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California Officials Enter Private Property, Take Down TRUMP Sign Next to LA Highway

Officials from the California Department of Transportation dismantled massive white letters spelling “TRUMP” that appeared on private hillside property next to Highway 405 in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning.

The sign was reported in the early morning hours Tuesday by someone concerned about the potential of a fire due to its placement among dry brush.

California Highway Patrol quickly deemed the sign – fashioned after the famous LA “HOLLYWOOD” sign – a “traffic hazard.”

Many drivers slowed on the highway to capture pictures and videos.

No one knows as of yet who constructed the sign. Were the property owners responsible for the sign, or someone else? If it was someone else, were the property owners aware and in approval of the activity on their land?

Another important question that has not yet been answered is whether state officials notified the property owners before entering the property and taking the sign down.

Reactions to the sign on social media were just as divided as our political climate. Many called for its removal, while others celebrated the appearance of Trump support in largely-liberal Los Angeles.

A Twitter user named Shawn Hugus said he hoped they were pulling it down “because (Trump) got like 200,000 people killed.” (His Tweet will not appear here due to profanity used in his Twitter handle).

Another wrote, “Imagine if state officers trespassed on your property to remove your political sign. #1stAmendment”

Even President Trump re-posted the story to his Twitter account, urging Californians to “Vote TRUMP”:
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