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Car that sped through BLM mob in Times Square may have been Targeted and Attacked as ‘Trump Supporters’

Times Square, the heart of pedestrian traffic in New York City, was the scene Thursday night of further escalating tensions caused by mobs of determined community activists and their followers, whose aim it is, apparently is to resist traffic laws and disrupt the flow of vehicle traffic.

The mob was gathered as a Black Lives Matter “protest” the earlier police involved shooting of a man who suffered from mental illness and attacked police and die in police custody, Daniel Prude.

The activists who were on the ground filming were very upset at having their gathering in the middle of the road disrupted, and they reported that the car “attacked” them, and the drivers of the car “made finger guns” at them when trying to drive through the mob of people.

The car may have been targeted by an organized mob for containing a passenger who looked to be a “Trump supporter”. Video emerged of an activist claiming the alleged car had a passenger with a red, white and blue shirt on:

Over the last three months, mobs of rioters, looters and protesters have been seen in viral videos involved with trying to stop car traffic on small town streets and freeways. Violent clashes have occurred where motorists and even Truckers have had to stop for crowds of people, and have been dragged out into the street and severely beaten.

In August there were shots fired at passing cars, who would not stop for the left leaning mobs, in one case, with Democrat lawmakers refusing to denounce the violence or the “Protest” techniques, so it is no surprise that an escalated event would happen as seen in the following video of a car driving through a crowd of people, who refuse to clear the street for the vehicle, being forced to move.

This video quickly went viral on Thursday night of a car driving thru a Black Lives Matter gathering:

The left leaning “media” inaccurately identified the car as an undercover police car. The car is seen driving through a crown and accelerating, but no one was injured.

New York Police responded saying, “There is an ongoing investigation into an incident in Times Square involving a black Taurus sedan. This auto is NOT an NYPD vehicle.”

Reports from the street and published on social media were numerous. The video below shows a car in a rainstorm, and the poster says the driver pointed “Finger Guns” at her.

It appears as if an organized mob is attempting to spread gossip and outright fake news as anti-Police and anti-Trump propaganda. Attorney General William Barr has made a concentrated effort to bring charges against rioters who disrupt the work of police, claiming to be media or “legal observers”.

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