According to New Study Biden Amnesty Will Import Foreign Population the Size of California

According to New Study Biden Amnesty Will Import Foreign Population the Size of California

It boggles the mind why an American president would create an amnesty program when the problems of illegal immigration were fixed by the last administration.  Why would an American president do this to the country?  Obtaining votes is the only explanation that makes any sense.  When you think about the harm that comes to American citizens and many of the migrants who travel here because they have been told by Woke Democrats that we owe them a living, it should be criminal.  How do you decide to create a border crisis in the first month of your administration?  We are unquestionably in the middle of a crisis right now and it’s all been unnecessarily self-inflicted by the Biden administration.

After four years of Herculean efforts, the Trump administration handed over an immigration system to the new administration where illegal migrants were safely returned back to their countries of origin thanks to agreements made with Central American governments, the surge of children migrants and families traveling thousands of miles, many of them raped and assaulted along the way, had effectively stopped.  Catch and Release was ended, because it was a stupid policy where we released illegal border crossers into the American population only to have zero percent ever show up for their hearings and zero percent chance that the Obama administration would give a damn about finding them and deporting them.  In four weeks’ time, the Biden administration ended all of that.  Now, tens of thousands of people are getting hurt every single day with thousands coming across our border, and the federal government is not equipped to test them for COVID-19.  American citizens are being locked down in Democrat-controlled states, Biden asks for a mask mandate, yet they are not testing thousands of foreign migrants for COVID.  Wonderful!  Supporting illegal immigration is cruel and evil because it kills people.

A new analysis shows President Joe Biden’s amnesty program will bring in enough foreigners that the numbers will compare to the size of California’s population.

Last month, House and Senate Democrats introduced the HR 1177 & S. 348, the Biden plan, that will give amnesty to the roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United States -I believe the number is closer to 30 million – while at the same time they will double the annual legal immigration numbers to the country, flooding the labor market with more foreign competition for the nation’s more than 17 million jobless Americans, many of them jobless thanks to other disastrous decisions made by the Biden administration since January 20.

NumbersUSA, an organization that fights for American workers to decrease the foreign competition in our labor market, did an analysis that finds that by 2031, Biden’s amnesty program will have brought in a foreign-born population almost the size of California.

According to the analysis, by 2031, almost 12 million illegal aliens will have been processed through the amnesty policies that would let them remain in the United States indefinitely and then reward them with American citizenship.  Did anyone really vote for this?

Did you vote to have the current number of 1.2 million green card holders doubled to more than 2.4 million?  This horrible legislation will bring in more than 37 million foreigners into the US in just ten years.  Contrary to what Biden thinks, no society can bring in that many people in that timespan and not have serious negative effects on society.

It’s a vicious cycle.  The huge wave of immigration will have consequences on American citizens, but those who Biden is appeasing with his amnesty plans don’t care.  The wave of immigration brought in by the Biden plan will be a windfall for corporations who want cheap labor and more consumers.  The differences between the Trump administration that this group of anti-American schemers cannot be more clear.  Whereas the Trump administration implemented an America First agenda where American working families were employed and were thriving, the Biden administration, by their own policies, has made America last.

Biden’s Policies Are Making America Look Like the Obama Years And It’s Still Not Pretty

Biden’s Policies Are Making America Look Like the Obama Years And It’s Still Not Pretty

When politicians remind us that elections have consequences they don’t normally mean that their successful campaigns will result in harming the very people and the country that they were elected to represent and protect.  Such is the case, however, with the Biden administration.  Switching up policies is something that always happens when a new administration takes power but it has always been with the same goals in mind, to make life better for Americans.  New policies were just the other party’s belief in getting to the same goal in a different way.   However, what the country has been witnessing since January 20 of this year is perhaps the first time in our history where a sitting president has gone out of his way to make life hard on the people and the country.  Joe Biden swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, which in turn means to preserve, protect, and defend the rights of the citizens of the United States as listed inside that Constitution.  So far he has gone out of his way many times to do the exact opposite.

Take for example what Biden is doing with our southern border.  By opening up the border to over 25,000 migrants asking for asylum and ordering all immigration law enforcement to stand down while hordes of migrants race their way to cross our border has absolutely no benefit to a single American citizen and will harm millions when all is said and done.  The cost to American citizens in lost jobs, increased taxes, and increases in crime IS enough to impeach Biden, but no one is listening.  The executive orders he has signed on immigration shows he is actively seeking to flood the country with people who mostly cannot take care of themselves and Biden is placing the cost of that burden on the rest of us.  It seems like Biden wants to return to the broken immigration system of the past that Trump fixed.  For example, Biden ended the policy of keeping asylum seekers in Mexico while waiting for their hearings.  It was an effective program that reversed the Obama-Biden policies that allowed migrants into the country while waiting for their asylum hearings never to be seen again, a policy that turned “asylum seekers” into illegal aliens, which proved they were never asylum seekers in the first place.  The Biden administration wants citizens terrified of coronavirus but they have no plans to test migrants pouring across our border for COVID-19.  How does any of this make sense?

Why would an American president do this to his own people?

President Trump pulled us out of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal because written in the deal it gives Iran the legal right to have nuclear weapons fifteen years out.  The Iranian regime was violating the deal almost the instant the Obama administration lied to the world by claiming they had an agreement even though the deal was never signed.   I bet you didn’t know that which is an indictment on our mainstream news media.  The fact that Obama did a deal of this magnitude without going for advice and consent by the US Senate because a deal like this is a treaty, was enough to impeach Obama.  But nobody listened.   Joe Biden has said that he wants to reengage in negotiations with Iran over the nuclear deal.  Why does there have to be renegotiations when I thought it was a done deal?  Why would Biden get us back into a deal that allows Iran, a terrorist regime, to obtain nukes in a deal that was never signed and was violated before the non-existing ink dried?

Why would an American president do this to his own people?

What Biden has done so far makes it seem like he wants to take the country back to the days of the Obama administration when the globalists were in charge and millions of American workers had to scramble to find work because backroom deals were made in the DC swamp that didn’t take them into consideration and usually ended up sending their jobs overseas.

If I remember correctly, and I do, the Obama years were horrible economically and it was directly because of the policies of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  They lied about everything.  They manipulated the unemployment rate to make it appear lower than it really was.  They created economic policies that never had a single year out of eight that saw 3 percent growth.  They set race relations back 50 years with a race-hustling first black president and the overall feeling throughout the country was that we were in decline and we had better get used to it because it was the new normal.

The worst part about the Obama years was that they believed the lies they told themselves that everything they did was spectacular for the country and that they went 8 years without any major scandals that would have embarrassed them.  They had a willing news media that acted as an army of stenographers who would write down everything the administration told them to say.  This is why the Biden people believe we should be taken back to that time.

Donald Trump inherited a real mess from Obama-Biden with an economy that was failing along with the spirit of being an American waning by the day.  Trump turned it all around in under the first two years of his presidency.  This is why it’s maddening to listen to leftists in the media and elsewhere along with Democrats claiming the Trump years were so horrible when we all know he made America great again, and it is especially like a punch in the gut to see Joe Biden reversing all of the America First policies that brought so many people so much prosperity.  It’s like the Democrats felt insulted that an outsider came in and showed them how it was done, and not only that but made it look easy.  It seems like we’re living in an age of revenge.

Jealousy, anger, bitterness, and resentment can make people do strange things but to reverse policies that even folks with a double-digit IQ can clearly see worked for just about everyone denies belief in a Benevolent Being.

The frightening question to be asked is, what the hell are they planning next?

Democrats Are Back With Another Amnesty Bill For Millions of Illegal Alien Criminals

Democrats Are Back With Another Amnesty Bill For Millions of Illegal Alien Criminals

On Thursday, House and Senate Democrats announced immigration “reform” legislation that grants amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens and gives them a pathway to citizenship.  It’s all about the votes, folks.  This bill probably won’t pass in the Senate, because there may be one of possibly two Democrats who haven’t completely lost their marbles and would vote against it, but you never know.  The Biden White House understands this.

The bill is loaded with political wishlist items – or should I say hitlist items – of radical leftists who have no inkling whatsoever to help America first and just want the votes.

The Democrats have been telling us that there are 11 million illegal aliens in the United States for about 25 to 30 years.  Do they really expect us to believe that no more came in since then?   Or do they think something silly is going on like for every illegal that covers over the border they slap hands with another who’s leaving?   Why do liberals never raise the number from 11 million?   A better question is how come not a single member of the mainstream news media has ever asked a Democrat why they keep giving the number as 11 million. Again because it’s all about the votes.  They don’t want the American people to know that it’s more like 25 to 30 million illegal aliens that are living inside the country illegally.

If they do this and they succeed, then Republicans will never win another election. Everything the Democrats are doing is to give themselves more power. They haven’t done a damn thing to help America in decades, it’s always all about power.

The bill is 353 pages long.  It would create an 8-year plan to get up to 30 million illegal aliens citizenship, people have broken the law by crossing our borders illegally.  The Democrats want to reward the lawbreakers with American citizenship.

Some of the goodies the Democrats threw into the bill are sending foreign aid to countries south of the border, relaxing rules for claiming asylum down to “this one’s breathing,” spending money at the border to help process all the unregistered Democrats coming in instead of building a wall to keep them out until they come in legally.  They’re giving illegals Social Security numbers and health insurance under Obamacare for illegals given the status of “lawful prospective immigrant” and they’re probably going to charge us for it.

“We have an economic and moral imperative to pass big, bold and inclusive immigration reform that leaves no one behind, not our Dreamers and [Temporary Protective Status] holders, not our farm workers and meat packers, not our essential workers and not our parents, friends and neighbors,” Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) who sponsored the bill told Politico on Thursday.

Actually, the dopey Senator from New Jersey should know that we have no moral imperative whatsoever to take in millions of people who cannot take care of themselves and make American citizens pay for it all because they will one day vote for Democrats.  This is some serious bullschtein. The Democrats are using our money to help build a system where they will never lose another election again. Talk about immorality.

The bill has nothing in it to increase border security or help immigration law enforcement.  Democrats know Republicans always demand those specific things before negotiations can even begin, but the Dems are very candid about their unwillingness to compromise.

“We have compromised too much and capitulated too quickly to fringe voices who have refused to accept the humanity and contributions of immigrants to our country,” Menendez said.

Don’t you love how lowlifes like Menendez conflate legal immigrants with illegal immigrants?  They are not the same by any stretch.

It’s already known that this legislation isn’t seen as any kind of reform, because it isn’t on the face of it.  Rather, it’s being pushed now as a warning to Americans that the progressives are now in control and they better get used to having things like this shoved down their throats.

I honestly believe that Democrats hire psychologists to study the behavior of people who are being controlled to help them manipulate the people.  I believe they put this bill up knowing that it won’t pass so that the next time they do a bill this crazy the American people will think we’ve been down this road before so it must not be that bad because we survived it, forgetting from the back of their mind that the original didn’t pass because it was ludicrous. This is all psychological mumbo jumbo that the Democrats play all the time.   It’s called incrementalism, a plan of action where instead of asking for everything they want all at once because they know it’ll be shut down by the majority of people, they push little bits at a time, incrementally, and they do head fakes with bills like this knowing that they’re not going to pass but the next time they propose something similar it just might.

A “source” told Politico, “This bill was not designed to get to 60.  There’s no pathway to 60.”

The main purpose of the bill was to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and make them full-blooded US citizens with voting rights.  Illegals qualified must have been physically on US soil on or before January 1, 2021, unless they were granted a waiver from the secretary of Homeland Security for humanitarian purposes.  That last part about the waiver is what they’re going to exploit because you would think that it would be very few people who would be granted a waiver but Democrats will push through 10 million people by giving them waivers, and then they will think you’re the crazy one when you complain about it.

The bill has zero provisions to increase border security, probably because Republicans favor that since they tend to put American citizens before illegals. There’s no funding to finish building the wall and they will spend more money on technology to identify narcotics and contraband and it authorizes the secretary of Homeland Security to “develop and implement a strategy to manage and secure the southern border of the United States by deploying smart technology.”

Former Acting ICE Director Anticipates Border Surge of Illegal Aliens Under a Biden Administration

Former Acting ICE Director Anticipates Border Surge of Illegal Aliens Under a Biden Administration

Former acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan says that the United States will see an “unprecedented” number of migrants at its southern border under a Joe Biden administration.

And the sad truth about that is that the Democrats made that part of their plan for power. More illegal aliens that they empower with free citizenship the more votes they’ll get. And it’s all at the expense of American citizens literally and figuratively, economically and security-wise.

Homan spoke out on Thursday during an interview on Fox & Friends First.

“We’ve been talking about this for months, that a Biden presidency would result in an unprecedented surge,” Homan said. “When you say you’re going to let hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers into the United States, when data clearly shows 90% don’t qualify, they’re just going to get released and wait illegally inside the United States for the next amnesty.  He [Biden] wants to put a moratorium on detentions. He wants to give them free healthcare.

“The border numbers are already up because of what I call the ‘Biden effect.'”

So, Joe Biden wants to give free healthcare to illegal aliens who can’t even support themselves, who in the Democratic Party’s eyes are only worth future votes at the expense of the rest of us.  Will anyone in our corrupt news media ask him where we’re going to get the money to pay for all of that?

Homan argued that the best thing Biden can do is to continue with President Donald Trump’s successful policies at the border and “build upon it.”  Don’t hold your breath.  Bringing in illegals is part of the Democratic plan for keeping power forever.  They would have American citizens die for those extra votes.  Yes, it’s really that bad.

Border apprehensions totaled 67,101 in November, which is a 64% increase from November 2019.  Watch it drop drastically under a Biden administration.  People in Mexico and Central America also follow the news.   They know what’s going to take place in the United States if a Biden administration materializes.  They heard that Biden has promised to halt all deportations for 100 days, and to create a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, to reduce detentions dramatically, to allow those who cross our border illegally to stay inside the US while their cases are considered even though 0% ever show up for their hearing.  They know a Biden administration will not only stop construction of the border wall, but take down what’s been built.  They see everything.

“If you had a moratorium on deportations, you shut down a lot of ICE detention,” former Immigration and Customs Enforcement official Tom Homan told the Washington Examiner. “If you’re not going to be detained, you’re not going to be deported, there’s going to be no more work-site enforcement operations, we’re gonna give you your free healthcare, including COVID treatment, why would you not come?”

“If Biden loves this country like he says he does, he going to forget his [own] ideas because we’re going to lose the border,” Homan said. “We’re going to see an unprecedented surge like we’ve never seen before.”

It could be too late for us even if Biden changed his policies.

“The cartels are already geared up,” Homan said. “People are already coming. The groups are already forming. Transportation infrastructure is already there.”

How many American citizens will become victims of illegal aliens coming over our border and committing crimes?  How many billions of dollars will these paupers from South and Central America cost us in tax dollars?  The Democratic Party is all about power, and 30 million illegal aliens being made citizens overnight will keep them in power for the next one hundred years.

Biden has said it will probably take months to roll back many of Trump’s policies on immigration, slowing down the timeline Biden promised on the campaign trail, that is when he was actually on the campaign trail, which was very rare.

Why would Biden want to roll back immigration policies that are working?  Because the Democrats do not want to control our border.  They want open borders, because the potential votes are just too enticing for them.

Ford Foundation Friends Not Happy About Newest DOJ Immigration Announcement- Here is Why

Ford Foundation Friends Not Happy About Newest DOJ Immigration Announcement- Here is Why

The Department of Justice on Thursday, published their final rule for the department’s procedures on Aliens claiming asylum which has the left upset because they seeing a tightening of the immigration process under President Donald J. Trump that is now apparently limiting the claims people can make for why they are afraid for their lives and need to move to America.

The DOJ is removing the power of fear claims, under their newest procedures and sending people in front of judges to prove they are in fear, to be given asylum. Those are two of the major contested changes to the new procedures, including removing Obama era procedures dealing with NATO military members, or who aliens have a “disability that renders it impractical to proceed with the examination under the Act”, and more legal loopholes that made immigration wide open for people.

The new rules go into effect Friday, Dec. 11, and according to Human Rights Watch, partners with the radical far-far left Ford Foundation, the announcement specifically changes definitions of what they call “social groups,” and the left, whose response to the Friday changes follows, is not happy.

  1. § 208.1(c) – The proposed rule would radically change the definition of a “particular social group,” making it virtually impossible for a person who is a member of a social group other than the four specified in the refugee definition (race, religion, nationality, and political opinion) from ever qualifying for asylum.

One of the nine excluded social groups are people involved in “interpersonal disputes of which governmental authorities were unaware or uninvolved.”Another of the nine excluded social groups are people who have past associations or activities with criminal or terrorist groups. People who are targeted for criminal activity because of their perceived wealth or affluence (208.1(f)(v)) would not be recognized as a social group.

  1. § 208.1(d) – The proposed rule defines “political opinion” in a way that appears designed to exclude refugees who fear persecution based on their political opinion
  2. § 208.1(e) – The proposed rule redefines “persecution” so that it is limited to exigent situations.
  3. The exclusion of evidence in support of an asylum claim because it might “promote cultural stereotypes” would threaten the ability of LGBT and women asylum seekers, in particular, from presenting evidence to support their claims.
  1. § 208.18 – The proposed rule imposes a nearly impossible evidentiary burden on those seeking Convention against Torture protection.

An asylum seeker seeking protection under the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment would have to prove that a government official who has inflicted or acquiesced to torture has done so “under color of law” and is not a “rogue official.”

(Read their full list of concerns HERE)

From the federal register on the topic,” The decision to adopt such a regulatory scheme was made on the assumption that it would not “disrupt[] the streamlined process established by Congress to circumvent meritless claims.” Regulations Concerning the Convention Against Torture, 64 FR at 8485.”

From the “Public Comments” section of the federal register, the reaction from the far left leading group Human Right Watch gives us some indication of the focus of the proposed changes:

“Human Rights Watch urges DHS to withdraw the proposed rule in its entirety.

The proposed rule appears designed to create insurmountable procedural barriers, evidentiary burdens, and qualification standards to prevent three groups, especially, from being able to exercise their right to seek and enjoy asylum in the United States: Central Americans fleeing gang violence; women fleeing domestic abuse; and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. That said, this regulation would set bars that would make it exceedingly difficult for all categories of people who qualify for and deserve asylum to be recognized as refugees and protected.

The HRW reaction possibly explains the increase in Immigration Judges under Trump, to keep the process streamlined under his administration, unlike under Obama’s,  and further explains in why in Section Three how the DOJ remade the Obama Era Immigration laws: “REMOVE AND RESERVE DHS-SPECIFIC PROCEDURES FROM DOJ REGULATIONS”.

The full Press Statement from the Department of Justice from Thursday follows:

The Departments of Justice and Homeland Security Publish Final Rule on Procedures for Asylum and Withholding of Removal
Today, the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security (collectively, the Departments) announced the forthcoming publication of a Final Rule that will streamline and enhance procedures for the adjudication of claims for asylum, withholding of removal, and protection under the Convention Against Torture (CAT) regulations.

The Final Rule, consistent with the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), will enable the Departments to more effectively separate baseless claims from meritorious ones. This will better ensure groundless claims do not delay or divert resources from deserving claims, and in particular, will better ensure the security of our nation’s borders by facilitating the efficient review of claims in a manner consistent with the law and the integrity of our immigration system.

The Final Rule addresses public comment received following publication of a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and codifies amendments to multiple provisions of the Departments’ regulations. The rule takes effect 30 days after publication in the Federal Register, which is scheduled to occur on Friday, Dec. 11, 2020.

The Final Rule makes the following changes to the Departments’ regulations:

Amend the regulations governing credible fear determinations so that individuals found to have such fear will have their claims for asylum, withholding of removal, or protection under the CAT adjudicated by an immigration judge in streamlined proceedings, rather than in immigration court proceedings conducted under section 240 of the INA;
Permit immigration judges to pretermit asylum applications without a hearing if the application does not demonstrate prima facie eligibility for relief;
Clarify when an application is “frivolous”;
Clarify standards for the adjudication of asylum and withholding claims including amendments to the definitions of the terms “particular social group,” “political opinion,” “persecution,” and “firm resettlement”;
Outline factors, including an exemption for children under 18 for the factor regarding unlawful entry or attempted unlawful entry, for adjudicators to consider when making discretionary determinations;
Clarify the standard for determining the acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity under the CAT regulations;
Raise the burden of proof for the threshold screening of withholding and CAT protection claims from “significant possibility” to a “reasonable possibility” standard;
Apply bars to asylum and withholding when making credible fear determinations; and
Clarify the requirement to protect certain information contained in asylum applications, applications for withholding of removal under the INA, applications for protection under the regulations implementing the CAT, and applications for refugee admissions.

Illegal Immigration Puts Major Strain On U.S. Hospitals, Frightening Spikes In Recent Months!

Illegal Immigration Puts Major Strain On U.S. Hospitals, Frightening Spikes In Recent Months!

There is a big difference between traditional Americans who are worshiping, working, and enjoying the freedoms our country offers and those who want to tear down our nation and replace it with Marxism.

Those who want to tear it down are well funded and united while those who want to save our culture, are not well funded nor united.

In spite of President Trump’s tireless efforts to MAGA, even he is tiptoeing around issues, like immigration, that might be like the snake that promised to never bite you. Mr. Trump announced last week an upcoming immigration measure will include a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients.

President Trump Says Upcoming Immigration Measure Will Include DACA.

With the C-Virus Shutting down America, our US border saw a huge drop in crossing this year.

BUT once the illegal aliens told their family members over the border, how to get free care for their CV-19 infections, the numbers are going back up, draining the resources of the US Hospitals forced to take them.

From Breitbart

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data obtained by Breitbart News reveals a more than 91 percent drop in the number of border crossers taken to American hospitals by federal immigration officials compared to daily averages from last year.

The massive drop of illegal immigration’s strain on American hospitals is a direct result of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Title 42 order that allows federal immigration officials to deport border crossers within hours after their arrival.

Last year, for instance, more than 71 border crossers were taken to American hospitals every day. Since March 21, when the CDC’s Title 42 order was implemented, less than six border crossers are taken to American hospitals on a daily basis.

In the first two months of Title 42, though, the daily average was even less — with about four border crossers being taken to American hospitals every day. Since June 1, that daily average has experienced a 114 percent increase.

In the last month and a half, 337 border crossers have been taken to American hospitals. This indicates that more than eight border crossers are being taken to American hospitals every day since June 1 — a more than doubling of the daily average that federal immigration officials saw in the first 72 days of Title 42’s implementation.

Illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border increased by 41 percent from May to June, the latest federal data finds. In June, alone, about 30,300 border crossers were apprehended at the border. DHS officials have previously said that only about half of all border crossers are apprehended while the other half successfully illegally enters the country, undetected.

Try to imagine the additional 45,000 plus illegals aliens who recently entered our country. Of those only 30,300 were caught and processed.

337 of them are running HUGE medical bills that the hospitals will have to write off. To compensate, they will charge tax-paying US citizens more.

November 3rd, 2020, is our line in the sand. If We The People don’t take back the House, Governorships, win District Attorney races, and other city seats, these fully funded, angry and organized mobs will continue to tear down statues, defund the police and pass massive gun restrictions, regardless of the Constitutionality of their actions.

Fight For Liberty My Fellow Patriots!

Hey MAGA Voters – Tell President Trump DACA, More Immigration, Will Cost Him Re-Election!

Hey MAGA Voters – Tell President Trump DACA, More Immigration, Will Cost Him Re-Election!

I want to be straight up as I start this article. I am biased, I reject Marxism, reject big government, open borders, and DACA. There are tens of millions of voters who share my world view and they all voted for President Donald Trump! Build The Wall and send them back, staple chants at every Trump rally, and expectations from this MAGA movement, to their candidate.

History shows that amnesty failed miserably under Reagan. Results have been a massive amount of children being born to the former illegal aliens and in addition large numbers of legal aliens, on VISAS,  foreign family members are arriving through chain migration. Immigration, as far as I am concerned, is one of the immediate pillars which is not fixed NOW, which will lead to the collapse of our Constitutional Republic.

Others agree, from Breitbart

GOP Activists Predict Defeat as Donald Trump Tilts Towards DACA, More Immigration

President Donald Trump’s drift towards an endorsement of DACA and pro-immigration policies threatens his reelection campaign, says Steven Levy, the former top executive leader of Suffolk County in New York.

“It is not worth abandoning your base over your this,” Levy said in an interview with Breitbart News. “You’re not going to get many votes out of this,” he added.

“How do you justify importing more workers when a good portion of your workers are sitting at home?” asked Levy, who was twice elected as chief executive of New York’s Suffolk County, with 1.5 million residents. “It is absurd … [and] if we don’t push back, he’ll do it.”

“It isn’t to say we’re not grateful for him being the best fighter on the federal level on illegals, but he can’t give up now when he has come so far,” said Levy, who won 96 percent of the Long Island district’s vote for his 2008 to 2012 term.

Levy’s warnings are echoed by lobbyists, staffers, and activists who cheered Trump’s 2016 election on his pro-American platform.

“They’re forgetting who their base is,” said one Hill staffer. “He cannot win unless he gets back to immigration. … [because he won in 2016 when] he was going to cut illegal immigration and curb cheap foreign labor.”

One D.C. lobbyist said:

He won by the slimmest of margins in 2016, and if he is not able to show American white-collars that he is protecting them from outsourcing and tech companies that want to hire cheap foreign labor …. then he loses. Those are the things he ran on in 2016.

All I can do it pray, educate, and hold on for the results. The time for complacency is over, we must fight for Liberty or Die trying to save it for our posterity. If neither one sounds good, get ready for Tyranny, it’s at the door and waiting.

$129K of Assault Weapon Parts From China Intercepted By Federal Officers

$129K of Assault Weapon Parts From China Intercepted By Federal Officers

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) hub in Louisville confiscated a shipment from China containing more than 10,000 assault rifle components on May 22, 2020.

The package from Shenzhen, China was heading for a home in Melbourne, Florida. The packing slip said the shipment contained 100 Steel Pin Samples. CBP says is common for smugglers to say they are shipping harmless or legitimate items hoping to avoid being caught.

“The importing of any type of munitions is regulated by the ATF,” said Thomas Mahn, Port Director, Louisville. “This smuggler was knowingly trying to avoid detection, however, our officers remain vigilant, ensuring our community is safe.”

The shipment of parts has an estimated value of $129,600.

The CBP officers said they confiscated all sorts of goods from drugs, money, weapons, prohibited agriculture, and other illegal items.

According to Newsweek, CBP stopped other shipments from China in March.

In March, the CBP announced they had confiscated over 5,000 fake drivers’ licenses that had come from China at the Louisville Worldport. Over a six month period, CBP also seized counterfeit birth certificates and passports.

At the time, Chief CBP Officer Brian Lick said in a statement that keeping fake IDs off the streets “significantly reduces” the chances for underage alcohol consumption.

“But alcohol is not the only risk; procurement of fake ID plays a role in identity theft, immigration and public benefit fraud and terrorist motives,” Lick added.

From July through September 2019, CBP officials confiscated a mass quantity of counterfeit jewelry at the Louisville hub. Had the items been genuine, they would have been worth over $90 million dollars.

After a shipment of fake Cartier bracelets was discovered in July 2019, investigators were led to Chapel Hill, North Carolina paster JianGang “Frank” Lan. At the time of his arrest in August 2019, Lan was found to be in possession of over 3,200 counterfeit Cartier bracelets. The same number of non-counterfeit bracelets would have an estimated value of $24.4 million.

In a news release, North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall said it was “the largest counterfeit seizure we have seen in terms of estimated retail value.”