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Cancel Culture Again: Left Celebrating Hotel Closure and Loss of Business Because ‘Proud Boys’ Might Stay There

The left is celebrating that a group of President Donald J. Trump’s supporters was shut out of their reserved rooms during the week of Jan 4-7, when people are planning to show up to support Trump. They had their reservations canceled according to a memo from the Hotel Harrington and would be refunded.

The left feels entitled to harass the Proud Boys because the left says they are White Supremacists and who doesn’t hate White Supremacists?

First of all the Proud Boys call themselves a “Drinking Group with a Patriot problem”, and the head organizer is a man who describes himself as Afro-Cuban. His name is Enrique Torrio, yet the left demands that he is a White Supremit so it is ok to harass and stalk the group and deny them their civil liberties.

The Proud Boys are Trump supporters. They are bold Trump supporters and that scares the heck out of the left because they are growing in numbers.

At the last Rally for Trump in December, over 500 Proud Boys from around the country were welcomed by tens of thousands of Trump supporters.

The targeted harassment of Trump supporters has been going on for four years and continues while opponents of Trump’s Trump’s cheer the harassment. Will Sommer from the Daily Beast, whose job is to dox and harass American supporters of Trump’s was celebrated on Twitter that people had lost their rooms:

Kristen Clarke, a “civil rights” leader cheer the denial of service for Americans:

One leftist who stayed there but doesn’t want her political opponents to stay there posted, “Replying to @KristenClarkeJD and @RedStateBlues_We stayed at @HotelHarrington during the March for Our Lives by the kids from Parkland…it was an AMAZING experience and hanging out in that bar was part of it. I was very surprised to see it as a “Proud Boy” hang out because that was NOT the experience we had there. THANK YOU!”

The pressure to cancel the rooms appears to have come from the media coordinating the effort to harass the business owners. From previous experience with far-left radical Mayor Muriel Bowser, who has fined the establishments for “Covid Restrictions,” there was likely a great deal of pressure brought down on the property owners.

An example of the harassment that the property owners faced:

Racism… someone should ask the white leftists if it is ok to deny service to a brown skinned man? That is what they are cheering.

Some people would call this “Stalking”:

The Washington Post had written an article, meant no doubt, to harass the property owners and then updated the article with the Hotel’s Statement that they were canceling the room reservations for everyone except for people who live in the building.

The cancel culture tactics are not just aimed at “Proud Boys” as everyone already knows, they have their focus on other hotels as well.

Since the Mayor has a habit of allowing Antifa to attack people and cause a disturbance where Trump supporters gather, and fine properties for groups of people in the street like she has done around the Hotel, it worrisome that other people’s accommodations will be canceled due to threats by Trump’s opponents.

Why is this a story for the Boston Globe, and The Independent if not to apply political pressure?

Why is this a national story like this?
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