2 Black Female DC Teens Will Not Face Consequences For Violent Death Of Asian Uber Eats Diver

2 Black Female DC Teens Will Not Face Consequences For Violent Death Of Asian Uber Eats Diver

Two Black Teen girls whose shocking and violent attacks went viral and ended in a Muslim man’s death in Washington DC while he was working have been given a rapid cushy plea deal to basically get off without any punishment.

“Two teen girls accused of car-jacking and killing an Uber Eats driver in D.C. ‘reach plea deal with prosecutor ensuring they will not be held past the age of 21 nor be placed in a prison facility, “DailyMail UK reported.

The condition in a nutshell: Two Black Teens killed an Asian man, Mohammad Anwar, an immigrant from Pakistan, and showed absolutely no remorse at all while they passed the body of the man they killed to look for their phones.  The Black Mayor of DC, who supports and defends Black Lives Matter, tweeted out a callous tweet after the event, and now the girls will not face any consequences for their violent crime.

“The two killers of Mohammed Anwar getting a plea deal that avoids prison time is a perfect example of both female privilege and black privilege. No way in hell does a white male teenager who murders a Pakistani immigrant get a deal like that, especially in DC,” Matt Walsh posted on Twitter. 

“The two girls charged in the death of Mohammed Anwar are getting a plea deal in a few days. The youngest girl was involved in a car-jacking in January! They won’t be tried as adults! And, they’re out on bail!!” A poster on Twitter wrote in reaction to the news of the plea deal. 

Paul Joesph Watson wrote about the plea deal:

“The shocking incident which occurred last month was caught on camera but received little media attention amidst a media narrative about “white supremacy” posing the biggest threat to Asians.

Mohammad Anwar resisted the two African-American girls’ efforts to steal his vehicle as the pair used a taser to try to subdue him.

The clip shows the girls driving off with the car as Anwar clings onto the door. A loud smash is then heard as the car crashes, violently throwing Anwar from the vehicle while both girls escape relatively unharmed,” he wrote.

At the same time, Trump supporters have spent weeks in prison waiting for hearings on the events of Jan. 6th; it is curious to note how quickly these two teens were processed and given a very light sentence for a violent crime that ended up in the death of a man.

According to the Daily Mail article: 

  • Two girls, ages 13 and 15, who were charged with the murder and carjacking of a Mohammad Anwar, 66, in DC , have reportedly reached a plea deal.
  • On Monday, the teens are said to have reached the deal with prosecutors that would ensure they won’t be held past age of 21 nor be placed in a prison facility
  • Anwar died when police said the girls, armed with a taser, sped off in his car as he clung to the driver’s side with the door open and crashed seconds later

I covered the shocking video and the aftermath here, questioning if the Mayor of DC is showing bias:

Consider that in a similar case from January teens who killed an Uber Eats Driver in a carjacking faced capital murder.

Star-Telegram on Houston reported:

“Two 14-year-old boys were arrested Wednesday [Janurary 28 2021]  on suspicion they were involved in the fatal stabbing of a 31-year-old woman who was delivering for Uber Eats in Haltom City on Saturday, officials announced.

The suspects, whose identities weren’t released because they’re juveniles, wanted to steal her car but couldn’t find her keys, according to police. They also took her iPhone 7.

The two suspects appeared separately in Tarrant County Juvenile Court on Thursday morning for virtual detention hearings, where officials read from a police report stating a confidential informant told law enforcement of their involvement and that one of them was planning to leave town. The teens came before a judge in a juvenile processing facility for a formal admission, officials said. They are charged with delinquent conduct/capital murder.”

So do the teen girls who killed the Asian man have some sort of special status?

The left has completely shifted our justice system to their social justice system it appears. That is what happens with the far left are elected to govern.

While the Rest of Us Celebrated Easter Weekend 34 People Were Shot, 7 Murdered in Chicago

While the Rest of Us Celebrated Easter Weekend 34 People Were Shot, 7 Murdered in Chicago

We just celebrated Easter over the weekend, that time of year when Christians joyfully observe that Jesus Christ returned from the dead and saved all of our souls from eternal damnation. In Chicago, Jesus wept.

Seven people have were shot and killed with at least 27 others left wounded in shootings across the city of Chicago over Easter weekend. Was there a war? No, it’s just Chicago.

About 11:25 pm Easter night, a 45-year-old man was found in the 6800-block of South Throop Street in Englewood on the South Side with multiple gunshot wounds to his chest, according to Chicago police. The man was incapable of giving details of the shooting because of the severity of his injuries.

According to police, he was pronounced dead after being taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center. Details have not yet been released on this man’s death by the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Another man fatally shot, and a second man was critically wounded during a shooting Easter morning in Roseland on the South Side.

What is happening to our society? How can the new leaders of Washington, DC cry out about a pandemic of so-called white supremacy systemically across America and yet they do and say nothing about groups of black people in Chicago being murdered weekend after weekend after weekend?

Moving on.

A 31-year-old man was in an argument with two people around 1:30 in the morning in the 200-block of West 108th Street when one person fired multiple shots at him, Chicago police said.

The man was hit 14 times with gunshot wounds to the upper body and he was taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn where he was pronounced dead, according to police. “Christ” Medical Center on Easter weekend to die needlessly.

A 45-year-old man as a good Samaritan tried to intervene, and he too was also shot, according to police. For his efforts, the man got two gunshot wounds to his chest and was taken to the same hospital as the man he tried to help in critical condition.

In West Town on Saturday night, a 24-year-old man was critically injured in a shooting. Around 7:25 pm, he was standing in an alley in the 2000-block of West Maypole Avenue, when a man approached him, pulled out a gun, and fired several shots at him, police said. The man was hit once in the abdomen and taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition.

Guess what? On Saturday morning another person was shot on the Kennedy Expressway in Avondale on the North Side around 6:35 am as he drove south on I-90 close to Belmont. According to Illinois State Police he was transported to a local hospital. Luckily the man sustained injuries that are not considered life-threatening.

At around 5:15 in the morning, a 25-year-old man was critically wounded in a shooting in Cragin on the Northwest Side in the 5000 block of West Deming Place. He was hit in the abdomen and driven to Illinois Masonic Hospital. He is in critical condition.

Around 3:30 Saturday morning, a man who was a passenger in a vehicle was shot in the Loop on Lower Wacker Drive. Police said the man heard gunshots and suddenly felt pain. He was shot in the knee and taken to Stroger Hospital and is in stable condition.

The weekend started out horribly for a 29-year-old man in Roseland on the South Side when around 10 pm he was shot in the 10400 block of South Corliss Avenue. This guy was resourceful and got himself to Roseland Hospital after being shot in the shoulder. Luckily, he is in stable condition.

A little over two hours prior to that, another person was seriously injured in a shooting in Austin on the West Side where the 54-year-old man was standing near a home around 7:45 pm in the 1700 block of North Mason Ave. when he heard gunshots and felt pain in his leg. He was transported to Loyola Medical Center in Maywood according to police and is listed in serious condition.

Twenty-five other people, maybe more by now, were wounded in shootings across the city between 5 pm Friday and 5 am Monday.

Chicago is not a city of peace. It is the skunk of Hell, and it’s high time Democrats, who have run the city since 1927, start giving a damn about all the killings going on in that city. They can’t continue lying about white supremacy being the biggest threat to black people in America when they do absolutely nothing at all about the scores of black Americans being murdered each weekend when there isn’t a white supremacist to be found for hundreds of miles.

In total, 36 people were shot and four of them died in Chicago on Easter weekend.

Armed Gunmen Appear at Georgia Capitol on Monday – But It’s Ok – They’re with Black Lives Matter

Armed Gunmen Appear at Georgia Capitol on Monday – But It’s Ok – They’re with Black Lives Matter

Democrats called the riots in Washington an armed insurrection even though there were no arms there. However, let a group of BLM members with what Democrats call an assault rifle at the state capital of Georgia and you don’t hear a peep out of them. This fake hysteria over the Georgia Voting Integrity bill is nonsense. Democrats led by Stacey Abrams claimed that Republicans requiring a picture ID in 2018 suppressed the Black and Hispanic voters.

But in 2018 a record was set both by Blacks and Hispanic voters and despite the massive influx of minority voters, Abrams lost the governor’s race by 55,000. Yet she and other Democrats insist that the election was stolen by way of voter suppression. So, how can you see a record number of Blacks voting, and yet the Black woman loses by 55,000 votes?

The answer would probably irritate Abrams but it was Black men who put Kemp over the top.

2020 exit polls by Edison Research found that Trump improved among black men and women in 2020. He took 18% of the Black male vote and 8% of the women vote,  translating into Trump winning more Black votes than in 2016 by 4 percentage points. Blacks make up nearly 12% of the electorate. So, how did Trump do so much better among Blacks and Hispanics in Georgia and he lost? Maybe he did but it is a question that needs answering.

In Edison’s case, 18 percent of Black men voters cast ballots for Trump, while 8 percent of Black women did the same.

The state of Georgia will be auditing Fulton County votes and that will give us a good idea whether Trump lost fairly or not.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Big Media is quick to label the events that occurred in Washington D.C. on January 6th as an armed insurrection, when it was not.  But when BLM members bring AK 47’s to the Georgia Capitol, there’s no mention of guns.

The Big Media reported for months that the Capitol protests in Washington, D.C. on January 6th, included armed protesters but to date, there is no evidence of anyone being armed besides the Capitol Police there that day:

However, on March 25, a Georgia politician was arrested and taken out of a press conference where the Georgia Governor was announcing Georgia’s new law protecting voter integrity in the state.

The Democrat was not to be deterred. A couple of days later, she reappeared at the Georgia Capitol but this time she brought along armed friends. For some reason, the media never reported that her friends were armed at the Georgia Capitol.

What’s He Hiding? Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensperger Petitions Court – Prefers State Not be Forced to Hand Over Ballots for Audit

What’s He Hiding? Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensperger Petitions Court – Prefers State Not be Forced to Hand Over Ballots for Audit

One has to wonder why Georgia Secretary of State opposes auditors to review the ballots as they investigate the 2020 election in Fulton County.

He only wants them to review the images and not the actual ballots.

He has notified the judge of his desire and asked him to prevent the auditors from seeing the actual ballots.  It has been my experience that someone who is innocent does not worry about the facts being looked at.

Raffensperger changed the rules of counting ballots because of an agreement he made with Hillary and DNC attorney Marc Elias. That in itself does not pass the smell test. He is up for reelection and voters are not happy with him and with Gov Brian Kemp.

Should the auditors find massive fraud, he is finished and that might be why he is trying to hide the ballots.

The judge will decide on the request later in the month.

Per a report from creative destruction media from yesterday:

GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger seems like he has a secret. The man in charge of ensuring fair elections in the Peach State really doesn’t want anyone looking at the actual ballots from the Nov 3rd U.S. general election.

Fair election activists from VoterGA.org have worked hard and succeeded in gaining access to ballots from Fulton County, GA for a forensic audit. A judge will rule on the procedures later this month.

This is scaring the pants off those who enabled the massive election fraud in November’s general election and the GA Senate run-off in January.

We have seen the same obstruction of justice in Maricopa County, AZ and other swing-states which were hit by fraud.

The GA Secretary of State’s office filed an amicus brief yesterday in support of corrupt Fulton County election officials.

Raffensperger op0ened an investigation into Trump’s phone call even though he knew the news reports lied about what Trump said. He later deleted the recording but a copy of that video was found on a laptop computer.

It was later revealed that Raffensperger and his office lied.

The people of Georgia really need to dump this guy.

The audit will be done with the help of Jovian Pulitzer, the inventor of the bar code and many other technical aids.

Another Asian Couple Attacked Out of the Blue By a Street Thug [VIDEO]

Another Asian Couple Attacked Out of the Blue By a Street Thug [VIDEO]

A 15-year-old boy was arrested in Tacoma, Washington after he apparently attacked an Asian couple. I say apparently instead of allegedly because the attack was caught on film and the video was widely distributed on social media.

Tacoma Police said that the unnamed teen has been charged with second-degree assault, according to CNN.

Someone wearing a red shirt can be seen in the video approaching a man and a woman on a Washington street. Red shirt guy, who has been identified as the teen who was arrested, is seen swinging at the man and the woman when he starts crying out. During a second video clip, the outlet reported the Asian man “is being cursed at and seems to be pushed or struck,” and then said that it’s unclear if the second clip was of the same attacker or someone else from a group, probably because there are two people wearing red in the video. To me, it looks like the same guy.

Police said that the attack took place in November 2020 and that the victims didn’t know the identity of the attacker.

Do you remember when the Knockout Game that was all the rage in black neighborhoods across America? It’s not racist to say that because that’s the only place it was done back then. That’s where black thugs would go up to an innocent person, usually a white person, and sucker punch them in the head from behind in hopes to knock them out with one punch.


At the time, when these incidents were reported, the Fake News industry never said anything about “hate crimes” or that they were racially motivated, yet they clearly would have said so if it were the other way around. I believe blacks attacking Asian Americans is the new Knockout Game, but this time it’s even worse because there are white Woke Supremacists who buy into the racist Critical Race Theory (CRT) garbage that Asians are the enemy attacking Asian people on the streets. Why? Because Asians have come out against CTR because a big part of it is getting rid of meritocracy in America and Asians wholeheartedly support meritocracy, which is a belief that if you work hard to get ahead, you should be able to get ahead regardless of your race. CRT wants special front-of-the-line treatment whether the hard work has been done or not.

At first, the Fake News media tried to blame Donald Trump because he kept referring to COVID-19 as the China Virus because it originated in Wuhan China. But that argument fell flat in the minds of people who have three-digit IQs.


We reported almost three weeks ago when a white man attacked a 79-year-old Asian woman without provocation. Unfortunately for the soy boy who attacked her, the 70-year-old firecracker never got the memo that she was supposed to be a victim and not fight back.

Remember this?

Tacoma Police Public Information Officer Wendy Haddow told the outlet that they hadn’t been able to connect the video to the victims until family members recognized them in the video footage that had been shown on social media and on the news.

On Wednesday, an Asian man who identified himself as one of the two victims told KIRO-TV he forgives the attacker. Of course, he’s going to say that because now that he has been outed as the victim, he would likely become the focus of many more attacks.

“I want him to be better,” he said in Korean. “I want him to know this was bad.”

The victim who remains unnamed said that he can’t figure out why he was targeted by the attacker and said the only thing he can think of is because he’s Asian. He had no run-in with the thug who attacked him, so what other reason could there be?

I am now waiting for President Joe Biden and other Democrats to blame racism or Donald Trump or even systemic racism for a black teen attacking an Asian couple.

The unnamed victim said he just couldn’t understand why he was targeted to be attacked, but said that he could only imagine because he is Asian.

“I have to think so,” he said. “I’m Asian. I’m older, and I’m not that big.”

The man said that the attack took place when he was walking near his apartment when the couple saw four teenagers approaching them.

“I thought they were messing around with each other and accidentally bumped into me,” he said. “So I asked, ‘You OK? You OK? … A fist came flying in, hit me … and I started bleeding.”

According to NBC News, the man suffered a broken rib from the attack.

Little Migrant Girl Lost Her Voice After Brutal Gang Rape While Answering Biden’s Open Borders Invitation: Border Patrol Report

Little Migrant Girl Lost Her Voice After Brutal Gang Rape While Answering Biden’s Open Borders Invitation: Border Patrol Report

Joe Biden said:

“I make no apologies for ending programs that did not exist before Trump became President that have an incredibly negative impact on the law, international law, as well as on human dignity. And so, I make no apologies for that.” 

Does he not apologize for all the girls and women who are being raped and abused on their trip to the United States? A recent study claims that 80% of women and girls are either raped or abused. That is a ghastly number.

Three small children have drowned recently in trying to get across the Rio Grande River in an attempt to reach our border.

The news media have created a blackout on these stories because it doesn’t matter to them.

Reuters posted a video interview with Border Patrol official Oscar Escamilla :

“About a month-and-a-half ago I was back here talking to one of the little girls, you know, and, and I told the Congressional delegation this, the same thing, right? We were gonna send her to the hospital and as I got close to her I noticed that she couldn’t speak and I asked the medical staff what happened. And she, the reason she was going to the hospital because she had gotten gang raped. And the reason that she couldn’t speak was because she had lost her voice in the process while she was getting raped. Those things hit hard.”

The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed Monday :

Sixty-five adults and 152 children clambered aboard smugglers’ rafts to cross the Rio Grande near Roma, a border town of 10,000. One Honduran woman hobbled on board on crutches. A human trafficker had broken her leg assaulting her in Mexico, but she was determined to get to the U.S., so she paid the $3,500 coyote’s fee and struggled onto the flimsy vessel. The group also included a mother cradling her 6-month-old daughter. It was March 16, a balmy evening. Around 8:45 p.m., hell broke loose.

Border Patrol agents came on the crossing, accompanied by a Texas special-operations group. The smugglers grabbed the dark-haired baby girl and hurled her into the deep water. They capsized the rafts, sending panicked migrants flailing into the dark currents. “They did that to distract law enforcement so it would become a rescue operation,” says Lt. Christopher Olivarez, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

American authorities managed to rescue the baby, and a photo shows a Texas officer cradling the little girl. Her tiny arms stretch toward him, and her striped shirt and yellow polka-dot pants are soaked. The authorities also saved the woman with the broken leg and helped parents and children reach the shore. The Department of Public Safety incident report records no fatalities or serious injuries. But the smugglers escaped.

Epstein, Maxwell Threatened To Feed Alleged Rape Victim To Alligators, Lawsuit Says

Epstein, Maxwell Threatened To Feed Alleged Rape Victim To Alligators, Lawsuit Says

In a new lawsuit, a woman has accused convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein of raping her and threatening her with being thro0wn in the water that was infested with alligators. Epstein told her that other girls had suffered the same fate. Maxwell was with them at the time.

Although the woman was 26 at the time, she was told to say she was only seventeen. After that, the pair offered her to other men for sex.

The woman accused Epstein and Maxwell raped her at his Palm Beach home in 2008. She was warned about going to the police.

Maxwell allegedly called the police herself and when they showed up, they threatened to arrest the woman for prostitution and threatened to have her child taken away from her.

Epstein intimidated the woman by talking about his connections in the FBI and with ICE, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit said:

“Epstein then ushered the Plaintiff to the body of water and told her in explicit detail that, as had happened to other girls in the past, she would end up in this body of water and be devoured by the alligators, should she ever reveal what Epstein had done to her.”

Over the next five months they gave the woman to various men and they had their way with her. She was frightened that she and her son would be deported if she raised a stink. They finally dropped her entirely and they heard nothing else until this suit was filed.

From The Daily Caller

Darren K. Indyke and Richard D. Kahn, two men in charge of managing Epstein’s estate, are named as defendants in the lawsuit. Both men have been indicted by U.S. Virgin Islands Justice Department prosecutors who allege that Indyke and Kahn participated in Epstein’s trafficking crimes.

Indyke and Kahn have previously denied any part in Epstein’s crimes, Business Insider reported.

Maxwell was arrested by the FBI at 8:30 a.m. on July 2 in Bradford, New Hampshire. A grand jury for the U.S. District Court of Southern New York indicted Maxwell on charges of conspiracy to entice minors to engage in illegal sex acts, conspiracy to transport minors to these illegal sex acts, transportation of a minor to engage in illegal sex acts, and perjury.

Convicted Cop Killer Sits on New York Police Reform Panel

Convicted Cop Killer Sits on New York Police Reform Panel

In 1981, Richard Rivera murdered an off-duty police officer execution-style in a Queens bar. He now sits on a panel charged with reforming the police. The off-duty officer and dad-of-four Robert Walsh pulled his gun to try to stop a robbery. Rivera shot Walsh in the shoulder and then he walked over to him, put the gun against his head, and blew him away. Rivera was 16 at the time and he served 39 years in prison for his crime.

Rivera now sits on a panel for Ithaca and Tompkins County as part of its “Reimagining Public Safety Collaborative.’’ The group was formed after senior killer Andrew Cuomo ordered cities to submit police reform plans by April 1st, April Fool’s day.

Rivera now says:

“I live my life in a way that honors and respects [Officer Walsh’s] memory. That is advocating for people who can’t advocate for themselves.”

What chutzpah. Walsh’s 47-year-old son said:

“We’re completely shocked that the man who murdered my father is being trusted to create police reforms. My father dedicated his life to serving and protecting New Yorkers. He should be the one serving on a panel to help reimagine policing, but he’ll never get that chance.”

Placing Rivera on the police reform panel is like making a grand wizard the head of the NAACP. It just doesn’t work. Rivera committed a heinous crime and he served his time, so he deserves a second chance but not on a board charged with police reforms.

It’s a slap in the face to the officers and to Walsh’s family. Put him in an outreach program to teach kids what prison is really like and he could possibly save a lot of kids from his fate.

From Breitbart News

But this Rivera thing is just nuts, a deliberate slap in the face of police officers in general and most especially Robert Walsh’s family. It’s like putting a racist who lynched a black man on the board of a black college. I don’t care how “reformed” this person claims to be…. I don’t care how reformed he might truly be… It’s an outrage and insult.

Rivera deserves a second chance, no question. But he can get that second chance by not invoking his victim’s name and by not sitting on this panel.

If this man truly was reformed and eager to make amends, he would resign from this panel out of respect for the police and for his victim’s family. Only a cruel man would accept this position.

But this what happens when Democrats are in charge. These deliberate provocations are manufactured to divide us.

GOP Senators Demand FBI, Secret Service Records On Alleged Hunter Biden Gun Incident

GOP Senators Demand FBI, Secret Service Records On Alleged Hunter Biden Gun Incident

Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson is asking the directors of the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service, and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives for details on the Hunter Biden gun controversy.

The Secret Service claims they had nothing to do with the incident but Hunter Biden texts suggest otherwise. Hunter wrote, “the police the FBI the Secret Service came on the scene.”

A question has arisen because Hunter Biden lied on his application, saying that he was not a drug addict. There could be other lies on the application but we won’t know that until the application is released.

The main question that must be troubling the GOP Senators is why Hunter Biden was never charged with a gun crime. In light of the fact that Joe Biden plans to ban guns through the use of Executive Orders, it is a fair question to ask.

In a Politico article it is said that Hallie Biden, the widow of Hunter’s dead brother, Beau, with whom he was having an affair, threw his gun into the dump0ster behind a grocery store. She then claimed she went back to reclaim the gun in fear someone would find the gun and use it in the commission of a crime but when she got there the gun was gone, so she called the authorities.

The Secret Service who claims they were not involved, allegedly went to the gun store where Hunter purchased the gun and asked the owner for all of the paperwork for the gun sale.

The owner refused because he was afraid they wanted to cover up for Hunter and could end up leaving him holding the bag should anything go wrong.

From The Daily Caller

The Secret Service denied this week that the agency was involved in the incident, though text messages that came to light on Friday show that Hunter Biden wrote to someone that the FBI and Secret Service showed up to investigate an incident that resembles the one in Delaware.

The New York Post reported Friday that Biden said in a Jan. 29, 2019, text message that Hallie Biden had taken the gun out of his truck lock box and dropped it in a garbage can behind a grocery store.

“She stole the gun out of my trunk lock box and threw it in a garbage can full to the top at Jansens [sic]. Then told me it was my problem to deal with,” Biden wrote, according to the Post.