Dr. Carol Swain appeared on Fox News recently to talk about a few trending topics in education, including her reaction to remarks by the Vice President of La Mesa-Spring Valley School District, who said that reopening schools is like slavery, and she compared forcing children to attend school to White supremacist ideology.

“It seems a White Supremacist ideology to force people to comply with and conform,  without considering all of a person’s factors in intersectionality and factors and barriers that all of the families have to face. It is White Supremacy and privilege, check it, you guys, and I do not want to be a part of it,” a woman said.

“So making anyone do what they don’t want to do is slavery? By her definition, I am engaging in slavery all day long as a Mom.  This is about getting kids back into the classroom,” the Fox News host said. “This has to be frustrating for parents to hear this.”

“It is so absurd. She is an elected official, and she is clearly parroting the views of the teacher’s union rather than paying attention to the wishes of the parents.  If you look at the data, the children most hurt by being out of school are Blacks, Latinos, and Poor Whites,” said Professor Carol Swain, the Vice Chairwoman of President Donald J. Trump’s 1776 Commission education, in reaction to the audio of the school official.

Parents complained, and the school released a statement saying that the woman who commented is an elected position, and there is nothing they can do about the comments. However, they disagree with her statements.

“We do not condone her behavior, and she does not reflect our values, she is not an employee, and we can not release duly elected officials,” the school spokesman wrote in a letter in reaction to parent’s concerns.

Apparently, making parents abide by elected official’s agenda, which they did not vote for, but do pay for, is not considered slavery to the School board member.

On the topic of School districts canceling certain literature, Swain spoke about her point of view.

“There has been a battle against Western Civilization. That goes back to 1988 with Jessie Jackson, who was protesting Western Civilization at Standford University, for being too Eurocentric and white male-dominated,” Swan said.

“We see the fruits of that movement, and it is focused on White people and changing what is considered tradition. That is what Western Civilization is about,” she said.

“Canceling Shakespeare is about a protest against Western Civilization, and you can trace these attacks to Critical Race Theory.  So White Culture is being canceled by the elites, and it is destructive to minorities and all children. The Democrat Party has pretty much endorsed this whole agenda. In itself, to cancel it is racist.    Everything about it racist: poor children will get a worse education, and they are not being exposed to the essential skills they need to be successful,” Swain said.