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Capitol Police Dept. Rules Brutal Killing of Trump Supporter Rosanne Boyland on Steps of Capitol, While Unconscious was “Reasonable” [VIDEO]

It’s official, the Capitol Police has declared it open season on Trump supporters after Roseanne Boyland and Ashli Babbitt were mercilessly murdered on January 6th in Washington DC. Both Lt Michael Byrd and a variety of Capitol Police were exonerated for the murders. Ashli Babbitt was shot dead, despite the fact that she was unarmed at the time.

In Boyland’s case, Capitol Police allowed Boyland to be beaten with a club or baton before she was trampled to death. A man by the name of Philip Anderson was holding Boyland’s hand as she died and was nearly trampled himself, but he was saved in the nick of time by Jake Lang. Anderson credits Lang with saving his life. Had he died the Democrats would have been fine with it because they do not consider him to be a “good Black man.”

There was another witness to Boyland’s murder. His name is Jonathan Mellis and here is his account of Boyland’s death:

“I was there when Rosanne Boyland was being trampled by the police. I was at the bottom of the steps in front of the hallway. Many people were screaming that a woman was being trampled by the police. I responded as fast as I could. I saw her lifeless body being crushed under the officers and hit with their batons. They were kicking her viciously. I acted to get them off her. I was maced. I still hear the cries for help. My memories of this hectic situation started affecting me much more after I found out that Rosanne did not make it. We didn’t save her. I’ve seen bodycam footage since then of a Trump supporter giving her chest compressions in the hallway as the police continue to attack the people who are there to save her (this happened about a minute after my involvement). As God as my witness, this is the truth. The cops are even still striking her lifeless body with their batons and boots. These are the bodycam footages they are not releasing. I can send you bodycam footage of my involvement if you would like.”

The Capitol Police exonerated Lt Byrd without even talking to him or other witnesses, whose story might not fit their narrative.

Both Lang and Mellis are political prisoners being held in the DC gulag for their actions on January 6th. I can’t help but wonder if the reason they got locked up was that they were fighting to save Boyland’s life.



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