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Cartoon Show Hosts Trans Beaver With Double Mastectomy Scars And Non Binary Dolphins

A Blues Clues special in June featured controversial cartoon characters to introduce preschoolers to Gay Pride month.  It was a spectacular hit with the Gay Pride community, but I missed the entire thing until yesterday when a friend DMed me a link to a post of a Dad talking about it on Twitter.

“The words: “Cartoon trans beaver with double mastectomy scars” occurring in the same sentence breaks my brain. Saturday morning cartoons kids!” a poster who goes by Brian the Wallace wrote in reaction to the craziest story anyone ever sent me.

I contacted the poster to ask him about his interest in the story.

“Hi, it made the news months back when it first came out. I’m not part of any group. I’m just a dad who couldn’t stay quiet while this cult of child abuse is sweeping through our children,” a poster on Twitter who goes by the name Billboard Chris wrote to me in response.

It was the first I had seen the story; it seemed terribly fringe and weird to me, especially for young children.

“The producers of the video admit they’re mastectomy scars,” Chris said.

Check it out:

He was right- in June Snopes reported:

“At the start of Pride Month in June 2021, Nickelodeon shared a video on its official YouTube page for the show “Blue’s Clues and You!” that featured an animated Pride Parade led by American drag queen and activist Nina West”

One particular moment in this Blue’s Clues pride parade drew special attention from members of the transgender community who saw the inclusion of a beaver with “top scars” (the scars from a surgical procedure known as top surgery or Masculinizing Chest Reconstruction in which transgender men remove breast tissue) as heartwarming.

This is a genuine screenshot from the Blue’s Clues pride parade and a spokesperson for Nick confirmed to us that these markings are indeed scars from top surgery.

This beaver appears during a portion of the video that features a family with transgender members. In addition to carrying the standard pride flag, members of this family wear bracelets and skirts and hold balloons with the colors of the transgender flag (light blue, pink, and white).

There was public interest in this show from grown men and women, based on a tweet by a person who posts as “jack”.

Jack is very happy about the appearance of “top scars”.

One poster described the parade with a non-binary dolphin as “Bad Ass”.

The poster, note was concerned about a Civil War song. Not with propagandizing young children with the idea of mutilation of their own body.  Interesting.

Yahoo News reported on what they saw as a very exciting development in pre-school education:

“Nickelodeon is ringing in the first week of Pride Month with a special sing-along video featuring an animated drag queen and everyone’s favorite furry friend, Blue!

Blue’s Clues published a new video to its YouTube channel called “The Blue’s Clues Pride Parade Sing-Along,” featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 contestant Nina West.

In the video, an animated version of West leads a Pride parade featuring adorable furry critters as she sings along to the melody of “The Ants Go Marching.” The song includes updated LGBTQ-inclusive lyrics celebrating the diversity of queer families, the importance of loving people for exactly who they are and the joys of allyship.

Is anyone else asking how kids can be queer, if they are not legally allowed to have sex until they are adults?

What am I missing?

Lindz Amer, producer of the video series Queer Kid Stuff, consulted with Nickelodeon for the sing-along video. As a “huge” Blue’s Clues fan, they say sitting in the Blue’s Clues chair was “for sure a career highlight.”

“I definitely felt a huge responsibility consulting with the team,” Amer (who uses they/them pronouns) tells Yahoo. “It’s the same responsibility I feel in all of the work that I do bringing LGBTQ representation to children’s media. Queer folks are not a monolith and I can’t possibly make every single queer person happy, especially considering the profound lack of LGBTQ [representation], especially in preschool content. All we can do is try our best and I think we did a pretty good job!”

Oh! There is a lack of LGBTQ representation in preschool content.


Except for Blue’s Clues who started their indoctrination with cute little flags around one letter and in 5 months went to full-on breast removal.

“This isn’t the first time Blue’s Clues made an effort to elevate the LGBTQ+ community. In February, it released an Alphabet Song on its YouTube channel showcasing the letter “P” to mean “P is full of Pride!”

During the “P” segment, LGBTQ Pride flags appear around the letters, including the eight-stripe flag recognizing queer people of color as well as the asexual, trans, lesbian, bisexual, nonbinary, genderfluid, intersex and pansexual flags,” Yahoo reported.

By next year they will be into actual child porn, no doubt.

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