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‘Calm Down & Back Off’: MSNBC Guest Orders Americans to ‘Stop Complaining’ About Inflation

Yea, ok.

A Washington Post columnist told Americans to “stop complaining” about the effects of inflation while on MSNBC Wednesday. Adding that most people are ‘uncomfortable’ but not ‘about to go under.’ Which, I don’t know what America she’s living in, but most families I know are struggling right now. Folks on social security, who might not need to gas up as often, are struggling so her audacity is astounding.

“You got to stop complaining when there’s so many people who literally the inflation rate means they may only have two meals instead of three,” Michelle Singletary, a personal finance columnist for the Post, said during “Chris Jansing Reports.” “There are Americans who did extremely well in the last two years in the market.”

“You still have your job,” Singletary said. “And yeah, it’s costing you more for gas, but guess what, you’re still going to take that holiday, that Fourth of July vacation, you could eat out.”

The Consumer Price Index posted the biggest increase since 1981, increasing by 8.6% year-over-year in May, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Increased energy prices, including for gasoline and diesel, are reportedly driving up food, health care and landscaping costs.

Experts have argued that the Biden administration’s imposition of burdensome regulations on fossil fuel companies has caused high gas prices. Biden revoked a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline in January 2021 and canceled offshore oil and gas lease sales in May.

“Stop looking at your portfolio,” Singletary said. “And you know what you can do with all that energy? Help other people, help put some food on the table of somebody else’s house because you have extra.”

“I’m trying to calm myself down and I’m trying to help other people realize what can you do, and what you can do is continue to save,” Singletary told Jansing. “What you can do, if you don’t need to drive, don’t drive. If you can put off a project, put it off. But if you are in the position to go eat at that restaurant, even if the meal is a little bit more, go eat at that restaurant and help save a business that is still trying to limp through the pandemic.”


It’s not just fuel that’s hurting the people. It’s the overall inflation. They need to travel to 5-10 stores to gather all of their supplies because of supply chain issues. Telling Americans to ‘back off’ and ‘stop complaining’, while urging fearful taxpayers who worry how we’re going to pay for Biden’s spend to ‘spend more’ is a wreckless and heartless argument.

Erica Carlin
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