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Cancel Cutlure: Students Get Vicious Toward Teacher For Not Agreeing With Their “Anti-Racist” Terms

A bizarre petition emerged from students demanding the termination of a Theater teacher for allegedly “falling asleep on a zoom call” and being unconcerned with the LGBTQ agenda in her teaching.

The Students, supported by some parents demand that the teacher, Patricia Simon, be terminated.

According to the petition:

“This is a petition that is demanding the removal a faculty member who does not align with the anti-racist views and actions that were promised to be adopted by the department earlier this week at the Town Hall meetings.

It has been brought to the attention of the students that Patricia Simon was sleeping during the Town Hall Meeting that took place on June 29th. This action has only capitalized on a pattern of negligence and disrespect that Patricia Simon has exhibited over and over again in her time as an Associate Professor, and Coordinator of the BFA Musical Theater Program.

Professor Simon has a history of ignoring instances of racism in the form of racial profiling within the program, and enabling the racist and sizeist actions and words of the vocal coaches under her jurisdiction. She has also been known to use her power to intimidate and bully the students in her program who have made efforts to advocate for themselves or for their fellow peers. ”

A parent responds in support to the petition and wrote:

As a parent of a Marymount student, I find it unacceptable that the head of the Theater Dept., which by its very nature is supposed to be inclusive & collaborative, has been allowed to run this program as an exclusory endeavor … shutting down anyone who disagrees with her and playing favorites to the point where students are graduating with Musical Theater degrees never having been cast in one single Marymount production! An educator who is more concerned with maintaining power than inspiring learning & growth is never going to bring out the best in his/her students, which is a serious detriment when one considers how competitive the Musical Theater profession is!
When you compound this with Ms. Simon’s complete disinterest (apparently sleeping with absolutely nothing to contribute) in the issue of racial justice & LGBTQplus inclusion and safety at Marymount, on display in front of at least 150 students & other Musical Theater faculty, it is clear that the diverse student body of Marymount deserves better!

Another response, “She told me that I, being Asian, wouldn’t be successful as an actor if I didn’t have an ‘Asian song’ in my book,” Ethan Wong wrote. “She also bullies the students into not speaking up when they’re having issues.”

This happens at a time when the country is under siege from Community Organizers and well funded political groups protesting our mutual history and our well funded public Institutions in opposition to traditional American values and codes of public behavior.

Democrat groups, heady with the sense of victory for destroying private groups like the Boy Scouts of America have applied similar “scorched earth” tactics that bankrupted the BSA,  by demanding a transformation to public education, sports and entertainment, and cancel and boycott culture with businesses.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Windy Girl

    July 19, 2020 at 9:21 am

    Creating conservatives one complaint at a time! The parent’s letter REEKS of an umbrella mom trying to force their untalented child into the world. Well, now it’s happening at the collegiate level. Colleges need to lose taxpayer monies and no more student loans for anything other than STEM.

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