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Canceled: Woke Soccer Player Megan Rapinoe Left Off U.S. Women’s Team Roster

Sometimes the right people get canceled. The American hating soccer player, Megan Rapinoe has been left off the roster of the US Women’s soccer team. Maybe they just didn’t want the headache, although they claim they are going for youth. Rapinoe has fought for years, trying to get the women paid as much as the men, despite the fact that there is a wide gap in how much they earn for the soccer association.


Why such a discrepancy? The men’s World Cup currently generates more money, by far. For context, FIFA earned upwards of $6 billion from the 2018 men’s World Cup. Meanwhile, the women’s 2019 World Cup is estimated to earn FIFA about $131 million.

Rapinoe is famous for kneeling for the national anthem and the only change to that is she will now be doing it in the stands and not on the field. U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) head coach Vlatko Andonovski has filled his roster with younger players who will be the backbone of the team for years to come. Rapinoe had turned off a lot of people from supporting the women’s team.

Rapinoe led the US team to a very disappointing season in 2021 that saw the heavily favored Americans finish third in the Olympics. The bookies had a field day. Alex Morgan was also left off from the squad.

Vlatko Andonovski said:

“All these players are very good players — we know that they’ve done so much for this team.” 

“But right now I want to give a chance to players like Sophia Smith and Mal Pugh and Catarina Macario, Ashley Hatch, players that have earned their spot on the national team or earn their spot back. I want to give them maximum minutes or whatever minutes they earn so we can evaluate every aspect of their game, in the training environment or game setting.”

From Breitbart News

The coach hastened to add that this does not mean Rapinoe’s national team career is over.

“It doesn’t mean that all these players that have done well in the past are just going to come back here in the next camp because they’ve done well a year ago or two years ago,” Andonovski said.

Rapinoe, however, will be 38 by the time the next Women’s World Cup rolls around in 2023.

Rapinoe, a captain on the USWNT, was instrumental in the team’s gold medal runs. However, for all of her dominance on the soccer field, the USWNNT captain gained far more attention and fame for herself by copying Colin Kaepernick’s protests and attacking former President Trump.


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