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California Politics

California Created New Audit-Proof Election Law Right Before Newsom Recall Election

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

I’ve made several election predictions over the past couple of years and I was right for every one of them. I am going to make another prediction now. Gavin Newsom, with the help of the California Democratic Party, will steal the California recall election in one of the biggest scam election contests you will ever see.

It’s difficult enough for forensic election auditors to sift through the jigsaw puzzle of voter data – intentionally designed that way – to find out what happened during an election, think 2020.

In California, it could be impossible to learn the truth if the coming election is stolen because of actions taken by the ruling party.

California Governor Gavin Newsom should be in heap big doo doo trouble. His state’s economy is crashing. Crime is growing even while police are being required to let it happen by ordinances that say things like shoplifters who steal under $950 worth of merchandise will only get a misdemeanor charge.

I bet you didn’t know this, but there are now as many homeless people in California as there are people in some other states. How does that help anyone?

While all this is going on, Governor Newsom has acted as if he’s royalty and not subject to the will of the governed. He has attended fancy parties with donors and friends and none of them were social distancing or wearing masks, lending credibility to the theory that while the elite Democrats in power impose draconian lockdowns on the governed they themselves laugh at their subjects being the butt of a cruel joke that they know the measures they force on others are full of boloney.

Thanks to progressive politics, Newsom’s state now has the largest number of rich people and at the same time the largest number of poor people. It’s nearly impossible for working-class families to afford to live there which is why his popularity is waning. The number of California voters who loathe this governor is rising, and he should be worried about the upcoming recall election, but he doesn’t have a care in the world. Neither does the California Democratic Party. The only “problem” they’re dealing with is to keep the number of votes as close as possible so they can limit the efforts of voter fraud they need to keep this train wreck going.

California for all intents and purposes is a one-party state, so much so that they aren’t worried about publicizing how they’re going to cheat in the recall election. While lawmakers and others who believe in fair elections in states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania continue to fight over election audits, California Democrats have seen to it that they have nothing like audits to worry about. They just added a little-known loophole into the election laws that will allow the party to steal any election from now on. It’s called Remote Accessible Vote By Mail (RAVBM) and it allows the Secretary of State’s office to add as many ballots as they please to the total at the end of the election to keep Newsom in the governor’s office, and these sneaky little so and so’s have made it untraceable. You see, Democrats have gotten tired of accusations they cheat and they’re irritated that they have to sit back while other people attempt to figure out how they cheated by counting ballots and attempting to bring accountability to the whole election process. So now they don’t have to worry because they have made it impossible for audits.

These are the types of measures you would expect in third-world countries, but they are happening in California, the most populated state in the country.

Jeff Dornik, the co-founder of Freedom First Network (FFN) took to social media to point out the change they made to the Orange County voting webpage.

This is important. Last week the page read, “The Remote Accessible Vote-By-Mail ballot provides voters with disabilities and overseas voters the option to request a Vote-By-Mail ballot to be delivered electronically. This is also available to voters affected by COVID-19. The electronic ballot can be downloaded to the voter’s computer, marked using the voter’s own assistive technology and then printed.” [emphasis added]

Mail-in ballots is how millions of American voters believe the Democrats stole the 2020 election, so it’s bad enough that instead of the government having to mail out the ballots after a request was placed via mail, they’re now making it easier than ever to download and print out as many ballots as needed. But they went even one step further in the efforts to steal the election.

That was last week. Now, the same page says,  “This will also be available to all voters for the September 14, 2021 California Gubernatorial Recall Election beginning on August 16, 2021.” [emphasis added]

What the Democrats just did was remove all possibility of catching them cheating. For example, during an audit the people involved analyze the paper and the ink, they look for distinguishable marks that appear on numerous ballots. If someone fills in a circle and inadvertently makes a mark by going outside the circle with a single stoke of the pen on the bottom left side of the circle that is tiny but identifiable and that same mark appears on ten thousand ballots, then we have a problem. That’s just one test.

The more nerdy tests would include looking at the paper of the ballot. An official ballot would be made of paper stock that does not match paper that comes from reams you can buy at Walmart or Staples. The ink on an official ballot will also not match the ink that comes from a copier machine.

Now, the California cheaters have taken those audit tests away by allowing ballots to be printed out using any paper or ink the person printing it has on their printer at home.

They just made voter fraud much easier. The Democratic Party just made it impossible to trace a ballot back to its origin, which means it’s impossible to disqualify it for ballot stuffing, which you know they are going to do.

They even removed the need for a security ballot envelope by allowing a voter (and cheaters) to send in the ballot sheets in whatever envelope they want. As with everything Democrats do, the Remote Accessible Vote-By-Mail scam started out as a way for people who have a disability or are out of state and want to vote to get their ballots in, but the Democrats had motive all along to abuse such a nice, banal offering. This is what Democrats do. They propose a new system that seems like an offering to help people in need, but in the end it’s a new loophole in the system that allows them to cheat their rear ends off. And who’s going to stop them? The Democrats own the state, lock, stock, and barrel.



  1. Glen Otey

    August 8, 2021 at 10:57 am

    This god damned new world order communist needs to be in GITMO for TREASON with the rest of the commie demonrats who are working for the world wide slavery to them and their fellow satanists!

  2. Victoria Torres

    August 11, 2021 at 1:20 pm

    This is frustrating because I live in California & know SO many people who want him out of office. This right here just makes my blood boil! When will the corruption end?! The streets are FILLED with homeless people, drugs & trash! There are homeless encampments caught on fire daily! People are calmly walking out of stores with hands full of merchandise they did NOT pay for, ALL of this is because NO ONE WILL STOP THEM! Our state has become a sad place to live! With taxes at an ALL time high, gas prices are almost $5/gallon, rent for a small studio is $1400+ in the bad areas, forget trying to live in a nice neighborhood you’ll easily be paying $2K+. Out here the homeless live for free while the tax payers work to live! I pray something changes soon, not sure how much longer we can go on like this!

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