Dems are so Confident that Biden Will Win They Demand the Whole System Changes for November

Dems are so Confident that Biden Will Win They Demand the Whole System Changes for November

As the Summer rolls on, the 2020 Presidential Election is drawing to completion with the Media allies and the Democrats in full swing promoting radical far-left Democrat Joe Biden as the winner, leaving political watchers scratching their heads about the demands to the electorial process the left is demanding.

Social Media was abuzz Monday with the narrative that Presidential candidate Biden will refuse to debate his opponent, President Donald J. Trump, before the election.

Democrats were on board pleading for Biden to reject debating Trump.

Biden also has yet to name his running mate, which is keeping the party on edge.

And Biden, the Presidential hopeful has refused to take questions from the Press according to Trump’s former Senior Communications Director, Jason Miller.

Monday Vice President Mike Pence made a statement that the Trump administration is already planning on going to court over the Democrat’s demands for a massive ballot harvesting scheme.

“We are going to court over it,” Pence said.

The radical left media, WashingtonPost has even resorted to floating the idea that Biden could choose Former President Barack Obama as his Vice President Pick, just to keep people following the story.

And potential running mates, for the Vice President seat,  have to claim they are not Communist to hope to keep their base engaged.

NBC reported, “In an interview with NBC News, California Rep. Karen Bass touted her decades-long work alongside Latinos in community work and in Congress, said she was not a Communist”.

The radical far-left New York Times claims that Biden should protect his lead and not debate at all.

Lily Adams from the Biden campaign was on FoxNews Tuesday and said that Biden has agreed to debates, telling Erin Perrine Trump 2020 Communications Director, “we are excited to these three debates that the Presidential Commission on Debates”.

Perrine said Trump campaign wants more debates and sooner, being concerned about early voting. Adams, smirking said, ” we have agreed to the debates and their timing with the Presidential Commission on Debates”.

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Trump Pushes Personal Responsibility ,Democrats Want Free Money for Losers, Expect EO on Stimulus

Trump Pushes Personal Responsibility ,Democrats Want Free Money for Losers, Expect EO on Stimulus

Jobless aid is about to expire for American families and a picture is emerging exposing the differences between political opponents in Washington DC over how the public tax base is best spent in mutually beneficial ways for all American citizens, with the leading socialist Democrats pushing for bails out for Democrat states that have been reckless and negligent in the eyes of Conservative President Donald J. Trump who wants money for the American family.

“We’re having a very good discussion with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. The problem is they want to do bailouts of their various Democrat-run states and cities, and they want a lot of money,” Trump said Monday.

Socialists want bailouts while Conservatives want responsible spending.  Socialists want benefits for States and Conservatives to want benefits for individuals.

Trump is doubling down on radical left Speaker o the House Nancy Pelosi, who has been responsible for numerous schemes to unseat Trump since he was elected in 2016, and who is demanding huge amounts of Federal money for pals in struggling states who don’t want to face the consequences of their egregious mismanagement.

The Democrats have been fighting the release of funds to struggling families because they want funds for poorly run states.

“I call it Speaker Pelosi’s No Liberal Plan Left Behind Act that they filed shows you where they really want to go. We want to help people and schools reopen after the pandemic, but where they are going is that they want over a Trillion dollars to bail out states that were broken before the Pandemic, they want mailing ballots to people who are on voting rolls illegally, what does that have to do with the Pandemic? It shows you their priorities,” Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) said about Pelosi’s bailout plan.

Late Spring when Democrats started to eye stimulus money as a way of bailing out their friends in the Democrat-run States, Trump said, “there is a big difference between someone who needs some stimulus because of the pandemic and a state that has been poorly run for 25 years.”

The Resistance movement in DC, who has done everything imaginable to stop Trump from assisting families turned to Twitter to push their demands for big funding for States, by gaslighting the American people and lying to them about who is doing what in the Halls of Congress on their behalf.

Radical leftist Rep. Maxine Waters who has bombarded the American public with Socialist propaganda is still pouting about the Tax cuts American taxpayers received under Trump:

More Gaslighting:

Trump has signaled that he is considering an Executive order on the stimulus if parties can not reach an agreement.

Maxine Waters Obstructs Senator’s Inquiry Into Cyber-Security for Vaccine Safety at Fauci Hearing

Republican Rep.Jackie Walorski from Indiana who is a member of the House coronavirus committee, had an interesting exchange with radical far-left Democrat Maxine Waters on Friday over the discussion on the importance of investigating the cybersecurity surrounding the safety and protection of the research and development for a Coronavirus vaccine. 

The hearing with Dr. Fauci was to address concerns of safe vaccines.

Walorski correctly brought up the concerns of Americans, including the Donald J. Trump administration, over the persistence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  to both mislead America about the virus that started in their country, as well as the CCP’s continuous plots to hack into and steal intellectual property, including vaccine and other medical information.

Republican Senator Jim Jordan had forewarned about the political nature of the House Committee, with radical left Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn, talking about his concerns of the radical and Anti-Trump schemes of the Democrat committee members.


At the hearing Friday, conveniently when a Republican was speaking,Rep Jim Clyburn the sitting chairman, had taken a leave from the hearing, replacing himself with rabid Anti-Trump advocate Rep. Maxine Waters from California. .

Walorski then raised the concerns of future cyber hacking by the Chinese on vaccine safety to Dr. Fauci, reminding him of the recent indictments of two Chinese hackers, who had just seconds before admitted China was nefarious to the United States, but he took the opportunity to diminish the CCP’s hacking history saying it was no big deal because the US makes information public.

Walorski then asked for the Committee Chairman’s commitment to investigate the loss of security over Vaccine safety and Waters tersely said no such thing could happen because the Chairman was not present.

Convenient for the Chinese Communist Party.

Walorski asks Dr. Fauci, “The one question I have and I believe the one question the American people have is , do you believe that China covered up the origins of the Crisis? Do you think the Chinese covered things up at the beginning of the pandemic as we saw it?”

Fauci responded,” from conversations we had from early one- we thought it was from wet markets and did not spread from a human, and then when it was clear it was from human to human, after a few weeks- that it was high transmittable from human to human it would have been nice to know about that sooner.”

Walorski said, “China is a threat to vaccine research we just indicted two people who were obstructing, hacking, and stealing research, she said. We want a cybersecurity hearing. Can we have a committee to research that important topic? I think we need to investigate. Why can’t we have a hearing in here about cybersecurity?”

Waters responded, This committee is chaired by Rep. Clyburn, and I did not intend in talking about how to run the committee in his absence, you ask him that not me.”

Watch the  exchanges here:


Journalists Being Investigated for Leaks, Resistance Exposed, Panic When the Left Realizes Domestic Terrorism Will be Investigated

Journalists Being Investigated for Leaks, Resistance Exposed, Panic When the Left Realizes Domestic Terrorism Will be Investigated

A Journalist who covers numerous radical left media outlets discovered that his name was on a Department of Homeland Security list to be investigated for leaking unclassified documents about the violent uprisings in Portland Oregan where Federal law enforcement are attempting to protect a Federal Court House and the staff there, from an unruly mob of attackers and arsonists.

President Donald J. Trump has been clear that he considers the actions of such mobs to be Domestic Terrorism, yet, covered by the media and encouraged by the Democrat party, the mobs persist to commit heinous crimes.

Now the leftward media is unsettled over reports that they may be investigated for leaks that help the insurrection.

One brazen journalist, Benjamin Wittes,  whose name is identified in a Washington Post article, is hitting back on Social Media and admitting what he did, and bragging that he will continue to harass the Government.

“Is it okay to buy a lot of information from a data broker and report it to senior policy makers? I intend to find out the answer to these questions too. Stay tuned,” Wittes posted on Twitter.

The Washington Post reported the following:

The Department of Homeland Security has compiled “intelligence reports” about the work of American journalists covering protests in Portland, Ore., in what current and former officials called an alarming use of a government system meant to share information about suspected terrorists and violent actors.

Over the past week, the department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis has disseminated three Open Source Intelligence Reports to federal law enforcement agencies and others, summarizing tweets written by two journalists — a reporter for theNew York Times and the editor in chief of the blog Lawfare — and noting they had published leaked, unclassified documents about DHS operations in Portland. The intelligence reports, obtained by The Washington Post, include written descriptions and images of the tweets and the number of times they had been liked or retweeted by others.

The leftist leaning media and their Democrat allies are using their combined resources to push the messaging that what is happening in Oregon is “Secret Police disrupting peaceful protests”. And the media has been used to keep the footage of anything else hidden, in order to discredit Trump and Federal Law enforcement.

Wittes was an instrumental voice is helping shape the narrative and the left’s understanding of “domestic terrorism” :

Wittes identifies himself on Twitter as, “Senior Fellow at @BrookingsInst Editor in Chief of @lawfareblogLaw Analyst for @nbcnew and@msnbc”

He admitted he was leaking internal information, but it’s ok because it was for the “good”

Wittes admitted he plans to employ his ideas of lawfare, which is warfare against citizens, using the knowledge of the courts to wage economic war against people and institutions.

Within hours, the Leftward Mainstream Media, the Anti-Government resistance movement and allies have circled their wagons:






Apparently Wittes and his allies believe that leaking information from within an agency is ok, as long as they call it “open source” and someone tells him it is “unclassified” and as long as it is done by someone who calls himself a law analyst and journalist.

Then they get to define what is considered intelligence reporting to Intel agencies,  and that the left can say, write and publish what they want without consequences because of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

Recall, the right is not allowed such benefits from the Constitution,  in support of President Trump, according to Wittes and his allies.

Wittes wrote out his defense:

Now the question stands, did Wittes’ buddies in the DHS actually walk him into a trap?

This story is developing…

Leftism Is: When the Left Worries About Election Delays It is OK, When Trump Worries it is War

Leftism Is: When the Left Worries About Election Delays It is OK, When Trump Worries it is War

After months of speculation that the Democrats would try to delay the Nov. 3rd General Election, this week has seen an array of tweets from Democrats and Republicans leading to a mockery of the President, no matter who is saying what, but that doesn’t seem to stop him from tweeting.

Radical left Senator Chuck Schumer of New York went on the Senate Floor to bash President Donald J. Trump Thursday after Trump tweeted that the election might to have to be delayed because of Mail in Voter Scheme the Democrats are pushing.

“Delay the election, until people can properly, securely, and safely vote?” Trump Tweeted.

Schumer had an immediate reaction, freaked out and even mischaracterized what Trump posted, but he did confirm that we would, indeed have an election after all.  Good move President Trump.

“Once again all he wants to do is divert us, he says OH! Perhaps we won’t have an election.  No! We will have an election Nov. 3rd and you won’t stop us!” Schumer said.



Schumer had to take the bait.

Maggie Haberman had to take the bait.

More of Trump’s Trolling Tweets:


Notice how they claim Trump, with his one comment, is trying to delay the election, and then they react to what they said he said.  Not what he said, but what they say he said. That is a favored leftist tactic to smear their political enemies.

And Reich adds,”Attacking the USPS”

Meanwhile, Democrats are fantasizing about the different ways they could overthrow the Republic:

Rick Wilson had to jump in… he always loves to imagine he is the focus of our President’s thoughts.

The Washington Post jumped on if FAST:

And then, there it is… the Democrats are talking about the Postal Service falling behind and delaying the election. We

You can not make this stuff up.

President Trump Rocks The Left Using Twitter! Raises Question About Election ‘Delay’

President Trump Rocks The Left Using Twitter! Raises Question About Election ‘Delay’

President Donald J. Trump is an enigma to those following politics. And as you will see, there will probably never be a President like Donald J. Trump.

Our nation had settled into an understanding of how our President “should” act and communicate while serving as Commander In Chief.

Yes, there have been different types of personalities and some more communitive than others, but the communications from our commander In Chief has come through the “appropriate channels”. Of these, The White House Press Secretary, news correspondents, and rehearsed speeches have been the most common outlets.

Things all changed with President Trump’s victory in 2016 and the left has never caught up.

They do not how to control this unorthodox, conservative, and already successful businessman especially with his intentional distracting use of Twitter.

All it takes to upend the liberal news cycle is a tweet, a 280 character thought, with the option to add an image or video.

Through his tweets, America can see his full personality with posts showing humor, patriotism, anger, and sometimes comments used to control the narrative and rile up his detractors.

Today he took back control of the mail-in voting fraud issue. He knows he doesn’t have the authority to delay a general election, as the Constitution gives Congress the power to set the date for elections. But this is about him controlling the narrative, and it’s working.

The date of the presidential election — the Tuesday after the first Monday in November in every fourth year — is enshrined in federal law and would require an act of Congress to change, including agreement from the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. The Constitution makes no provisions for a delay in the end of Trump’s term — noon on Jan. 20, 2021.


According to Fox News 

The president’s tweet comes 96 days before the Nov. 3 election, and with early voting in some states starting in just two months. It also comes as the coronavirus pandemic continues unabated, with new cases of the virus spiking in many states. Trump’s suggestion coincided too with the federal government reporting on Thursday the worst economic contraction in the nation’s history, as the pandemic has flattened much of the economy and attempted moves by states to revive their economies have been hampered by a surge in new coronavirus cases.

With the number of reactions from the never Trumpers and those struggling with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), it appears the tweet was successful in its mission.

He took back control of the issue and riled them up. He was able to throw off the media’s news schedule for today and energize his base with a single tweet.

Reasonable people know the President would never request a delay, but the idea of it is disabling and fodder for those who function under their hatred for him.

The left has been using the idea of President Trump not leaving office “after losing” or just delaying it using an emergency for justification.

Democratic challenger Joe Biden has repeatedly warned that the president may try to delay the general election.

“Mark my words, I think he is going to try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can’t be held,” the former vice president said in April.

And look at Bernie, he had to jump at the whistle today and scream his leftist’s diatribe through a tweet.

What does this all mean?

President Trump alerted the American electorate that voter fraud will take place if Universal Mail-In Voting is adopted. The left confirmed they hate him and all the news networks have something to talk about today, in between the live coverage of John Lewis’s eulogy.

Three Radical Left White Women who Have Destroyed Their Lives for BLM

Three Radical Left White Women who Have Destroyed Their Lives for BLM

Americans are beginning to notice that many of the most violent, most dedicated people for the unraveling of the United States by a Marxist movement meant to empower Black People are far-left radical left White Women, and some of them are allowing themselves to be gravely injured or commit heinous crimes to promote their obsession with Black Lives Matter and defunding local police departments.

The name “Party of Riots and Ruin” has at least three women who have destroyed their lives for their love of riots, one with a lengthy criminal record, one who was hit by a motorist along with another woman who was killed, and one who neglects her children to attend riots, where she was shot in the face.

All three women rush to return to rioting, even after experiencing major setbacks in their lives, they are so dedicated to rioting and being violent to the police. Something that seems to unite them is that each of their stories exposes the fact that many of these White Women don’t actually know many if any,  Black Americans at all- they may be in the fight for BLM because they like the power of fighting.

“I was inspired to use not only my voice but also my body, to defend our First Amendment right to protest and send a clear message that Black lives are worth fighting for,” wrote Kristen Jessie Uyanik in a Facebook post, after being shot in the head with a Rubber bullet during a riot. She plans to return to riots.

“Seattle, I’ve got news for you! The protests never ended! YOU may have stopped showing up but we are still out here fighting for our black and brown allies! Please join us in OUR STREETS, we need all the support we can get!” said Diaz Love lying in a hospital bed paralyzed after being hit by a car while blocking a freeway in Seattle. “If you can’t put your body next to a Black or brown person on the streets, then don’t you dare think about being an ally,” Love said.

Caryn Sadaro was arrested after numerous mental health breakdowns and arrests, only to be arrested again in Denver earlier in July. She has an activist lifestyle.


Bryson Gray is an activist who was at a rally in North Carolina on Sunday and commented about the number of White Women, who attended a BLM counterprotest to a Pro- Police rally:

A video that went viral shows White Women attacking police in Los Angeles:

A viral video of young White Women attacking the police in New York:



According to her Facebook page, Uyanik is a 41 year old Mom of three with “old white woman with immense privilege”. Uyanik wrote about her experience at a riot, saying:

“I put my phone back in my pocket, pulled my safety goggles down from where they sat on my helmet to cover my eyes, inserted a pair of earplugs, and locked arms with the women next to me. I remember some confetti had been launched on the far right side of us. I could hear a marching band playing in the intersection to our left. I didn’t notice anything in particular happening around me or in front of me in those moments. I was looking around, looking forward, and taking it in,” she wrote.

“At the hospital, my CAT scan showed no brain damage or skull injury, but it did reveal a “foreign substance” all over my forehead and even in one of my eyes. The doctors couldn’t see it, but they pointed out the appearance of tiny fragments that had pierced my skin, like gravel but there was no gravel to recover. I received 7 stitches, some pain medication, and sent home, with advice to follow up with an eye doctor. One nurse also advised me to file a police report,” she wrote, describing a very disturbing situation.

Then she ended with a plea for people to be like her, and get involved. by ending with:

“If you really want to help, I would ask that you find ways to participate in or support the BLM movement. Donate to volunteer medical services, or organizations supporting protesters. Sign petitions, speak out. Support Black-owned businesses and support Black moms and dads, who have been part of the Wall of Moms for generations and continue to fight.”

She is a hero to white aging radicals, however, she is still viewed as not having done enough for Blacks by some activists:


Sodaro is 55-year-old career activist with a long criminal record. She has numerous criminal charges against her.

According to local Denver News, “The woman arrested for assault during the dueling pro and anti-police rallies at Civic Center Park Sunday afternoon is accused of grabbing the victim by the hair and throwing her to the ground, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by 9NEWS on Friday.

Caryn Sodaro, 55, faces an assault charge for the incident, which the affidavit says left the unidentified victim with a bloody nose and scraped knee.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation records show she was arrested as recently as late May for a curfew violation during the Black Lives Matter protests, and the Associated Press reports that she spent multiple weeks in jail for pleading guilty to making anonymous suicidal calls to emergency crews in Weld County while working as a volunteer firefighter.

According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) records, over the past 10 years Sodaro has pleaded guilty to bribery, attempting to influence a public servant, trespassing, obstructing a police officer, and misdemeanor assault.”

Here Sodaro is shining a Lazer in the eyes of Police officers Sunday night.

She has a long criminal past.


Love is 32 years old and barely escaped violence in Seattle late in June at a different riot, and was hit while dancing on a Freeway in Seatle, blocking traffic with their bodies.

Diaz possibly is paralyzed, can’t wait to get back to activism.

She plans to return to rioting:

“As soon as I get out of here and get in a … wheelchair, I’m going to be on the marches with you,” Love told the crowd.

Love, of Portland, Oregon, suffered a traumatic brain injury, a shattered pelvis and tailbone, a broken arm, and three fractures to a leg. Love said the recovery from the injuries is expected to be a long one.

Here is Diaz doing Community Organizing from her hospital bed telling people her ideas for more riots and marches:

The woman Diaz Love was with, Summer Taylor, died from her injuries and their protests on the highway caused the disaster for an East African man, who now faces legal fees and federal criminal charges, for driving on the highway.

Even while lying in pain, Love can not stop thinking of joining more protests and riots.

Love had previously been involved with the violent death of a young Black man in Seattle. So,that is two black men whose lives are destroyed by BLM organizing and rioting.

This is footage of the night Love was struck, and Summer was killed.

That East African man who didn’t know the Highway was shut down for people to dance in the streets.

Three White Women who love rioting and two Black Men destroyed. That is the tragic tale of the “Summer of Love”, Radical liberal White Women throw away a lifestyle people cross oceans to get.

VIDEO: Three Independent Real Journalists on Front Lines of Riots in Portland

VIDEO: Three Independent Real Journalists on Front Lines of Riots in Portland

Elijah Shaffer an independent Journalist and podcaster made a series of videos called “All Things Portland” for his media company Slightly Offensive and highlighted 3 of  Independent Journalists who are covering the violent uprisings in Portland Oregon.

These stories uncover the shocking and blatant disregard for American law and order and the strength of the leftist movements who have expertise in Community Organizing. These independent journalists are experts on this topic, covering the stories of the people and movements for years.


“60 nights in Portland riots and have a protest for an hour, “kill cops” setting fire on federal property, tearing away barriers that protect the building. These are Antifa, they are playing a game to avoid the definition of “organizing”.  Like Chaz in Seatle, they have random thugs in Portland.  They don’t bother too many the terrorist agenda to get business.  This is Black Blok, with an agenda to get rid of Trump and Police.  The Moms are an opt. It is all for optics. They give huge speakers and give them 2 hours to clear the space. There are always warnings.   Even the moms who are tearing at the barriers for the Federal property.

This is not peaceful protection against police brutality that is the cover for the people who are there just to be there for violence and attack the federal property. That is what I am seeing. When you obvious shooting re there it is very fireworks at the buildings. they bring shields- because they know what is happening.  They bring leaf blowers to blow away the gas.”


“What is surprising is how well organized these people in Portland.  They have a team that cooks, Medic teams, the Umbrella Squad that works on the front lines, and they are creating their own little Army until 3-4 in the morning, that is the huge difference between this and other protests. These are straight anarchists.  They have tried to set the courthouse on fire.  There are people in the courthouse.  It is a mini Civil War and appreciating 60 days every single night.  A US Veteran said this thig in Portland reminded him of Iraq, which is in 2020 in Portland. They throw projectiles, frozen water bottles, and rocks at the Federal Law Enforcement. The Media there defends the crowd, making the federal officers look bad.  That is the big thing helping them [Protestors]. They are very well organized, food, water, medics,” Jorge said.


“For 5 straight weeks, the riots were happening and get worse before the federal troops came in.  The radical liberals in the state’s largest city are using this to exploit the situation.  Trump is not making it worse. The largest surge happened around the 4th of July before Trump was there.  The media is pushing that message about Trump because of Media Bias.  These people are all biased and propagandists. Journalists who didn’t start paying attention to  Portland until just recently looking for info for New York Times articles. Thy are framing to be favorable to Antifa- the are pushing Antifa’s talking points. and it is about the Election, I am sure.   A lot of the independent journalists are what propagandists and get approval from Antifa. There are stories of people who were not embedded who have gotten killed. If they are embedded, they are pushing propaganda.  They will put out videos of police, without context.

Full VIdeo:

Radical Far Left US House Member Helped Fund Antifa’s Filthy Pot Luck Party While Restaurants in his District are Forced to Stay Closed

Radical Far Left US House Member Helped Fund Antifa’s Filthy Pot Luck Party While Restaurants in his District are Forced to Stay Closed

A US House Member from Oregon and a member of the Resistance who calls himself “Radically Effective”  is on the front lines of the battle to destroy the Federal Court House in his state, by funding the violent movement who are attacking police and defacing federal property.

Democrat Earl Blumenauer posted on Twitter that he supports and funds a communal Pot Luck meant to feed rioters in Portland, Oregon near the federal courthouse, the site of constant rioting against federal law enforcement, in fact the name of the Pot Luck is “Riot Ribs”.

Blumenauer’s reasoning is that he wants to defund the duly elected President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Admitting that he is funding the violent chaos in Portland, Blumenauer brags about his support  by promoting the community organizers and offering to volunteer for them:

Blumenauer is a vocal resistance member, hoping to lead the county is resistance to Trump’s call for law and order at Federal sites, just months ahead of a National General Election.

Ironically, Blumenauer’s positions himself as a savior of restaurants in his district, according to his campaign website where he posted the following demands for Federal money to bail out restaurants in his area:

“The service industry is some of the most difficult work an individual can do. In a global health pandemic, our small mom and pop restaurants are struggling to stay afloat. Here in our community, and in thousands of communities across the nation, we’ve seen restaurants and service workers hit hard due to COVID-19.

From Pok Pok to Wong’s King Kitchen and Bistro Montage, our local family-owned spots are seeing boarded up windows and “Closed” signs for good. For many, even the Paycheck Protection Program loans are inaccessible.

That’s why I’m proud to announce I’ve introduced a bill to create a $120 billion Restaurant Stabilization Fund to support independent restaurants through grants.”

Blumenauer’s gesture is especially interesting because video shows there are numerous health and hygiene concerns with “Riot Ribs”, which apparently are not hindered with the Global Pandemic or the concerns of the left for heightened cleanliness and social distancing.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who has investigated and exposed many people in the Antifa movement posted about the suspicious support of Blumenauer.

Blumenauer has used his position of power and authority to call for the overthrow of the Trump Administration.

Including calling for the “Defunding” of the President of the United States at time of heightened lawlessness and violence, which could have consequences on the General Election in November of 2020.

We contacted Blumenauer’s office to ask for a statement and did not receive an answer.