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California Politics

California Trump Supporter Files Restraining Order Against Neighbor for Alleged Bullying

A man outside of Sacramento, California has filed a restraining order against his own neighbors after he says his family has experienced repeated bullying for their conservative values.

Michael Mason, a Trump supporter in Rocklin, California, reported that his neighbors have taunted his children, written political messages on the road outside his home, and have made life generally miserable in the wake of the election.

Mason says his video doorbell has caught his neighbor’s children harassing his family with Biden chants.

He says that another time, “BLM” and “LGBTQ” were written in chalk outside his home.

“I went down there and asked them, ‘Well, why didn’t you write this in front of your house, or anybody else’s house? Why mine?'” Mason recounted. “And they just laughed at me.”

Things escalated on Saturday after the election was called for Joe Biden. Rocklin police were called to the block to help bring some peace to the dispute.

“It’s absolutely insane,” said Sean Millard, who lives in between the disputing homes. “2020 has been kind of a crazy year.”

“I didn’t want to do this,” Mason said of the restraining order. “They’re making me have to do this.”

“I’m tired of getting harassed all the time. My kids don’t want to come outside.”

A judge is supposed to rule on the restraining order today.

The Mason family is looking to move away from the neighborhood, and hopes the restraining order will maintain peace until then.

Despite encouragements from Joe Biden to resolve differences and enter into a time of peace, stories like this across the nation show a deep divide between Americans that will not be settled with a simple appeal from a politician.

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