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California State U. LA Pan-African Studies Professor Tells White People They’re Not Invited To Juneteenth Cookout, Should Pay Reparations


On Monday, Melina Abdullah, a professor of pan-African studies at California State University Los Angeles, took to social media to spread a racist message that white people should not ask to attend a Juneteenth cookout.

She didn’t say this in a way to be pleasant about the message. She tweeted it to be confrontational and racist. Unprovoked, she attacked white people by not only telling them they are not welcome to a Juneteenth cookout but that white folks should pay reparations. That’s pretty aggressive language over a topic that is supposed to embody the celebration of the end of slavery in America.

There is so much wrong with her tweet. If Cal State LA (@CalStateLA) was a reputable school, this racist woman would be tossed out on her rear end, tenure or not. It’s unbelievable that a university professor is advocating for segregation in 2022.

And she didn’t just give the racist message of segregation, she also pushed the idea that white people should pay reparations. If you go on Twitter, you will find a lot of people supporting Juneteenth and a lot of them end their celebratory tweets with something about white people should pay for reparations.

Without going down the progressive psycho-babble rabbit hole, reparations are to “repair” a past wrong and make “amends” to people who have been wronged. No one alive today was ever a slave and no one alive today ever owned a slave. The psycho-babble explanation on this from the Left would be that slavery hurt future generations and therefore white people whose families never owned slaves must now pay reparations to black people who were never a slave. It’s a load of nonsense because there are too many black Americans today who are living the American dream. I’m not talking about filthy rich Hollywood types either. According to the census, 54% of black Americans live in the suburbs. That’s still the American dream.

If the reparations crowd wants to get a payout, then they should sue the Democratic Party because as of the day the Civil War broke out, all 4 million slaves in the US were owned by Democrats. Republicans are the abolitionist party who fought to end slavery in America.

June 19 was made a federal holiday last year when Joe Biden signed a bill creating Juneteenth.

Many Twitter users were not happy with Abdullah’s tweet.

“White people already paid reparations… it was paid in full by the blood of Union troops.”

“Freedom from what? The Democratic Party that kept you and are still trying to keep you in chains? Keep voting for the left and see how that works out for you.”

“Well that is a statement that will bring people together. We should want everyone at the cook out to talk, understand the injustice. Pushing people away invites self segregation, something that should never happen again.”

Someone responded to the racist professor pointing out that anyone can claim a holiday.

“I guess July 4th is for the rest of us. Don’t come to the cookout.”

Showing her true disdain for America, Abdullah  replied, “You can keep it.”

I think people from all walks of life should think long and hard before sending their kids to California State University Los Angeles if they allow a self-described #BlackLivesMatter organizer and anti-white racist on the faculty. It’s amazing how the Left turned a blind eye to everything the Civil Rights movement earned and now they embrace racism openly, in state universities. California taxpayers are paying the salaries of people like Abdullah. You’d think as consumers they would want to get a better service for their money.

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