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Cancel Culture Gets Turned Around on Professional Activist, “Kroger Andy” Gets Big Payout, BLM Activist Gets Nothing

A Black Lives Matter activist posted on Twitter that she had been threatened by someone and after demanding to speak to a store manager about another Kroger patron who was not wearing a face covering, apparently expecting to get an apology or force compliance on someone, and left feeling threatened instead.

According to her Patreon site, “My name is Danielle Muscato, and I’m a professional civil-rights activist, transgender woman, writer, debater, and musicianACTIVISM IS MY FULL-TIME AND ONLY JOB, and I depend on income from writing, public speaking, and my supporters to survive!

With your support, I can continue to do activism to make our world a better place for atheists, queer folks, PoC, and many more. (P.S. I would LOVE to come speak for your university, conference, or event! I also do debates – Contact me and let’s talk).”

Perhaps she was looking for a story?

Muscato was surprised when the store manager, whose nametag said “Andy” did not act upon her demands, so she posted a photo of him on her social media in an attempt to harass and shame him, which is the tactic of grassroots “cancel culture” activism.

“His name is Andy and he doesn’t want Twitter to know that” *heres a picture of him,”Danielle Muscato,  a Civil Rights broadcaster who has been supported by the NYT, Time, CNN, NPR, Rolling Stone, posted. 

Original post:

Instead of getting instant social media fame from an outraged mob, Muscato became the butt of jokes.

A woman who was herself the victim of such shaming tactics responded with an act of kindness and started a go fund me account for him.

“Andy is a manager at Kroger. Like myself, he has been publicly shamed at his work. The gofundme that I received after my ordeal changed my life and afforded me an epic (and needed) vaca. Let’s do the same for Andy!” posted “Target Tori”

According to Tori’s website, she is “the retail worker who’s story went viral after being publicly shamed online for not selling a customer a toothbrush for a penny. The customer’s attempt to shame her backfired when people from all over the globe came to her defense.”

Target Tori released a video statement and said,”there is something really horrible about publically shaming someone and cancel culture is just horrible.  We need to separate the person from the policy. We have to stop going after people for doing their jobs. We can not fault him for doing what he is supposed to do.  We have 18,000 and that should make up for his shaming.  I am happy that we did this.  I am going to hand over control of the account when I talk to him.  We have to remember that customers take things for granted.  We have to remember to appreciate others when they are at work.”


Muscato continued to post that she demanded answers from Kroger about why they were not enforcing their mask rule. She seemed to surprise and pouting that her power over Kroger is not working or outraging large groups of her peers.


She demanded answers from Kroger, and none came.

Most of the responses to Muscato were telling her to stop being a “Karen”.

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