California’s Proposed “Ethnic Studies” Curriculum Urges Students to Chant to Aztec Deity of Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism – Calls For “Counter-Genocide” Against White Christians

California’s Proposed “Ethnic Studies” Curriculum Urges Students to Chant to Aztec Deity of Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism – Calls For “Counter-Genocide” Against White Christians

If it weren’t a Democratic program it would be hard to believe but in California school children will be taught to worship human sacrifice and cannibalism but hate Christianity. The worst part is parents will let them get away with it in the name of diversity. perhaps when Biden stopped construction on the wall on the Mexican border he can use that money to wall off California because they are beyond redemption.

If you want to destroy a foolproof plan just send it to California and they will snatch defeat right out of the mouth of victory. Is it any wonder residents of the state are fleeing like their lives depend on it? And maybe it does. I mean, just imagine your children chanting in favor of human sacrifices and cannibalism. Pass me Frank’s leg. Needs a little salt. I shudder to think what their homework must be like.

Christian prayer is banned from schools all across the nation but you can worship Islam by reciting Muslim prayers or appeal to Aztec gods by embracing human sacrifice and cannibalism. What could possibly go wrong with that? Jody, quit chewing on Melissa’s leg right this instant and Johnny put down that sacrificial dagger right this minute and please untie Bill and remove him from that table immediately.

From The Gateway Pundit

The curriculum would also require students to chant to the Aztec ‘gods’ of human sacrifice and cannibalism.

Investigative reporter Christopher Rufo obtained the proposed curriculum and broke it down:

  • The solution, according to the curriculum materials, is to “name, speak to, resist, and transform the hegemonic Eurocentric neocolonial condition” in a posture of “transformational resistance.” The ultimate goal, Cuauhtin says, is to engineer a “counter-genocide” against whites.
  • The curriculum includes an official “ethnic studies community chant,” in which students appeal to the Aztec gods—including the god of human sacrifice—for the power to become “warriors” for “social justice.” Students seek a “a revolutionary spirit” through these incantations.
California Urges Students to Chant to Aztec Deity?

Via City.Journal (emphasis our own):

This religious concept is fleshed out in the model curriculum’s official “ethnic studies community chant.” The curriculum recommends that teachers lead their students in a series of indigenous songs, chants, and affirmations, including the “In Lak Ech Affirmation,” which appeals directly to the Aztec gods.

Students first clap and chant to the god Tezkatlipoka—whom the Aztecs traditionally worshipped with human sacrifice and cannibalism—asking him for the power to be “warriors” for “social justice.” Next, the students chant to the gods Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli, and Xipe Totek, seeking “healing epistemologies” and “a revolutionary spirit.”

Huitzilopochtli, in particular, is the Aztec deity of war and inspired hundreds of thousands of human sacrifices during Aztec rule.Finally, the chant comes to a climax with a request for “liberation, transformation, [and] decolonization,” after which students shout “Panche beh! Panche beh!” in pursuit of ultimate “critical consciousness.”

Read the full report here.

California School Official Compares Reopening Schools to ‘Slavery’ and ‘White Supremacist Ideology’

California School Official Compares Reopening Schools to ‘Slavery’ and ‘White Supremacist Ideology’

Dr. Carol Swain appeared on Fox News recently to talk about a few trending topics in education, including her reaction to remarks by the Vice President of La Mesa-Spring Valley School District, who said that reopening schools is like slavery, and she compared forcing children to attend school to White supremacist ideology.

“It seems a White Supremacist ideology to force people to comply with and conform,  without considering all of a person’s factors in intersectionality and factors and barriers that all of the families have to face. It is White Supremacy and privilege, check it, you guys, and I do not want to be a part of it,” a woman said.

“So making anyone do what they don’t want to do is slavery? By her definition, I am engaging in slavery all day long as a Mom.  This is about getting kids back into the classroom,” the Fox News host said. “This has to be frustrating for parents to hear this.”

“It is so absurd. She is an elected official, and she is clearly parroting the views of the teacher’s union rather than paying attention to the wishes of the parents.  If you look at the data, the children most hurt by being out of school are Blacks, Latinos, and Poor Whites,” said Professor Carol Swain, the Vice Chairwoman of President Donald J. Trump’s 1776 Commission education, in reaction to the audio of the school official.

Parents complained, and the school released a statement saying that the woman who commented is an elected position, and there is nothing they can do about the comments. However, they disagree with her statements.

“We do not condone her behavior, and she does not reflect our values, she is not an employee, and we can not release duly elected officials,” the school spokesman wrote in a letter in reaction to parent’s concerns.

Apparently, making parents abide by elected official’s agenda, which they did not vote for, but do pay for, is not considered slavery to the School board member.

On the topic of School districts canceling certain literature, Swain spoke about her point of view.

“There has been a battle against Western Civilization. That goes back to 1988 with Jessie Jackson, who was protesting Western Civilization at Standford University, for being too Eurocentric and white male-dominated,” Swan said.

“We see the fruits of that movement, and it is focused on White people and changing what is considered tradition. That is what Western Civilization is about,” she said.

“Canceling Shakespeare is about a protest against Western Civilization, and you can trace these attacks to Critical Race Theory.  So White Culture is being canceled by the elites, and it is destructive to minorities and all children. The Democrat Party has pretty much endorsed this whole agenda. In itself, to cancel it is racist.    Everything about it racist: poor children will get a worse education, and they are not being exposed to the essential skills they need to be successful,” Swain said.

Parents Are Fed Up With Los Angeles Schools, Holding ‘Zoom Blackout’ Until In-Person Learning Resumes

Parents Are Fed Up With Los Angeles Schools, Holding ‘Zoom Blackout’ Until In-Person Learning Resumes

Californians are fed up with their small businesses being shut down indefinitely over COVID-19 and they are fed up with churches being punished by vengeful and vindictive government officials.   But parents most specifically are livid over their kids being kept out of school for what is coming to an entire year.

On Monday, one parent in Los Angeles told Fox News Channe’s “Fox & Friends” that she helped out organizing a Zoom blackout for a formal protest for schools to be reopened and in-person classes to resume because “there is a really big urgency to get our kids back in school.”

Cynthia Rojas admitted that she is speaking out because she feels that parents in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) are being misled intentionally.

According to a flier that has been passed out, the Zoom blackout that started on Monday and will go on every day for “as many days as it takes,”  adding that “enough is enough” and that parents “can no longer sit by and wait for UTLA to come up with more excuses to keep our schools closed.”

American taxpayers are paying for public schools.  It’s their schools and they do not belong to the school districts.   It doesn’t belong to the teachers and it most certainly doesn’t belong to the teacher’s unions.  If it’s called “public schools” then it means if the “public,” who pays for it to function, demands that the teachers do their damn jobs and stop lying to the parents about the dangers of COVID when it’s known that kids do not catch the virus and are in no way considered super spreaders.  I think this kind of rebellion by parents is going to start to take place all across the country in states where Democrats are destroying children’s lives.

Rojas spoke about the frustration of learning over the last few months that parents have “have very little voice in this whole situation.”

“We don’t have a seat at the table when it comes to the negotiations between LAUSD and UTLA (United Teachers Los Angeles) and so we’ve been trying the standard calling and voicemails, and e-mails, but it’s not working,” Rojas said.  “And so I’m part of a group of just parents who are just really frustrated.”

She stressed that she thinks the Zoom blackout is “going to give feedback to LAUSD and UTLA that they are not providing an education for our children.”

“I feel like every time we log in, it gives them the opportunity to say, ‘Hey, oh we’re providing education, there’s online learning, what’s the big rush to get back to school,’” she added.

“And what we’re seeing is there is a really big urgency to get our kids back in school,” she continued noting that the science says it’s safe to go back to in-person learning.

A little side note, my youngest is a senior in high school.  He has gotten straight A’s and has been on the top Honors roll for three years, but right now he’s failing because of virtual learning.  Not everyone is cut out for it and the schools don’t care.  As an example, he told me that what happens all the time is just as he is starting to get what the teacher is talking about some technical glitch happens, the feed goes down, and it takes about five minutes to get back into the virtual classroom.  That’s only one problem he faces daily.  In my other life, I am a senior programmer, and I can tell you that whenever I am interrupted by someone when my head is buried deep in code it takes me at least ten minutes after the interruption to get my head back in the game.  School districts don’t even want to hear about things like what my son is going through.  It’s his senior year, a very important year for pathways of his future.

Last month the CDC released a report of a study that shows that in-person learning is safe if schools take proper precautions, yet it seems like the unions don’t want teachers to go back to work.

Rojas said that parents in California are claiming that they should have the right to choose whether or not they send their children back to school.

When asked what he missed the most about going to school, Rojas’ son Nicholas Jardim said, “What I really miss the most is my friends and how I used to play with them at recess.”

That’s another component of virtual learning from home.  The psychological damage being done to millions of school children will be studied for decades because kids need to socialize with other kids.  Suicides are happening due to the isolation of virtual learning and for that reason alone you would think the teacher’s unions would want their teachers to go back to in-person learning if they really believed it’s all about the kids, but with the advent of the COVID-19 virus, the parents are getting a very strong lesson themselves in the reality that in many cases the teacher’s unions care more about the employment of adults than the education of our children.

Judge Rules Against Los Angeles DA in Case Brought Against Him By His Own Deputies

Judge Rules Against Los Angeles DA in Case Brought Against Him By His Own Deputies

On Monday, a California judge has ruled partially against the Soros-funded Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón‘s radical criminal justice “reform” package, ruling that some of his directives are in violation of California law and would have placed his deputy district attorneys in legal and ethical jeopardy.  Believe it or not, lawyers are held to a standard of ethics, and they get in trouble when they break them.

Superior Court Judge James Chalfant, originally appointed to the Los Angeles Municipal Court by former Governor Pete Wilson in 1996, then elevated to Superior Court in 1998 by Governor Wilson, issued his ruling in response to a lawsuit that was filed by Gascón’s own deputy district attorneys, who argued in the suit that Gascón’s policies, which barred them from being able to apply sentencing enhancements long considered mandatory under California law, would have required them to break California law and their own required ethical obligations.  They argued that certain policies are unlawful that require them to not seek sentencing enhancements mandated by California law.

For cases that have already been filed, Judge Chalfant agreed, issuing a preliminary injunction preventing Gascón’s policies from being enforced.  It’s important to note that under California law, district attorneys who wish to drop sentencing enhancements have to make representations to a court arguing that certain circumstances exist that call for it, and Judge Chalfant ruled that Gascón’s policy would have forced his district attorneys to lie to the court.

Why is it so difficult for Democrats to follow the law, even when they disagree with it?  The law is the law and a District Attorney is of the Executive Branch, which means he/she must “execute” the law the way it is written and only use discretion when it’s allowed in the law.  The Executive branch cannot create or change laws.  Only the Legislature can do that.  Society breaks down when people see elected officials defying the law, making them feel that the law no longer matters.  Government officials must get back to setting a better example and stop trying to change laws while executing their duties and responsibilities because of their ideology.

Judge Chalfant also didn’t like that Gascón’s policies don’t account for the effect they would have on the victims of crimes, which is required under California law.  Again, why do Democrats always champion the wrong team, in this case, Gascón is fighting for the criminals and forgetting about the damage done to their victims?  The judge cited, “There is not a single reference to a concern for victims in the sentencing process” in Gascón’s policies.

Noting that prosecutors normally have wide discretion when doing their job, Chalfant declined to admonish Gascón from enforcing his policies in cases brought in the future.  Chalfont didn’t buy into the arguments made by the deputy district attorneys that California law clearly states that prosecutors “shall” seek sentencing requirements in certain cases, that “shall” is not always considered mandatory in legislative statutes and therefore that language is incapable of constraining discretion built into prosecutorial functions.  It’s gobbledygook explanations like this that make you scratch your head and wonder how the smartest person in the courtroom is able to read the minds of the legislators who wrote the laws.  What a gift, right?

Chalfont also ruled that Gascón’s policies shouldn’t have come as a surprise to the deputy district attorneys since he explicitly ran for office on implementing them.  So, if a person runs for District Attorney on the promise to never charge a person accused of murder again, should we just slightly shake our heads and reminisce over how he’s only doing what he campaigned to do?  This judge needs to explain to the people of Los Angeles how Gascón’s election victory allows for a legal interpretation of the simple, plain text of California’s laws.

Gascón, who had over $2 million of George Soros’ money to help him get elected, has vowed to appeal the ruling and also promised to adhere to the injunction, for now, until the appeal is decided upon.  On top of getting rid of sentencing enhancements, Gascón ran on getting rid of cash bail and reducing the prison population in Los Angeles.  How is any of that helping the good people of Los Angeles?

Supreme Court Gives HUGE Victory To Religious Freedom Over COVID-Related Restrictions on Worshipping

Supreme Court Gives HUGE Victory To Religious Freedom Over COVID-Related Restrictions on Worshipping

On Friday, the Supreme Court ruled that California cannot block churches and other religious organizations from conducting services indoors because of the COVID-19(84) pandemic. The decision was a huge victory for First Amendment rights and for Religious Freedom.

But the Court failed to roll back all coronavirus-related restrictions enacted on religious gatherings in California, so believers still live in a religious gulag out there.

Even though Chief Justice Roberts once ridiculed President Donald Trump by claiming there are no Obama judges and Trump judges, the Court voted along ideological lines 6-3 that California can no longer ban indoor worship.

What gets me is that not a single person in the entire mainstream news media will point out the fact that there are three Supreme Court justices who voted against stopping a governor, the state if you will, from trashing the First Amendment’s Freedom of Religion clause.

Apparently, the justices were incapable of coming to an agreement on certain other restrictions created against religious gatherings like not allowing singing in church and lowering the lawful capacity of churches during services because the state said they were necessary for public health.  The numbers have come out and COVID-19 has a mortality rate just under that of the flu, and we haven’t banned religious services for the flu.

If the state argued that the virus is more easily transmitted indoors, then why has it been so hell-bent on locking its citizens down in their homes during the pandemic?  Are they arguing that the pandemic virus spreads more easily only inside houses of worship and nowhere else indoors?  Did anyone think to ask that question?

Chief Justice Roberts wrote in his opinion that “federal courts owe significant deference to politically accountable officials with the ‘background, competence, and expertise to assess public health.'”

“The State has concluded, for example, that singing indoors poses a heightened risk of transmitting COVID–19. I see no basis in this record for overriding that aspect of the state public health framework,” Roberts wrote.  “At the same time, the State’s present determination—that the maximum number of adherents who can safely worship in the most cavernous cathedral is zero—appears to reflect not expertise or discretion, but instead insufficient appreciation or consideration of the interests at stake.”

The state didn’t force such draconian restrictions on many other types of businesses, so it came off looking like a bunch of godless socialists wanted to attack houses of worship, because, well, obviously.

Justices Alito, Gorsuch, and Thomas excoriated California for having “openly imposed more stringent regulations on religious institutions than on many businesses.”

Gorsuch wrote in his opinion “California singles out religion for worse treatment than many secular activities” evern after the High Court recently made “it abundantly clear that edicts like California’s fail strict scrutiny and violate the Constitution.”

Democrats have not abode by the Constitution for a very long time so they are expected to not adhere to rulings that come down from the Supreme Court that they disagree with.

Gorsuch went further and accused California officials of “playing favorites during a pandemic, expending considerable effort to protect lucrative industries … while denying similar largesse to its faithful.”

Gorsuch concluded, “As this crisis enters its second year— and hovers over a second Lent, a second Passover, and a second Ramadan—it is too late for the State to defend extreme measures with claims of temporary exigency, if it ever could. Drafting narrowly tailored regulations can be difficult. But if Hollywood may host a studio audience or film a singing competition while not a single soul may enter California’s churches, synagogues, and mosques, something has gone seriously awry.”

I am shocked and stunned that Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) hasn’t already publicly threatened Gorsuch for making a ruling that he doesn’t like.  Oh, wait, he already did that last year.

Remember this?

The Court’s three radical Woke Justices  stephen+breyer, Kagan, and Sotomayor sided with the California dictators in full.

Writing the dissenting opinion, Kagan claimed the court’s decision “orders California to weaken its restrictions on public gatherings by making a special exception for worship services.”  Maybe that’s because worship services have a Constitutional guarantee in the First Amendment.  Kagan should read it sometime.

“Justices of this Court are not scientists. Nor do we know much about public health policy. Yet today the Court displaces the judgments of experts about how to respond to a raging pandemic,” Kagan wrote. “Under the Court’s injunction, the State must instead treat worship services like secular activities that pose a much lesser danger. That mandate defies our caselaw, exceeds our judicial role, and risks worsening the pandemic.”

The same argument could be made about Governor Gavin Newsom and his band of legislative marauders.  They are not scientists nor do they know about public health policy.  If they can listen to the “science” then so can six conservatives who sit on the Supreme Court.  Either way Religious Freedom will take the win.

CCP TAKEOVER: Two Hollywood Filmmakers Want Americans to Hunt Trump Supporters

CCP TAKEOVER: Two Hollywood Filmmakers Want Americans to Hunt Trump Supporters

Heady with power in anticipation of the rise of their political party in DC, two far-left radical social media influencers posted their plans on Twitter to hunt Americans who supported President Donald J. Trump, which exposed their authoritarian ideology and should prepare people for how a Communist Party takeover will impact their lives. Many people see that the United States faces a dire future because of how easy it will be to use these tactics against the American people, who have an open society, which has gone largely unprotected for decades.

“There is no doubt that the civil war is in #امريكا [United States] Coming not far away, it will break out in the first months of 2021,” one Middle East journalist wrote in reaction to the plan he read to hunt Trump supporters.

Don Winslow posted a video that he made, which is likely to incite violence against people who supported Trump, and Twitter promoted the video to get maximum coverage.

Winslow “is an American author most recognized for his crime and mystery novels. Many of his books are set in California. Five of his novels feature private investigator Neal Carey. He has also co-written screenplays for Savages, Satori, and other adaptations of his novels with screenwriter/producer Shane Salerno,” according to his WIKI page.

In the video below, Winslow uses hashtag activism to push anti-American and hateful propaganda to encourage people to focus on Trump supporters and Conservatives, and he gets the reaction he was looking for from a second social media influencer, Adam Rifkin who calls for cyberstalking tactics against the same Trump supporters. Twitter helped promote it.

Winslow posted his video and said, “NEW VIDEO #TrumpsNewArmy VOLUME UP On January 20th, Donald Trump will no longer be The Commander in Chief. He will lose control of the U.S. Armed Forces and take control of a NEW ARMY.”

According to his Bio, Rifkin is another filmmaker, and he posted in response: “We have to fight back against #TrumpsNewArmy… I’m proposing we form a citizen army. Our weapons will be computers and cellphones. We are monitoring extremists on the Internet and are reporting findings to authorities… IT IS UP TO YOU.” It is up to ALL OF US, in this together.”

Adam Rifkin “sometimes credited as Rif Coogan, is an American film director, producer, actor, and screenwriter. His career ranges from broad family comedies to dark and gritty urban dramas. Rifkin is best known for writing family-friendly comedies like Mouse Hunt and 2007’s Underdog,” according to his WIKI page.

Twitter allowed the posts to remain, although they claim to be concerned about people inciting violence against each other.

Like Hollywood, propaganda is capable of producing, publishing, and promoting very effectively. Authoritarian regimes in revolutions, such as the Chinese Communist Party has waged in America, are dependent upon propaganda to create a false sense of consensus and a seemingly unified message.

Hunting and stalking Trump supporters emerged from the left in 2016, and friends and family members have already betrayed many Trump supporters.

According to these Twitter posts, it will happen more frequently, to more people, and in an organized way.  Image what will happen when Big Holywood puts their fantasies on the big screen.

As soon as they figure out the Pandemic, it will be coming to a theater near you.

Bill Maher Says ‘Shouldn’t Hate 74 Million Trump Supporters’ Because ‘About 5,000 People’ Stormed The Capital

Bill Maher Says ‘Shouldn’t Hate 74 Million Trump Supporters’ Because ‘About 5,000 People’ Stormed The Capital

Left-wing comedian Bill Maher, who is wrong on so many things, but occasionally gets something so right you wonder why he’s so wrong on everything else.  For this, he is considered a voice of reason for liberals.  He has the rare privilege of being able to say things to liberals that they don’t want to hear and he’s not canceled for it.

On Friday, Maher told his audience of his HBO show “Real Time With Bill Maher” that they shouldn’t hate the 74 million people who voted for President Donald Trump because about 5,000 people who claimed to support him stormed the Capitol on January 6.

In his Friday night monologue, the liberal Joe Biden supporter Maher discussed the “tragedy” of Trump voters and talked about what he thinks are the underlying causes of people turning to violence when the system fails them.

“Let’s not confuse 5,000 people with 74 million,” Maher said. “Yes, even supporting the insurrection in spirit is, well, deplorable.  But there’s a difference between holding illiberal beliefs and acting violently on them. At least that’s what they always told me about Islamic terrorism.

“I keep wrestling on this show with the hard question of how do Americans, all of us, learn to share a country with aholes you can’t stand,” he continued. “I preach, and still do, you can hate Trump, but not all the people who like him. And as counterintuitive as it may seem, you can like something run by aholes without being one yourself.”

Many Trump supporters felt the same way about Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and that Democratic Party prank known as President Jimmy Carter.

Maher mentioned Ashli Babbitt, the 14-year Air Force veteran who was shot fatally by Capitol police even though she posed no threat at the moment she was killed.  Had she been a BLM or ANTIFA rioter the country would have erupted in violence in her name.  Babbitt had voted for Obama and was a very strong Trump supporter.  She owned a business in San Diego and was facing economic hardship after being forced to take a short-term loan to keep her business open thanks to the draconian COVID lockdowns enforced by the tyrant Governor Gavin Newsom.  The loan came with a 169 percent interest rate.  Bill Maher sympathized with Babbitt’s position and said he believes she was justifiably angry, but at the wrong people.

“She is the tragedy of the modern Republican voter personified: Pissed off at the greed and corruption that yes, has squeezed the middle class hard, but always coming up with the wrong answer to who is doing most of the squeezing,” Maher said.

Maher said that the Capitol rioters were “storming the wrong building.”

“The feet up shouldn’t have been on Pelosi’s desk, it should have been on Trump’s tanning bed,” he said. “You thought Trump was going to be your bull in the china shop? Yeah, he was, but you were the china.

“Should Ashli Babbitt have applied better logic in seeing that her real problem in life wasn’t pedophile Democrats or Antifa and that people like Elizabeth Warren were actually the ones who were at least trying to do something about predatory lending and economic exploitation? Yes. But not everyone can watch MSNBC all day. She had other priorities, like fighting overseas,” Maher continued.

You see, this is where Maher goes all toys-in-the-attic, bat-guano leftist crazy.  Donald Trump created the greatest economy America ever saw in her entire history.  By all accounts, all demographics were doing better.  In fact, economists have pointed out that under Trump’s economic policies the middle and lower-middle working-class families made out the most.  Sure the Left will come up with flowery ways to trash Trump’s economy, but the 74 million people who supported the president know better because they experienced it firsthand.

Under the globalist policies of the Obama administration, and to be fair past administrations as well, working-class men and women saw their jobs go overseas after Democrats and RINOs made backroom deals that benefitted foreign workers overseas and the result was a Forgotten Man syndrome.

Maher’s brain then shifted back to reality when he took a shot at California Democrats where he again went off on “woke” politics and described his state as being overwhelmed by regulations and leaders who are disinterested and out of touch with the hardships of working-class people.

“Maybe, since all politics is local, all she knew was she lives in a state that cares more about her toxic whiteness than her toxic brokeness,” Maher said. “And that the state that is run entirely by Democrats. Yeah. They didn’t stop anyone from charging her 169% interest on a loan either.

“It shouldn’t be that surprising that America is full of fed-up unhappy people who just want to break s**t,” he continued. “Trump sure didn’t drain any swamps but when it comes to graft and corruption and everybody wetting his beak, California, yeah, that’s a swamp too. We can’t put up a housing unit for the homeless for less than $500,000 or build a rail line connecting the state for less than $200 million a mile.”

Leftists make those kinds of charges of Trump graft, but they never give real-world examples.  That’s because there are none and they’re talking out of their elbows.  The man served four years as president and never took a salary.  He donated each paycheck for four years.  Trump fought hard to make American lives better and he came through.  The Chinese virus hit our shores and the Democrats almost immediately figured out how to exploit it politically for their own benefit.  Politicians make promises all the time to get elected and then forget about most of them and only focus on what will help them politically.  Trump supporters watched as the president fought hard to keep his promises, and that was as refreshing as sunlight.

SF Teacher Adds Abraham Lincoln HS to Renaming Committee List, Because Freeing Slaves Wasn’t Woke Enough

SF Teacher Adds Abraham Lincoln HS to Renaming Committee List, Because Freeing Slaves Wasn’t Woke Enough

The San Francisco school district is soon removing the names of historical figures off of school buildings, people who had connections to oppression, genocide, and slavery.  One person on the list that’s a real head scratcher is Abraham Lincoln.

The deadline to get all the names submitted for consideration is Friday.  But a deadline doesn’t really matter, because we learned during the 2020 election that deadlines mean nothing to Democrats.  Oh yes, mark my words that 100% of the people involved in removing historical figures from buildings are Democrats, or some other leftist wokety woke woke political organization.

Can we get one thing straight? There is no pro oppression, genocide, or slavery group out there.  Even the worst of the worst of any legitimate group, I don’t believe, are for these things.  And these atrocities committed against black Americans, were committed almost 100% by Democrats throughout our history.  Yes, there were some bad people as Republicans in our history, but not enough for a statistic. The Democrats pretty much owned it. It is my contention that had it not been for the Democratic Party America would have never needed a single Civil Rights bill.  Democrats supported slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and the welfare state that kept poor black families poor.  The racist Dixiecrats were Democrats.  The Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party with many elected officials leading groups of them.  For goodness’ sake the Democrats made Senator Robert KKK Byrd the Senate Majority Leader twice!  Byrd was a Kleagle in the Klan, whatever the hell that is, and he rose to the level of Exalted Cyclops, which when you think about it sounds as silly as the Flintstone’s “Grand Poobah.”

The man in charge of the effort was asked by the San Francisco Chronicle why Lincoln was on the list while some others are not.

“Uprooting the problematic names and symbols that currently clutter buildings, streets, throughout the city is a worthy endeavor,” Jeremiah Jeffries, chairman of the committee to rename everything, told the paper. “Only good can come from the public being reflective and intentional about the power of our words, names, and rhetoric within our public institutions.”  He is also a first-grade teacher in San Francisco. I can only imagine the garbage that this man teaches those poor little kids in his classroom.

In other words, he didn’t really want to answer the question.

More from the Chronicle:

To many, Lincoln was one of the country’s greatest presidents, the Great Emancipator, a beloved historic figure as well as political mentor to his successors, including Barack Obama, who used the Lincoln Bible for his inauguration.

Yet the renaming of Lincoln High School was a slam dunk for the committee, which didn’t even discuss it, according to video of the meetings. The members of the committee, appointed by the school board, deemed whether a person’s actions or beliefs met the criteria for renaming, and moved on. The committee’s spreadsheet with notes on their research listed the federal treatment of Native Americans during his administration as the reason.

“The discussion for Lincoln centered around his treatment of First Nation peoples, because that was offered first,” Jeffries told the paper. “Once he met criteria in that way, we did not belabor the point.”

What’s really going on here is that these people are true Marxists.  The Marxists throughout history have tried to completely fundamentally change a society by removing all historical figures and mentions of historical references of that country, because any historical references leftover will be a reminder to the people they’re trying to subjugate into Marxism of what used to be.  Even the Marxists know that their subjugation into their system is horrible for most people of society.  They don’t care, because they want to be in charge.  Marxism is all about control of the state, run by those political elites, over everyone.

He added that Lincoln’s historical legacy is much overblown, and that even the Civil War wasn’t fought over slavery.  I guess he missed that part of History class that teaches about the Emancipation Proclamation or that the Republican Party was the Abolition party.

“The history of Lincoln and Native Americans is complicated, not nearly as well known as that of the Civil War and slavery,” Jeffries told the Chronicle. “Lincoln, like the presidents before him and most after, did not show through policy or rhetoric that Black lives ever mattered to them outside of human capital and as casualties of wealth building.”

The problem with these types of radical Marxist nitwits is that unless you specifically come out and say, “This policy is for black people only,” they declare the policy as for white people only.   You see, it’s not a good thing to include black Americans with everybody else these days to the woker crowd [wokest?].  You have to go out of your way to kiss their a** or you’re deemed a racist.  Who wants to live in a society like that where the rules of societal decency are changed at the whim of radical lunatics?

Lincoln scholar and director of the Hunter College’s Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute, Harold Holzer, said, “He saved the country from dividing and ruin.”   He added, “He should be honored for it.”

Holzer added to the paper that looking at Lincoln’s treatment of Native Americans, he “was more progressive than most people. There was pretty rampant hostility, and I think Lincoln rose above it. Nobody is going to pass 21st century mores if you’re looking at the 18th and 19th centuries.”

More from the Chronicle:

Lincoln’s administration supported the Homestead Act of 1862 and transcontinental railroad, which led to the loss of Indigenous peoples’ land. Lincoln himself largely delegated the sometimes bloody response to Native American conflicts while focusing on the Civil War, according to historians.

But Lincoln, whose grandfather was killed by a Native American, oversaw the hanging of 38 indigenous warriors after a Santee Sioux uprising in Minnesota, but only after he personally reviewed the legal cases against the 303 men sentenced to death. He saved the lives of 265 Indigenous men.

Lincoln, historians say, was focused on the Civil War and therefore did little to change policies related to Native Americans, but had planned to.

“If we get through the war and I live, this Indian system will be reformed,” he said. He never got the chance.

Even though it was Lincoln who ultimately freed the slaves by ending slavery in America, he wasn’t woke enough for the clowns on the renaming committee.  They added him to the list because of his treatment of Native Americans, people who used to be called Indians in the BW era (Before Woke).  Apparently Lincoln’s treatment of Native Americans weighed as more negative than positive, so on the list he went.

But for the renaming committee, Lincoln’s treatment of Native Americans was more bad than good — and that’s why he made the renaming list, the paper said.

“We asked ourselves, ‘Did the name under consideration meet one or more of our criteria?’ If that name met criteria, they were put on the list,” Jeffries told the Chronicle.

These know nothings have no idea what it was like to live in those times.  They have no understanding of context.  Horrible things were done, because it was a cruel world back then.  You can’t judge all historical figures by today’s standards.  In the end, the Marxists are not judging people out of context.  Rather, they are systematically removing all of America’s history, because you can’t move forward with a Marxist society if people remember their past.

The paper noted that this was the reason why Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) name wound up on the renaming list.  You have to laugh, because liberal Democrats played into all the woke crap for a long time now, and they’re turning on them as well.

I would love to ask these nitwits simple question period are you the same person you were twenty years ago? Should you be held liable to things you thought, believed, or said twenty years ago?  Look what these idiots did, they forced me to defend the likes of Diane Feinstein.

After all, Jeffries told the Chronicle, she “chose to fly a flag that is the iconography of domestic terrorism, racism, white avarice, and inhumanity towards black and indigenous people at the City Hall. She is one of the few living examples on our list, so she still has time to dedicate the rest of her life to the upliftment of Black, First Nations and other people of color. She hasn’t thus far, so her apology simply wasn’t convincing.”

The problem is that even Snopes, a left-wing fact-checking site, says that the allegation is unproven.  It sounds like he woke crowd is just looking for any excuse to remove any historical icons from America while at the same time referring to anyone they disagree with as racist.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) would certainly not approve of this.  This attitude of Jeffries and those like him turn MLK’s dream into a nightmare for our society.

California HHS Secretary Admits Outdoor Restaurant Shutdowns Not Based on Evidence of Spreading COVID-19

California HHS Secretary Admits Outdoor Restaurant Shutdowns Not Based on Evidence of Spreading COVID-19

This week, in a random act of honesty, California’s Secretary of Health and Human Services made a shocking admission that won’t really alleviate the concerns of citizens who believe the never-ending draconian coronavirus lockdown restrictions have gone too far.

On Tuesday, while giving an update on the virus in California, HHS Secretary Mark Ghaly conceded that policies banning restaurants from being able to service outdoor dining are not based on silly things like evidence that it’s not safe to do so.  No, the policy is actually about incentivizing people to stay home and “not a comment on the relative safety of outdoor dining,” according to Reason magazine.

“The decision to include, among other sectors, outdoor dining and limiting that, turning to restaurants to deliver and provide takeout options instead, really has to do with the goal of trying to keep people at home,” he explained.

That is an incredible admission, especially to the thousands of restaurant owners who are desperately trying to stay afloat during the Nazi-like oppression they call health restrictions.  So, the government of California is telling restaurant business owners, as well as everyone else, that the lockdown restrictions on their businesses are actually not about it being done for your health and safety because a restaurant is an unsafe environment, but rather to try to nudge people into staying home.   The progressives running the state do not believe their citizens are irrational thinking adults who can make up their own minds about their own health and safety.  And all of this in the face of a virus that has a 99% survival rate.

Ghaly previously said, “We have worked hard with that industry to create safer ways for outdoor dining to happen.”

We reported last week on an LA restaurant owner who called out the hypocrisy of the Gavin Newsom administration when her restaurant’s outdoor dining was shut down for CO_VID-19 and less than 50 feet away Hollywood had gotten pass by the administration to set up tents for their own outdoor dining.  This after the restaurant owner spent $80,000 to comply with Health Department regulations for COVID-19.  So, the restaurant spent all that money pawn the guidelines of a phony argument by the state?

Where are the lawyers on this one? Why is no one suing the administration for destroying peoples businesses?  If they are, are we not hearing about it because of Fake News censorship?

The state encouraged restaurants to adopt safety precautions like “keeping tables farther apart,” or “ensuring masking happens as much as possible” to reduce the risk of viral transmission.

“All of those factors make sectors like outdoor dining lower risk,” Ghaly continued. “But right now, with the levels of transmission that we’re seeing, we advise against anything that you can do in another way, in a lower-risk way, that avoids you either leaving your home or…leaving your home in a way that…cause[s] you to mix with others.”  That is unless you’re the governor or some other person of powerful influence who wants to eat out at a fancy French restaurant.  SMH

The California governor last week imposed a new regional lockdown order that splits the state up into give different regions.  It goes into effect when a region’s remaining hospital ICU capacity drops below 15 percent.  On top of that he mandated that people stay at home and limit the number of people who attend any type of gathering.  Also in the order was the state determining businesses as “nonessential” would close and restaurants only serve delivery or takeout.  How can government tell a business owner they and their families are not essential?  It’s tyrannical, and yet indoor and outdoor dining in now verboten in zee state.  SIEG HEIL!

This is the problem with progressive governments.  They have no care in the world about the real consequences they impose on real people like business owners and their employees who are ordered by the almighty state to not provide their services.  And that means they can’t create a living for themselves and their families, but not to worry, the almighty state will give them a stimulus check, which will be too small to handle their bills, and in the end will cost them greatly in higher taxes to cover the cost of not just their stimulus money, but for everyone else’s as well.

This is an Orwellian nightmare.  It is the first time in history that government is forcing HEALTHY PEOPLE to be locked down.  And it’s all a scam, otherwise why would we be hearing from government leaders that the lockdowns, social distancing and wearing of masks will still be in place for people even after they receive a COVID-19 vaccine?

According to one survey done by the  National Restaurant Association – that an ironic abbreviation – since the coronavirus pandemic began, one out of six restaurants across the county have been forced to close their doors permanently.

A whopping 1.3 million Americans can’t pay their rent thanks to the lockdowns, which haven’t worked.  In fact, epidemiologists say that lockdowns make things much worse.  Forbes showed that $7.2 billion in unpaid rent has piled up.  That means the business owners who rent out properties are being harmed economically as well.

I hope the people needlessly harmed by the dictators in charge get to sue the pants off of them when the truth finally comes out that their draconian measures were all useless.  According to the science, masks and lockdowns have not worked, but I believe the goal of government measures has been to beat the Orange Man in the 2020 election and now to prepare Americans for the global reset where their lives will resemble an Ayn Rand dystopian novel.

But not to worry, because I can pretty much guarantee you that Gavin Newsom and his family will have a wonderful Christmas holiday.  Doesn’t that make you feel good?