten men and women of the American working class and it’s a damn shame.

In just one day we went from America First to America dead last.

Bill Maher Says ‘Shouldn’t Hate 74 Million Trump Supporters’ Because ‘About 5,000 People’ Stormed The Capital

Bill Maher Says ‘Shouldn’t Hate 74 Million Trump Supporters’ Because ‘About 5,000 People’ Stormed The Capital

Left-wing comedian Bill Maher, who is wrong on so many things, but occasionally gets something so right you wonder why he’s so wrong on everything else.  For this, he is considered a voice of reason for liberals.  He has the rare privilege of being able to say things to liberals that they don’t want to hear and he’s not canceled for it.

On Friday, Maher told his audience of his HBO show “Real Time With Bill Maher” that they shouldn’t hate the 74 million people who voted for President Donald Trump because about 5,000 people who claimed to support him stormed the Capitol on January 6.

In his Friday night monologue, the liberal Joe Biden supporter Maher discussed the “tragedy” of Trump voters and talked about what he thinks are the underlying causes of people turning to violence when the system fails them.

“Let’s not confuse 5,000 people with 74 million,” Maher said. “Yes, even supporting the insurrection in spirit is, well, deplorable.  But there’s a difference between holding illiberal beliefs and acting violently on them. At least that’s what they always told me about Islamic terrorism.

“I keep wrestling on this show with the hard question of how do Americans, all of us, learn to share a country with aholes you can’t stand,” he continued. “I preach, and still do, you can hate Trump, but not all the people who like him. And as counterintuitive as it may seem, you can like something run by aholes without being one yourself.”

Many Trump supporters felt the same way about Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and that Democratic Party prank known as President Jimmy Carter.

Maher mentioned Ashli Babbitt, the 14-year Air Force veteran who was shot fatally by Capitol police even though she posed no threat at the moment she was killed.  Had she been a BLM or ANTIFA rioter the country would have erupted in violence in her name.  Babbitt had voted for Obama and was a very strong Trump supporter.  She owned a business in San Diego and was facing economic hardship after being forced to take a short-term loan to keep her business open thanks to the draconian COVID lockdowns enforced by the tyrant Governor Gavin Newsom.  The loan came with a 169 percent interest rate.  Bill Maher sympathized with Babbitt’s position and said he believes she was justifiably angry, but at the wrong people.

“She is the tragedy of the modern Republican voter personified: Pissed off at the greed and corruption that yes, has squeezed the middle class hard, but always coming up with the wrong answer to who is doing most of the squeezing,” Maher said.

Maher said that the Capitol rioters were “storming the wrong building.”

“The feet up shouldn’t have been on Pelosi’s desk, it should have been on Trump’s tanning bed,” he said. “You thought Trump was going to be your bull in the china shop? Yeah, he was, but you were the china.

“Should Ashli Babbitt have applied better logic in seeing that her real problem in life wasn’t pedophile Democrats or Antifa and that people like Elizabeth Warren were actually the ones who were at least trying to do something about predatory lending and economic exploitation? Yes. But not everyone can watch MSNBC all day. She had other priorities, like fighting overseas,” Maher continued.

You see, this is where Maher goes all toys-in-the-attic, bat-guano leftist crazy.  Donald Trump created the greatest economy America ever saw in her entire history.  By all accounts, all demographics were doing better.  In fact, economists have pointed out that under Trump’s economic policies the middle and lower-middle working-class families made out the most.  Sure the Left will come up with flowery ways to trash Trump’s economy, but the 74 million people who supported the president know better because they experienced it firsthand.

Under the globalist policies of the Obama administration, and to be fair past administrations as well, working-class men and women saw their jobs go overseas after Democrats and RINOs made backroom deals that benefitted foreign workers overseas and the result was a Forgotten Man syndrome.

Maher’s brain then shifted back to reality when he took a shot at California Democrats where he again went off on “woke” politics and described his state as being overwhelmed by regulations and leaders who are disinterested and out of touch with the hardships of working-class people.

“Maybe, since all politics is local, all she knew was she lives in a state that cares more about her toxic whiteness than her toxic brokeness,” Maher said. “And that the state that is run entirely by Democrats. Yeah. They didn’t stop anyone from charging her 169% interest on a loan either.

“It shouldn’t be that surprising that America is full of fed-up unhappy people who just want to break s**t,” he continued. “Trump sure didn’t drain any swamps but when it comes to graft and corruption and everybody wetting his beak, California, yeah, that’s a swamp too. We can’t put up a housing unit for the homeless for less than $500,000 or build a rail line connecting the state for less than $200 million a mile.”

Leftists make those kinds of charges of Trump graft, but they never give real-world examples.  That’s because there are none and they’re talking out of their elbows.  The man served four years as president and never took a salary.  He donated each paycheck for four years.  Trump fought hard to make American lives better and he came through.  The Chinese virus hit our shores and the Democrats almost immediately figured out how to exploit it politically for their own benefit.  Politicians make promises all the time to get elected and then forget about most of them and only focus on what will help them politically.  Trump supporters watched as the president fought hard to keep his promises, and that was as refreshing as sunlight.

Biden and UK’s Boris Johnson to Plan the ‘Destiny of the World’ Says Biden Source

Biden and UK’s Boris Johnson to Plan the ‘Destiny of the World’ Says Biden Source

It’s being reported that Joe Biden will travel to the United Kingdom as his first trip outside the country after being inaugurated after he stole the 2020 election, to meet with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and plot the “destiny of the world” together, according to claims made by a source close to the cognitive-declining Democrat.

Those in the know say that the G7 meeting in June is likely the time for this plotting as it’s being hosted this year in the UK in Cornwall.

An alleged close friend of Biden told The Daily Telegraph that the Thief-in-Chief will put aside his differences over Brexit, something an American president has no business interfering with even though Biden has conveyed his opposition to the Brits doing what they want for the future of their country and their society.

“Boris is a conservative, Joe’s a moderate [Democrat] so I think they can get over it. I think they’ll end up getting along,” the source said.

What is this nonsense that Joe Biden is a moderate?  A moderate what?  Joe Biden is saying that on day one he’s going to ask Congress to give amnesty that leads to citizenship for 30 million illegal aliens who broke our immigration laws and have been living here illegally costing us jobs and tax dollars to owe these people a living.  A moderate would never do that to the American people.  Only a radical progressive would.

“Joe’s view will be that they’ll have the destiny of the world on their shoulders so he’ll want to overcome any political differences.

“I think there’ll be more empathy than there was between Boris and Donald Trump. Boris seemed to get along with Trump, but I don’t know if he really did,” the close friend of Biden claimed.  I think so, because in England there are only degrees in socialism.

God save us all because many people have said that Biden is not the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to foreign policy, including Barack Obama’s former secretary of defense Robert Gates who said that Joe Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy decision he ever made.  He later doubled down on it in 2019.

Even though Johnson was sometimes compared to being like often President Trump, the British PM’s policies have been much closer to those shoved down American throats by Democrats than the America First agenda promoted by Trump.  This is probably one of the reasons why the British economy hasn’t done as well as Trump’s.

Let’s get something out of the way.  Donald Trump was not a conservative.  He was a populist-nationalist.  He governed very conservatively because conservatism is based on common sense and knowing to do things that have proven to work in the past by adjusting past policies that worked to fit the current political and economic climate.

Johnson is closer to Biden’s ideology on things like climate change, immigration migrations, and the government’s authority during the Chinese virus pandemic.

Biden and Johnson have been spewing the great reset mantra “Build Back Better,” which the United Nations used while working disaster relief efforts in Japan after the tsunami in 2015.

Before Trump’s epic victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, Johnson as Mayor of London was critical of Trump the candidate.

“When Donald Trump says that there are parts of London that are no-go areas, I think he’s betraying a quite stupefying ignorance that makes him, frankly, unfit to hold the office of President of the United States,” he said in a 2015 interview.  Of course, Trump was right because police have said there are Islamic no-go zones in London where you should not go in wearing the uniform.

The Republican Establishment Has To Go

The Republican Establishment Has To Go

How long have conservatives tried to get the Republican Party to adhere to the Constitution, to do what is right for the working-class men and women who make the country work, and how many times have we hoped the party would have the backbone to stand up against the globalists only to never see it happen?  Too long as far as I’m concerned.  The Democrats are a lost cause to Marxist globalism and the Republican establishment isn’t that different in the end.

I really hope the real conservatives, along with all Donald Trump supporters, conservative or not, have finally learned the hard lessons of what happened after the 2020 presidential election.  Because it’s the same thing over and over and over again.  We had four great years of President Trump, a man who really cares about the American people, who gave power back to the people and made America great again, despite the odds and the evil that he faced.

President Trump fought the DC Swamp for us and they fought back for four long years.

For the first time in a long time, under Trump, we saw what looked like a unified GOP.  Except for worthless RINOs like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Pat Toomey, and others, the Republicans witnessed that Trump was governing as a true conservative.  He was doing all of the things that Republicans said for years they wanted to do but never actually got them done.  Trump did.  And the Republicans in Congress rode the president’s coattails in the 2020 election.  They thinned out the House Democrats to the slimmest majority in a very long time.  Only one Republican in the senate lost and she wasn’t ever really that great of a candidate.  And yet, when the president was in trouble and it became obvious that the Democrats were stealing the presidential election from him, outside of a few principled men and women in the GOP they pretty much did nothing to stop the steal.  They abandoned our president and hung him out to dry.

The Republicans had the party faithful believing that they finally got it, they finally understood how we wanted the country to be run, according to Constitutional principles and common sense.  But it was all a ruse.  They took the wins that Trump gave them: three conservative Supreme Court justices, 54 conservative judges to appellate courts, with 226 conservative judges overall, a Pro-Life record like no past president, an economy that was never rivaled and may never be again, the lowest recorded unemployment numbers for black and Hispanic workers, real prison reform and the list goes on and on.  But when push came to shove most of the Republicans in Congress remained silent.  Sure, there was Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, Devin Nunes, and others, but for the most part, the Republicans left Trump to fight the Marxists on his own and they let us down once again.

Conservatives are like people who suffer from what I call “Battered Republican Syndrome.”  You know the situation isn’t good for you but you just can’t leave.  Well, we have to break that up and tell the Republican politicians who lie to you by telling you they’re with the program but they really aren’t that they need to go.  They need to be primaried out and replaced with solid conservative alternatives. No more of this “we heard you” nonsense because though they have heard us over the ages, they have never listened.

We’re not talking about the stereotypical Bible-thumping “far right-wing” conservative that the leftist media is so fond of labeling all conservatives.  Is there any other wing that leftists in media recognize?  We’re talking about MAGA conservatives who fight for the working-class men and women across the country whose interests are always left by the wayside by the DC Swampers.

We thought the GOP establishment types finally understood us with all of the progress that was made under Trump, but the reality is they were just going along to get along until the moment they thought it was safe to abandon our president, and now that Trump has been robbed of a second term we need to do some serious grassroots housecleaning if we are ever going to get our country back because the RINO establishment types are happy to take care of themselves and the country be damned.

Whether they like it or not the Republican Party is now and will for a very long time be the Trump Republican Party, and I am hoping that once and for all we the party faithful will not fall for their bullschtein again.  Hopefully, the shock of watching each key battleground state be stolen from us while the media was telling us everything was normal will wake people up.  Hopefully, after watching the state legislature hearings on election fraud where whistleblowers and data experts were testifying through affidavits that were signed under penalty of perjury that there was a massive amount of election fraud in each of the battleground states will set off alarm bells that the Marxists are not kidding around.  They stole the election and by their actions or lack of action we came to realize how much Mitch McConnell, Fox News, about half of the Republicans in the House, and a large majority of Republicans in the Senate hate us.  We thought it was just the Left that hated us, but now we know better and we cannot allow that to stand.  America is at a breaking point.  The Marxists now control the White House and both chambers of Congress, and they are already telling us they are going to do things that we know will ruin our country, will destroy our children’s and grandchildren’s chances for a better life.

We can no longer vote for the lesser of two evils.  Evil is evil no matter what flavor it comes in.  We believe in the rational ideology of America First, which entails draining the Swamp.

The RINO establishment types are the worst of the bunch because they are neoconservatives who think business-as-usual is just fine and screw the rest of us if we don’t like it.  At least with radical progressives like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez you know what you’re getting, which is an all-out frontal assault on our freedoms and economic prosperity brought by the fruits of our own labor.  But the RINOs represent the worst part of America because they think of you, the America First Trump voter, as stupid, you’re a bunch of dopes, and they know how to manipulate your expectations by making you think they were willing to fight for what’s good for America.   They are not.

Now that we have not much left to lose it’s time for the Republican Establishment to be canceled and abolished completely, totally, and forever.  We can’t even keep a few around for nostalgic reasons.  They need to go.  Oh, it will take some time and the progressives will probably destroy the country in the interim but does anyone honestly believe the establishment RINOs will do anything to upset that applecart?  Does anyone believe a single one of them will stand up to the Marxists?

The establishment has controlled the Republican Party for far too long, since the 1970s, and its purpose has always been to prevent America-loving Constitutional conservatives from pushing the envelope for freedom, economic growth, and individual rights.

I have never believed that starting a third party is the way to go because a third party will have no infrastructure in place.  Who would they be able to work with?  Think about all the money you donated to Republican politicians and they screwed you over.  Doesn’t that make you angry?  It makes me angry, angry enough to tell them to get the hell out of our party.  We are the party faithful.  We determine who represents us.  These clods are great at raising money but they suck at governing.

While the RINO establishment makes a collective sigh in relief that now they can go back to being gentlemen losers who don’t want to lower themselves to the level of their opponents while they watch the progressives destroy our country from within, we must replace each and every one of them with America First conservatives who fight for the working class, because folks, the Marxists have arrived and they have plans to do things to keep them in power forever and to destroy this country while creating that utopian heaven on earth that always seems to be just out of reach with reality and they don’t care who gets hurt along the way.  To the progressive Marxist, the goal is always the fight and there is no negotiating with them.  They are authoritarian in nature and you are the first targets of their anger.  They don’t merely disagree with you.  They hate your guts.

The GOP needs to be reformed if we are ever going to save America from the Marxists because the current crop of Republicans isn’t going to do it.  Donald Trump gave us the way.  America First nationalist populism is the way to make the country great again.  He proved it in under two years as president.  The establishment will not go down without a fight, but they must be ousted from the party and replaced with people who will fight for individual liberty and economic prosperity for all.

Biden to Order Mask Mandate, Open our Borders to Illegals, and Rejoin Paris Climate Accord All On Day One

Biden to Order Mask Mandate, Open our Borders to Illegals, and Rejoin Paris Climate Accord All On Day One

On Saturday, Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff said Biden is planning to take immediate actions to roll back President Donald Trump’s achievements for the country, to expand the federal government’s powers even more, all of which promises to make life miserable to most Americans.  Did you ever think you would see the day that a new president (who stole the election) would do things to harm the American people?  Read on.

The Biden administration will hammer a ten-day blitzkrieg of executive orders to remove many of our freedoms by advancing a radical climate change agenda, and the administration will open up our borders to allow dangerous illegal aliens to once again float over our border so that we the taxpayers will owe them a living while many (not all) will cause crime rates to rise.  It will most certainly cost Americans billions of dollars to pay for them.  He will do these things without Congress, which is unconstitutional and a violation of the Separation of Powers, but who the hell cares anymore, because the courts are as corrupt as Joe Biden.

Right out of the gate on Wednesday Biden will remove the travel ban from countries that the Obama administration deemed most likely to have ISIS operatives infiltrate tens of thousands of refugees to get into the country.  Why would a president do that to the American people?

Biden will also get us back into the Paris Climate Accord which will cost millions of American jobs almost immediately.  Why would a president do that to the American people?

He will extend the pause on student loan payments and other actions that are meant to hold off evictions and foreclosures for those struggling during the pandemic.  They should just allow businesses to open up again.  If you can go to the supermarket every week then you can go to work.  The virus doesn’t know the difference.

Joe Biden will also force a mandatory mask-wearing edict for Americans who are on federal property and during interstate travel.  The details of that last one are yet unknown.

The new White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain sent these items to senior staff by memo, about a dozen things Biden will do on his first day in stolen office.  I’m sorry, but I will never accept a Joe Biden presidency.  The Democrats stole the election from Donald Trump and from his voters.  We’re not even allowed to talk about it or we’ll somehow be punished.  What the Democrats are doing is hardcore Marxism and sorry to say, but we are all going to suffer.

“These executive actions will deliver relief to the millions of Americans that are struggling in the face of these crises,” Klain said in the memo. “President-elect Biden will take action — not just to reverse the gravest damages of the Trump administration — but also to start moving our country forward.”

Gravest damages?  What damages?  The Trump economy was the greatest our country ever experienced.  Black and Hispanic unemployment were at record lows.  Wages were rising for the first time in decades.  The future was bright.  It is numbing to think that all of that prosperity for all working-class Americans will most definitely go away under this new administration.  They care about globalism and we are in the way.

“Full achievement” of Biden’s agenda needs Congress to act, Klain wrote, including a $1.9 trillion virus relief bill he outlined on Thursday.  We have already spent trillions.  Now they want two trillion more for a virus they will never allow us to believe has been controlled, because they want to keep us in lockdown forever.

The chief of staff also said that Biden is going to propose to Congress an amnesty program that will give citizenship to between 20 to 30 million illegal aliens on his first day in office.  Again, why would a president do this to the American people?

There’s talk of an 8-year path for illegals to be given citizenship.  Does anyone really believe that?

They’re talking about a faster track for people in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which was 100 percent illegal/unconstitutional from the day President Barack Obama created it by executive order without ever asking Congress.

On Day Two Biden will sign executive orders related to COVID that is aimed at reopening schools and businesses, according to Klain.  Again, does anyone really believe that?

On Day Three, Friday, we can expect executive actions on economic relief for people suffering from the economic losses caused by Democrat governors and mayors exploiting the virus pandemic.  And we’re supposed to be appreciative.

Folks, this is what globalists do.  They stole the presidential election and stole the Senate, and now they control everything.  You can’t even talk about the mountains of evidence that were discovered of massive election fraud that took place.  We saw it, but no one on the Left admits it when it’s available for anyone to see.  Expect more of that kind of nonsense for the next four years.

Ask yourself, would America really demand that the party that locked us down, kept our kids out of school, bankrupted businesses which also caused many people to lose their jobs, to be the party in total power?  Really?