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California Politics

California Teachers Openly Brag About Using Predatory Grooming Tactics To Introduce Children To LGBT Clubs

Journalist and author Abigail Shrier reported about leaked audio recordings that were delivered to her by people who attended a conference held by the California Teachers Association (CTA), which is the state’s largest teachers’ union.

The conference was held on October 29 through the 31st. According to the website, it included a seminar on “Beyond the Binary: Identity & Imagining Possibilities.” Wait, what?

That “seminar” had presentations by Lori Caldeira and Kelly Baraki, who are teachers in the Spreckels Union School District. They both run Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs in the district, admitting that they use nicer-sounding names like “You be You” or “Equity Club,” Shrier reported.

Shrier’s report didn’t include the audio recordings, but she says that what is on the recording came off as contempt for parents and an eagerness to propagandize to students.

When you indoctrinate children into subversive things that are outside the curriculum of a school, that should be considered a crime.

Caldeira bragged that she is not worried about consequences for openly mocking parents who object to her indoctrination efforts, claiming she has tenure to secure her job.

One parent at the conference disagreed so strongly that the principal “invited them to take their child to a private school that more aligns with them,” Caldeira was heard saying. “So that was a win, right? We count that as a win.” Then, Caldeira said, “Plus, I hate to say this, but thank you, CTA—but I have tenure! You can’t fire me for running a GSA. And so, you can be mad, but you can’t fire me for it. CTA has made it very clear that they are devoted to human rights and equity. They provide us with these sources, these resources and tools.” The union may agree with their actions but that doesn’t mean the school board does.

That’s proof positive Caldeira doesn’t care one iota what parents think.

To show how bold this movement is, the lessons taught ways to get students to join GSAs and even how to run GSA clubs in “conservative” communities. They’re no longer asking to be left alone so they can do their own thing. Now, they are trying to evangelize their perversions on kids in communities that do not accept it.

“Because we are not official — we have no club rosters, we keep no records. In fact, sometimes we don’t really want to keep records because if parents get upset that their kids are coming? We’re like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe they came?’ You know, we would never want a kid to get in trouble for attending if their parents are upset,” Caldeira said.

What do you think these gay mafia types would say if conservative teachers started running gun clubs where students are taught how to safely and responsibly handle firearms? They would blow a gasket.

The teachers openly bragged about predatory behavior where they used virtual learning to spy on children so they could determine which ones to invite to the clubs. That’s stalking and grooming children. I wonder if tenure keeps them from being arrested?

“So, we started to brainstorm at the end of the 2020 school year; what are we going to do? We got to see some kids in-person at the end of last year, not many but a few,” Baraki said. “So, we started to try and identify kids. When we were doing our virtual learning — we totally stalked what they were doing on Google, when they weren’t doing schoolwork. One of them was googling ‘Trans Day of Visibility.’ And we’re like, ‘Check.’ We’re going to invite that kid when we get back on campus. Whenever they follow the Google Doodle links or whatever, right, we make note of those kids and the things that they bring up with each other in chats or email or whatever.”

Baraki adds: “We use our observations of kids in the classroom, conversations that we hear, to personally invite students. Because that’s really the way we kinda get the bodies in the door. Right? They need sort of a little bit of an invitation.”

Hopefully, the law will demand that there are no loopholes that allow them to do what they are doing, because we’re talking about predatory behavior to indoctrinate children into something their parents may not want them getting involved in.

Caldeira admits to adding subliminal messaging during morning announcements by slipping “openly LGBT content” into the heads of students.

The two admitted they are planning “a little mind-trick on our sixth graders” next year.

Shrier wrote she has reached out to the school district for comment, but they never got a response.

Life Site News did report, however, that the school district sent an email out to parents after Shrier’s piece came out condemning the article, saying, “Many of the comments and themes stated in the article are alarming, concerning, disappointing, and do not in any way reflect the District or Board of Education’s policies and practices.” Good for the school district.

Further, the school district email stated that they suspended the “You be You” club and that the SUSD has taken “immediate steps to address several of the concerns raised in the article.”

Now, you know the two reprobates are going to make an issue out of it claiming they are victims of the school district because they support the gay lifestyle, but the truth of it is none of what they are pushing should be presented to children in or outside of school. And they most definitely should not be using school materials like virtual learning and morning announcements for recruitment drives.

As a reporter myself for a local newspaper in Illinois, I can attest that the government school system has been heavily pushing the homosexual agenda for decades.

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